Let me get this one bit of sharing out of the way, then we’ll move on to everything else.  Recently Judy asked me if I recalled a comment I made about dieting and inflammation.  I did not recall.  But that didn’t mean I hadn’t made it.  As it turns out though, it was not me this time. 

             She came back later, and some of you may have missed it, to show us that here was the place she had been refering to.  I haven’t had a chance to scope it out yet, but I do plan on going back to read further.  Any time we can get more details on our health (and yes, weight loss, I’m being brutally honest here with you guys) then it’s worth checking out.  Thanks Triple J!

            I continued the distractions this afternoon and I’m doing much better.  (I appreciate all the virtual hugs and real live sympathy!)  While I still have not been getting many readings or commissions lately, I do have a tiny bit of fundage available to buy things like this, if we are extremely frugal and careful.

            We NEEDED one of these so Dan can make us Clean and vegan salad dressings.  I’m all about the condiments, and that doesn’t seem to be changing as I improve my eating habits.  My Beloved is always grateful when he has the proper tools for all tasks.  We inherited one like this many years ago from my sister and we nearly wore the damn thing out.  This one was only twenty bucks.  We’ll get our money’s worth out of it in the first week I’m sure.

            And speaking of good food, here is what my Hurricane tossed together before she met her siblings for a late lunch yesterday then boarded her plane.

             Once more, my photography skills leave much to be desired.  Don’t base this one entirely on how the picture looks.  It’s an enchilada dish (very casserole-like) made with tortillas, beans, corn, tofu, and TVP.  That last ingredient is something I’d never heard of.  Apparently not only did I need to know about it, I needed to buy some and eat more!

            Sure we’d picked up Crumbles lots of times (except I keep calling them Scramblers, even though I KNOW it’s wrong) for recipes the girls were going to eat, and substituted that type of product for ground beef for years now.  I just never knew it came as a dry thing in the bulk department.  And I really didn’t know that I needed some.

            We used a local brand of green enchilada sauce on ours (but you could make your own, to be even Cleaner, or go with a traditional option), and organic canned beans, along with some wonderful whole wheat tortillas and a square of solid tofu.  She layered it all (clearly show in that above shot) using frozen spinach as one of the fillings.  It was outstandingly delicious!  And very simple to assemble.  

            See what I mean about this visit being educational?  The book she brought, along with the Eating Clean ones I have from the library, will come in very handy as we refocus our food choices.  More options is always a bonus.  And this one was just fabulous.

              On our card altar today our message is from the category of

Land Creatures:

Cheetah, Lion, Cobra, Kangaroo, Hare, Wolf, Rhino, Mountain Goat, Llama, Wild Boar, Wild Horse, Scarab Beetle, Baboon, and Tortoise.

A great number of our messengers live on the earth’s varied terrain and have adapted in very specific ways to the other animals, birds, flowers, rocks, insects, and climate they are confronted with.

Cheetah has taken the form of sight hound to sprint at 70 miles – over 110 kilometers – per hour, Tortoise makes her carapace her fortress, Baboon’s sexual desires are broadcast through vivid-colored fleshy swellings of purple and red.  None is better than another, for all are prefect in their world.  The lesson these animal messengers teach is that there are myriad ways to live and infinite paths to choose, all with their own validity.

We are not all geniuses – we cannot all be film stars, city millionaires, or even Buddhist monks – but we all can choose paths and lifestyles that suit our intrinsic nature.  Some thrive on the thrills of cutting a deal, others find deep satisfaction in devoting themselves to their families.  Still others carve to travel the world.  No way is right, no way is wrong, and finally only we can choose.  What is important is that like our animal messengers we are not swayed by the judgments of others nor by slick advertising, which seeks to make us hold the empty belief that objects that we never  knew we needed will make us happy.  Scarab Beetle dines on the waste of others, an anathema to a world which constantly discards old to buy new.  But Scarab is a flawless, living jewel.”

