My day went completely differently than I thought it would.  And it began with two boys.  I had company on my porch, not too long after I got up.

             Wait, let me back up and do this chronologically.  Sleep was interrupted most of last night by the fact that occasionally my skin was on fire.  Okay fine!  “On fire” could be a slight exaggeration, “too warm for me to feel comfortable in” is perhaps more accurate.  Whatever, same thing.  These “power surges” are increasing to the point of extreme annoyance (in addition to all of the OTHER and ADDITIONAL shit in my life).  I’d really like to be done with them now.  I believe three years is plenty.  ‘kay, thanks Universe, get on that will ya?

           So, where was I?  Oh right, sweaty tangled sleeping.  And dreams of travel.  I woke up with the “knowledge” that Dan and I need to get passports.  Like now.  Why?  No clue.  I just know that we should be making those arrangements pronto.

             Oh yeah, and I had a killer sinus headache.  So that was fun too.  NOT.

             Moving on.  I flipped over our daily draw, glanced at the key words, and just kept going with my start-the-day events.  Then, two someones appeared at the front door.  These two, if you’d like the specifics.

             Honey Graham and Super Max!  (Right now they are upstairs napping, that shot above was the start of our walk, apparently it was tiring.)  Here’s a better view of the short one.

            If I could crop it properly I would, instead we get this.  You guys understand.  And no, we don’t usually make my poor grand-dog wear a crappy used leash around his neck, but this outing with not planned.  We had to make what we had on hand work for us.  Next time we’ll be better prepared.

             They came by so we could do a car swap, Empress will be arriving shortly to leave the emergency ride here and take her boys home with her.  I was being utilized as a resource this afternoon, for which I’m really quite grateful, unexpected as it all was.  Graham and I chatted on many topics, one of which was Allen Carr.

             We’ve ordered (from my favorite local independent bookseller) two titles:  The Easy Way to Stop Drinking and No More Diets.  One for him and one for me.  We are both looking forward to their arrival, and further conversations.  I’m also sending him off with homework.  (Seriously, everyone KNEW that was coming.)  And the promise that he’ll get in touch with plenty of AA folks, for this up-coming Emma-is-away time in our lives.

             Support is invaluable during periods of stress, especially so when some of that stress is caused by your primary support person going away.  I can only be available for limited hours, so he needs a few more numbers to call and text.  We still don’t know how much of this academy time Em will be able to come home for, and it’s bothering both me and him.  We’ll get through it, and she’ll learn her craft from the professionals so that her awesome grooming career can take off.  But for now, we need our preparedness plans in order.

               When we headed out the door I was slightly un-focused and my Mermaid Water got left behind (hey, we had Max!) so this picture doesn’t have our traditional size gauge in it.  These sprouts are reeeeeeeeeeealy small, you’ll just have to trust me.  But they were so beautiful I needed to share.

             On our card altar, an anomaly has occurred.  For the first time since we received this deck I have to disagree with the guidebook, and with Toni.  In my own circumstances anyway.  If this one fits you perfectly, well that’s good AND bad, but it goes against some of the things I feel are important to understand.  Now, I fully admit that I am NOT an expert on stones, so I’d usually say “go with the guy who makes his living with these.”  I would, and I have, but for this one, I can’t.  Not entirely.

“Pyrite  ~  emotional balance, psychological strength, relationships, protection.

You may be feeling emotionally unbalanced at present because you have allowed yourself to, at least partially, believe another’s critical judgement of you.  This malicious criticism was directed at you by someone who falsely believes that they will gain something by belittling you.

To regain your mental strength and emotional balance you must realise that this whole episode is simply emotional blackmail.  You are dearly loved and held in high esteem by many, so see this episode for what it really is and do not allow yourself to be so affected by what one person says – others know the truth.

Pyrite can help strengthen you both psychologically and emotionally.”

             Here’s my take on this, for me.  I am not currently in the situation he is describing (unless I am and I don’t know it), and I have pretty much not ever allowed what others thought or felt about me to sway my mind or bother me all that much.  I am who I am and I do what I do, the people who have issues with that are dealing with their own shit, not mine, so the problem is theirs.

            On the other  hand, I AM fairly unbalanced and emotional right now, but it’s because of some physical manifestations of crap that are beyond my control (most of which were listed here in the past couple of days).  The key words are good ones, and I like the connections they have with this stone, because historically speaking, it was one that really upset so many individuals over the past few hundreds of years.

               My personal take on Pyrite is that it’s here to help, to protect us from false thinking, and to connect us with our true selves.  Aiding us, providing assistance to see the spiritual value in all beings and objects, not just those that SOME people find important.  Relationships are worthy of our time and energy, being true to ourselves and our loved ones  is the most important aspect of what we do and what we need to follow through with.  

