Tonight we are beginning with the real-life updates.  Just to keep shit straight in MY smooth brain, as well as to fill everyone in on the local haps.  As I sit here typing (with a towel on my head, more on that later) Hanna & Co are motoring down the freeway in this direction.  Yes, that’s right, she’s on her way back.

            She tweeted an adorable phone photo of her and Indi, and in my reply I used the hashtag “summer of Hanna” due to our generous seasonal exposure in the past few months.  Fine by me!  I’d be much happier if they lived a helluva lot closer and we saw them this often on a regular basis.

             Today’s expedition was a long-planned-for trip though, unlike the last sad and quick visit.  J.Adam‘s family is having a gathering in San Francisco over the weekend, in preparation for an upcoming October wedding (his sister).  He and my girl will be leaving the Grand Dogs here while they continue on down the road.  (They’ll also be visiting Dan’s family while they’re in the area, bonus!)  Returning here mid-week and getting back to Seattle by Thursday night.

             While the wee darlings are here though, Dan and I will be pawning them off onto, petitioning the services of delegating care over to our Empress on her days off.  We’re going to see Skye at the coast!  Just a quick overnight, but it will be fun and it will get us out of the house.  Also?  THE BEACH!  Plus a hotel pool, where I’m going to teach her my swimmy-exercisey class so she can do it at home when her vacation is over.

            Speaking of my therapeutic pool, it’s now closed for yearly maintenance.  When it reopens after Labor Day we’ll have our usual spot on the schedule, without having to share the water.  Our classes are getting so big that it’s just not fair (my argument) nor feasible to block in two events at the same time.  I win!  (One minor glitch, but we’re working around it.  The name of the game is compromise.)

            Now, back to why I currently appear turban-like.  I took a shower.  Sure, I do bathe on a regular basis, but when it’s hot, I do it WAY more.  The heat warning Dan’s smarty-pants phone sent him was correct.  Hotter than hot today.  Not quite a hundred but damn close.  So what did I do when he left for work?  That’s correct, I rode my five mile Route.

            It has become even more apparent to me that I am getting immune to weather.  I’m gonna sweat like someone has wrapped me in flannel and stuck my sorry ass into an oven no matter HOW hot or cold the ambient air is.  Fact, no getting around it.  I drink only water anyway, and I fill my bottles probably more than three times a day, so there’s no danger of dehydration.  I just NEED to get outside.  So.  I do.  Then, I have to shower.  Again.  (My hair hasn’t been all the way dry in weeks.)

             On to our more spiritual pursuits now.  As I stood with today’s cards in my hands, and flipped over the daily draw, I heard this, “treat ourselves with love – we’re not causing these problems, the situations just ARE – lovingly forgive ourselves, allow that Tranquility and Self-Care to be in the back of our minds at all times during this challenging period.”

             As you, no doubt, saw in the comments, we’re in for a LONG haul in regards to this planetary mess.  It seems as though we are being told to hang on, see as much with love and patience as we possibly can, because THAT’S how we’ll get through it.

oracle cards, rose quartz definitions

“Rose Quartz  ~

unconditional love, peace, joy, loving thoughts

Blessings!  You are being bathed in love, light, and healing energy by the universe and those who dearly love and treasure you…..

Remember the more love you give, the more love you automatically receive in return.  Know that you truly deserve all the blessings coming your way.

The following is a short prayer you may wish to recite so that others may also open their hearts to the healing power of love:

We pray for love to heal and guide us, to illuminate our hearts and minds so that we may all come to see and feel the sacred flame of light we each hold within.  For then we shall truly know, beyond any doubt, that only love is real – only love is eternal.”

            Instead of ending with an affirmation today I’m going to share what I received in my mailbox.  (Yes, regular letters are getting through.)    Karen Buys sent this to me the other day.  Enjoy!

