Today I felt as though I had a low-hanging, miserably dark, storm cloud over my head.  And every time I went to do something, whoosh, it let loose.  On my bike ride the rain really did, but I was prepared by then.  Earlier it was still a shock, each time it happened.  Everything that could go wrong did.  I’m holding my breath for Empress to arrive safely in a few hours.

             On top of that, I can’t concentrate on a single damn thing.  Focus is illusive.  From many of the comments in yesterday’s post, you guys are feeling the same way.  It’s not Mercury (that next phase is now up with dates and times, in the standard spot), but it could be the moon, or another planetary influence.  Whatever it is, our message today says that it IS on the way out.  Thankgawd.  Because, holy shit,  if it had lasted any longer I think Dan would have needed to take me around to the back and put us both out of our misery.

             Let’s just get to the daily draw now so we can ALL breathe more calmly and easily.

“A New Dawn  ~

The worst is now behind you, and positive new experiences are on the horizon.

You have endured storms over rough seas, but now the way is clear and smooth.  From hereon in, you can expect the best.  Wash away the negativity from  your consciousness and past memories, and keep only the positive lessons and love.  Do not hang on to anything that could weigh you down, such as resentment or bitterness.  Let it go!

If you have gone through patterns of negativity in the past, this is the time to affirm: ‘I now release the need to experience this life lesson.  I extract whatever teachings I need to discover and I move on to a life of harmonious and peaceful actions.’

By pulling this card, you have turned a corner in your life, wherein your prayers and positive thoughts are delivering new rays of Divine light to illuminate your present and future.”

            Okay, wow.  This is the first chance I’ve had to read that definition.  How timely it is, not to mention, MOST fucking welcome!  I was going to talk about some passages I found (that screamed their need to share) from our Exceptional Life book, and then we get this in addition. 

             Thank you, Universe, for this blessing of synchronicity and themes we can distinctly see and follow.

             What Cheryl and Louise are talking about in this section is how so many of us have basically been trained to go toward the negative, it’s an unconscious method of thinking that we don’t even realize we’re doing most of the time.  And it takes some practice to move past it.  (Once it’s finally been acknowledged in the first place.)

           An example is when folks try to out “complain” each other.   Did any of you ever hear the Monty Python skit about growing up poor?  One guy says they lived in such a horrible shack, and the next guy says that one was lucky, his family would have killed for a building of ANY kind, and the next guy chimes in with how he would have felt SO fortunate to have a cardboard box.  It goes on, as Eric Idle and the gang do, and it’s hysterical, my brother and I still recite parts of it when we get together.  The point is though, so many of us DO this in real life, not as a joke, but really trying to top the next person in how tragic and very very bad OUR life is, compared to theirs.

“Immersing yourself in this fearful, depressing energy perpetuates negativity. . . . we develop pattens of thought and behaviour that direct our radio transmitter to search for and emit negative signals that only create more negativity and difficult experiences in our lives.”

            I won’t be giving any disclaimers here, so don’t jump on me about how this can mean that when bad things, or disease, happens to people we are saying it’s their fault.  That is NOT the message.  Take this for what it is, a way of recognizing how we are more than capable of making ourselves miserable by playing the “oh we WISHED we had a tattered hunk of cardboard to keep us all warm in the winter!” game.

             I’m going to copy down that affirmation, and carry it around with me, the better to help me release this negativity that I’ve been toting along as a fashionably coordinating handbag.  I’m as guilty of this as anyone, and I am MORE than ready to let it go.

            In fact, here’s another one, just to use as some nice metaphysically positive insurance.

To Be Said Throughout Our Day:

I love my life.

I love this day.

Life loves me.

I love it when the sun shines.”

(May be substituted for any weather that your region needs.  Because I said so, and because not everyone wants sun shining in their faces.)

“It is wonderful to feel the love in my heart.

Everything I do brings me joy.

Changing my thoughts is easy and comfortable.

It is a joy to speak to myself in kind and loving ways.

This is a glorious day, and every experience is a joyous adventure.”

             That shot above was part of our day’s adventure earlier.  We met J.D. in the back parking lot of his historic building.  He is in search of a tray.  He recently acquired a cut glass decanter for his adult beverages, and now would like to use the set in a much more pretentious snobby civilized urbane and classy manner, presenting drinks on a serving tray.  His texts in the past hour, as I’ve been sitting here typing, and before that getting his father out the door, are proving that he needs our affirmations as much as the rest of us.

            Hit PRINT, JulieLanders, print those suckers off and recite them loudly, repetitively, until this New Dawn appears, for us all.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


24 thoughts on “Dawning Bright and Shiny.

