So.  I’ve started reading that book Hanna gave me.  This one.  And I already have an issue.  One of the difficult things (although truthfully, ALL of it is difficult for me) about getting healthy and losing weight is the variety of opinions on what works, what helps, what is useless, and what is just stupid.  Breakfast is the most recent conflict I’ve run across.

               This woman says that our bodies need fiber (and a bunch of other shit, she can be very science-y in spots) to start the metabolizing process and get our day going.   Rice and oats are her favorites.  (So far I do like how very non-meat she is!  But, hey.  That’s just me.)

             Allen, and a few others, say that a meal of fruit (and water) is the way to begin our day, so as not to overload our guts and weigh us down (especially if you plan on exercising first thing).  Who is correct?  And how do we know where to turn? I am a huge proponent of following our instincts.  Your body knows what it needs.  Or not?

             We have established, many MANY years ago, that my physicality is a bit of a mess when it comes to the mind/body aspect.  And just within the past two weeks we’ve found out that I’m actually disconnected in a pretty major way.  So, who do I listen to?  My body, which I obviously can’t trust?  Allen, who I adore and who helped me to become a non-smoker again?  Or this new individual, who says things I’m not sure I can believe yet?

             Those are all rhetorical question, don’t bother answering them, I won’t.  I’m simply using them to work this out in my scrambled brain.  And I’ll take the new book in with me for my next appointment.  We’ll see what *A* has to say about it, and how she feels, personally, in regards to breakfast.

             On the plus side, this program is very water-heavy, which I’m a fan of.  Once you get to be a water drinker, you never look back.  One of the coolest factors of that conversion for me was how much money* can be saved.  Agua just comes right out of the faucets!

*Saving money is never my goal, I can be a massive money-waster, in fact.  But when I first realized how much cash we were NOT spending at the store for MY portion of coffee, pop, tea, and later cigarettes (right, I was the only one smoking, whatever), it was tremendously noticeable and consequently: fabulous.

             As I work my way through Kathy’s 30 days/tips I’ll share more.  Her third suggestion is to eat an apple a day.  Also something I’m already doing.  Again, budget friendly.  (Although, I saw an article the other day about how we aren’t doing ourselves any good if we aren’t ALWAYS buying organic fruit.  NOT so budget-friendly, sad to say, even here.)

             Instead of other snacks, I actually am eating several pieces of fruit every day now.  (Remember when I said that I add diced apples to my salads?  That’s usually half of my apple intake for that calendar date.)  My latest favorite is oranges.  I bring them home by the bag-full now.  Slice one up into wedges and just stand over the sink* eating through the pile.  Seriously more satisfying than I remember them being!

*Rule breaking according to Beck, she says we should always sit down when we eat.  Do all thin people do this?  Barb and Judy, did you both continue to follow this suggestion?

             Which leads us back to questioning why I’m not losing any weight.  Obviously I’m missing something here.  (Hello?!  I didn’t start going to see a therapist because I was all fucking perfect!)  Instead of continuing to dwell on this somemore, how ’bout we just move smoothly on to what the Universe is telling us in the card altar room, m’kay?

“Let Yourself Receive  ~

Allow others to give you loving care. 

Receive without guilt or apologies.

You are a giver, and you help others in so many ways.  Most of the time, you truly enjoy giving.  So, when you let others give to you, they experience the joy of giving.  You give them a gift each time that you are a gracious receiver.

By receiving, you replenish yourself and balance the male and female energies within and around you.  By allowing yourself to receive, you swim in the flow of life, which washes away stagnant energy, bringing in new forms of abundance, creative ideas, and all types of opportunities.  Even the simplest act of receiving is healing, and it is a powerful step in the manifestation process.”

             This is a very valuable lesson to learn.  It’s one I still struggle with, though.  I’ve gotten past much, over the years, and am way better about asking for help.  With this one, I do actively try.  Some days are easier than others.  But to make the attempt, even if we are biting our tongues and graciously choking out a simple “Thank You” instead of qualifying it with words of unworth, is always better than denying others the joy of giving.

