It’s a new month!  And I completely forgot to flip my calendar pages over until we were on our way to bed last night (this morning).  Oops, I just went though these pictures, still haven’t done the Out Houses yet.  Oh well, something to look forward to tomorrow.

More Dolphin Magick!
For the entire month of November!

             The Hawaii one is exquisite in its lush perfection.  This is a shot of the Pali Mountains on Oahu.  There is also a highway that winds over and through them with the same name.  The locals actually say it all  run-together, in the form of a question, as if they’re auditioning for Jeopardy: “you-go-over-the-Pali-today-yeah?”

Pali Mountains
See? Stunning.

             In my campaign towards better eating, while no longer stressing over “diets” and weight, there is a poster I’d like to share.  It came from Corina, who saw it and shared it with me last week.  I’ve seen similar notifications before, but never done so concisely and in such a crisp format.

dirty dozen

             We are pretty careful with what we eat and what we can afford to buy, but this is on the verge of scary.  Makes me want to be even more diligent about knowing where my food is coming from, and how it got to me.  Buy local?  Yes, please.  Organic?  Every chance I get!

             Catching up with other news, I’m about half-way into Moonwalking With Einstein, and it’s pretty fascinating.  A wee bit science-y too, but still very interesting.  Here’s a funny thing I just found out, as I was learning about the Memory Palace.

             If you aren’t familiar with the MP (and I wasn’t), it’s a mind trick  you use to remember specific or individual articles.  You mentally envision a location you are familiar with (the examples given were childhood homes) and then you walk through there, placing your listed items in obvious spots (putting them on a couch, a piano, a stove, in a sink, etc), where they wait for you to “come back” and get them, or remember that they’re there, in that order.

             This was a technique taught to all of the great scholars in Rome, before and after its high times, and spreading out into the rest of the “educated” world.  Students were instructed in the WAYS of learning, as well as WHAT to learn.  Josh says, “The phrase ‘in the first place‘ is a vestige from the art of memory.”  Seriously, this is the kind of shit I adore running across.  Now every time I say it, I’ll know where it came from.

             One of my assignments* from *A* is to keep track of, and notice when, I’m having a good time.  That, the history of our language, is something I can honestly say makes me happy.  I’ll jot it down.  Along with our bicycle errands earlier this afternoon.  We went to see Ryon at the gym and then made a few stops as we headed home.  In the pouring rain.

*I say “homework assignment” she alludes to a gentle suggestion, she’s kind like that, I’m harshly Virgo-minded.

             Here’s a secret, if you have properly prepared, or even if you have half-assedly prepared*, this kind of adventure can actually be highly entertaining.  I realized, as we were pedaling along, and the sprinkles were turning into pounding drops, the miles flying behind our wet wheels, that I was quite possibly enjoying my ridiculous self elf!  Huh.  Who knew?

*It is no longer an option, we need waterproof coats and pants that don’t leak.

             And then, when I saw what our message was about, how it was described/defined, I Laughed Out Loud.  Universal Theme anyone?

oracle cards, cobra

Cobra  ~

Change is inevitable, but with it comes the chance to shed a burden.

Incomparable, charismatic snake, guardian of water and savior of grain, Cobra counsels you consider your fundamental needs, feeding your body and  energizing whole foods and walking amongst nature,  for change and rebirth are now inevitable and require your vitality.

Fear not for the future, for as Cobra sloughs her old skin so will you shed that which holds you back.  Look carefully at the meaning of desire before letting its deep sexual energy free, for as Cobra knows only that which is given in mutual love can transform.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Movement Report:

a fairly easy ride, not quite 10 miles, most of it in the rain.  With some food and laundry, plus two boxes, as cargo.

8 thoughts on “Continuing To Transform and Take Heed.

  1. *Snivel* I’m up tooo early. I have to go watch my son march in his last parade. *Snivel*

    This may not actually be his LAST parade.

    9:15 p.m.

    I found the whole memory thing interesting, timing wise. My son was just complaining that while he gets good grades, he has never ‘really’ had to learn ‘how’ to study. He is worried this will hurt him in college. “Why don’t they also teach -how- to learn things in school?”

    Too bad we can’t shed the old body and get new along with the old skin! 🙂

    1. Couple things: What does your son play? I (as you might suspicion) am a marching band geek, even in my 50’s. Second, Mrs. Denial was able to take a class her freshman year at Stanford on study skills, and maintains to this day it was the best class she took there, and in her grad studies programs.

      Schools should not only teach how to study, but how to think, not to the test.

      1. He plays the clarinet. We spent over a year mentally prepping him to join band for 5th grade (he had issues with new stuff and changes when he was young). We told him he had to play for 1 year. You wouldn’t believe the greif for that year. Fifth grade came and he picked the clarinet. So we cobbled one together from my sisters-in-law’s old plastic ones. I wanted to smack him upside his head when he was playing the damn thing in three days. Three. Freakin. Days. Obviously he loved it so much he didn’t want to quit. We eventually went into debt to get him a good wood clarinet. Now he’s a senior leader in the band. Last year in high school. *sob* He’s not sure he’ll play in college because he’s going in for mechanical engineering. I hope he’ll find the time. And thanks for the study info. It jogged my brain. They offered a class when my daughter started college, but she’s a study-aholic and didn’t take it. I will definitely be bringing this up with my son.

        1. I can’t encourage him enough to keep playing. I did as a criminology major, several of my buddies who are in other majors are continuing to play their instruments. And he should be glad he plays the clarinet and not the tuba. Much easier to carry!

  2. Robin: there might be study groups or even classes on how to study. He should check that out. I had the same problem, but they didn’t have those things back then, so I just learned by trial and error.

    I’d be happy to shed my old skin: my hands are aging and it’s freaking me out! Age spots, wrinkles and lines, highly visible veins. Ugh. Getting older is okay. The aging part sucks.

    Waiting on/actively looking for some good change.

    There are days when I’m really proud of my “old lady hands” -when I think of my grandmother, my mom, my great grandmother, and remember how much love comes/came through theirs.

    9:18 p.m.

    1. Yeah. Like I told Xenatuba, you guys jogged my brain. I think some of the colleges are realizing that they need to do something to help the kids. These kinds of things just weren’t around when I was in school either.

  3. Great message from Cobra today. And rain gear is a must!

    We need to get some of the “good” kind of REAL all-weather gear, no more cheap shit. Yes, it did its job, but we REALLY have to put that out into the Universe….
    the perfect rainwear
    for the perfect price
    at exactly the perfect time

    9:22 p.m.

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