“Rhinoceros  ~

Still the chatter within to see your true path in life.

Ancient behemoth, repository of primordial wisdoms, Rhino, like supreme masters has no need for society.  Rhino stands sturdily in your cards to counsel that you still the constant chatter in your head, take time out from hectic socializing, and simply be. 

At first your mind will echo with a thousand thoughts, but soon it will quieten and the true nature of your path and dreams will make themselves known.  And with Rhino by your side, you may turn them into reality.”

             This is a continuation on our theme of being true to ourselves, and a nicely obvious progression.  In living genuinely we move forward into manifesting exactly where we want to go and how we want to get there.  Stilling that Monkey Mind is not nearly as challenging as people first think when they hear the word “meditation” suggested.  As I’ve said before (and describe in that last link),  grabbing Three Quiet Minutes is possible in EVERY one’s day.

Foreign License Plate Report:

North Carolina , Minnesota, and Connecticut.  (Plus we were behind many Stupid People, but their cars didn’t designate where specifically they were from.  Evidently they were simply local idiots.)

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green


18 thoughts on “Manifesting Focus.

  1. Just a quick note…didn’t know if you knew that the Betty Blog (What Every Betty Said) is up and running with posts and everything.

    I JUST wrote back to Michelle tonight saying that I was receiving the e-mail updates now, but had not had an opportunity to get over there yet. VERY exciting!!! Thank you for the reminder, too.

    Heading there right now! 🙂

    11:23 p.m.

  2. Thanks for the mention. And you’re a condiments person, too. So what do you do for catsup? I think it has a lot of high fructose corn syrup and I need to find a good substitute. I love the stuff, though.
    That casserole looks good. I used to use tvp all the time when I lived in NM. I got it bulk at the coop. I still used crumbles sometimes. I really miss big city grocery shopping where you can go to coops or wholesome markets. Here the closest thing is the very high priced Amish store or health food store and neither of them keeps much produce or things in bulk. Going to these huge supermarkets is daunting and I don’t like buying weeks of food in advance.
    I have not had enough time with the monkey mind quieted in a couple of weeks now. I may have to take a work night off and hide.
    Anyone who needs an herb to help quiet the monkey mind, my herb teacher said tincture of skullcap. It is also excellent for stopping seizures in dogs no matter why they are happening. I’ve seen it work firsthand.

    I haven’t had occasion yet to need any ketchup or catsup, but I DO remember hearing about a great natural (and potentially Clean) version. Could have even been Alton Brown now that I think of it.

    I’m still trying to adjust my tastebuds, but for that to work REALLY well, I need to NOT be eating the leftover Ostara candies.
    (Thankgawd all of those damn Girl Scout cookies are finally gone.)

    We can barely shop for a week in advance. That’s only partly due to the fact that much of what we are buying now is fresh food, so spoilage is a serious issue. The other factor is that I plan well only on the short term. 😉

    Yes, we are VERY luck to have the variety of stores we do. Not just the good big names (all of which have excellent organic and natural local selections) but within about a two mile radius I have probably five EXCELLENT (locally owned and operated!) choices of SUPER Clean-type markets.

    Oh great info on the tincture, and yes, I’ve heard it recommended for meditation. The dog remedy is new to me though, but I’m not surprised.

    2:03 a.m.

    1. J3- we can get ketchup without high fructose corn syrup at the grocery store here, so I bet you can, too. The brand I get is Muir Glen, but there are several. They’re in the health food section– is it only in Montana that the “health food” stuff is in a separate part of the store?

  3. Rhinoceros has very good advice! Will definitely be taking that advice over the weekend. It is supposed to be mostly sunny tomorrow, before the rain comes back again 😦 , so I can enjoy some quiet outside time, and sit against my lovely Cypress. I find that sitting with my back & head against a tree really helps me ground.

