Are we ready to sing the Birthday song again?  Okay, maybe, maybe not.  Either way, we ARE going to wish my beautiful cousin Jannel a very Happy Happy (now that it’s actually the appropriate and correct day).  Yipee!  Hope the festivities continued, and you were gifted with much love plus fun presents.  And cake.  We should ALL get cake.

             In other news, I’ve been stockpiling the FLPs in my phone as a draft message.  An inordinate number of Alaskas lately, in all of their guises, new and old and in-between.  Also, I seem to have typed in “bunch of Idahos” so there’s that.  Ohio, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico (also one I’ve seen a variety of age examples of recently).  A New York, which could possibly have been a re-run, and one that got past me, maybe New Jersey.

             None of these I saw in the past 24 hours though, it was a jammies day here at The Burrow.  I thought we’d go for a walk, but instead Dan caught up on televised sporting events and cooking things I had laid out all over the kitchen.

             Every item turned out perfectly.  (Well.  Perhaps not perfect perfect.  There were one or two exceptions, but even the slightly burned croutons are totally still edible, and besides, I plucked out the VERY black ones.)  There was absolutely one clear winner, a dish that stood out, no question.  Even if you don’t like brussels sprouts, go HERE and see what this says.  (We’ll wait.)

             Back, now?  Good.  Where the directions call for that “rubbing” part?  Yeah, Daniel told me flat out that he wasn’t going to do it.  The veggies did not suffer from his lack of massaging, fortunately.  They were amazingly wonderful.  The quinoa was, mmm, that was, uh, fine.  (Nobody’s fault, simply a learning experience.  Still, we could eat it.)

             Also, I read a library book.  When the notification came in that I had this on hold I was happy, but confused.  Even after finishing it, I can’t remember where the recommendation came from.  (And no, I’m NOT done with the memory book, so just stop laughing at me.  I most certainly DO see the irony here.)  French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano* is not new; my copy has a publication date of 2005.  But TOTALLY worth reading.

*Aaaaaaand, I just realized there’s a website.  I’ll be over there all evening, if you  need me.

             Last night I WAS making progress on Moonwalking With Einstein, so ha!  In fact, here is our first installment,

Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it.  You can exercise daily and eat healthily and live a long life, while experiencing a short one.  If you spend your life sitting in a cubicle and passing papers, one day is bound to blend unmemorably into the next – and disappear.  That’s why it’s important to change routines regularly, and take a vacation to exotic locales, and have as many new experiences as possible that can serve to anchor our memories.  Creating new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives.”

             What is so abso-freaking-lutely ME about this passage, is that, it says some of the SAME damn things that the French book does.  (I LOVE that about my life!)  Whether we are discussing memory, or eating, or simply living in this exact moment, we need to EXPERIENCE it fully.  No other way will give us the same depth of results, the same excitement and joy.

             Our OTHER message is also great, and showed up, not only looking terrific, but echoing our most recent theme.

oracle cards

The Rainbow Prince  ~

compensation, perseverance

When the Rainbow Prince appears as our Ally, he reminds you about the Law of Compensation  and the Law of Receiving.  After the rainstorm you’ve endured on your journey, the Rainbow Prince brings you a pot of gold, which is the result of your using all the elements of your inner Light and reaching into the sky until you touch the material realm from one end to the other.  

This isn’t always an easy process, and hard work must be rewarded by compensation.  When you align  yourself with the energy of giving the highest value, your compensation is inherent in the act itself.

But the message here is more than that:  the Rainbow Prince says to keep your sights on the sky after the rainstorms that may have upset your life.  Follow your bliss to the pot of gold waiting for you.  Perseverance pays off, and your reward will be greater than you can imagine.”

             I adore how powerful that illustration is.  We did draw it direct, but it’s seemed helpful lately to share the Contrary as well.  Plus, our Live Mindful topic is picked up again.


The Rainbow Prince is telling you that you need to address how committed you are to your path.  Have you been giving of yourself only as a means to control the situation?  His gentle advice is to practice giving fully of yourself, devote all your attention when you are with someone, and be completely present in all areas of your life.  When you do so, you will receive more than you are trying to get by being the way you are now.

The other warning is that you may be giving too much and not allowing yourself to be compensated   This may keep you in victim mode, always looking for what’s unfair.  Perhaps it’s time to stop giving so much and instead be willing to receive   It may not be comfortable, but you deserve it, so why not allow it?  Let yourself be vulnerable.  Therein lies great strength.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

LateNight Celebrating:

yesterday Adam’s sister got married.  Here’s a phone photo they sent me.

fall weddings
Congratulations, to one and all!

13 thoughts on “Brilliant Payout.

  1. Happy Birthday, Jannel!!!

    LOL! “And cooking things I had laid out all over the kitchen.” Oh, you are hilarious!