             On another level, this card is also timely.  Today I consciously gifted my own mercurial self elf with not-walking.  I wanted to, but knew that my feet weren’t quite ready for a lengthy trudge just yet.  I DID take the bike out.  So it’s not like I slacked off on movement all together.

             Here’s something from me and Max.  A present, free of charge, it’s  him  being cute and polite, as Dan left for work tonight.

Don’t worry,
we’ll be here,
guarding the home!

              Emmy’s house and dog-sitting gig ended early, and now she has another one lined up across the canal.  Only house, no pets this time.  Starts tomorrow.  Maximum Grand Dog doesn’t care, he hangs out with his Nana most of the time anyway.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Foreign License Plate Report:


LateNight Gifts from my Beloved:

              He and Em both got upgrades recently,  and we’ve been consistently impressed with the quality of their phone photos.

Llamas and alpacas!
(Look between the fence slats.)

14 thoughts on “Acceptance and Conflict.

  1. Can’t help you with Beck. I didn’t like her. Way too negative wording for me.
    As far as eating over the sink – here’s why you’re not doing anything wrong there. The purpose of eating at the table is so that you are aware that you are eating. You are obviously aware of eating your oranges over the sink if you’re enjoying them that much. IMHO anyway.

    That’s what I was thinking too, so thank you. I’d like to hear from others about this topic even if they’ve never read Beck’s theory. I appreciate (and value) your in-put!

    4:29 a.m.

    1. yes, I agree with Judy. Beck (Judith) is only useful to me if I re-word extensively–but she HAS been useful, very. Just re-worded. Interestingly, another Beck, Martha, is also useful. More about that soon.

      we had a discussion about breakfast on MFP this week. I am not a breakfast eater, and never have been. It’s almost noon here and I’ve had a yogurt and a decaf mocha so far today. Fruit would probably be a good addition. I keep thinking, we can talk about this soon!! 🙂 yay!

      Another Beck we need to check out? Cool. And thank you very much for your insight. WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT ALL! IN PERSON!

      8:43 p.m.

  2. Ok, first thing I HAVE to say: “My body, which I obviously can’t trust?” is exactly the kind of thinking that must go out the window, like, yesterday. (You know I say this with absolute love.) That, right there, is your “disconnect,” in action, at its worst! You CAN trust your body, it’s your mind regarding your body that you can’t trust. Right?

    2. Have any of these people talked about somatotypes? It’s not something I know a whole lot about, but I do know that your somatotype is the determining factor in how your own body metabolizes food, as opposed to Joe Blow. ( ) This is a spectrum-type thing, or, really, a triangle with each type at a corner, and each person is somewhere within that triangle. I can tell by the picture that Kathy is predominantly ectomorph, which you, my dear, are not. And that just is what it is. But, it is important to consider that a diet & eating plan developed by someone of a different somatotype is likely going to be reflective of what worked best for that somatotype (if they are not specifically mentioning other somatotypes).

    3. My personal experience, as predominantly mesomorph, who is also constantly having to fight low blood sugar, is that I NEED fiber/carbs/grains fairly early in my day. If I have a huge bowl of fruit salad as “breakfast,” I am famished within a half hour (even though I always include apples in my fruit salads). If I ate only fruit before a walk it would be disastrous. When I do walk (rarely, now, but when I did), I did it early in my day, and I drank a smoothie made with non fat yogurt, sweetener, protein powder, and a banana or other fruit beforehand. That kept me going long enough to finish a 2 mile walk without fainting from low blood sugar. Then, afterwards, I HAD to eat carbs immediately. But I never did heavy fiber/grains before the walk. That was just what felt right for me.

    4. So, to answer your rhetorical questions, LOL, I would say: experiment with the different advice. Find what feels right for you & your body.

    Love giving and receiving! Either one is a win-win!

    Maximum cuteness! (As always)

    LLamas & alpacas! Cool!

