Today we’re going to begin with a bit of bloggy housekeeping.  I had an issue earlier with my SPAM folder.  Judy, you were in there, and now I can’t find you.  I have no idea what happened, but it was beyond my control.  So, when a comment gets lost here, it gets lost permanently.  My apologies.

             Next, some neighborhood news.  Yesterday we saw a tree that fell on a house.  Apparently the center was just rotted out, and half of it collapsed onto someone’s roof.  Kind of unusual when the weather is this dry and calm.

             We’ve also noticed some park maintenance going on as well.  Our best guess is that they are finally doing something about the flooded sidewalk situation.

sidewalk work

             I made a point of going past here today when I took some movies back.  (Yes, I DO still visit the video store, and I’m NOT the only one.  It was nicely busy.)

park work

             My hope is that this (whatever the hell THIS is) will alleviate the problem, but if it doesn’t, I have a back fender now, so I’m safe from the overflows.

            Our potted garden experiment has come to an end this year.  Unless I can get some fall crops going.  (Which I would LOVE to do.)

summer porch crops
The last radishes.
(Still somewhat rainbow-esque.)

            That is my wee cellular device on the left, used for perspective, as usual.  What’s not as visible, although I was thinking that it might be, is that it has some new embellishments.  I just found a bunch of great stickers in a drawer.  So I re-decorated my phone, with some suns, moons, and stars.   (See?  Never throw anything away!)

             On our card altar today we have one that really struck a chord with me.  No doubt it will be pretty damn meaningful for all of you as well.  It seems to have that kind of power tonight.

oracle cards

Boar  ~  Torc  ~  The Warrior Spirit, Leadership, Direction

The card shows a boar in the forest.  In the foreground lies a bronze carnyx, with its mouth in the form of a boar’s head.  Such a battle-trumpet has been found in Grampian, Scotland.  By the path, and also from Scotland, is the Boar Stone, beside which all Pictish kings took their oaths.  To one side we also see the discarded bronze helmet of a warrior, complete with boar crest – as found in Powys, Wales.  In the foreground grow mugwort, dandelion, and wild asparagus.

Torc can open you to the warrior spirit, helping you to find your direction in life.  A wild and powerful animal, he calls you into the forest to discover a secret about yourself and about the world.  The ritual boar-paths that exist in Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, and Scotland exist in the Inner World too, and if you follow them you will come face to face with an animal embodying the wild and untamed power that lives with each of us.  

Stare closely at him and you will discover he is a representative of the Goddess – his skin can heal you, he can inspire you to write music and poetry, his primal power can make you leader or chief.  See if you can use your wildness and your energy for genuine acts of heroism in the world that longs for insight and healing.”

             This message is so amazing, especially for me right now.  I’ve been dealing with another past life phenomenon lately, and while I was reading the parts about leaders and warriors I got chills as I recalled* battles from eons ago.

*Yes, I can see and smell and hear rememberings, like a movie playing in my head.  Smell, though, is my biggest trigger.  And it’s what has been making itself known the most with this one.    (And we now know, thanks to Kewl Kate, that I can even do this for you, using the Tarot as a jumping-off point.)

             It’s no secret that parents and children can have massively strong bonds*.  Mine and I are no different.  The other night J.D. and I were having a text conversation when he suggested maybe pulling some cards would help with my dilemma, and perhaps also shed a bit of light on some things he was going through too.  Earlier I had seen an on-line article about the varying ways the same reading can be interpreted.

*My belief is that much of the strength in these connections is due to spending many lives together.

             The way this layered message fell out in front of us was like the perfect example of that piece I’d JUST come across.  We selected cards as the numbers popped into his head (something we’d never done before) counting them and flipping them.  A story was told.  One from a lifetime we’d shared, but been on opposite sides of, the same spread also gave some fantastic insight and validation to where he was sitting at that moment.

             As my foot slowly healed (yep, that was part of it) and I acknowledged those lessons* from so far back, the odors that were assaulting me each night diminished as well.  It’s very satisfying when these answers finally show up.  My hope is that these experiences can help others.  Sure, my kids and their father are top of that list, but I want to be in a position of assistance for anyone how might need it.  Boar appeared just in time!

*He was on the side of Rome, I was not.  (Shocking, I know.)  My fate was wrapped up in my people, those of the land, the Pict and the Fair alike.  In this life, I have always HATED shit that had to do with old Roman history, conversely (and now we know why), Jade has always been intrigued by, and in favor of it.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition  by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington

Foreign Plates Seen From The Bike:

Arizona and Wisconsin  (and WAY more Washington/California than we could count on campus yesterday, the students are back, no question).

LateNight Synchronicity:

the current affirmation from Louise was SO perfect,

today I claim my power

(although it may have changed by the time you get there, my days are not the same as everyone else’s, if so, just click on YESTERDAY instead).

15 thoughts on “Directional, past and present.

  1. I could definitely use for my sense of leadership & direction to come out right now… hopefully Torc will help!

    VERY interesting, doing a reading like that, and what you discovered for each of you, and the both of you! And so glad it seems to be helping the foot problem (and hoping it helps J.D., as well).

    The affirmation is very synchronistic, as yesterday found me doing a meditation wherein I pulled all the power that my ex/boss has taken from me back to myself. I t felt great!

    Yay you for reclaiming that power! The theme continues in tonight’s post.

    10:39 p.m.

      1. Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin with this.

        She is FAR more like your mother than you (or any of us) are willing to admit. Not even kidding.