  1. Any patterns of negativity…snort! This card is very timely and welcomed! I will be hitting the print button.

    Sorry you had the storm cloud dealy going on today Julie. Nothing but clear skies ahead (metaphor, I do know where you live) 😆

    Lol, yep. Clear skies is ALWAYS just a figure of speech around here.

  2. I don’t know if your no-disclaimer thing was aimed at me or not – but if so – I wouldn’t have done that here. This is a basic law of nature. ‘What is fed is what will grow.’ I don’t dispute that. My objections come in when people try to only see the light when trying to grow what they want and when they try to deny themselves the basic human nature of thinking whatever comes into their heads and then deciding how to react to it.
    Anywho I don’t feel particularly negative, I just feel not present. On the surface I’m giving everyone what they need, work, gkids, etc, but down below I’ve shut down. Don’t know why but it does happen to me sometimes.

    No aiming from here. Not ever. I simply channel and type, the messages come out my fingertips. When something finds a home (and pretty much something always does some place) I’m super happy. But it’s not even CLOSE to being in my hands.

    And oh yeah, I know the feeling. It happens here sometimes too.

  3. Hugs & FGBV’s to you, and to all who are feeling scattered & under the weather 😦 I have been feeling really not great, too, but was chalking it up to personal situation/circumstances.

    Amen to “A New Dawn,” and Exceptional Life!!! Definitely most welcome right now!!! 😀

    Here is an astrology retrograde condensed report, condensed from information found at: .

    Mars retrograde in Virgo from Jan. 24th to April 14th, shadow effect until June 19th. Virgo and other mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini) most affected. Mars rules war, physical energy, passion, and stamina, including mental. Mars retrograde in Virgo leads to introspection into unconscious motivations, hypercriticalness, worries, and anxiety. (super, super, super in depth article, including world political analysis, here:
    Effects on each sun sign can be found here:

    Saturn retrograde in Libra Feb. 7th through June 25th, shadow through Oct. 1st. Saturn rules challenge, Karma, restriction, and authority. Libra affected most, and other cardianal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn). Introspection on our relationship to authority (others and our own), what we are building (and whether it is a good investment of our energies), and our psychological defense mechanisms is recommended, here: .

    That was an interesting self-imposed homework assignment, LOL! Hope this gives some insight into why people are feeling & behaving the way they are!

    Gold star! You win the research award today!

    Holy crap, did you see that Virgo bullshit?! Gawd, no wonder it felt as though every little thing was a freaking disaster (and all I needed was a lonely clock tower with a high powered rifle to complete my day).

    THANK YOU!!!

    (Also, you were in moderation due to the links, but I’ve set you free now.) 😛

    1. LOL! Thank you!

      I know, I was thinking of you when I saw the Virgo stuff 😦 ; I’m Libra, so the Saturn one is definitely playing into my situations… though its time for me to focus on my own psychological defenses, since I’ve aleady analysed someone else’s to death!

      Oh, and you might rescind your thank you when I tell you that there will not be another time this year that something-or-other isn’t retrograde… Jan 1st through 24th was it… from now on, there will be at least two, and up to 5 (!!!) planets retrograde at any given point during the year… I haven’t researched this enough to know how often this happens, but it seems like, whoa, pretty intense, to me! The highest concentration is summer, with Pluto, Neptune and Chiron all backtracking (from our perspective), while Saturn still is, and Venus has turned, as well, from June 12th through the 25th. Then another 5 at a time from July 15th through Aug. 7th, this group including Mercury (your favorite), and Uranus, as well as the other three I first mentioned above. Should be a very interesting year (but haven’t people been talking about that for ages already?)

      Thanks for releasing me, I assumed I had been flagged as possible spam, due to all those links 😉

      Rescinding nothing, we NEED that kind of info (even if we don’t LIKE it 😕 ), and I said as much in tonight’s post (which is now finally written, but won’t go up for another two hours).

  4. This is an awesome message.
    I like the affirmation and am printing it now.

    I liked them too, and have my affirmations in hand as well.

  5. I’m sorry you had a Murphy day. I hate those. As far as negatives, we’ve only had the sick to contend with. Otherwise, I’m feeling as positive as I normally do, no affirmations necessary. I do hope yours will work for you, though. You need it.

    We do need it, we really do. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Go New Jersey! We are the Garden State, and most times we grow peace-loving liberals, despite what our governor says.

    Feng shui dictates that you should not have anything in your house that you hate. Your possessions should make you happy, so it’s okay for JD to want a tray for his decanter, even if you would never!

