And also a rash.  Our card today is fascinating for me, on a physical level.  Because it appears, after much back and forthing, as though I’m allergic to sun screen*.  And now have the itchy, irritating, red skin to prove it.

*I have NEVER been a fan; no one can convince me that THIS is not what’s causing so much cancer.  And I’ve avoided it for the past 50 years. Tragically I thought that it might be a good idea for my aging skin to get a bit of protection (the type EVERYone talks about and sings the praises of) for the half an hour I’m out on the bike each day.  I was wrong.  Pricklingly, angrily, bumpily wrong.

             This particular inflammation has been interesting to follow though.  One of the reasons I shared that past life exercise with you, the other day, was because I’ve recently used it.  With a pretty nice degree of success.  Except that, there must be more I’m not perceiving.  Hence the hives across the front of my upper half.

             I’ll go back and see what else there is to learn, and examine.  And I’ll stop using all of those products.  Hopefully this will clear everything up nicely.  Because, you guys.  Seriously?  With the emotional past few days I’ve had, I really can’t ALSO be this fucking itchy!

Judgement card Tarot

Judgement  ~  20

              She arises like the Phoenix from her burned up pot of ashes.  Having gotten slightly charred, we can do the same.  When we’re feeling down, this is the image we want to retain in the back of our mind.  We CAN renew, we CAN stand again, we CAN emerge from this smarter and in much better shape than when we first began.

               The idea of Judgement in the original symbology was very harsh.  A painful and marginally hopeless image.  Like we only got the one chance to make it right.  When in reality, we have as many chances as we need.  There is no vengeful god with a searing wraith.  That was an intentionally scary and power-over construct invented by small-minded, ignorant, frightened little men.

               Fortunately, we now know the truth.  We now know that there is love and light and forgiveness and generosity and a world with hope.  I believe that we receive messages at exactly the moment we need them.  So, here is our sign.  There is hope.  There is a chance to improve.  There is always an opportunity to find the right path.

feathers and water bottles
Dents and all.

              On my path today there were signs of goodness.  Dan and I went on a bike ride and then later we walked with J.D. after enjoying some dinner together.  (Thank you, both.  For everything.)

track history
Track City,
from WAY back.

              On campus there is natural history museum.   It’s gorgeous, inside and out.

university of oregon museums

                Here is where you can read more.  None of it was open tonight, which was perfectly fine because this wasn’t our destination.  We were merely talking a stroll.  And ended up there.

oregon museums

               Remember when I lost my favorite flip-flops on one of our car adventures this summer?  Well, we tried to replace them last night.

drug store shoes
These have bows on the toes!

              In these, my hooves look even more like Miss Piggy’s than ever before.  It’s so sad.  Moving on . . . .  that wasn’t all we picked up.  In my quest to be one of THOSE people, we’ve begun to gather supplies so we can initiate dental health on the go.

on the go dental health
Just add water.

             And lastly, don’t fret, I didn’t forget your Daily Dog.  I did, however, take lots of OTHER pictures (in more interesting settings around the yard and house) which did not turn out.  He has gone back to being illusive.  Or maybe we were both just hot.

hot dogs

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

LateNight Link To Share, brought to us by Empress:

Nature sounds.

Thank you, Emmy.  Very much.

Edited to add:

there seems to be some issue, perhaps it’s only WordPress related, that is not allowing those U of O photos to be enlarged.  If it’s just me, good.  If it’s also happening to you guys, I don’t know how to make it better.

8 thoughts on “It’s just a small singe.

  1. Bleh, bleh, bleh!!! FGBV’s on the rash/itchy yucky situation!

    And, another over-idealized body card (over-idealized in a weird way, IMHO). This is the first card I’ve seen from the Robin Wood Tarot that I don’t like… I really like the concept of re-envisioning the Judgement card, and making it less Christian… I love the Phoenix idea & the rising from the flames concept… I am usually not at all opposed to nudity in artwork… but in this one its rendering just doesn’t feel right to me. But I love your take that “There is always an opportunity to find the right path.”

    That natural history museum does look lovely!

    Maximum sheesh, Nana, do you have to take my picture every day? Well, I am refusing to cooperate!

    Thanks to Emma for that nature sounds link! It is so cool how you can adjust the levels of the different components!

    I know what you mean about your reaction to this card, I feel that way about many of Toni’s in the new deck. This one though, I’m okay with. (My children have been known to construct garments for her made of Post It Notes over the years.)

    Em built me my own “channel” on that site. It started with the ocean choice, then she layered some seagulls (not too many though), with wind chimes as a bonus. SO wonderful!!!

    12:44 a.m.

  2. Well, THAT”s an image burned in my mind for a while. And before breakfast too. Understand the phoenix rising from the ashes, but…words fail me. It feels gratuitous.

    Maybe there is another brand out there. Probably one ingredient messing with you. Not nice. Itchy with mosquito bites or something that bit me.