From Medea by Kerry Greenwood:

For her garment, the Earth Mother
Wove a green covering, in it are all things made
That ever were made or ever will be made.
We are trees, we are the cold curve of the sea-wave,
We are the bright eyes of stars,
We are the precise geometry of salt.
We are as uncounted as the grains of sand,
But she has counted us,
Woven us into her tapestry.
We are part of her garment
We are designed, have place,
We are part of her pattern.
As her loom was laid out across the heavens,
As her shuttle swung back and forth,
Weaving ants and mountains
She wove us, and snow, and leaves.
We cannot die
Although we die.
The pattern continues,
We are part of her pattern.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

              There may soon be a video of Mr Mixx Maxx with the hose.  We’ll keep you posted.

small dogs
SUCH a rare occurrence.
Both of his ears up,
at the same time.

            Tomorrow this house will be three times as dog-o-riffic.

8 thoughts on “The Physical as well as the Ethereal.

  1. Hope Hanna & J. Adam have a wonderful, fun, and safe trip!

    “Damn close” to a hundred, and you rode your bike?!! Wow. I can’t even imagine. Wow.

    Love the Rose Quartz! I am currently cleansing a beautiful teardrop-shaped pendant outside, and I think this is my sign to wear it tomorrow. 🙂 “Blessings! You are being bathed in love, light, and healing energy by the universe and those who dearly love and treasure you….” Beautiful!

    Max looks like a fox from that angle, and with up ears. Which just makes him even more adorable.

    This trip, sadly, has not fared well. It’s going on 9:30 and I haven’t heard if they’ve even arrived yet. 😦

    Our eXtreme weather warning was a flop, barely got to 89 today, and I never had a chance to go ride. Or walk. Or anything. This planet crap is bashing down on me something fierce.

    9:17 p.m.

  2. I love stones but rose quartz if my fav-o-rite stone of all stones. And so pretty.
    It’s hot here, too. Kudos to you for biking anyway. I made salsa in the heat. Sweaty. You and Skye and Dan have fun at the beach. I’ll try not to envy you too much.
    Hi Max!

    Have you read Barb’s most recent post?
    She shared a new phrase:
    Totes Jelly. 😉

    9:20 p.m.

  3. I have a piece of rose quartz that I keep on a larger mass of crystal, for the purpose of flooding my house with love. I don’t know if it works, but I DO know there is a lot of love in here :0)

    You DO live in a house of MUCH love! 😀

    9:23 p.m.

  4. So, with the planetary mess that is going on, how ’bout some irreverence? Like, “Uranus is a gas giant”. Just sayin’, and in touch with my Junior High self. Rose quartz is a good stone to have around. I have both a large crystal and a rose quartz heart in my zone. Love the energy they give.

    Yay for bonus beach. Have a great time! And for triple granddog time.

    Lol, nice. Thanks, Jr Hi Ally. 😛

    I recently heard a guy pronounce that planet as
    Ur – on – us. So I’m going with that from now on. Otherwise, it’s sort of bothersome. And odd.

    9:29 p.m.

  5. Have fun with Hanna while she’s there. That is a long drive she’s got in store. Hope she enjoys it.

    It got MUCH longer when the navigating failed them. So damn much longer. 😦

    9:33 p.m.

  6. Love rose quartz. And a dog-o-rific house is a happy house.
    : )

    It is also a louder house, lol.
    But it is happy,
    no doubt about that. 😉

    9:35 p.m.

  7. Yay! for you riding your bike even in the heat. You’re tougher than I am.

    How cool is it that you get Hanna and Skye in the same week? Lucky you. Have fun and take pictures! (Of the beach, too!)

    Love rose quartz. You’ve seen my favorite chunk. This reminds me I need to cleanse my crystals again.

    I live to be a helpful reminder. 🙂

    9:37 p.m.

  8. I needed that rose quartz today – it was a cranky day. Although better now after a yummy treat of fudge brownie ice cream. 🙂

    (And sweat? I’ll see your sweat and raise you! I could wring out my shirt today and make a puddle after our hike! Blech!)

    Still very argue-y here as well. And damn but we can’t communicate to save our lives. I’m going in search of some brownies, sounds like THAT would solve everything!

    NO joke, we are totally going to compare sweatiness some time soon!

    9:40 p.m.

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