              The over all message is clearly that we need to stay focused on the real treasures in our lives.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

34 thoughts on “That Way, and then my way.

  1. Boy, am I currently in the situation he is describing. There is knowing, and there is knowing; I know the malicious crap is just that, crap, but it gets to me sometimes even though I know my friends don’t believe it and that the crap spreader (damn, I think I like that term 😆 ) will get the negativity back threefold!

    Sorry about the Night sweats, they suck.

    I agree that trying to stay focused on the real treasures is important. Email soon I promise.

    1. Hmm, as soon as I clicked that PUBLISH button I thought, someone IS going through this! It was you. Damn. That is crappy. The answer is:
      read this over, or print it off, so you think of THAT instead of the “situation” and it helps to block out the negativity. Since you may not have any pyrite hanging around the house, as you are reciting the above protective paragraphs (you are dearly loved and held in high esteem by many, so see this episode for what it really is and do not allow yourself to be so affected by what one person says – others know the truth) rub or touch any REAL gold you have on you (rings?) and think about those true treasures. It will work to distract and then you can carry on with what needs to be done, no longer focusing ANY attention on (who or) what is blocking your path.

      1. Snorted coffee when I read

        Since you may not have any pyrite hanging around the house

        Since I really don’t, I’ll be following your advice with the real gold. Thanks for the answer!!! 😀

  2. Night sweats are grim, 14 yrs post menopause and they are beginning to abate. I found this really nice bread which is made with soya flour and loads of good seeds – all of which boost the phytoestrogens which can help with these symptoms.Really sorry PB that some crap spreader is spreading their lies – FGBVs.

    1. Thanks London! Dontcha love “crap spreader”??? Though we Betties never have to use that in our job descriptions. UPR baby!

  3. As with all the cards and their descriptions, take what is yours, use whatever filter you need, and roll with it. And like you said, if it doesn’t describe what is going on right now for “you”, there is someone in this ‘net family that is.

    In the FWIW category, I am using the “reflection” talisman for a friend of mine this weekend. I will let you know how it goes for her.

    For HG, give him my phone contact info. I know we’ve only met a few times, but I have a pretty decent ear…

    Sending some Betty’s Kid power to London Betty!

  4. When I saw pyrite, AKA “fool’s gold” I immediately had something in my head say, “value what is real rather than what is materialistic.” If the Universe is going to put big ol’ sentences in my head, Imma going to share.

    1. Me too Fokker. That’s what compelled me to find a link for it! And I agree with Patchwork, every “share” of yours is Divinely ispired and powered by The Awesome.

  5. OOOKKAAAAAYYY! I really didn’t need to come here today! Once I gave birth to my daughter I got to add 2 nights of night sweats to my monthly PMS bag of fun. Now I come here and find it gets WORSE down the road, not better. Bleh, ack, gah, ppfffffffft.

    I’ve had a sinus headache for three days now. It’s this damn weather. 20’s to 40’s and back again. Snow yesterday, rain today. (stomp, stomp, grumble, grumble)

    Now I’m supposed to look for ‘happy’, right? Well those cute little flowers in the picture are crocus, which I love. They also remind me of my father, who kept some planted on the corner of the house where he could see them come up every spring, often through the snow. (I am going to have to find you on the map. If you have crocus already, you must live in zone 7. Curiousity got the cat.)

      1. I’m not sure why I can’t post any more. At least not without piggy backing on someone.

        The card didn’t apply to me but a gal in the office will benefit from this message. I guess I will too because I was wondering what to tell her to help her over her hurdle.
        –“this whole episode is simply emotional blackmail. You are dearly loved and held in high esteem by many, so see this episode for what it really is and do not allow yourself to be so affected by what one person says – others know the truth.” —
        This fits perfectly.

        1. We never know why these blogs won’t play nice. But I am VERY glad that you’ve figured out how to comment. Piggy Back away Judie, hop on board!

          Also, I am SO happy this was helpful. I love the idea of you going in there and being the Voice of Wisdom!

    1. Robin, look at the suggestion from Across The Pond, can you eat that type of bread? I’m gonna try it. I try EVERYthing that even slightly, perhaps, potentially, MIGHT help.
      (It’s bad, truly sweaty and bad. Like you bust out in the worst fever of your life, every 90 minutes or so. 👿 )

      And, are you able to get any relief with Sudafed or its relatives? Mine is caused by the same things, atmospheric pressure which APPARENTLY must be measured daily through the barometer on the front of my face.

      Crocuses! I knew I knew them. Yes, then THERE is your happy du jour.

      (I don’t know what Zone 8 means, but I’m glad that you found this out for us all.)

