Hope your Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day/Full (Super) Moon Night was festive and fun.  I kept feeling dumpy and crabby, for like, a second, then Max would interrupt my bad mood and I’d be laughing like a loon (lunatic?).  For like, ten minutes.  We did this for hours.   It was moderately exhausting.  But entertaining!

             As much as I KNOW I’m not ready for another dog here in The Burrow I truly am enjoying the Long Term houseguest Grand Dog situation.  (Except when he stares holes through me, as he’s doing right now, and did earlier today when I refused to leave the bed, even though that damn alarm kept telling HIM it was time to get up.)  Here is an action shot from this afternoon’s play time.

See the up-turned hedgehog?

             That will count for your Daily Dog, but the next one won’t.  I tried to get a view of  him carrying this (below) but he doesn’t pose for me the way he does for his girl.

Grinchy remains.

            You know how Max looks EXACTLY like The Grinch’s Max?  Well, Solstice before last I bought Santa found him a stuffed one.  He’s loving it to death.  There are no limbs, not a shred of stuffing left, and his heart was ripped out almost immediately.  Beloved doesn’t even come close.

              In celebration of all that this day (and night) represents, we’ve gone with the Special Occasion deck.  And wow, is it ever a good one.

“Dolphin  ~  Breath  ~  42

Dolphin is one of Spirit’s midwives.  Dolphin is present when we are born; she helps us take our first breath and then pilots us through life in much the same way as she will guide a boat from port out into the open sea.  She reminds us to breathe as we embark on all creative ventures.

The time spent in the womb is sacred.  It shapes our view of the world before and after we are born.  Realising what life was like for both you and your mother while she was carrying you will help explain why you act and react toward life the way you do, the way you feel toward your family, and why you hold your breath in times of stress, and why your view of yourself has developed as it has.  Your sense of security and confidence, your relationships, and even the type of employment you seek, are all influenced by the quality of the time you spent in your mother’s womb, and the conditions under which you drew your first breath.

You agreed to everything as it is, it was, and as it will be before entering this life.  What you do with this understanding and how you let it affect you is the key to a healthy, happy existence.

If Dolphin has swum into your cards today, you are being prompted to review your life by asking questions that may trigger heartfelt reactions to your time in your mother’s womb.  Ask yourself what life was like for you and your mother during this time.  Consider the possibility that there may be things you are trying to bring to fruition that are unconsciously being blocked by your memory of your time in the womb.

Are you symbolically holding your breath as you intuitively remember anxiety, the stress of your mother, and your birth, for example?  To answer this question, sit in a sacred silence.  Still your inner chatter and self-doubt and meditatively journey back through your life to your time in the womb.  Relive your birth, your first birthday, and every birthday thereafter.  They will act as anchors, starting points from which you may proceed to examine your life.  Talk to your mother or someone you trust to help you remember. 

Evaluate the details that stand out and see them as a foundation on which to re-map your journey, to check your life’s blueprint, and to review the sacred contracts you signed before entering this world.  See this as an opportunitity to reclaim your power, to rebirth, and to finally honour the first breath you ever took.”

            I really hope you guys will try to do this, even if it’s as you’re falling asleep (which is where I do some of my best meditative work).  I’m looking forward to seeing what I find out. 

             Speaking of discovery.  Look at this hilarious bumper sticker I saw on my walk this evening.   

            There was also this delightfully cheery scene in a neighbor’s yard that I had to share.

           Just past this I noticed a yellow, lined, sheet of paper at the curb.  I wanted to get a picture of it but a young couple with their fluffy dog were heading in my direction so I just texted the words to my forgetful self elf instead:

 – send messages –

             Cryptic right?  As I watched it SEND to my own e-mail account at home I noticed two sets of vividly bright, crested jays sort of accompanying me along.  On the last wander I HEARD them calling out to each other, right near this same corner.  Interesting, I thought. 

          I left the Wee Walnut at home while I tended to erranding chores today, and drove Em’s car instead (you’ll recall, she has Han‘s right now)  here is what transpired between our phones:

Me  ~  Did you ever lose one of Coco’s mice in this vehicle?  Because it smells quite a bit like death in here today.  Just curious.

Her  ~  I hope I didn’t lose track of a rat in there!

Me  ~  Me too.  Stick your head in it next time you walk past.

            What?!   You guys have never lost pet food in YOUR cars before?  Jeez, it’s SO much easier to do than you’d think.

Foreign License Plate Report: 

 a Carolina with one of those illegal frames that drive me (and ALL the cops on this freaking planet!) batshit crazy, plus this one

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King


10 thoughts on “Elements and Energy, and sorta holidays.

  1. We got only the smallest peek at the supermoon while we were out on a walk about 9:30. I just went back to check and see if it had cleared off, but it’s cloudier than ever. The brief glimpse we had was beautiful, though.

    For some reason I’m feeling really resistant to trying the womb-meditation. Which I guess means I should do it.

    She was late arriving here because of all the damn hills in my way! But it was gloriously clear.

    Lol, yep. That’s how it works. On my way to spend some Quiet Time right now. 😉

    1:19 a.m.

