My day went much better than the one before.  On the metaphysical front, what I thought was interesting, was how our daily draw came up with such an uplifting and validating message too.  As if the Universe offered its stamp of approval.  Whew.  So, let’s start there.

oracle cards

The Word Lord  ~  43  ~

communication, praise, dishonesty

The Word Lord rules communication of all kinds and lets you know that positive interactions can be expected when he arrives as your Ally.  He only speaks with positive words and praises all he sees.  He reminds you of the laws of Abundance and Praise.

When you bless the world, it blesses you back.  When you say affirming, supportive words, they carry an energy that returns to you in physical form.  Remember that each one has power and will resonate into the Universe, seeking its reflection in manifest form.

Your body responds to praise, as does everything in the world around you.  Praise it for its inherent health and beauty.  Applaud yourself for everything you do, as even the tiniest accomplishments are important.  Praise your bills: give thanks for the services you enjoy, and watch the ability to pay them increase as you align with Spirit’s increasing power.

This is also a time to remember the powerful practice of affirmations.  Write them down and speak them aloud as a spiritual exercise.  Say it is so – and it will be.  It is a very auspicious sign when the Word Lord chooses to be your Ally.”

             Even though the flip was VERY direct, I’m feeling like we should look at the contrary definition as well.  (Pay attention to this line though:  Your body responds to praise…. it seems VERY important.)

When the Word Lord appears as your Challenger, he gently warns of untruths, denial, and unsupportive thoughts and words in any area of life.  If you’ve been dishonest in any area, it’s time to make amends.  Change your tune; otherwise, your impact on the world will not be as effective as you would like.  Even if you were to be successful as an immediate result, there would be a price to pay later.

If others are being unsupportive toward you, know that it’s them, not you.  Don’t take this world personally.  Remember that you don’t have to engage others when they project their own fears and negativity onto you.

Another message here is about how you speak about yourself.  Do you say self-deprecating words?  Do you minimize yourself so as not to intimidate others?  Do you refer to yourself as less than beautiful?

Time to change those unconscious statements now!   It is not difficult to change things, as we are always given a choice to make new decisions.  As long as you remain positive and supportive, the rest will quickly melt away until all you perceive is the highest good for all.  All  you need is a desire to change and be positive and the Word Lord will help you win the game of life.”

             One of my favorite parts about this card is the blessing aspect.  And today, what seems to be jumping out at me from the illustration, is all of those candles, the illumination of the words, as if there is a glow happening around him.

             On our much-more-successful-than-yesterday round of errands earlier, we realized that even though my camera was in the messenger bag, we never took any pictures.   While unloading our tote, I attempted to remedy that situation.

pen of the month club
Only a partial amount.

             We picked up our Pen O’ The Month, and spent some time with Ryon at the gym.  We also got that Post Office chore done, and swung by the library.  After stopping for a treat, we headed home.  So we could change clothes, and go back out.  For the car portion of our day.  This trip, we had a helper.

dogs in carts
Not as much fun as he thought it would be.

             Since he stayed in his box (two whole hours!), Maximum Grand Dog was allowed to accompany us on our quick trip to the store.

cart dogs
Are we done here now, Nana?!”

             He doesn’t mind hanging out in the parking lot for a small few minutes while we run inside.  There’s always a fun trot around a fabulously smell-tastic planter area when we show up again.  And this time, an unexpected bonus: cart ride!  (Yes, I habitually return the shopping buggies all the way inside.  It’s the nice thing to do.)

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

Alaska, Ohio, Maryland (one with a super cool looking heron on it and one of the older, plain types, both really close together, but at different times), Florida, and two that got past me when we were two-wheeling past campus.

             Hold the phone, I’m hearing some commotion upstairs.  My son is here.  A box was delivered this evening.  With his name on it.

three quarter length men's coats
A new coat.
(And a loyal side-kick.)

             Apparently three-quarter-length is stylish.  (His father said he looked like Sherlock Holmes, and needed a handle-bar mustache.)

coats and hats
We are MORE than done now.”
(Said by them both.)

LateNight Festive Greetings Of The Day:

Happy Happy to Bruce!  Our Brother-in-California got to celebrate his (50th?!) Birthday with a winning post-season showing by the family’s favorite baseball team.

7 thoughts on “Honest Speak.

  1. Words are powerful, use them wisely. Bravo for successful erranding, and what patient models we have in the Son and the Maximum Granddog.

    I agree, so very patient.

    10:33 p.m.

  2. My rational, cognitive-psych part resists saying things that aren’t currently factual, such as “I have just the right job for me” when I am still job hunting. The best I can get to right now is “I will get just the right job for me.” But the part that knows about affirmations wonders if this just won’t work. It’s a tough dichotomy. And I agree with xenatuba that words are powerful. They can hurt and heal. They can say more about us than we realize.

    The wondering about affirmations not working? That’s kinda what’s keeping them from working. 😕

    10:35 p.m.

  3. Love the card. It has a warm comfortable feel to it. Affirmations are hard for me to use when the crap is flying around. Which, of course, is when I should really be using them. I hate situations I can’t get my hands on to fix.

    Two whole hours in the crate? Yay for Max!

    **snort** I have seen that look on my son’s face on more than one occasion as well! 🙂

    Must be a patented, and universally standard facial expression that Sons are issued right out of the factory. 😉

    10:37 p.m.

  4. What a wonderful card. I’m going to dwell on those words for a while. Love the photos. Off to take a walk before it gets too warm.

    Good (cool weather) walking!

    10:38 p.m.

  5. I love the blessing part. Glad your day went well and your license report. Note on Robena’s comment – off to take a walk before it gets too warm. If only it were too warm, the weather has turned here to fall gray and cold. I have to put on socks and shoes. Meep.

    I had to put socks on the other day too. Even turned on the downstairs heater twice. Yep, Autumn is here.

    10:41 p.m.

  6. Just caught up on your latest posts. No-shampoo! Hallow’s Eve mixed feelings! Grand Maximum Crate! Lots of drama going on.

    Good catching up, I’ll be going around doing that tonight too!

    10:44 p.m.

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