I’m late showing up here tonight.  And I feel a bit like the White Rabbit, checking my watch and announcing how exceedingly tardy I am.  Now, come to think of it, I actually feel VERY much that way.  There are major changes in the works, major MAJOR changes.  And I don’t even know what they entirely encompass yet (it seems like a lot though).  I just have enough information to feel slightly frazzled by the motion and momentum of it all.

             I do not mean to leave you all hanging, or be mysteriously cryptic, I simply don’t have enough details yet to share.  Believe me when I tell you that it’s very body-centered though.  And it’s connected to why Emmy had to come and stay here for a bit.  (I know, I’m sorta confused too.  Be glad you aren’t HER though!)

            We’re going to jump right in to the daily draw, and then, as a gift for sticking with me as these new developments take shape (slowly), you’ll get a very strange trio of photos.  How fortunate for you, huh?!

“Malachite  ~

healing, change, insight, loyalty, patience.

The predominate quality of this Malachite crystal is support and healing.

This is a time of positive change.  You will soon let go of past regret and guilt and this will pave the way to a positive and inspiring future.  Guilt and regret stem from a misconceived belief that you could have acted differently in the past, and if you had done so, things would have turned out better, either for you or for others.  Yet the universal law is such that it is impossible for you or others to ever lose anything without gaining an equal amount in return.  Life is always held in perfect equilibrium.

You are currently failing to see the positive effects of your past actions, choices, and decisions.  Look carefully and you will realise that many positives exist and that life is forever changing and unfolding in accordance to the higher will of your soul.  There are no mistakes, for ultimately, all serves a purpose. 

All is designated to help us expand our awareness in order that we can embrace greater spheres of wisdom and love.  Bless the past and let it go!

Know that everything you have ever said or done, or think you have failed to say or do, has served a positive purpose for you and others.


There is no right or wrong choice.

Every choice I make is perfect at that time for it leads to an outcome which is necessary for me to grow in love and wisdom.”

           I can’t add anything to this.  It’s complete.  And my head is trying to explode from the overwhelming amount of signs that are bombarding me.  Mull this over amongst yourselves.  Enjoy!

A Max foot.

          His girl took this picture.  She said it was artistic.  And that you guys would appreciate that. 

An Empress growl.

            Her father had the camera this time.    Not artistic, just silly.  Oh wait, I meant: intimidating!

          And then there’s me.  Amongst the boxes and crates and piles in the storage unit that used to be my living room.  I’d been up for about a minute, and these two (three, if you count Max, and who doesn’t) were “helping” me already.  As I said, it was a long and psychically INTERESTING day.  (How did we even end up with all these photos of HANDS?!  Fine, one’s a paw, whatever.)

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Deck by Toni Carmine Salerno


10 thoughts on “Forward, Advancing, and Progress.

  1. Love Malachite… when I was in my early teens I went on a trip to Mexico, and there was a place, don’t remember the name of it, but I do remember the vases carved of Malachite… how could you forget gorgeous stone vases that were seriously 3 feet tall? I wanted one of those vases sooo bad! I know I had some, too, but I think it probably got left at my Mom’s. Love its message, too… “support… healing… positive change,” and letting go of the past… very appropriate for me right now!!! 😉

    Emma did very well with the artistry, that is a super-cute paw shot! And, she is super-cute growling! And, you are super-cute, if you’d come out from behind your damn hand! LOL!

    What a cool memory, thanks for sharing it with us. Now I want to go find vases like that!

    Lol, I’m working on my vanity (among other things). Give me some time. 😉

    9:31 p.m.

  2. I love dog paws. Leo has big feet that twitch when he’s sleeping. I was struck by an image while reading your cryptic message, which I’ll keep in my brain for now. I will say that I know, without a doubt, that all I’ve ever done has brought me here, and I’m grateful for all of it–good and bad.

    She has been so freaking psychic in this past year, so I didn’t even question her choice to share Max’s foot, artistically, with you guys. 😛

    Me too. Sure I’d change a few things, but for the most part I can totally see WHY I had to learn my lessons the way I did.

    9:36 p.m.

  3. Yet the universal law is such that it is impossible for you or others to ever lose anything without gaining an equal amount in return. Life is always held in perfect equilibrium. Love this. Love it, love it, love it. And I love the affirmation, too. I’m writing it down and putting it up on my wall somewhere.

    I hope all of your change and momentum works out for the best. Take a deep breath, and think of Hawaii! 🙂

    And I’m glad you’ll be here around the 15th, because I will actually be in-state! Once you make your plans, shoot me an email and we can figure out a time to meet up. 🙂

    Keep your pen handy, there’s another great one in tonight’s post.

    All of the changes I’m getting images of, those that have already begun, and the ones am initiating, are VERY postive. Thank you, pictures in my head of Hawaii are TOTALLY helpful right now. 😀

    Perfect, we can text and e-mail with the details as it gets closer. Oh yeah, we’ll make this one work!

    9:41 p.m.

  4. Awe puppy paw. I love it.
    Good card for me today, much to ponder.

    Seems as though her artistry is much appreciated. (I am NOT suprised.) 😉

    9:45 p.m.

  5. Love Malachite myself; it, too, travels in my healing bundle. Yes, I am in suspense. Yes, I will school myself for patience. Great message in the card as well. All choices are choices, make them with intent.

    I like getting photos of musician’s hands as they play. My bassoon playing friend has tiny hands, and yet watching her play is really cool. Any string player, or wood wind player has beautiful hands while they’re playing.

    Had a lovely chat with your beloved yesterday; have some good suggestions about a summer trip that might be in the offing…

    Now that you mention it, I’ve got some around here too…..

    Oh yeah, musician’s hands are GORGEOUS!

    I heard. And am thrilled with all the new options and recommendations.
    (Talk to Barney about what’s up here, or text him this weekend.) 😉

    9:56 p.m.

  6. Seeing that doggy foot reminds me I am past due for clipping claws and cutting fur. Sigh.

    You and your ‘darned’ cryptic speaking! You make Nosy Nellies insane with that ‘shtuf”.

    “Yet the universal law is such that it is impossible for you or others to ever lose anything without gaining an equal amount in return. Life is always held in perfect equilibrium.” I definitely always have to work on this one.

    My e-mail address is clearly visible at the top of this site, you could always write me a letter and ask,
    should the nosiness gets too much to handle.
    (Why yes, I DO recall how you struggle with technology. I remember because I do too.) 😛

    10:01 p.m.

  7. Hey! Malachite is one of my favorites! I’ve got a malachite necklace that rocks (pun intended).

    Lol, nicely done.

    (Except now I see you as Wilma Flintstone.)

    10:06 p.m.

  8. You crack me up. You are the queen of foreshadowing.
    I love malachite also and I firmly believe there are no wrong or right choices.

    Yep, I really am. But ya know,
    it’s sorta what witches DO! 😉

    10:09 p.m.

  9. Malachite. Green. Doggy paws. They all make me happy, particularly sleeping doggy paws that twitch. Almost as much as sleeping doggy tails that wag. Love that!!

    I told you guys that kid was a dog whisperer, what we didn’t know was that she’s a dog photographer too.

    10:13 p.m.

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