Mind Moves.

            About two weeks ago I asked if anyone noticed the theme our titles had developed.  No one answered, and I kept going.  Yesterday, in my excitement about the book finally arriving, I blew it.  So now it’s over.  And I’m kinda glad, I really didn’t think I could keep it up much longer.  Some challenges are just irritating.

             Let’s get our daily draw out of the way so we can talk about my latest obsession.

         “Fluorite ~

concentration, psychic protection, emotional stability.

Fluorite emanates a highly spiritual vibration that can shield you from a negative person that is causing you to be emotionally imbalanced.  Know that you are being surrounded by love and light, and trust in the protection you are now receiving.

Let go of your concerns and allow this wondrous healing to occur.  Start to focus on the things that bring joy to your life.  Focus on all you would love to be doing rather than worrying about what others think.

You are safe and eternally loved.  Nothing can harm you except your own fears.


            Okay here is one I’ve actually heard of, and I think we even have a few around someplace.  I like that in the picture it shows the different colors this stone comes in.  Makes me want to know more about it and where it can be found.

             Trust and protection are things I hardly ever think about.  But I realize that these are subjects that others do struggle with.  In my case, I’m going to focus on the “concentration” aspect of this message and put it into practice now, hopefully keeping my words and thoughts from getting too scrambled as I attempt to share this new project.


              (Yes, it is posed in front of the new quilt, but the fabrics were a wee bit busy for this picture, so I flipped it to the other side, much more pleasing as a background.)

            A few days ago Honey Graham came by The Burrow to pick up a basket for Em (who was at work), and we got to talking about Allen Carr and why his shit works so very well.  As I read the weight book last night I thought of this conversation.  For one thing, not much of what is in this new one is necessarily new.  As it was with the smoking publication.  So it’s obviously not that he knows things no one else does, it must be more about the way he presents it all.  Or more accurately, the way he SEES it, and THEN presents it.

            His methods, or as he calls them “programmes” are just basic facts, with a twist.  He comes at these subjects from a perspective of being on the inside.  He’s been there, he gained weight, he dealt with addictions.  What makes him (and his ideas) so groundbreaking is the simple fact that he is very straightforward and common sense centered.

             Another part that really struck me, in this one as well as the other, is how he approaches scientific findings.  He questions them, he looks at what a wide array of “experts” have had to say over a long period of time, and sees where the flaws are.  Then he applies a really simple and every-person type of thinking to this information.  In both cases, it really turns some of the things we have been led to believe are “facts” on their asses.

            One of new favorites is the analogy he uses for losing weight by extreme exercising.  Say you have a car and it’s got a full tank of gas, but you want the car to weigh less (doesn’t matter why, play along here, I’m paraphrasing).  Would you go out and drive the car around in aimless circles to use up the gas so that in an hour or so the car was lighter?  No, because that’s just stupid.  But, we do that when we run.

           (Runners, don’t get your knickers in a twist, you know I adore you and hope to BE you one day soon.  Not trash-talking here, I promise.)

             When we do this, what happens to our bodies (other than being in better shape, I’ll give you that one) is that they just require more fuel, because we now have less in our “tanks” than we did before we went out and ran around in circles.  Sure, this is super simpled down, but it also is fairly valid, especially in my case.  Did I lose ANY fucking weight in the past few months?  No.  I absolutely did not.  Yes, I am healthier, but I do not weigh less.

             Speaking of burning up fuel, I’m over the tracking of time.  And I’m over the counting of calories (this is part of Allen’s “programme” the other part is just me).  From now on my new regime, in regards to body movement, is to devote a minimum of 30 minutes to outdoor activity.  In some form.  If I do more, grand.  If I only do the basic half an hour, also good.  Simple, and totally flexible as far as real life goes.  (Although I do still kinda want to know how far I’ve gone, so I asked Daniel to continue with his computer maps, on whatever-the-hell site he’s using currently.)

             One of my first changes is going to be how I start the day.  I’ll be eating fruit.  And not drinking my tea.  He recommends that water be our beverage of choice, and since I made that switch ages ago it works out great for me.  I was only drinking my one tepid glass as breakfast.  That will be substituted out for some fruit.  I started it today already.  So far so good.  I haven’t missed the tea at all.

              Which brings me back to the whole “deprivation” attitude Allen talks about in both of these books I’ve read.  When we feel as though we can’t have something, we just want it more.  And, we’re pissed off.  With all of the other diets, programs, therapies, and crap you can buy to help you not smoke or not be a comfortable weight, they ALL give us the feeling of being without.  Allen’s don’t.  That’s why his work, permanently, and no one else’s do.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

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  1. Love the card! I am so going to get me some Fluorite, such a control freak I know I need to let go and trust – something tangible to remind myself to do so would be an excellent way forward.
    So glad you’re reading this book, I always find your take on things helpful. So agree with the deprivation angle – I am convinced that weight loss ( like so many things ) 😉 is all in the head.Get the right head on and it’s all possible.

    • Tangible -PERFECT!
      If you have a stone in your hand (or ya know, close by like in a pocket or something) it is that physical reminder. And we all know how helpful those reminders from the Universe are!

      I’ll probaby keep talking about this (and Allen) until everyone is sick to death of it. Will you let me know if I’m starting to sound preachy?

  2. I do like that card; you were right about it being soothing. Today was definitely a day to remember that I am “surrounded by love and light.” I need that, as well as the reminder to focus on things that bring me joy.

    As for the day getting better? Well, it’s a long story that might be a good subject for a blog post. Remind me, maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow. 🙂

      • Good grief, you’re actually reading all the drivel I wrote as a whiny college student?!