      1. Soy does not always agree with me. And I already sweat soak my PJ’s and the bed badly enough to require changing. 😦

        4 motrin plus sudafed and my head still wants to explode. I think its karma payback. When I was ‘much’ younger, I used to roll my eyes at people who said the weather affected their sinuses.

        And zone 8 is your planting zone (what your extreme cold temps are so you know what plants will grow by you). I’m in 6a. So crocus flowers are still about 6 weeks away for me. Here’s a good map place if you’re interested

        1. Another question, health-wise. How well do you tolerate other types/brands of analgesics? Because, my invented Trifecta Of Pain Relief is the only way to get that headache part of the “sinus headache” to go away. Usually. Not always, but it’s better combining the pain relievers than having them go alone.

  6. The over all message is clearly that we need to stay focused on the real treasures in our lives.

    And that is what I got a heavy dose of today. I have been extremely emotionally unbalanced for the last couple of weeks, and today just proved it. I burst into tears at three different points, two during conversations (one with my boss, one with a friend). I can also tell because I’m biting my nails again, and I only do that when I’m stressed. Hopefully things will balance out soon, this is rough for me. 😦

    1. Aw, I’m so sorry Dearest. I know the feeling, it was weepy here in The Burrow yesterday too. Today’s message was hopeful and I can just FEEL us turning around! Stand strong!
      (Gentle love for those finger tips of yours too, been there, stressed over that. The hope here? They always grow back, I promise.)

  7. I have had this happen majorly at least twice in my life: “you have allowed yourself to, at least partially, believe another’s critical judgement of you.”
    Once this was true and once not: “This malicious criticism was directed at you by someone who falsely believes that they will gain something by belittling you.” Once it was just a pessimistic person speaking.
    I don’t think I’m going through it right now but I will be on the lookout for this happening to my daughters. They have been the subject of some envy directed towards them in the past for various reasons.
    There may be a slight situation like this for me, but if so, it’s because I was looking for an out regarding some work I don’t want to do.

    1. It feels worse when it’s your kid though, doesn’t it?! Gah, that is WAY difficult.

      Sometimes we DO need a break from work we are NOT looking forward too, or work that just isn’t RIGHT for us. Self-induced or brought on from an outside source, the message can be similar: NOT our work.

  8. I experienced this once, with a group I belonged to, and it was pure hell. Talk about manipulators and crap spreaders. Shook my foundation and made me withdraw until I got good and angry. Then I decided to hell with them and I was not slinking away like a dog with it’s tail between its legs. So I went back. I had every right to be there. Now they beg me to run for board positions, yada, yada. I’ve forgiven the slights, but I’m not ready to go that far. : )
    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on the lookout.

  9. What Fokker said. And bright, sparkly FGBVs to all of you who need them.

    I’ve been just a little down this week for no reason at all, no problems really, nobody died, I think I’m just worrying about my friends and family that I can’t really help with their problems. And I’m not sleeping well which doesn’t help.

  10. Blech, night sweats. Those are no fun. I hope you and Graham can provide some good support to each other. Sounds like you both could use some bolstering.

    FGBVs coming atcha, PB (and you, too, BBear). Is nobody having a good week?

    1. We do bolster each other well (flawed from an early age and willing to admit it is VERY bonding). Trying to figure out how to get him to the pool now. 😉

    2. Thanks, Delia…the week itself isn’t that bad, just an ongoing thing. It will disappear on its own and I just have to worry about me and not waste any energy on the negative 😀

  11. You do need each other plus Max. Lots of wisdom to share. Em will probably be top of the class all the time. And…night sweats. No fun at all. He leaves me in the middle of the night, can’t take the “on/off” covers anymore. And he does have to have a good nights sleep. Woke up and read from 2:30 to 6 this morning. Sooooo tired and finished the book.

    1. Fingers crossed that the tests are all “practical” and not written form. 😕

      Yeah, we JUST talked about how uncomfortable that “on/off” is for ALL of us!

  12. I can see how this card relates to me. In my case, I don’t believe the negative opinions are malicious, but they aren’t helpful to me. I’ve decided to go to the RT convention in April. 5 days of workshops and events and 6 nights in a hotel. Mom is very skeptical about the whole thing, and if she had the power to forbid me from going, I think she would. She wants to protect me from the health consequences of such a big undertaking.

    She’s not wrong. There’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be exhausted and in pain, and maybe worse, after pushing myself that hard. But I can’t spend my whole life hiding in my room, trying to avoid pain, either. Even if I can only manage it for a few days a year, I need to be out in the world, on my own, meeting people and having experiences.

    1. Oh you DO need to go! Networking and socializing, although SUPER exhausing (for most of us) is also SUPER important. I know she probably won’t listen, but tell her it’s for your mental health, which, although harder to SEE, also needs attention.

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