    When I was in school the local apothecary put together an anti-stress tea for me (I am allegic to lavender, which is present in many pre-packaged blends). It was equal parts rooibos, oat straw, and skullcap. I would steep it in a pint jar overnigt, then take it with me to school and sip it throughout the day. It definitely helped, but it tasted really good, and one day I forgot to just sip, and ended up drinking the whole jar over the course of about an hour. OMG, I almost fell asleep in class after that! Learned my lesson in being mindful of how much I drank at a time!

    Henry hasn’t posted anything since the 12th… I am missing him, and hoping that he is ok!

    LITERALLY grounding yourself with that tree is probably the best way you could recharge and rest all at the same time!

    Ooooh, now I want tea. I’ve been reading about honey tonight and have found that the organic raw variety is VERY much on my Clean and healthy list. I just need to know for sure if it’s vegan. Probably, it’s not like the bees are forced to spit on our behalf. (They’re just bein’ bees.) 😉

    Ya know, I worry too. And I noticed how he says at the end that he “hopes” to be back tomorrow. Interesting. And concerning.

    4:08 a.m.

    1. My Cypress really is wonderful! I love it!

      I have heard of vegans who abstain from honey. Personally I think that is a bit extreme, but they are out there.

      Yes. I hope he is back tomorrow (later today)!

      Hmm, so two No Honey votes from folks you both know of. Guess I’ll have to make that an executive decision then, and lean towards non-veganism. Really though, is ANYone suprised that I am uncategorize-able?
      I’m not. 😕

      10:51 p.m.

      1. Ha ha… you… uncategorize-able? No! 😉

        I did find a website last night, after posting above comment, that explained why honey should be vegan, and one that explained why it shouldn’t be, but I didn’t really want to personally endorse either of these sites, and it was bedtime. The gist of the anti-honey site was that industrial honey practices do exploit them in that 1. they are sometimes killed (Queens are sometimes “replaced” every 2 years, when their natural lifespan is 5-6, and some allow their bees to freeze, or even kill them before winter), and 2. the smokers used to keep bees manageable while honey is collected are detrimental to their health.

        But, it also said that many small, local beekeepers do not engage in these practices. So, it would seem that buying local (a great practice anyway!) would reduce the possibility of contributing to bee-xploitation or bee-icide. And (obviously) a phone call to the beekeeper could confirm that assumption. Or, if any beekeepers come to your local famer’s markets, you might be able to ask them in person.

        Well that explains both sides VERY well! Thank you for doing all that leg-work (lol, or google-work). Certainly value to these arguments. Jeez, killing your Queen? Seems awfully harsh. 😦

        4:44 a.m.

  4. I’m so impressed and inspired by your hard work and attention to revisioning your relationship with food! It keeps me energized and focused to read about your adventures in Cleaner Eating. :o)

    Well, don’t shove me up there on that pedestal yet. You have no idea how much candy I ate in the past week. 😉

    Yes, I’m refocusing, but mostly it’s because when I fall off things, I fall far and I fall hard. But I am ever hopeful that next time I’ll do better.

    Susan Sarandon has a tattoo on her wrist of four letters:
    It’s her personal reminder,
    New Day New Dawn,
    which means that every single day we are given a new opportunity, a new chance to improve,
    a new start.

    10:59 p.m.

  5. I will have to remember the Rhino card.
    “At first your mind will echo with a thousand thoughts, but soon it will quieten and the true nature of your path and dreams will make themselves known. And with Rhino by your side, you may turn them into reality.” This part in particular grabbed my attention, due to the decisions I’m making right now. I’ll do my best to keep it in my head!

    And isn’t it a great mental picture too? There we stand, with Rhino at our side. So powerful!

    11:03 p.m.

  6. Alas! Soy and I are not friends. Your yummy casserole would have been wasted here.

    I wish Rhino would come in and just stomp the crap out of the inside of my head sometimes!

    Were you here when we talked about that old (family favorite!) movie The Gods Must Be Crazy? There is a scene in it, or the part two, where a Rhino comes along and stomps out fires every time one gets going. They seem to be very good at this, so sure, no problem having one come along and help you out. Visualize it!

