Happy Whatever You Celebrate today, or Hope Your Sunday Is/Was Lovely

           We are on our way to see the fam.  All Pentacle People in attendance, plus my brother, gathered at Mom and Dad’s place.  It’s gonna be loud.  Our Hurricane flew in this morning, literally!  On a propeller plane that was about one-quarter full.  She even arrived early.

             Before I went to bed last night I dragged the old dusty box of Ostara decorations upstairs, and left it (because our Easter Bunny has a shitty work ethic and forgets what the hell day she’s living in), with a cleaning rag near by.  Along with the three traditional See’s gifts.  When I woke up, it looked like this.

              And my girls were decorating the eggs I’d boiled the day before.  Within less than half an hour J.D. showed up at the door, with three Marie Callender pies.  It’s not only gonna be loud tonight, it’s gonna be yummy.

              From our Special Occasion deck we were gifted with a message and totem very close to my heart (and soul).  Hope your day is (or was) exceptionally terrific.

“Whale  ~  Record Keeper  ~  43

There are many tales of heroes  being swallowed by Whales in their quest for enlightenment.  Their descent into the creature’s belly often represents mans’ spiral into the Underworld and his inevitable re-emergence after certain tests are passed; a journey emblematic of sacred rebirth and retrieval of the human spirit.

Whale asks us to remember the Earth as our Mother and to reconnect with her and the soul connection we forged at the beginning of time.  Whale is a keeper of the Earth Mother’s sacred records.  She witnesses the proceedings that collectively authenticate the spiritual makeup of the Earth; the memories of each and every event that has ever and will ever contribute to her shaping, and stores them within her Dreaming.  Whale helps us remember the spiritual history of all the areas of significance in our personal journey and offers ways to enhance our medicine, our lives, and the planet as a whole.

It is believed that many people who work with Whale hold within their DNA the ability to comprehend the sound frequencies encoded in the audible rhythms and vibrations emitted by the great mammal.  The throbbing, metrical song of the Whale offers it the chance to reconnect with universal consciousness and the heartbeat we all heard as we grew in our mothers’ wombs.

If the Whale has sung her way into your cards today, the vaults of Creation are being opened to you offering access to the sacred knowledge stored within.  Whale is journeying with you, guiding you back to the deep-core rhythms of Nature and your instinctual connections to the cycles of life.  She is helping you remember your personal truth and wisdom and how to reconnect to the heartbeat of the Universal Mother.

Whale wants you to rebirth your emotional body, and to revive yourself physically by tapping into the knowledge of your own genetic memory and personal rhythm.  In doing so you will remember the sacred bond you share with all things and you will ultimately find the knowledge to heal yourself and your family.  You may even glean insight into how the rest of humanity could follow suit.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Dog:

Max says to have more fun than this.


15 thoughts on “Memory Singing.

  1. Carol – saw your comment yesterday and wanted to say – check out spelt flour. It can be substituted cup for cup even for dirty white flour and not change the taste or texture. I make brownies with it all the time and no one in my family knows the difference.
    Max is looking pretty darn put upon oops I mean adorable in his bunny ears. He must have fierce love for your empress to tolerate oops I mean wear all the things she likes to decorate him in.
    We had a great family dinner today. Hope yours was fun, too.

    Spelt! That was the one I was thinking of, thank you.

    The patient dog has much admiration for that girl who rescued him, twice.

    It was OUTSTANDING! Glad yours was too.

    1:51 a.m.

    1. Crap. Mis-typed. They’re not big-ass porpoises. They’re big-ass DOLPHINS.

      I was in such a hurry earlier when you guys were here that I didn’t even notice this. 😕
      Mom (who does NOT have pie for you this time, a story I will explain to everyone else in a further post)

      2:08 a.m.

  2. Yay for Han’s visit & celebrations with the fam!

    Bunnies remind me of the facebook post that I had to pass along today: “The Easter Bunny is a pagan fertility symbol to remind us that there is more to Easter than candy and colored eggs.”

    The fact that there is a non-whale on the “Whale” card really bothered me. But, I’m just going to pretend that it shows an actual whale (I do love Orcas, but they should have their own card, not inhabit someone else’s), and move on, because the message today is wonderful! And so very timely, and day/holiday appropriate! And, once again, in great synchronicity with Henry’s special Easter message! These things are so damn exciting! (As is probably very apparent, due to my overuse of exclamation points!) 😉

    Awww, Max Bunny is sooo cute!

    Nice FB quote, lol.

    See my son’s comment directly above. You are NOT the only one who was bothered by this inaccuracy.

    I can’t do it tonight but I’m going in search of Henry first chance I get tomorrow! Exclamation point!

    2:27 a.m.

  3. Yes, I was grateful that J.D. had already told us what Orcas actually are, so I didn’t have to go searching for it!

    LOL! This will make your search easier (just didn’t want you to get sick of me including the link every time I mention him, which has become damn near every comment, except when I go off on incredibly long diatribes about soul connections)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQYpO9OnB6g&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLdA7o7kXEKaCjXDc92HkPEw !