    1. I love my mom, and we actually get along pretty well as two adult women who enjoy each other’s company. but we are so different, and she was such a doormat. She never stood up to my dad when he was being an ass. I do not see her as a role model *at all*. So anything that suggests I am dependent on her or bound to her is practically repellant to me. Ha. It’s fascinating to me that I feel this strongly about it. I had no idea. I still haven’t done the meditation.

      Even without the Quiet Time you already learned something. 😉

      8:46 p.m.

  2. Wow– this has been a day.

    “and the conditions under which you drew your first breath.”

    I didn’t — I refused to breathe, as my mother tells it. I eventually did of course. However, my mother was conviced that I was “challenged” because of it. I am slow to grasp, but if I sleep on it, I get it. I was an A student but I was 32 before I realized I was not retareded. I tested out with a genius IQ — it was a test (spacial) and that makes sense to my brain, but still two women accosted me to find out how I’d scored what I did. (I needed to go on welfare for a while and it was part of the process).

    I will work through the rest, eventually, today is a tough one. But thinking about my first breathe made me smile… and they wondered why I was obstinant… ahahah breathe? Hell, no… okay, well, maybe.

    Similar to how we figured out that I have learning disabilities and wasn’t just stupid. 😀

    8:49 p.m.

  3. Your picture of Max’s Grinch made me smile. It also reminded me my dog’s favorite squeaker, (yes, squeaker) is in the ‘To Be Sewn’ pile. Whatever the squeaker gets put into is the ‘favorite’ toy to be carried everywhere and loved to death so I have to make another ‘favorite’ to be destroyed. Sigh.
    (Why, yes, he’s spoiled. Why do you ask?)

    I had to go hermit crab hunting in my car once. I had purchased a large one and he figured out how to stand on his legs on one side and use the legs on the other side to ‘pop’ the container lid off. I know this ’cause after I found him and returned him to the container he did it right in front of me. Color me sooo surprised. I just thought the lid hadn’t been fastened properly!

    Not spoiled at all, well loved and cared for!

    Lol, loved the crab story. Animals can be SO entertainting.

    9:01 p.m.

  4. Sounds like an interesting journey to take. My Mom wrote some very cool poetry of that time, so I know what she was feeling, both about herself and about me. Same with my sister. She also wrote a poem that had a line in it of “child, I lovehate you so” that for her was really profound.

    Don’t have any dogs, but I still have my first stuffed animal…he will be 54 years old on Christmas.

    What a gift that you have your mom’s thoughts and words!

    9:11 p.m.

    1. I still have my first stuffed animal, too! He’s a month older than me because he was given to me for christmas when I was still in utero.

  5. There’s no one left to ask about my childhood. Don’t tell me to ask those who’ve “gone on before me” because either they don’t answer or I don’t understand them. I have to accept my own undoubtedly biased memories as they are.


    …they don’t answer or I don’t understand them.

    Only because you keep saying THAT. 😉

    9:16 p.m.

  6. We saw it last night or was it the night before. Very clear, always makes me think of you and Dan.
    I would like an idiot free Canada or, perhaps, common sense prevailing. Did common sense run away because there sure isn’t much to be had anymore.

    I love that Dan and I come to mind. 😛

    Not sure where common sense went, but there’s none down here either.

    9:19 p.m.

  7. “Realising what life was like for both you and your mother while she was carrying you will help explain why you act and react toward life the way you do…” I’ve actually already taken this journey. The process was pretty but the end result was bleak. When I studied massage, I also studied water massage. My favorite form of water massage is called water dance. You have a nose plug on and the masseuse pulls you around underwater in various moves. If you can get into it enough, you sometimes go back to your mothers womb. Being a fish out of water, I went there right away. Shantam (teacher) hadn’t prepared us because it was rare to happen, and I was very disoriented for a couple of hours after.
    All my moms thoughts were about how poor she was. How she wouldn’t be able to support me. What a burden I was. How she wished she had control over when to have a baby. (Which she got later in life. And which political forces would like to take away from us. Don’t let them people!) She didn’t think anything about my dad which was weird because they were married and he ALWAYS SUPPORTED HER. She didn’t want for anything. And she didn’t become a nurse until I was already married.
    “I CAN’T AFFORD THIS.” That was her strongest thought. I’ve heard her say that at least a million times and I cringe everytime I hear it. Because it’s rarely true. The truth is, she’s using that as an excuse instead of seeing the reality, that whatever it is, isn’t a priority or she doesn’t want to, or she doesn’t want to change her lifestyle for a while and save.
    When I think that, I can’t afford this, I instantly reevaluate. I can almost always figure out a way. The question is really, do I want whatever badly enough to put in the time and effort or sacrifice.

    I know you no longer believe in living multiple lives, or the SummerLand, so I say this with respect, but I do have to say it. When people use excuses to continually NOT learn their lessons what
    *I* see is how they are SO going to have to do this all over again. Only worse, because they JUST aren’t even TRYING to get it. My sister was one of the worst examples of this.

    (I’ve seen physical therapists performing similar treatments in our pool. Creeps me out because of all that water just BEING everywhere…..
    Not surprising that it would cause experiences like yours.)

    9:26 p.m.

  8. Supermoon was awesome. Nice ring around it here, and everything. Two thumbs up.

    But still not quite as good as The Avengers.

    Our Empress agrees with you. 😉

    9:29 p.m.

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