    Mmmm, not sure if I can agree yet and say “right!” along with you. But I DO see the reasoning (and love) behind it. 😛

    2. THIS is the information I have needed all along! (And no, never heard of it.) THANK YOU!!!
    (We will SO be hearing more on this topic. MUCH more!)

    3. Your in-put is also highly valuable, thanks. Those are the types of things I’m looking for. Exactly.

    4. Will do. Now that I know about this phenomenon called somatotypes I will absolutely be looking for guides in this direction.

    4:41 a.m.

  3. I need protein in the mornings, but even the protein in whole grain works just fine (like oatmeal or granola). But I would never have a heavy meal just before exercising vigorously: it would cause me serious stomach distress.

    I agree with Judy, Judy, Judy about eating over the sink. Sounds like you are very mindful of your orange as you do so!

    There is also eating for your blood type as well, which I’m not sure I agree with, but it’s more information.

    Once I can get myself moving again, I imagine I can achieve my body’s desired weight. But it’s the lack of moving and the sugar addiction (and lack of cooking …) that are keeping me where I’m currently at.

    I like this card. I was always on my mom about allowing others to give; even to the end it was hard for her to do. I’m not so good at asking for help, but I can usually accept help offered, which is a start.

    Thanks, hearing what others are eating for breakfast (or not), how they think about and process these topics (or don’t), definitely helps me.

    8:47 p.m.

  4. Go Corina! I very heartily second this.

    Every person is different. I’m not even fit company in the morning until I’ve eaten. My husband on the other hand literally gets sick to his stomach if he eats straight out of bed.

    As a former, and, hopefully, soon to be again, athlete, I totally disagree with the fruit only thing before exercise. You need fuel. And if you ever do strenuous lengthy exercise, fruit, dairy products, and anything with alot of sugar, for example, can give you diarrhea while you’re out there ‘doing it’. (Bushes, anyone?)

    There is conflicting advise about eating at the sink/counter. Some say you will eat less because you won’t stand there long and/or won’t fix as much. Others say, no, you will eat -more- because you’re in a hurry/don’t want to stand there and thus gulp your food grabbing inappropriate items from whatever is handy. Personally, I don’t think it matters as long as you are -aware- of what you are eating and make good choices. There are also those out there that feel that eating at the counter is also a way of not taking care of yourself; don’t you deserve to sit down to a nice meal? But I feel if it’s a messy food, I -am- taking care of myself eating over the sink because then I don’t have an extra clean up job to deal with. So, as with so much, you have to do what is best for you.

    “…instead of qualifying it with words of unworth…” Baaaad habit of mine. Gotta fix that.

    (If Em is doing a lot of housesitting, she might want to consider getting bonded.)

    More good info, thanks! The we-are-all-so-different thing is what’s really peaked my interest anew here. And it is HIGHLY unlikely I will be exercising to such a degree that my digestive system changes in such a drastic way. Still gonna be slow and sluggish, no matter what I’m doing on the outside of this endomorph-ic spherical form.

    8:58 p.m.

    She goes in spurts, sometimes lots, sometimes none for over a year. And it’s always folks we know well (cops, generally, or family friends). So she’s good without that, but thank you. 😀

  5. I was just discussing this with a friend. She wakes up ravenously hungry and Has To Eat. I wake up, drink several cups of caffeine, and can’t face eating until two or three hours later, when my stomach wakes up. Then I have to eat protein right away or Bad Things Happen. Yet all the experts say you should eat in the morning.
    What I do is drink a bowl of vegetable broth (usually a cabbage/celery soup that I make in a crock pot) first thing, and then fruit with some protein an hour or so later. NettieD is good for figuring out what fruits have the most fiber.
    The two things that usually result in my losing weight (FWIW) are
    1- go to bed hungry (otherwise, I snack WAY too much)
    2- do some exercise where I push myself. Easy, gentle exercise is less likely to result in injuries, but doing something like jogging is more likely to result in weight loss.

