For those of you who follow the Tweeties, I sent this notice out earlier today.  For everyone else, here’s the place to go.  Hanna needs our votes.  She has no hope of winning (Dan Savage is in her category) but we do want her work recognized.  It’s a sign-in thing, so be aware of that.  (I chose NOT to link to any existing accounts.)  Thanks, from both of us.

              The end result of yesterday’s grocery store fiasco was a brilliant and positive outcome this afternoon.  What happened was that I went to the OTHER market in our neighborhood (seriously, up hill, both ways).  On the bike.  Just to pick up some salad greens and one other small item.  They had a good sale at the deli counter so I made two selections.

chicken pot pie
For Dan.

             Dinner was going to be the fruit salad* for me and the chicken pot pie for him.  Except.  When I sat down to eat my honeydews and strawberries with apples, grapes, and cantaloupe chunks, none of the melons were ripe.  And the smaller bits weren’t all that great either.  I glanced over at my receipt just at that same moment, and saw that I’d been overcharged for the pastry-with-meat (like by five bucks).

*That wasn’t ALL I was having, trust me.  I’m NOT losing weight right now, for a very simple reason!  (Which has probably everything to do with how much I’m eating.)

             I left a few pieces of the fruit in the container and snapped its lid back on.  Then set it with the pot pie into the ‘fridge.  Today, I drove up there. And got a full refund for both of them.  This made me very happy.

bike lights
Ready to ride in the dark.

                Another thing that made me just as pleased was this new bike light.  We took my gift certificates and shopped.  (Real thank yous will be in the mail tomorrow, to the present-giving people in my life.)  Then we pedaled across the street for a To Go burrito.  When we got home I checked in with our Empress.  She’d had a very long couple of work days and needed some Maximum rejuvenation time (as well as a nap).

downtown views
All is well.

             The above phone photo was her reply.  Again, more good news.  And additional joy for me.  (For now Max comes and goes, he’ll eventually move in with all of them, full-time.)

             Still no progress on my card altar room, only partly because the move into the gym/studio is going slowly.  No hurry, and I’m not bothered too much by it, we still get our messages.  It’ll happen when it happens.

oracle cards

Petrified Wood   ~

standing the test of time, transformation, strength  ~

True wisdom stands the test of time because it stems from the eternal part of our nature – the soul.  A magical transformation is about to occur through an unexpected turn of events.  This is all the result of the strength and commitment you have long shown towards something you truly believe in.  

It will soon be time to accept your reward – knowing you were right after all.  The strength and commitment you have shown for so long will serve you well.  Many who have, until now, either ridiculed you, or attempted to discredit you, will all of a sudden want to jump on your side.

It is possible to stand firm in your beliefs, yet also to show compassion towards others.”

             This is an exceptionally positive and empowering draw.  Accept rewards?  Like MORE gifts?!  Hey, count me in.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Health Update:

still something in the bottom of my foot.  Interestingly enough, it was a year ago yesterday when I cut the top of my toe open (same foot) on the car door.

Foreign Plates Seen From Our Bikes:

Florida (“look, Jul, an orange!”), and New Mexico.

8 thoughts on “Services, of a Sunday.

  1. Well at least that uphill-both-ways (LOL!) market made good and gave you the refund you deserved!

    Yay for gift certificates that result in bike lights! (With the days starting to get short 😦 , a very good thing to have.)

    Looks like Emma has a lovely balcony on which to rest after long days.

    This is the second card I’ve seen tonight that has the word “unexpected.” Makes me so curious as to what will transpire tomorrow!

  2. Nice to hear about what sounds like a productive day. And glad that empress and Max are well.
    I could use some strength about now. The card reminds me of driving through the Painted Desert, stopping to look at gigantic, felled, petrified trees. It was actually kind of eerie and surreal. Like traveling back to another era.

  3. Here’s to merchants that do the right thing! And moving is such a pain, I hope Ryon and Em are done and in and going soon. Great picture, though.

  4. Glad the merchant refunded your money. Too few honest and ethical people these days.

    Transformation can be good. There are things about myself that could stand to be transformed! I look forward to seeing what it is.

    Go to the doctor if you can’t get the foot thing out yourself. Don’t want it to dig in further. Take care.

    Haven’t been doing pool stuff cuz I haven’t been in the pool. I was sick when I got back and I just kinda lost my forward motion. I’m working on getting it back. I can only remember some of the moves. And now it’s rainy.

  5. Glad you got your money back!

    Also, will there be money in those gifts? Ha ha. Just had to buy a new washer and dryer yesterday. I’d paid big bucks to have the washer repaired twice before, and the dryer once. The washer died again and this time I knew we were beyond resuscitation. Still it had had a good run.

  6. Ugh. I hate losing internet and having to suck down blogs to get caught up! And it’s going to rain all day tomorrow – again! *headdesk*

    I wanted to ask you about the picture from Emma’s landlady. You said ‘video surveillance camera’. Is this in where they will be living? As in, sleeping and dressing areas? Uh…

    How awesome to have a store that will refund you! (*snort* Uphill both ways, huh? 🙂 )

    Petrified Wood! Yay! While you need to do your alter, I need to unbury my crystals from the pile of crap on my table so that I can enjoy and use them! My piece of Petrified Wood is in there somewhere!

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