As I rode home from my appointment with *A* just now, I began pre-writing this post in my head.  By the time I got here, most of it had fallen out.  No matter, I still have my session notes.  And today’s card, which (not at all coincidentally) is the perfect complement for what was already on my mind, and will be a key component of this entire message.

downtown eugene
The view from therapy.

             Okay, well.  That above paragraph was all I got typed before it was time to shower and leave for our dinner.  Now we’re back, and this one’s gonna go up late.  We’ll simply have to live with it.  Alrighty, on with what else I wanted to share.

             Traditionally I’ve disliked (and been depressed by) this time of year, and after my sister died, it just got worse.  I feel as though I’m making a bit of a come back, but then, I lose ground and the sad returns.  For example, I realized how much I really love apples, how over the past year of changing what I eat and how I think about food, I’ve acquired a passion for this simple fruit.  The fall IS apple season!  I like that.

             In a couple of weeks it will be the 32nd anniversary of me going to get gas that historic day.  So, two things in September that are good.  (If I come up with any more, I’ll let you know.)

oracle cards

Awareness  ~

Practice present-moment awareness.

The meaning you yearn for lives in the ever-present NOW.”

             Being mindful and fully present is a bit tricky, if we’re not used to it.  But once we start to get the hang of it, it’s great.  We do need this reminder, from time to time.  Like now, I had a very empowering time at my earlier appointment, and then Dan and I had such a wonderful evening with Ally and her Mrs.

             Being right there, talking about my issues with a caring counselor, or sharing food and conversation with friends, both of these are healing endeavors.  And both of them, when we’re immersed in them, are like soul maintenance.  Care for ourselves as we would care for the loved ones in our lives and we can’t go wrong.

             One of my assignments is now to be on the look-out for where my heavy hang-ups come from.  I’m in search of their origins.  I’ve been considering that maybe moving the focus* from weight loss to Transformation is going be helpful.

*Moving the focus: easier said than done.

             Transforming my attention from fat-thinking, and unhappiness, to strong-thinking, fit-thinking, power-thinking, and healthy-thinking.

             Or something along those lines.  This is all a work in progress.

gift arrangements
Presents and greetings!

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Foreign License Plates Seen From The Bike:

Virginia, Maryland, Iowa, and Tennessee.

dogs as gifts
“Are we taking pictures now?”

             Heaping gratitude upon all of you who thought of me from afar, and those who did so from closer up.

LateNight Note:

 WordPress just told me that this post is number 1,170.  Huh.  Well that’s kinda cool.

5 thoughts on “The Mindful Approach, anew.

  1. When you feel the sad, it’s important to acknowledge it, not just push it away. If you can identify the sad, like I’m missing my sister, it’s even better. Not to dwell on the sad (or whatever emotion it is) and increase it, just acknowledge and recognize it. Unacknowledged emotions do bad things to us – we overeat, get stressed, get angry, raise our blood pressure, etc. If you are somewhere you can’t just let the emotion flow through you – work, dealing with your kids, whatever – you can say to the emotion I will feel you and think about you at 9:00 tonight when I’m alone in my room (or whenever you have a time that is safe). Thus speaketh the Betty Bear.

    Fall is my favorite season – I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the feel that a new year is starting (vestige of all those years of school either studenting or teaching).

    I have written entire eloquent posts in my head and when I get a chance to sit at the computer the whole thing is gone. Completely gone.

    Beautiful, thank you. 🙂
    1:40 a.m.

    1. BB, I like that technique; I often use it when I stop people who weren’t playing attention to their driving because of personal problems they were thinking about: I tell them that in exchange for a warning, they have to put whatever problem is nagging them in the back seat while they drive and to focus 100% on their driving until they arrive at their destination. That problem will still be there, and they can get it out of the back seat then.

      Great idea about the backseat, too.

      1:44 a.m.

  2. For me, too, fall is the beginning of the year, from all those years of school. This is when things begin. I like fall, although September has a sad tinge to it now, losing both Gram and Mom in it. I’ll have to stay aware so I don’t go falling into sadness and not knowing why.

    Your gifts and greetings are so colorful and beautiful! That’s what birthday gifts and greetings should be: celebrations of the wonder that is you.

    Your therapist’s thinking advice is similar to my therapist’s, although stated a bit differently. But it is cognitive therapy and it’s thinking from a powerful place, not a victim sort of place, like being a victim of fat or other circumstance then changing to being a powerful, healthy, strong person.

    Good card. I need to remember to be more aware and mindful. So I’m rereading my books that encourage that in me.

    That reframing idea was a combination of hers and mine. We make a pretty good team. 😉
    1:52 a.m.

  3. BB, I love that advice. Every time we acknowledge the pain and shed a tear it adds strength to the healing bank.
    I was born a spring baby, in Australia. Over here my birthday is in the fall. We often look at birthdays as a time of change, a whole new year ahead. I used to wonder why I felt those feelings in spring with such strength, and figured it was the newness of that season, then I realized it’s also my natural birth season. Am I weird or what. : )

    All of my babies are Spring Lambs (so is Mom), and nope, no such thing as weird. Especially not here! 😛
    1:59 a.m.

  4. I missed your birthday 😦 So sorry. Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had some fun!

    I have internet again. Mostly. I’ve been working to get caught up between ‘busy-nesses’.

    “Transforming my attention from fat-thinking, and unhappiness, to strong-thinking, fit-thinking, power-thinking, and healthy-thinking.” I like this. And you are already fit and strong!

    Gone too long? Tired/stressed? Who the hell knows, but I at first thought the woman on the card was tied to a tree! Wings – not tree. *shakes head*

    Belated is lovely too, thanks!
    2:02 a.m.

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