    I never mind the links, look forward to them in fact. Also, you well know how shitty I am at googling anything my own self elf. Thanks!

    11:17 p.m.

  4. Well, everyone beat me to the zoology post, so I’ll skip that. Our celebration included a procession of flowers in Sao Bras and the movement of Mae Sobreana (the Sovereign Mother) from the big church on the hill to the small church in town in Loule. I will send pictures via email.

    I am glad for the family celebration. Happy Happy to all.

    I got the letter with those photos, thank you! Just haven’t had a chance to look at them all on the “good” machine, so that I can then share.

    11:19 p.m.

    (We have a special guest for the holidays. 😉 )

  5. I learn something new every day… you’d think with all the Save Willy movies my kids used to watch that fact would have filtered through…or not, when they were engrossed in movies Mom found her own things to do. Read, iron etc.

    Love the Max photo — hims is a patient puppy.

    THAT (the learning) is one of my absolute favorite things about blog hopping! 🙂

    11:23 p.m.

  6. Groan. This deck isn’t the only deck with the wrong animal on the card and as an animal person I get annoyed. You would think whoever did the card would look the animal up to make sure they got the right one. Bitch over. I do, however, love the message. (It is also a reminder to me that I haven’t ‘really looked’ at my crystals in too long a time. Crystals, some more than others, are also supposed to hold Earth’s memories.)

    I, too, get goodies for us grown-ups. It delays my raid on the kid’s stash.

    Poor Max. He clearly is doing the bunny thing only out of love! 🙂

    Come here and bitch any time. I am the same way about paganism, witchcraft, and cop facts/errors, so you’re in good company.

    Your crystals comment and tonight’s card reminded me of a bracelet I need to go in search of……

    11:26 p.m.

  7. Mmmm. Pie. And See’s. *dreams of candy*
    I’m glad you had a wonderful night. We went to my brother’s house for Easter. His husband is an awesome cook and he made the meats while everyone else brought sides, so the day was full of excellent food. There were ribs, ham, rotisserie smoked chicken, beans and ham hocks, greens, coleslaw, sweet potatoes, jag, carrot cake, peep cake, fifty other kinds of cake…I brought broccoli. I’m lame. (In my defense, it was smothered in cheesy goodness.) Good day. Except I forgot my camera. Oh well.

    With regard to Acorns, I can’t wear scuffs because they don’t hold my lift in place, so I go with the polars. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

    What a feast you had!!! Yum and YUM! How cool. Also, I kinda love these once-in-a-while family gatherings, precisely BECAUSE they are rare and special.

    Tell me what a “jag” is though, and also, must know more: A PEEP CAKE?! (And you without your damn camera! Next time grab somone’s phone for pete’s sake.)

    We brought a broc/cauliflower bowl too. But no cheesey goodness. Makes us even MORE lame. 😉

    (Thanks for the Acorns update. I’m just nosy.)

    11:33 p.m.

    1. Jag is short for jagacinda, a Cape Verdean rice and beans recipe. The peep cake was made by my sister to resemble a sunflower. It was chocolate cake with yellow peeps all around (petals) and chocolate chips in the center (seeds). Basically, glorified chocolate cake. If, y’know, you happen to like peeps. Which I don’t. (But they came right off!)

  8. Glad your day was full of fun, family and frivolity! I hope little Max didn’t have to keep his bunny ears on for very long. Kady would have snagged those things off of her head and eaten them into submission in about 10 seconds flat.

    It truly was a blast. Even with my minor mishap. 😛

    Nope. She always releases him pretty quick. Our last family dog Scooter was a very patient guy as well, he’d wear anything. For a limited amount of time. Axel was well trained, in other things. Not garments or accessories though.

    Have you looked at Terry’s HenCam blog? She trained a chicken, and her primary dog (as opposed to her secondary, back-up-auxiliary dog) to do some cool tricks and tasks. (As well as the goats.) Lots of animals just LIKE having shit to do! (Or don’t mind so much that they’ll wait for you to finish and move along.)

    11:43 p.m.

  9. Happy Day to you, yesterday/today. Hope your family day was grand with all your kiddies. We had a brunch with all the family after watching our little Gray take her first swimming lesson with her daddy.

    Hope the weather was beautiful too.

    Sounds like you guys had a terrific time! We did too. I can’t explain how much it means to me to have all three of them there. But then, I don’t have to, you know exactly what I’m feeling. 😀

    11:49 p.m.

  10. I wanted to stay up and catch tonight’s post but I am just too tired. I didn’t know Orcas weren’t whales. I did, however, know that dolphins are in the same family as whales, and are part of the ‘toothed whale’ family (like Orcas) because we learned that when we went o a whale watching voyage last week during which we saw many dolphins but NO WHALES.

    That’s okay, Dan can’t stay up tonight either. 😉

    Oh wow, a whale tour. How cool!!! Too bad no whales though, but hey…. dolphins!

    11:51 p.m.

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