We’re going to begin with the daily draw today because an interesting item was screaming at me in my mailbox just now.  Zoom over HERE and read this (it’s fast, we’ll wait), then come right back.

             Did you see it?  The title of that post is “Mountain Leo” and the body of the text simply made me roll my eyes and wonder WHY people don’t investigate where the planets are when they spend that kind of money on crap like this.  Whatever.  That’s not the cool part, the cool part is this card we got.

oracle cards

“Courage  ~

Take the leap.

Your courage will see you through.”

             On one level this cracks me up (any reference to The Wizard of Oz is a winner in my book) and on another, it’s just freaky and wonderful how these things line up.

             Also, this is one my favorite images.  Big cats!  (Which are NOT like other cats.)  And seriously, how bad-ass is that weapon she’s holding?   All be-jeweled and shit.

             On the metaphysical side, we’re looking at our own path and life here.  Are we doing what we need to be doing?  And, a better question, are we doing it with honor and courage?  Or are we merely SAYING that we are?

             I ask my own confused self elf this, because, as Patty and I were chatting about in the pool tonight, I waver still.  I feel as though I’ve come so damn far, on this health/fitness road, and yet, I don’t see the physical changes (weight loss, fine.  I said it.  Happy now?!) that I want to be seeing at this point down the lane.  So, wibble wobble, Waver City, here I am, Madame Wishy Washy.

             When we receive a reminder, like the past few days, about holing on to doubt and allowing old worries to creep in, I’m glad to see them.  On days like this, when we are shown how VERY strong we actually are, inside and out, I am joyous again.  Which then brings me back to the wavering.  And I have to remember, it’s the human condition.  It’s what we are supposed to be learning.

(Some days it’s more difficult than others though.)

biking in Eugene
Another day,
another ride.

             Me and the bike, back to the library.  And yes, those are the flip-flops I chose.  I don’t like the tan lines my faux Crocs made on the tops of my feet.  So sue me, I’m still vain.   But now, I’ve got a damn tan!

             The ride was super hot, but also nicely quick.  I took the newly adjusted water bottle cage out for a test drive.  Performed beautifully.  You can’t actually see it in this shot, but I switched containers.  The folks at the bike shop recommended I try another style.  And, as it turned out, I had one of those on my kitchen counter!

small dogs wearing bags

             He did not come with me this time, but Empress almost did.  We need to get her a decent two-wheeler.  There’s three in the garage, none of them are working and none of them are comfortable for her.  I just wish we could exchange all the bad bikes for ONE damn good one.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

LateNight Tattoo Tales:

for those of you who don’t follow me and Hanny on the twitters (which begs the question, why DON’T you follow me and Hanny on the twitters?) here is what J.Adam sent out this afternoon.

seattle tattoos
I hope she double-check the spelling.
Seriously, I’m very worried.

             She wanted to have it done for my dad’s birthday (you all know that she’s named for him, right?), but the artist was booked solid, so the wait was longer than she thought it would be.   No worries.  Hanna & Co will be here in a few weeks, he (and we!) can see it then.

8 thoughts on “Individual Strength.

  1. I took plunge one the other day. Working on plunge 2 & 3.
    So nice that you can bike to the library. Here it is about 7 miles away but no way would I have the courage to bike it. Shoulderless, curvy roads.
    Glad your water thing worked.
    Silly Mercury.

    I was actually thinking today about how wonderful all of these designated bike lanes are. Makes this ride SUPER easy and very safe.

    So sorry yours are not nice. 😦

    10:21 p.m.

  2. Nice synchronicity!

    I thought so too! And couldn’t wait to share with you.

    10:26 p.m.

  3. I will pass on the Mercury info to my Portugal friend who has been waiting for Mountain Lion. Actually, she prefers Snow Leopard, and has been grousing at the changes, which don’t seem to be for the better, but more for changes sake.

    I don’t understand the Apple language but I DO understand the issues with Mercury. Glad we can be of some help, even if it’s the equivalent to a pat on the back and a loving “oh you poor baby” kind of support offering.

    10:31 p.m.

  4. Mountain Lion is supposed to be better than Lion. Let’s hope it is, post-Mercury bug fixes. I’m still back on Leopard and a 4 1/2 year old MacBook that seems to be falling apart or at least developing old age. Just not ready to buy a new one.

    Courage. I’ll give it a try. 🙂 And true, big cats are not little cats. I always wanted a cougar as my pet. I’d like a cat big enough to scare off potential evildoers the way a dog does.

    A big whiter tiger is good too. 😉

    10:35 p.m.

  5. Mercury has been messing around in this house way too much.

    I like the bag with Max. But you really need either a front basket or a rear carrier on that bike.

    I love alllll kitties! 🙂

    My sweaty back agrees with you. But my sporty new aesthetic does not. 😕

    10:39 p.m.

  6. you know, I’m starting to think the weight loss thing is more related to hormones than I knew. I’m not doing anything differently now than I was six months ago (although I am capable of slightly *more* physical activity), but now I am losing weight, and then I wasn’t. Now I am (mostly) done with The Change, then I wasn’t. I’m not losing MUCH weight, but some– a pound every couple of weeks. Of course, this is still fairly new and could change at any moment, but at least *something* is happening now.

    This is promising then! Also the news I heard that it takes at least one full year for our metabolism to recover after we quit smoking. (Not sure how that works, but I’ll believe ANYthing at this point.)

    11:07 p.m.

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