Found it!  Just as we knew I would.  The bottom of my left foot located that missing (and hideously jagged) glass shard from our most recent kitchen catastrophe. (Later another one showed up, on the counter.)  I felt *crunch* and PAIN! at the exact same moment.  Then I shouted for Dan to come upstairs please, and bring his best cop flashlight.

             After hopping around to get the “good” tweezers (not in the bathroom, not over here, not in there, fuck!  Where did I put them this time and why can I never find them?), we joined forces.  By which I mean, of course, that I collapsed into a chair, leg straight up in the air (practically blinding him with my toes) so that he could perform the necessary extraction.

            Holy crap.  Tiny sharp shit really hurts when it is unexpectedly stabbed so deeply into flesh.  Jeez.  As he yanked the chunk out I thought I could feel every horribly lacerating edge.  Gah.  Glad THAT’S behind us!   (And then I put away the tweezers, where they belong!)

             This kind of brings me to our topic today.  (Yes, we sort of have one.)  Pain.  And how it’s a vital, and yet terrible, part of our lives.  We have to deal with it.  But we also need to deal with giving ourselves credit for how far we’ve come, when we begin that road to healing.

three of swords reversed, tarot
Three Of Swords

             This is one you want to appear upside-down.  Because it means we are heading OUT of that phase.  Finally.  There has been so much sadness and loss lately.  Everywhere we turn, a passing.  Or a physical trauma.  We need to address this, then let it all go.

             When we face a situation, uncomfortable or not, we give it power.  In our lives we are going to have loss, it’s a fact.  So we need to look at it, honour it, admit our sorrow.  Then, release it.

             The Element of Air here comes with an additional emotional factor.  It hurts.  The actions and words of what we go through, the process of living, at times, is just plain old painful.  The image in this illustration shows that.  We can SO relate to how this feels.

             The difficult part of being here, embodied, learning our lessons, is that we MUST experience the bad to appreciate the good.  It’s one of the Universal Laws.   It’s also one of the ways that helps us to get more out of our positive and wonderful times.  We have something to compare them to.  It’s how being human works.

             Even if our losses might not be so recent, we can still relate well to this message.  Honour those tears and that heartache.  Not by wallowing in it, but by giving it the respect and time it deserves.   When you feel ready to move past, ready to travel the healing path, do so at your own pace.  But remember to look back with compassion for your grieving self.  While continuing to keep your eyes on the hope-filled road ahead.

             For everyone who is going through this wretched pain right now, physical as well as emotional and spiritual, we are with you.  We are here if you need us, but mostly, we are thinking of you.  We hold our own Sword situation up with yours, joining us together to gain strength.  We all hurt.  And we all eventually heal.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

             Having said that I would try to get a shot of all three Grand Dogs, I wanted to keep my word.  But it’s not easy!  Here’s the best I could do.

small mixed breed shelter dogs

Max on the far left,
Indiana in the middle,
and Hunter on the right.

Today’s Mileage:

about the same as yesterday’s.  I went to the library (which is two blocks from the gym) and then I stopped at this little market.

bike parking in eugene, kiva market
I have no idea who rode that bike I parked next to,
but their basket is cute.
(Not as waterproof as my dolls though.)

LateNight Ink Update:

my Hurricane got a new tattoo today.  It’s by this artist.  Appropriately enough, it has its own death/loss connections.  (As soon as we get a picture, I’ll share.)

LateNight Baking:

these muffins happened.   Because, they needed to.

granola muffins
Whole wheat granola recipe,
with additional dried fruit and nuts.

             (They turned out not-too-moist, but totally eat-able, I had mine with honey and that worked very well.  Want some? We have plenty.)

10 thoughts on “To Suffer, and Then To Heal.

  1. well, of course I want some, but I think by the time you could get them here they would be inedible. they look yummy! Sorry about your foot, hope it heals up quickly!

    Dammit, why do we all live so far apart?!

    11:08 p.m.

  2. Yikes, so sorry about your foot injury! FGBV’s for fast healing!

    And, again, SUCH an appropriate card/message. I am SOOO thankful that it is reversed, and we are moving forward! Your words are perfectly spot on for me right now. You are such an awesome radio! Thank you!

    You are very welcome.

    9:38 p.m.

  3. Sorry ’bout your foot. It does hurt so freaking bad. FGV’s fo and no more shards.

    Card fits perfectly.
    Thanks for being there.

    Any time.

    9:39 p.m.

  4. Blerg. Too early. Taking Saver back to school this morning. Hoping the highway isn’t icy by the time I get up there. Can I go back to bed?

    Sooo sorry about your foot. I -hate- stepping on sharp shit with my feet.

    Muffins! I wish I had muffins to take with me today! 🙂

    I sent nearly the entire batch with Hanna and Adam,
    for travel snacks.

    9:40 p.m.

  5. Ditto what BarbN said. They look yummy, though! 🙂

    Sorry about your foot. Ouch!

    Glad we’re moving out of that… It’s been an interesting week at home. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m ready to head back to school now.

    No doubt folks across the land feel exactly the same way. Family can be wonderful, but “home” is something else entirely.

    9:41 p.m.

  6. Glass shards in the foot hurt so damn much. Saying ouch over here just thinking about it. Hope it heals quickly and well.

    And, yeah, that card hit home.

    mmmmm, muffins . . .

    When the messages are clear,
    they are like freaking crystal!

    9:43 p.m.

  7. You’ve got to pick a better way to find glass on the floor.

    Great message with the card, too. I am glad it is reversed, at least for now. Love the granddogs.

    I do, really,
    need a much better system. 😕

    9:44 p.m.

  8. The card is definitely meaningful in my life, and I am passing through to the other side of so much of my pain.

    Sorry about your foot! Glad you had Dan there to perform the extraction. Nothing like having to pull something out of your own foot!

    I love your photos of your baking. I don’t have a mixer, nor do I have a blender. I could find room for a mixer, though. So, no smoothies, but I could bake things. I’m thinking about it. Wish I could find a colorful mixer like yours. Maybe I’ll go to the discount stores after the weekend and look for one.

    See Karen’s comment below, she beat me to it.

    The only thing you really NEED is a bowl and a fork. A measuring cup and spoon would be nice, but not necessary. Our foremothers did all of this, with nothing more than a utilitarian receptacle for mixing (sometimes a bucket or hollowed out gourd) and one wooden spoon.

    A “teaspoon” measure WAS a spoon used for tea! Same with the cup and the tablespoon. Gadgets are fun, but no one NEEDS them to make food.

    9:51 p.m.

  9. I have a mixer, but really don’t need it that often. Wooden spoon does the job most of the time. I find blade-cut-ee things more useful. Yes folks, I have a food processor, a blender, a wand, and a bullet. All of which get more use than the mixer. (A wand mixer can fit in a drawer, and mine was $8. Would work for smoothies. Works great for soup. Okay for hummus–longer than using the processor.)

    There’s my anti-Foremothers weigh in.

    In other news: Caught up on my Julie posts, and enjoyed many of the messages.

    Immersion blenders are wonderful. I forgot about that option. VERY useful!

    Yipee for being current. 😛

    10:13 p.m.

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