Probably the only metaphysically insightful bit we’ll be sharing today is our card.  Prepare yourselves for a very mundane, photo-heavy, and travelogue-like post.  It’s like “wanna see my vacation slides?”  Only not nearly as entertaining.  (Hey, it’s his weekend, we can’t ALWAYS  be festive ya know!)

            Dan and I went out again a-wandering.  This time in a different direction, but that was about it for our activities.  No lightning bolts of inspiration, no loud radio messages, although I did kind of “hear” that we’d be GETTING a sign.  So far, just a four and a half mile walk and some throw-together dinner (which is outstanding by the way, he did a brilliant job with my incredibly vague suggestions and the ingredients we had on hand).

            There were terribly low clouds, but it never rained on us at all.  It was also about ten degrees colder than yesterday.  Doesn’t seem to matter what the weather is doing, we still see tons of folks.  True, we live near a jogging path, so yeah, we’re gonna see the runners, but we also see SO many others.  Like this couple, with very nice dogs.

             I had to get that shot in stealth mode, they were perfectly polite, just not overly friendly.  Another one I had to sneak up on was one of our no-progress projects, except… they were working on it!

             Ending up on this street was sort of an accident, there’s a large clump of residential roads that are the opposite of a grid pattern, or ANY type of pattern that we can discern, across the canal.  It’s a fascinating and odd collection of homes, some of which made our heads hurt.  We are somewhat judge-y sure, but we aren’t the least bit snobby, and we certainly aren’t superior.  Still, we both decided we can’t go back to that block, it was just too confusing and mixed up and unattractive.  And sad.  This is near one of its corners.

             Sights like this upset me.  I worry, then it gets stuck in my head and I can’t get it out.  I’m sure these people will be fine, we just won’t be incorporating that particular area into any regular routes.  Okay, one more example, then I’m going to need a distraction to scrub my brain. 

             Can you see the door to nowhere up there?  This is one of the painful houses on the head-ache lane.  Not one thing about any of it is new, the deck barely below has been there for a LONG time, and yet, there’s that.  That door.  To nothing.  There are far too many issues like this one for us to go back.  Let’s get worried for an entirely different reason.

             At first we didn’t realize what we were looking at, a house beyond another house, basically on sticks.  Could any of you live with THAT as your foundation?  DO any of you?  The Burrow is on a hill, and Ally lives on a hill too.  We know plenty of people we have homes that are not pancake flat, but THIS is in a category unto itself. 

            Along that specific slope we’ve seen some with other bracing configurations, combining wood and metal and concrete and lots of effective materials.  All of which we believe are most likely safe and legally built.  This one, we have doubts about.

             No feathers for weeks, then today we get so many that I can’t count them all.  Right after we spotted these, we saw lots more.  And not too far past here we noticed a similar trail grouping arrangement selection of black ones.  Our theory (based on absolutely nothing) was that a seagull (there’s a few around) bashed in to a window or a cat got it, and this was the evidence.  The black feathers?  We aren’t sure, we’d gone on to speculating about other shit by then.

               Like this exquisite yard goddess.  Mexico you think?  She was so lovely, and made us feel much better after all that death and destruction and uncomfortableness.  I hope she does the same for all of you.

           Our daily draw was right side up when I flipped it over, but as I was opening the guidebook to get ready for typing (I have to press it down with my phone on one side and the camera weighing down the other) I felt that we needed to have both definitions, just in case this would be helpful to someone.  (Oh good, we DID have some additional messages.)

“The Wise Woman of Wonderland  ~  integrity, compromise.


The Wise Woman of Wonderland brings integrity to thought, word, and deed.  She lets you know that as long as you are in the flow of honesty and being true to your word, she keeps you under her protection and care.

When she appears as your Ally, she signals a time when honesty pays off, yielding greater dividends than you expected.  You will be thankful that you remained faithful and loyal to your path.  She reminds you that compromise is not always an option.  Stay true to yourself first and foremost.  Although it may appear that you could lose something as a result, you can never lose what is truly yours.


When the Wise Woman of Wonderland appears as a Challenger, this is a sign that you may have compromised yourself out of fear.  Have you been in denial about the truth of your situation?  Have you sold yourself short rather than ask for what you really need?  Have you given up your dream for another because you fear abandonment?