    I love the affirmations. I’m trying to stay on the happy wave I rode home from Florida. Today I am actively trying to find my children amusing!

    I need to chat with Erin about some feng shui shit. I just hate this whole house. Except when I’m being grateful, then I adore it, way better than a cardboard box!

    Sadly, the decorative and uber posh tray search continues, he may end up ordering an overpriced one on line. Or maybe I can hit up some used places….. hmm, that’s a thought.

    Dan and I find your children VERY amusing, so just look at them through our eyes for a bit. (It might work!)

    1. I’m a peace-loving moderate Independent Jersey native although I now live in Florida. 🙂

      I keep forgetting that you are not FROM Florida. I just think of you as being an island girl!

  7. So, I believe that I stole all the joy in Julieland yesterday… Meeting with my oncologist that ended with me being declared a former breast cancer patient. The relief that I experienced was amazing; something that I had no idea was that much a part of me.

    Our celebration will include spending tonight in Bandon, on the coast….regardless of the stupid snow that is falling today.

    So Julie, thanks for being the yang to my yin yesterday…you can have some of your joy back…

    JD will be very urbane serving up his glass decanter and adult beverages on a lovely tray…and I hope Emma arrives safely.

    For THAT you can have all the joy. But later, we may ask you to share. Congrats on this new status! OUTSTANDING news! And the beach! Oh…… the beeeeeeeeeeech.

    1. former? oh wow that is AWESOME. Happy, happy!! Celebrate a little extra for all the JulieLanders who are happy with you!!

      Yes, do what Barb says, celebrate just a tiny bit extra, with us in mind. 😛

  8. Woot on the former status!

    Loved the affirmation. I feel quite grateful for my life and day today!

    Welcome Mary! So glad you could come by and play, and on such a wonderful news day too. 😀

  9. I’m relieved that this shit is on its way out the door. I had more than enough this past week, and I’m happy to wave it on its way. *sigh* Lousy week. I have nothing else to contribute.

    I hope Em arrived safely!

    All of your contributions are welcome ones, I like to know that you made it through a week, especially ones like this. And yes, thank you, she did. 😉

    1. Okaaay. This was for Xenatuba. Why is dropped down here, I do not know.

      I never know why any of them land where they do. Mischievious pixies probably. House elves wishing they were in another house. Brownies who have no work ethic. Vacationing faeries. Menehunes who missed their flight.

      (Don’t know about the Menehune?)

      1. Around here we call the suckers ‘gremlins’. Annoying little buggers.
        Isn’t it interesting how many cultures have their own type of ‘little people’? Unless you’re willing to believe in mass world wide hallucinatory episodes, they have to exist.

        Thanks for the link. I scooted around for awhile looking at the ditch and the pond. Structures from ‘pre’ white man mandated island history – veerry interesting.

        Exactly! More here than WE can know, that’s for damn sure. (I can’t recall what they are in Sweden, but I used to know their names as well.)

        I poked around a bit there too, but I really want to go back. I love it when I land someplace that’s super informative, by accident. 😉

  10. I’ll just second Anna. Apparently I should not be ‘typing’ today since I’ve hit the back button a gazillion times! 🙂

    We all do that. Some days it’s worse than others though.

  11. Off topic a bit, but when I saw “New Dawn” it reminded me … Sweet Babou called the last of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, by the much less serious but way more accurate Breaking Hymen. It is this kind of snark that binds me to him like needy, needy glue.

    LOL!!! We need him too. We absolutely need him.
    (And you as well.)

  12. Hi from NJ!! Negativity is so catching – I do remember that Monty Python skit. I find myself having to stop and NOT complain back to people who are fussing over something. Also, the month that I spent blogging daily with a gratitude did make me more aware of all the good stuff in my life and less inclined to dwell on the bad.


    *snort* for the Fokker and her Sweet Babou.

    The gratitude recognition is like my “get out of our own head” theory, when we do for others we feel better about ourselves. So worthwhile! And effective, too.

    Also, glad someone said they remembered that skit. “Luxury!”
    Deargawd those boys are just not right, must be why we all love them.

  13. Yay for Xenatuba!!! Woot!!!

    Another snort for Fokker and Sweet Babou!

    Julie, my all time favorite 2 Python skits are…Twit of the Year Competition and the Ministry of Silly Walks

    Ah nice, classics!

  14. I’m late to the party, but congratulations on the “former” status, xenatuba!!

    I’m usually the late one, so it’s nice when someone else does this too. 😀

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