We did, indeed, arrive home safely last night.  Sadly, we also arrived home to find that our interwebz were broken.  After much anxious calling around and not any sort of satisfaction, we turned everything off and gave up.  Max and Empress were a delight to return to though, so that was quite nice.  (Thanks for dinner, Em.)

             Today we scheduled our day around picking up the new hardware,  a 90 minute brisk walk, and grabbing a few groceries.  That item I was searching for before we left is still eluding me.  It was for an article Hanny is writing, and I was SURE I could locate it.  FAIL!  Now I feel like  shit for letting her down.  I KNOW!  She said it was fine and not really a big deal.  But I can’t help it.  When I get stuck down here I just need to honor it before I can move on.

             Plus, I got my feelings hurt recently and that stupid issue came up again this afternoon.  I’ll let it go soon.  Along with the lost photo (maybe).  But for now, here’s a picture of Max to make us all feel better.

dogs in Eugene front yards
Where is he?
His Nana knows.

             And look at this, a view that stopped me in my tracks earlier.  Someone has a wonderful eye for color and texture.  (Hint, it ain’t me.)

River Road neighborhood front yards
and a beautiful tree.

             Our foreign plate spotting was funny because we saw a car from Minnesota (and commented on it), and then one from Arizona.  And mere moments later, we saw this.

license plates in Oregon
Not the same one as before.

             Lastly today, our (official) daily message.  We’ve jumped back in to the regular rotation now.

alternate oracle card meanings


Listen to your Wise Self.

Let your inner compass direct the course of your life.”

             Which is what I’m doing (yes, I am, and no, it is NOT called wallowing in self-pity).  Hopefully soon I’ll be COMPLETELY back, and I can respond to your comments.  More than likely, after my therapeutic pool time tomorrow, all things will seem much brighter and my mood will be much improved.  (Thank you, for being so patient.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

LateNight News:

Dan is now on Twitter.  The train we rode home on has internet, so he could.  (Really, why wouldn’t you?!)  Follow him (@Dannofive3six), or let him know who you are so he can follow you.  (Not you Becky, YOU he’s already got on his list.)

LateNight Gratitudes:

Thank you Hanna and Adam, one more time, for your generosity and hospitality extraordinaire.  Hug the dogs for us.  We miss them already.

 Thank you Emmy for keeping the house safe.  And bringing in all the crap that showed up on the porch and in the boxes.

Thank you Jade, for getting all those bonus days off, so we can hit the road again in another week.

Thank you Daniel, for being here when I need you.  Every single time.

6 thoughts on “Heeding What We Hear.

  1. Happy Solstice to you and yours, welcome home, and dang the hardware anyway. I think I need to tap the glass on my inner compass to make sure the needle isn’t stuck…

  2. Happy solstice! Glad you are home in your own stuff, your own bed, all that. Happy summer, if that term can be used in Eugene. 🙂 (If I ever move back, it won’t be to Eugene, I’m afraid.)

  3. Happy Solstice! (OMG, already? I’m -not- ready!)

    Glad you’re back safe and sound. And don’t worry about the comments. You kept us informed while you were on vacation. We’re good. (And you need to ‘recover’ from your fun! 🙂 )

  4. Happy Solstice – It’s all down hill from here. – eluding to Winter’s coming 😉

    Glad you got home safe. No worries about commenting. Come back to us when you are ready.

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