I’ve been on a mission for the past four days.  And I’m almost to the end of it; nearly back to current with all of my bloggy friends, and all of the other sites that I love to visit.  It’s a process.  And that’s where my head went as I read this post by Mary Stella.  At the beginning of the year she embarked on a tremendously empowering personal journey, and has generously been sharing it.

             We recently received a message from the Universe about this very thing right here in JulieLand.  And while I understood what it was saying, I didn’t embrace it as fully as maybe I could have.  Again, a process.  Being IN the moment and stopping to smell the roses along the way is a learned action for me.  One I’m becoming only slightly more proficient with.

             Another place I’ve been spending time is over at Matt Kailey’s.  One post in particular, including the comments, is a must read.  Tonight I  hope to hang with The Bloggess, by then I think I might finally be all current.  (Just in time for Dan’s weekend, where, once again, I’ll fall behind.  After that though, I get to work on my e-mails.)

             Yesterday’s health news was only partially true.  My success in getting ALL of the glass out of my foot wasn’t entirely accurate.  Today I woke up with swollen and itchy skin, from arch to heel.  I guess I’ll be handing the needles and tweezers over to Daniel tomorrow.  Really, there must be a reason for this, right?  (You guys know that I can never see my own shit.)

             Here’s what the Universe had to say to us this afternoon, before I took off on the bike for an up-hill (on so many levels) grocery store errand.

oracle cards

Helpful Person  ~

Someone wants to help you.  Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.

There’s a person who can help you reach  your desired outcome.  You have probably already thought of whom that person might be.  Or, it could be a new person coming into your life whom you will soon meet.

Be open to receiving help from others.  Strong people learn the importance of delegating and working as a team, and this may be a time for you to learn these vital life lessons.  So, be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance.  With the help of others, you are more able to manifest your Divine purpose and desires.”

             This was a massively welcome and uplifting draw for me.  It’s actually a lesson I worked really hard to learn, and that now is not nearly so difficult for me.  Validation is delightful.

front yard decks, rainbow radishes, small brown dogs
A radish rainbow,
and a darling Grand Dog.

             Also delightful? Mr Mixx Maxx!  And some of my front yard crop.  Which are doing pretty well.  The ones we planted near the fence aren’t, at all, but that’s okay.  The entire experiment was hugely successful.  From the lettuces on.  We’ve figure out several ways to improve for next year.  Growing food, so much fun!

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids And Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

             (After I have a conversation with Customer Service tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened at the supermarket.)

9 thoughts on “Assisted Scenic Route.

  1. Thanks for the links, both were very good reads!

    Blah on still having glass in your foot!!! NO FUN!!! (Sorry, I’m coming up blank as far as reasons go, except, umm, maybe because : 1. there was broken glass where it shouldn’t have been, or 2. you weren’t wearing shoes when you should have been. Yes, that was me being a smartass. 😉 )

    Oh, so, now that I’ve made my smartass remark, I get “Sometimes things that irritate us aren’t as easy to remove as we’d like them to be.” Does that help?

    And, well, there’s me wanting to help, even though I initially didn’t think I could… as for who wants to help me, I didn’t get any names jumping out at me, but I will absolutely be open to it if it presents itself.

    MAX, SO CUTE!!! (Radishes, not so much… but cool, nonetheless.)

    Well done, Ms Smart Ass!
    And, well played, Universe.

    Remember the most recently discovered choked-to-death-by-hanging life? Well, this foot wound (along with a smell that maybe only I can detect) seems to be connected. And it’s past life related. AGAIN!

    8:58 p.m.

    1. Oh, yes, how could I forget? UGH!!! I guess my radio delivery was even more apropos than I first realized! 😦

      I wonder if a foot injury in that life was somehow what led to you getting “caught”…? Did you see exactly what led to them discovering your sex?

  2. About the foot – best thing for it would be to be soaked in salt water as hot as you can stand for as much as you can stand. That helps with the infection as well as helping the sliver move it’s way to the outside of the foot. It does require sitting still.
    Back later . . .

    My hope is that after our pool time tomorrow (does that count as soaking?) the skin will be soft enough for Dan to dig around in there and get the last of it.
    (Also, my feet will be nice and clean. 😉 )

    9:05 p.m.

  3. “Be here now” is kind of a mantra. I really utilize it when I find that I am either enjoying something a lot, or really bored with what is going on around me. Hard concept to get sometimes.

    Yay for weekends. I am enjoying mine!

    Yay for growing gardens. We will have to compare notes sometime.

    It IS a difficult concept at times. Workin’ on it though.

    Do you have any winter crops?

    9:08 p.m.

  4. I am totally open to being helped. Someone somewhere will help me find work. That’s all I can think of right now that I need help with. But maybe there is something else/more; I’m open to that. Maybe someone will help me get in better shape without charging me money that I don’t need to spend right now. 🙂 My back is getting sore and weak from sitting and being on my computer, or lounging and reading so much.

    I hope you get the rest of that glass out of your foot. The foot soak mentioned earlier (you could also use epsom salts) would be helpful. Take care of yourself, dear.

    How are the pool exercises we showed you working out?

    9:12 p.m.

  5. I don’t know who it is that wants to assist me, but hey, I’m home today. Just sayin’. ; )
    Thanks so much for the link to The Blogess. I’d heard she was on Katie and then forgot. That was a fun video and fabulous blog post. I have to remember to go back more often.
    Take care of your foot. If you see signs of infection get yourself off to the doctor.

    Way over there <——–
    on the far left,
    and kinda up a ways,
    there is a permanent link to Jenny Lawson’s site.
    (Not too far below yours.)

    9:15 p.m.

  6. Yay for helpful people! I hope you find them in abundance, and let me know if there is anything I can do!!

    Thank you for the offer!
    We met a delightfully helpful young man in the bike shop today. He had JUST the right information for us.

    9:19 p.m.

  7. Someone wants to help me . . . a good reminder since I am SO much better at giving help than accepting help.

    We are done with the tomatoes and tomatillos, although some peppers are still doing well. The unknown plant that volunteered from the compost is a mini pumpkin plant – little cute pumpkins which are actually gourds, I think. And the man has planted new leafy stuff – lettuce, arugula, spinach, chard, bok choy and kale.

    How’s the foot?

    Oh man! Winter crops! I never thought of that. We MUST go start some new baby lettuces! And spinach too. I love arugula, frisse, and radicchio so much.

    No foot progress. Not better. Yet.
    (There may be more to this than I first suspected. Isn’t EVERY fucking thing with me psychically related?!)

    9:22 p.m.

  8. Oh my goodness, as soon as I have some money, I’m buying you some slippers. (It’s nice to see you back, too. 🙂 )

    Shhh, don’t say anything, but,
    I have nice slippers!
    I just don’t wear them……. 😕

    9:31 p.m.

    (Glad to be back, and nearly all caught up.)

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