    Love the excerpt from Moonwalking With Einstein!

    The Rainbow Prince is definitely welcome! Ironically enough, we are having our first real rain of the season right now (before it was only drizzles & showers, now it is steady hard rain)… and I had a personal rainstorm yesterday, so another perfectly timed card! I loved the upright message, but the Challenger message is also very good, and I love this advice: “His gentle advice is to practice giving fully of yourself, devote all your attention when you are with someone, and be completely present in all areas of your life.” Yup… that’s exactly what I needed right now!

    We had hail this afternoon.
    Bothered Max. A. Lot.

    9:48 p.m.

    1. 😦 Poor Max. No hail here (not while I was awake, at least… I sleep with earplugs, so who knows what might’ve been happening during that time…), but there were reports of it in a town 30 miles south of me. And there was thunder… the first one I heard was the longest thunder roll EVER! I actually started wondering if it really was thunder, because it just kept going & going… then it finally died off.

  2. I like the excerpt from “Moonwalking With Einstein” too. I recall a lot of work events that seemed to be “change for the sake of change” with no real reason for it, and I found that when I wasn’t invested in either the change or the outcome, it made it a lot easier to deal with. I also like both messages that the Rainbow Prince brings.

    Not being invested, much like working on being better at release. Worthwhile, but not easy.

    9:51 p.m.

  3. For years, I’ve noticed that when I am learning new things, time seems to expand and when I am not learning new things and my life is all about habit and routine, time contracts. That’s why children find time moving so slowly and oldsters find it moving so quickly: for children, everything is new and needs to be explored and learned, and for older folks, everything is the same. Unless we change it up. Learn a new language, learn a new hobby, make meaningful changes in our lives. Julie: I imagine that your life seems to move more slowly right now as you do so many new things!

    Excellent card and excellent excerpt from Moonwalking. I’ve only finished chapter 1 and have to start chapter 2.

    No, oddly enough,
    time is FLYING by right now. 😕

    9:56 p.m.

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes. We had a wonderful kid-free weekend away.

    You are most welcome! I saw that picture of your decorated office, how awesome. I am so NOT surprised that they all love you.

    9:59 p.m.

  5. Wonderful Enjoyed reading all of this.
    Time is so interesting. Had a wonderful day in Los Angeles yesterday and packed so much into the day that it felt like I’d been gone for a weekend. : 0

    Yipee for having an L.A. good time! And a long weekend, even if it only lasted a day on the clock.
    (Time is so funny.) 😉

    10:01 p.m.

  6. Monotony collapses time. Better start doing more exciting things into my life.
    Hmm…since I can’t eat dairy, wheat, sugar and drink alcohol, my French genes are pouting. On the other hand my English genes are not happy either. I’m learning to eat in a whole new way. I did cheat on Sunday though and paying for it. On the other hand I changed routines. So I’m making progress too.

    She talks about having lots of options, so your restrictions shouldn’t be too difficult to get around. Also, I just liked the way she wrote. Very straightforward and sensible.

    (Apparently I’m kind of a Gallophile.)

    10:04 p.m.

  7. I read the French book some time ago. I thought it definitely had some good things to say.

    Oh cool. I totally trust your judgement,
    so thanks. 😀

    (We DO tend to have similar reading/author tastes…..)

    10:07 p.m.

  8. “…and be completely present in all areas of your life.” Ugh. Tough one.

    But only because not all lessons are a cakewalk.

    (Which really, just makes me want cake, I totally should have gone with some other, non-food-related, cliche.)

    10:10 p.m.

    (It could also be that I was in such a crappy mood I had croutons for dinner. Or not.)

  9. The French Lady book looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out. (And here I thought their secret was smoking constantly. 😉 )

    I would have thought that as well! But it was recommended on a healthy food blog, so that kind of gave me a clue that perhaps this was not the case.

    (Can I recall WHICH blog? No, no I cannot.
    But this is already an improvement over how much I remembered yesterday.)

    10:13 p.m.

  10. you know, oddly, both of the challenger readings worked for me today. Somehow I am both not putting enough of myself out there and also putting too much of myself out there. ha. Not sure exactly how that works, but as I read each of them, I thought– yes. and yes. Sounds like you had a great day– I did, too! Except it is snowing here! it is way too early for that.

    Yesterday in the pool we were chatting with one of our pals, her daughter was driving to Colorado, and we were all wondering about the weather. So yeah, snow! 😛

    10:37 p.m.

  11. Mindfulness is pretty much what I’m trying to learn this year, alright. And it helps when I’m feeling upset–to redirect my mind.

    Just REMINDING my overly-emotional self elf that I’m also working on mindfulness is sometimes enough.
    Other days,
    it just isn’t.

    10:41 p.m.

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