You may have noticed that Corina and I sometimes make mention of a guy named Henry.  He’s a very cool card reader, and lightworker*.  I invite you to watch his stuff.  If he’s not a good match for you, that’s fine.  Daniel doesn’t love to listen to him, not a problem.  Many of us find that his information is very helpful.  The reason I bring him up today is because he uses several of the same decks we do.

*That is a word that I’ve recently become aware of, and am unsure of right now.  Also, a special note to my son: text me or your father before you investigate any of these videos.

             In our rotation we’ve come around to the cards that not everyone adores.  It’s one of the decks Henry uses on a regular basis, which I find really intriguing, because he reads in a similarly positive way as I do.  This set came up completely reversed, but I photographed it direct so you could see the pictures.  I’m just going to give the very basics from the guidebook, then move on to more of my own interpretation, due to the contrary lay out.

oracle cards

“Ice-olation  ~  3  ~  Clouds: The Mind

The rainbow-colored tears on this person’s face hold the key …..  It’s okay to cry, and there is no reason to feel ashamed of your tears.  Crying helps us to let go of pain, allows us to be gentle with ourselves, and finally helps us to heal.

Maturity  ~   Ace  ~  Rainbows: The Physical

This figure ….. has come to a time of centerdness and expansiveness ….. all of life’s experiences have brought him to this time of perfection ….. When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift ….. your base is solid now, success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within.

The Miser  ~  4  ~  Rainbows: The Physical

This card challenges us to look at what we are clinging to, and what we feel we posses that is so valuable it needs to be protected by a fortress ….. whatever we’re holding on to, remember that you can’t take it with you.  Loosen your grip and feel the freedom and expansiveness sharing can bring.”

             Taking into consideration the fact that these are transitioning cards (the reversed factor here) it feels as though we’ve been told this all before.  We know these things, and this is merely a gentle reminder to stay on course.  None of this is breaking news, and much of it is work we’ve already begun and are doing well.

              (Or, even if we’re not doing it well, we ARE trying very hard.)

             What the Universe wants us to know now is that we CAN make it to the other side.  With our belongings in tact (without becoming all Hoarder-like), with our healing on track (without becoming a sobbing wreck), traveling safely along our paths, arriving at our destinations  feeling well-balanced and at ease.  Basically this trio is validating our efforts.  And that feels great.

             On the Mercury Retrograde front, so far so good, for me right now.  A few small things have been confusing.  But I feel so blessed not to be THIS PERSON that I’m saying my gratitudes in a big loud voice.

             I’m also working on fine-tuning an old skill (very retrograde-friendly activity), expanding it in a new way: Tarot readings of past lives, how current relationships mesh with (or don’t) other life relationships.  (Thanks to Kewl Kate for the idea!)

             This is the difficult part of the week for my Maximum Grand Dog, his girl is knee-deep in long days and other people’s pets.

dogs in chairs
“I’m nappin’ here!”

             He had a super fun time last night, and the evening before, when we went out (after Dan was done with work) for our dark stroll around the neighborhood.  But now, he’d just like it if I left him alone while he waits for Empress to show up.  (All of that recent thunder didn’t help his mood much either.)

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

LateNight Links:

I’ve been slightly remiss in keeping up with my Seattle kid (she was here, dammit) and I don’t know how many of you follow her personal blog.  But she’s got a new one posted, as well as a terrific selection of photos from last weekend.

5 thoughts on “Adjusting, Adapting, Fine-tuning.

  1. LOL, I gave a shout out to your blog in my comment to Henry’s youtube post today, because you two have been syncing up so well these last few days (and so much of the time)… soooo hilarious that you chose today to write about him! 🙂

    As I understand it, a lightworker is someone who consciously strives to increase the amount of love in the world by fostering it within zimself and sharing it with others in whatever way(s) zie feels guided (in a non-dogmatic or proselytizing way)… you most definitely qualify, IMHO!

    Very interesting set of cards, especially with the reversal of all of them. Even before that, the two on the outside seem to contradict the one in the middle. Great take on this, and, yes, we have been through all this, and we will absolutely get through everything that’s coming!

    OMFG, the tattoo! Can you imagine?!? ACK!

    Love the new reading idea! Sounds really cool!

    Maximum Emma-missing puppy. 😦

    Love Hanna’s article on choosing to be child-free!

    Seriously, if anyone still believes in the bullshit of “coincidence” just hanging around with me and you should quickly dispel THAT myth! 😆

    I need to copy down your definition of Lightworker, it’s beautiful.
    Thank you,

    10:57 p.m.

  2. Good reminders.

    puppy fgbvs to Maximum

    He perked up not too long after this post went on-line….. SHE walked in the door! 😛

    11:01 p.m.

  3. So, basically, keep on working on what you’ve been working on. Sure. No problem. I don’t really expect major changes in my life until I make major changes in my psyche and my lifestyle. If only it weren’t summer and 100 degrees out (plus) (plus humidity in the “cooler” hours), I could easily go out and get exercise. I hate driving all the way to the mall to take a walk and then driving all the way back. There is traffic! And gas used!

    Is the treadmill in your apartment complex an option? You could walk across to it, then enjoy the air conditioning, then walk back. Isn’t there a pool anywhere close by?

    11:03 p.m.

  4. Keep on working. Sounds familiar. : ) I did send my copyedits back (in the midst of Merc Ret) and crossed my fingers that the editor would be happy. She said she got them and will contact me before I leave for conference if she has questions. So far so good. So I’m keeping on keeping on.

    The relief of getting that sent off, and then having it safely arrive on the other end, must be great all by itself!

    11:06 p.m.

  5. Poor little Maximum grand-dog! My Kady sends wags of love.

    He is upstairs right now blissfully barking at nothing and everything. So, obviously Kady’s healing love energy worked like a charm. 😉

    11:12 p.m.

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