    11:07 p.m.

      1. Great point, Babe. Thank you for the reminder.

        This is what I am really enjoying about my lessons in veganism and Clean eating. There are SO damn many choices! It’s good for everyone. 😀

  7. I don’t in general have a problem with too much socialization. In fact, I have too little. But today I was inundated with sensory stimuli of all sorts and mental stimuli of all sorts, so I guess I need to allow my mind to become quiet after all that noise! I’m glad I was at this event and working it, but it is very tiring. 🙂 And now it’s over for another year or so and time for me to start writing the gosh-darned manual.

    This was very timely then!

    11:13 p.m.

  8. I have a hand blender– same type of deal that I got for $20– and I’ve had it for YEARS. I seem to use it in spurts– won’t use it at all for 3-4 months, then use it every day for a week. It’s great. Also, that casserole looks yummy. I only know one vegan family (besides yours) and they would be horrified to eat honey, so I assumed all vegans avoid honey. But you can define it to suit yourself as far as I’m concerned.

    Great card. I keep getting little nudges (from all over the place, not only here) that I need to do more with meditation. Why is it so hard? I can do the three minutes, but it feels like I need to do more. *sigh*

    Yeah, I think I don’t really fit into ANY group neatly. (See above comment to Corina, thanks for the answer, it does help, and I thought I’d heard that somewhere.) 😛

    Originally I couldn’t imagine what the hell I would need such a device for, then I inherited one, and we used it CONSTANTLY! Now I’m very excited to see what the new one can do, and find out how many fantastic items we can create with it. Good to know that you use yours too.

    Does the “feel” of needing more come from what YOU think or from an unsettled-ness in wanting to learn more or from what others are doing when THEY meditate? When you figure that out, it might help with how much and how long and how in-depth you will be comfortable with.
    Nice job on your Three Minutes!

    11:22 p.m.

    1. Pretty much all true vegans do avoid honey, because it’s an animal product, and because, in the last 100 years or so, apiary practices have changed a lot, as have the manufacturing and filtering processes. Regular honey from a store is decidedly NOT clean, though organic honey from local producers often is.

      It may seem extreme to some, but then, so is not eating dairy.

      Agave nectar is a pretty good substitution for honey, though it is also imperfect, because some growing practices are questionable. When in doubt, go organic.

      I was thinking of going back to honey (which was what initiated this question), and avoiding the agave, because of Briana’s latest article on sweetener options. Coconut sugar? Looking for that next time out!


      Good point about the dairy.

      1:59 a.m.

  9. I read the blurb for your new book (the one Hanna gave you) and the author made sense to me. She spoke about being “vegan-ish” if you aren’t ready to fully commit, because all changes-no matter how small-are good. So, go you! The Captain and I were talking about making healthy changes, and today I ate too many chocolate covered pretzels. They were a gift from one of my CCD kids, so I couldn’t resist. Okay, I could have, but I didn’t want to. But, tomorrow-NDND!

    Oh, nicely played on the research and follow-up! We’re even so far then, because that’s as much as I know too (other than what Han has said). Have to finish two more books, then we’re ON to that one!

    Well, “gift” foods don’t count. Much like holidays, we get a pass there.
    An “eat free” pass. 😉


    2:06 a.m.

  10. P.S. I love your header! However, I feel as if Converse is underrepresented. Should I send you some? My plantar fascitis doesn’t like shoes with no arches (boo hoo!!).

    You can’t put an insole in them? All those shoes and boots you see up there? They have an arch support, of one type or another, stuck inside of them. ALL* of them do. Even the High Tops of Awesomeness which, as you may recall, were custom-ordered Converse.

    *The swirly-colored faux Crocs are nothing except the plastic that you can see, but that’s because they CAME with a huge high, built-in arch.

    Try arch inserts before you mail me any shoes. Because if they fit (size 6ish to 7) I WON’T be giving them back. 😛

    2:12 a.m.

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