    Love the flip-flops. A little bling for your toes. Very cute, Julie.

    Yeah, she is kinda OUT there…..

    A cottom ball just dampened with Magical Blue Stuff will stop your itch. (I know, I keep doing it.)

    My new toe bows make me very happy. 😉

    12:50 a.m.

  3. my compute issues are solved for now. Went back and read previous posts – just not much time to comment.
    I always have a toothbrush and floss with me. I floss more than I brush because of the state of my teeth.
    Hope you’re feeling better emotionally.

    Thank you. Emotionally it comes and goes. There is a big issue to deal with, and every time I have to describe it or go over it AGAIN it brings me right back down. I’ll blog about it after Hanna gets here. Nothing to be done. It just is. 😕

    12:57 a.m.

  4. Sorry about the itching. I use the Neutrogena for face product, with a fifty SPF. It’s what the Sports Illustrated models use (you know the bikini babes.) Anyway, it’s the only one I can use on my old face without feeling all sweaty and then getting clogged pores like a teenager. Where I live we have to protect ourselves. Yesterday it got to 118 and today the expected high is 120 (then we cool down thank goodness.)

    Love the relaxed dog. : )

    I am forever and from now on going to think of you
    as a Bikini Babe! 😛

    1:03 a.m.

  5. Oh, yuck! I HATE being all itchy! Ask me about the poison ivy rash that covered most of my body and required steroids to clear up. I hope yours is better immediately.

    I need to come visit and see your lovely places, not to mention you and your lovely people!

    Oh holy shit no. I could NEVER tolerate this itch on even MORE surface area! Yes, I’d be right there in line for those shots too.

    COME VISIT ME !!! 😆

    1:09 a.m.

  6. I’ve found only a couple of sunscreens that work for me. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with 30 SPF for my face and Banana Boat for my body, preferably Banana Boat for babies because it’s for more sensitive skin but the SPF is so damned high I’ll never get any color in my skin (which I think helps against the bad sun’s rays). So mostly I just do the regular Banana Boat. I like the stuff that feels dry soon after being put on because I hate feeling sticky. I should use this stuff every day down here, but I’ve been lazy and only put it on my face sometimes and on my body hardly ever when I go out. And I don’t go out much so it really doesn’t matter I guess. I think I’ve turned into the old Julie — avoiding the outdoors like the plague. I need a Skye 2.0!

    I like the Phoenix rising concept. That’s one I’m working on for myself, to rise again from the ashes of my old life (which, basically, is almost literally ashes, although Mom’s got washed out to sea).

    Looks like a nice place to walk around. I’ve never been to U of O. Or OSU except the Marine Science Center since I worked on the campus of that one.

    Pssst, never mention U of O and OSU at the same time…..
    big rivals! 😉

    1:13 a.m.

  7. For the itch, try Caladryl lotion or Benedryl cream or spray on. Those are the two that work best for us sensitive skinned people here. There are those out there of the thought that Felsnaptha soap will help with this like it does poison ivy by stripping out the oil based crap still stuck in your skin from the lotion. I hope the itch clears up for you quickly.

    Like Skye, I’m using Banana Boat for Kids. Yes, it’s white, but it rubs in. So far, so good. If you get on the internet and go for sunscreen allergies, you’ll find all kinds of stuff, from which ingredients cause the most problems to brands of sunscreen for sensitive skin.

    Other options: A wide brimmed hat to protect your face (problem for me cause I just soooo love shit on my head, but I have an airy straw thing I try to use gardening). Buy a white, cheapo, thin, cotton, long-sleeved man’s shirt to cover your top. Loose and baggy and not too hot. I have some light colored ones that were my dad’s that I use. The problem is, if you’re out all day, you can still get sun through these shirts enough to cause problems. When I was in college working at an oil refinery in the summer, I actually tanned through a shirt. So this is for short outings only. Also on tap, if you want to spend the money, they now have shirts that block UV. Surf the net to find who’s carrying them. I can’t help you with legs/pants. I sweat so much I can’t find anything that covers my legs and still lets me move. And as we discussed before, the less down there the better. 🙂

    I adore museums. History fascinates me. I got really lucky one year (long, long ago) when my husband got sent to DC for work. They were willing to let me stay in the room with him, but I had to feed myself, etc. (We drove.) While he was working all day, I spent everyday, by myself, going from museum to museum to museum to the zoo. *sigh* It was wonderful. I would love to spend time going through that museum and seeing all the Northwest stuff.

    I just realized how long this post is. I’ll shut up now. 🙂

    “While he was working all day, I spent everyday, by myself, going from museum to museum to museum to the zoo.”

    THAT would be our dream life!

    1:16 a.m.

  8. “We CAN renew, we CAN stand again, we CAN emerge from this smarter and in much better shape than when we first began”… baby, I totally needed to hear that.
    After sun aloe is good for itchy skin. Hope you feel better pronto.

    You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you here commenting again.
    Deliriously, in fact.

    1:19 a.m.

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