  2. That is an aspect to this life that I have never thought of. I know I was electrocuted previously (nothing else explains my irrational dislike of electricity) and I had a college classmate who was terrified of bridges; I suspect she either jumped or died constructing one. I will have to think about “eras” that hold little interest to me (Roman is one of them ,BTW).

    Nice teamwork with you and JD on the reading. Interesting. And I like Boar. Strong Medicine.

    Oh she died constructing one, for sure. Like a span failure, is what popped into my head.

    Yep, electrocution sounds right on. But not in nature, more like in the infancy of it being harnessed (poorly and frighteningly). There were lots of accidents, much farther back than we realize, when we think of people like Edison and Westinghouse and Tesla. Those were the guys who got it to work!

    (Dan hates working with glass, so we can figure he had a traumatic incident dealing with it somewhere along in one of his lives.)

    Nice, more Rome. 😕

    10:56 p.m.

  3. I could use some fearless, leadership energy in me right now. It might help with the job search. In regular life, I’m afraid of boars because they are aggressive and vicious and feral pigs are just as much so and they live in the parks and the wooded areas around here, so I sometimes jump at sounds in the underbrush in the park (it’s usually squirrels, pigs come out at night).

    The reading you did for you and JD is fascinating to me. Past-life stuff usually is. It would make so much sense for JD to be a Roman. 🙂

    I think the fact that he looks like Russell Crowe doesn’t hurt that warrior-like comparison. 😉

    11:01 p.m.

  4. I think I was burned at the stake in a prior life.

    Lots of us were! You’re in good company.

    (And I have no doubt that when someone as tuned in as you feels a life/death like this, that it is an accurate recollection.)

    11:04 p.m.

    1. Have you ladies read The Heart of the Fire by Cerridwen Fallingstar? You must read it. Too many wonderful reasons to mention. Not the least of which is how the girls were taught to listen to herbs by their grandmother. It’s an astonishing, amazing book.

  5. I love that you and J.D. sat down and did that reading together.

    Xenatuba’s electricity comment got me going. I love what electricity does for me, but I can’t stand it. I’ve gotten zapped so many times weirdly. I’m the only person I know who can get zapped wiping down a switch plate. I make my kids or my husband do it. “What is wrong with you?” they ask. I never help my husband with anything electrical (“You just stand over there,” he says.) And what about water? I love it. I adore it. But I have this major drowning issue. I’m a Taurus. I like things right up front. I wish there were someplace you could go and just look all your past crap up. (And now you’re probably going to tell me that figuring this stuff out is supposed to be part of the journey, right? *headdesk*)

    Lol, I sure COULD tell you that, but you said it yourself first!

    Find the downward-leading stairs, in your mind’s eye during your next Quiet Time, and follow them to the row of doors/windows/signs/what-ever-they-are-for-you and make your list from that. I would focus on the thing that stands out the most, that shock factor and the drowning incident. Although, it feels like the water episode was when you were much younger, so it’s kind of behind you now that you’ve lived further in this life, passing that death point. But, since it still intrigues you, I’d say peek in that door while you compile the lives.

    Let us know what you see and find! It really only takes a few moments of just sitting there.

    (And yes, there IS full documentation, on the Other Side. When we die we go over the most recent life, in a review, with our Team. We have access to all of them when we plan the next one, or simply to learn where we need to make improvements.)

    11:09 p.m.

    1. I will keep this in mind. Quiet times aren’t working so well right now as I am stressed out the wazoo and can’t get my fucking brain to shut the hell up. Which, as you know, does wonders for sleeping.

      Taking some quick moments for Quiet Time will HELP with all of this. Three minutes! Just sit for THREE MINUTES!

      Your comment on my drowning being when I was young made my head go thunk on my table. Sometimes we just don’t see stuff that is right in front of us. It’s funny, yet you feel like an idiot. When I started whitewater rafting in my early twenties, my mother would shake her head and tell everyone how awful I was as a small child. Evidently every time she would go to wash my hair I would scream the entire time loud enough to scare the neighbors. She tried swimming lessons (I loved the beach) but you could not get me to put my face under water. This all went away (except for my drowning thing) by the time I was in my teens.

      *My* face stays WELL away from the water, still. And no matter what.

      Now I’m fine with natural water stuff even though I nearly drown once rafting. But I’m twitchy and uncomfortable in a pool surrounded by people. If there are alot of people, I won’t go where I can’t touch the bottom. So would you agree with my thought that my drowning was at the hands of another person whether accidental or deliberate?

      I would completely agree. You were, sortof-accidently held down, while there was a crowd around. Like during one of those mass blessings things in river?

      (And, OH, HA, HA, I want the info on THIS side, thank you very much. I don’t want to go looking on the Other Side. 🙂 )

      Sorry, those are the only ways to get your list. 😉

      11:49 p.m.

  6. Well, isn’t this a magical night.
    First, people I don’t know caring about my porch kitties and now this:

    *My belief is that much of the strength in these connections is due to spending many lives together.

    Okay, this is stupid… when I started this message I KNEW what it meant and now I don’t know. I’ve re-read and am still fogged. Working on being better.

    No worries. You have a lot on your mind right now. A wedding! 😛

    11:16 p.m.

    (It was nice that you stopped by, we need nothing more than to see your smiling face.)

    1. Generally I use my work computer and sometimes it lets me post and sometimes it does not. I’m always lurking even if I can’t pipe up. 😉

      Good to know you can be counted on,
      lurk-y or out in the open. 😛

      11:53 p.m.

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