The Wise Woman of Wonderland is gently reminding you that you count.  Claim your good and never settle for less.  Be fearless and make it so!  Why hang around for more disappointment when wonderful opportunities are waiting to unfold for you?”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

19 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest.

  1. I cannot possibly be the first: It is already 8 am Central Standard Time!

    I am bemused by this card, creating a mythology based on a Lewis Carroll novel and not even a real character from that book. But what the hell. New things are being added to our cultural mythologies all the time. Look at Star Wars, for example!

    I shall have to cogitate on this one for a bit to see how and if it is speaking to me.

    Your discomfort with the houses resonates with me, completely. There used to be a house on Hwy 22 between Salem and the Coast, that had propped up its porch roof with a bunch of boards. For years! Every time Mom drove by, she expected to see the roof on the ground, especially after a storm, but it remained in place until a few years after I moved to the Coast when they finally installed correct supporting beams. But it stood there for sooo much longer than either of us thought it could.

  2. The house across the street from us has a pair of double French doors … into nowhere. They are just up there, on the side of the house. EVERYBODY who visits us comments on it, because it is so visible from our driveway.

  3. I love the door to no where. This is awesome and sent my mind into all kinds of possibilities. Burglar in the house? No problem-o. Put a big safe near the door and leave the safe door slightly ajar, thus enticing the burglar to the safe and then yell, “Jiggers, the Cops!!”

    The yard goddess is cool too.

    1. When I read this I almost snorted tea on the computer. Intended or not, in my brain the burglers then jump out the ‘no where’ door and fall to their doom.

  4. Heyyyyyy, don’t you remember all the houses on the CA coast line literally hanging off the cliffs over the raging ocean???? Death by drowning or being crushed on the rocks would bother me more than a slide down that hill in the picture!

    Remaining true to oneself can be very tricky at times.

  5. &*((**&, &*(*((*&&, first dimes, then owls, now this card. It’s too much trouble to try and get published, dammit. I want to give up that dream and just be an amateur novelist. Is it too much to ask that I should have an easy life?
    Four mile treks. You and your consort (I love that word when thinking of it as men, aren’t I evil?) are amazing.

  6. The problem with robber and the door is that the robber would then come back and sue you for it.
    I’m taking this card as confirmation that my resolution to stay true to myself this year was a good one 🙂
    Oh, and for anyone with blogger blogs, it won’t let me comment at the moment. I’m still reading though

    1. BlogSpot and WordPress are NOT playing nicely right now. And it really pisses me off. Things we have tried recently that SOMETIMES work:

      if there is an alternate sign-in option (like URL instead) try that

      google it up on another server, like Chrome or Bing

      manually type in the address instead of using a pre-existing link.

      Or, shoot the bastard. That’s next on my list if I can’t see Barb’s post tonight.

  7. I have a door to nowhere! Seriously, in my living room, a sliding glass one. It’s supposed to eventually go to a covered, screened-in deck, but we can’t afford one right now and, with braces for twins right around the corner, won’t be likely to for a while. It was just cheaper to put the door in when we built the addition, so we did. It has a lovely view. 😀

    Also, I’m laughing at how distressed you are that nothing is a grid in that neighborhood. In the northeast, nothing north of New York City is a grid. It’s all paved horse paths. You really should visit. 😉

    1. Oh no, it wasn’t that we were bothered by the streets not being in a grid pattern, that was just how we landed where we did, unexpectedly. They wind around up there and toss you out onto some OTHER road entirely. (The distress was for different, unrelated reasons.)

      I DO prefer areas to be tidy (and grid-like is perfect), but I know WHY they are not always to my liking. 🙂

  8. I also have a door to nowhere. Although mine has plywood over the bottom half to prevent anyone from opening it and stepping down 10 feet.

    That card is totally Lewis Carroll! I like the message but the alliteration is a bit over the top, methinks!

    1. So, Daniel and I have now discussed all of you Door To No Where folks, and have come to the conclusion that it’s not the same.
      THAT place was just confused and poorly managed, their door was neglected, and it was bothersome.
      YOUR doors are awaiting their next adventure: decks or patios or some incarnation of usefulness.

      Like Sarah Winchester and her doors, purposeful, not abused.

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