    Thank you, I love this broth idea! Yes, from what I have found so far, those of us in the “rounder” category need faster and more rapid types of movement. Also, the snacking thing, even if it ends up being healthy, clean foods, still not a wonderful idea for me either.

    9:08 p.m.

  6. Sweetie pie, your body has gotten you this far so obviously you CAN trust it. For reals though. Further proof: you can trust your body because it’s not just a life support system for your fine brain, it’s an integral part of you. Spirit having an human experience, right? All the energies and influences that go into that human experience are manifest and apparent through your corporeal self, which isn’t just your head. You can, indeed, trust yourself. *LOVES*

    Aw, you nearly had me in tears. Thank you SO much for this. It means far more than I can express here. Again, thank you.

    9:12 p.m.

  7. “Look bravely and say nice things.”
    Not there yet, but I’m trying
    London Mable said that in her blog of a few days ago.
    She posted somthing about being able to look the miror in the eye. I”m not there yet, but I keep working on it.

    I thank the gods that my daughter has not acquired my ‘body image’ thing. She is cool with who she is. I find that fascinating and don’t understand it.
    The cycle ends with me. How did that happen? Who cares. Done is done and that is all that matters. 😉

    Yes, that was an excellent post. And I too, keep working on it. We are doing so much better than we even thought possible though. And that’s something to be proud of. 😀

    9:16 p.m.

  8. Here’s my nutritional two cents: our bodies need calories for fuel and nutrients to keep everything doing what it’s supposed to do. Calories come in protein, carbohydrates and fat. Fat and protein are more calorie dense than carbs – that is, the same weight will have more calories. The body breaks down all food into simple sugar for fuel. The kicker here is that it takes longer to break down protein and fat than it does carbs because the calories in the carbs are already in the sugar form. So, protein and fat make you feel more full longer. Fiber will also make you feel more full longer because it takes the body longer to process it and separate out the calories. Still with me? The more sensitive you are to your blood sugar levels, the more this will resonate for you. I have to be very careful to eat protein throughout the day to help maintain a more steady sugar level. If I just had water and fruit in the morning, I would have a raging headache and be starving an hour later. The other reason to eat fiber, besides that it makes you feel full without adding calories, is that your gastrointestinal tract needs fiber to work optimally. There are a number of intestinal issues that people in developed countries can have from eating overly-processed foods that lack fiber.

    All that being said, there are a vast variety of diets – that’s diets as in the foods a culture eats, not losing weight diets – throughout the world that work. Yes, there are more and less healthy ones in providing the proper nutritional needs, but there are a lot of ways to meet those needs. We all need to find a balance of the foods that are available to us, that we can afford, that provide us with the proper nutrition, and that we enjoy. I have found that keeping a food diary with one of the online providers that gives full nutritional values for the foods helps sort out what is and isn’t working to meet my real needs in my diet. Of course, I can only keep it up for a week or two before I get tired of all that work, but it does give me a sense of what is going on.

    That was undoubtedly the longest comment I have ever left on anyone’s blog!!

    I feel so honored then! And yep, much of what you said I have actually just read recently. I still get a bit lost in it all though, so thank you for this.

    Any time you feel like commenting long(er), you are more than welcome to do it here. 😛

    9:19 p.m.

  9. Helpful rule of thumb: if “Allen” says anything about nutrition, it’s wrong. Believe literally anyone else, including Ronald McDonald, a hobo, a six year old with a basket of Halloween candy, a badger, or a five hundred pound man who is eating a steak while actively having a heart attack.

    1. Is it your mission in life to make me laugh
      and scream at the same time,
      as often as freaking possible? 😉

      (…….a badger?)

      1. Yes, Julie, we all know that you are wont to ask badgers about nutrition… We’re onto you.

    2. OMG, you are ridiculously frickin hilarious! RIDICULOUS… wait for it… LY. Cannot stop smirking, and then having to let the giggles burst forth… again.

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