        Actually, after I gave you the link, I went back and read through all of my posts, changing names to protect the innocent (mostly ;)), and realized that some of my posts really weren’t that bad. Young, but so was I at the time. 🙂

  3. When we feel as though we can’t have something, we just want it more.  And, we’re pissed off.  aka “What we resist, persists.” This one and I are well acquainted.

    Finally put the clear quartz in my wallet. It’ll live next to my coins. Now to do the visualisation. Will get right on that as soon as possible.

  4. It sounds like a great plan to me! I quit counting calories a long time ago. When I’m hungry, I eat. When I need a chocolate fix, I overdo it. Then I go back to, when I’m hungry I eat. It works for me! lol (Like yesterday. There was a lot of chocolate involved in yesterday. But also, 4,000 words! DFair trade. ;op )This morning? a nice container of Greek yogurt made with milk from not hormone-treated cows.Just what the body ordered – and so was the chocolate fit yesterday. :o)

  5. I’m currently replacing my tea with water throughout the day. I used to suck H2O down effortlessly … then my brain found out it could get honey in the tea and started sending “tea singles” every hour. My brain is sweet junkie. It also stores songs from Nickelodeon’s “Fresh Beat Band”. Clearly, my brain is my enemy!

  6. Oh, the buttons are being pushed. There are/have been alot of ‘fat’ people in my life. From ‘mental fat’ (Oh, nooo, I can pinch an inch on my tummy!) to life threatening, can’t get out of bed, ‘fat’. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of ‘diets’ I’ve been subjected to second hand over the years. (If you’re interested, the only one I’ve seen come close to actually working is “The Rotation Diet”. And eveyone quit it because they didn’t want to have to walk everyday.) The bottom line: STARVATION/DEPRIVATION DOES NOT WORK!!!! Your body goes into a panic and tries to ‘save’ every calorie that goes into your mouth, ’cause it just ‘knows’ the end is coming and you’re going to need all that ‘storage’ to survive. You HAVE to eat. Regularly. So your body ‘knows’ it will always be fed. Then if you decide to cut back a small amount at a time, no panic buttons go off. Your body will just go ahead and use your back up stores ’cause it knows more food is coming. No worries. The car analogy is so apt. Because the first thing your body is going to do if you jack up your exercise (panic button) is to start screaming for more food to cover it and preserve the status quo. Starvation/deprivation just do NOT work. So for gawd’s sake, feed yourself. Moderation in all things. Okay, I’m going to quit now. This whole topic just yanks my chain. (And just so you know, nothing that wants to survive gets between me and my tea. Especially in the morning.)

    Flourite is awsome and beautiful. I will try to keep it in mind as I go to do Christmas 2 with the in-laws.

    • I must have my morning tea: it’s a comfort and a ritual start to my day. All the rest of the day I can drink water, but the morning requires both. It gives me that “ahh, that’s better” feeling. And I need all those I can get!

      Love flourite. Had some once. All my stones must be … In Storage! (I can’t wait until I can’t say that anymore!)

      • Tea. Morning. Oh, yeah.

        Yikes, your crystals in storage! You poor thing you! Here’s hoping to a quick(er) storage issue resolution!

  7. Where would one find Flouite. I think I’d like to have this.

    I like the plan and 30 minuets of activity seems so doable. I gave up drinking coffee at work because then I didn’t drink water. Works for me.

    I’ve recently taken up “running” and find no offense in the ‘Hamster Treadmill’ analogy. I get it if running is only to run.

    For me it represents so much more. Freedom. An ability to escape.Time to talk to people, even if about nothing. These are all past things and I hope my new running time will find me new images.

    • Find all sorts of these stones and crystals at rock & gem shops and shows, pagan bookstores, the Nature Company types of stores, bead stores (right! I have a string of flourite beads somewhere!). That’s where I’ve found them.

    • Judie, I am really liking the process of moving for the outside adventure aspect, similar to your freedom representation. The other thing is, I am the OPPOSITE of competitive, so all that math was seeming so goal-ish with overtones of “better-than-someone-else” -which I really don’t feel comfortable with.

  8. The distillation of “diet” and “exercise” and “weight-loss” is this: What works for you is what will work for you. Movement is good, bodies feel better. Whether it is yoga, spinning, walking, marathoning, weight lifting, Pilates, bike riding, bike racing, water aerobics….move your body. Find what nourishes you: High protein, balance, vegetarian…moderation in all things. Just do something, and if you enjoy it, it is something you’ll do consistently.

    I like Fluorite, it travels with me a lot.

  9. I have got to find my stones. I used to have a lot of different kinds, and I know they are somewhere, but it’s probably Oregon. At least I did find the decent-sized quartz crystal that someone gave my mom when she found out she had cancer! I can use that (properly cleansed and recharged, of course). And gotta find my flourite beads, my sodalite stone, my ….

  10. I love the card. This has been my major psychological problem for years. I don’t trust well. Have been working on it and this past week had a surprise at my reaction to something. I didn’t self-sabotage. I trusted. It’s not something I can talk about yet, but when I can I will. You know me, it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut. : )
    There is, I believe, only one way to lose weight. Increase your movement. We weren’t meant to sit all day in a computer chair, on the couch, in the car. We weren’t meant to run four miles in the morning and do no other excercise for the remaining hours. I’m practicing increasing movement but spreading it out. I’m even thinking of getting another pedometer. You’re suppposed to walk 10,000 plus steps per day to stay fit. We shall see.

  11. Sweetie, consider: lost weight, maybe not, but you’ve almost certainly gained muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, also uses more energy. Energy use equals calories expended. So. Ya done good. Keep on doing.

  12. Flourite is wonderful. I used to have a rainbow flourite that had been cut in a pyramid shape. I gave it away in the move from Albuquerque along with almost everything else I owned. I still remember it fondly, though.

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