We’re packing up  right now for our trip home.  Hitting the rails again in an hour.  Also, we’ve been planning the next journey back here* (Betty MacDonald’s Life Tour) while simultaneously discussing Han‘s July time at home (Oregon Country Fair).  My hope is that all of this “soon to happen” distraction will help me avoid the Sad that ususlly falls on me at this point in the proceedings.  Fingers crossed!

*We hadn’t thought it would be such a quick turn-around, but this new local author info has sparked our interest, and set us on new quest.

             With all the traveling everyone will be doing this summer, the seasons  should go by super fast, and no one will really miss any one else too badly.  This is my hope, at least.

seattle dogs

             No clue what Dan was trying to do here on this new phone, but he obviously needed help with it.

mixed breed dogs in seattle

             Lots and lots of help.  (Really, how does anyone get a thing done with OUT that kind of uber useful assistance?)

             The Foreign Licence Plate Report is massive.  I’ve been taking notes on my wee cellular device but never had a chance to share what we’ve seen.  I’ll just transcribe it all now, exactly as I’ve got it saved:

two Montanas, Minnesota, and another Minn, BC, and one more, plus another and another.  BC again. Wyoming, Wisconsin, Connecticut.   New York.  Again.  Arizona times two, North Carolina, Maryland, Alaska, Florida.  Did we already write down NC?   Kansas.  Two Nebraskas.  Fluffy white feather.  At the game too.  And one more.  Adam’s new word is Insultimentry.  Garment/dress and skirt ideas using old clothes.

             Nice huh?  Yeah, it’s been a really lovely adventure.  But I have to go toss my jammie pants on so we can catch our cab for the station.

queen of cups

Queen of Cups

             She arrives to comfort us.  She is always there when you need her.  She tells of balanced emotions and true motherly love.  She is calm in a tumultous and stormy time.  She is the caregiver.  She is the fixer of all things we feel so strongly.  She is our anchor and our joy.  She treasures us as the blessings that we are.  As we honor her out of respect and caring.

brunch at the Highline

8 thoughts on “Deeply Feeling It.

  1. Hope your train ride back home is as enjoyable as the first!

    Just LOVE that deck! Beautiful card!

  2. Safe Travels! Don’t be too sad, Julie. There will be more visits and adventures to come. (((hug)))

  3. Leaving just sucks. I’ve finally managed to get out of there without turning into a watering pot but it takes the drive home to shake me out of the dumps. Thank heavens for Skype.

    I hope your journey home is safe and enjoyable with no asshats to disturb your peace.

  4. I love that train ride, although I always got off at Salem and never went as far as Eugene. Great ride, though. I enjoyed it quite a bit the several times I rode it.

    Hope your trip home is lovely and calm. And don’t be sad — you are returning to your other offspring and granddog! You have goodness on both ends of the rails!

  5. Happy travels. Shuck off the sad by thinking of all the wonderful things you’ve missed at home. Like your favorite pillow. : ) I’m glad the queen of cups has come to nurture. I’ll take a hug and a cup of tea, thanks. : )

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