Right, so yesterday I said I wasn’t going to be all goal-ish and talk about the new year.  Well, I’ll only do it briefly, and definitely NOT like anyone else.  To start with, we’re going to get back on the Exceptional Life bandwagon that we (sorta kinda) started in November.  This run-down is in the first chapter and I knew it was the part we all needed to see today.  Not only do I agree with these guidelines, but I’ve suggested many of them my own self elf.  More than once.

Simplicity  ~  focusing on small, simple, and manageable steps instead of making things complicated.

Optimism  ~  putting attention and energy towards solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Patience  ~  experiencing the journey fully and consciously rather than rushing to achieve a particular result.

Trust  ~  learning to trust Life by seeing the perfection and opportunity for growth in all of our experiences.

Growth  ~  viewing life as a classroom where we use our experiences as catalysts for change and self-realization.

Service  ~  focusing more on how we can best encourage and assist those in need, as opposed to getting lost in our own personal vision and quest for success.

Action  ~  making a commitment to show up and walk through the doors that Life opens for us on our journey.

Faith  ~  being willing to take chances and keep moving forward without knowing the outcome.

             Cheryl calls them the “recurring themes” in Louise’s spiritual journey.  I would love to have them be exactly that for us too.

               We’re just getting (re)started with it, so, as I work my way through this tiny volume I’ll keep you posted.  Today’s outdoor activity was another (mostly uneventful) bike ride.  I’m not taking intentional days off anymore.  If it happens that I can’t get to my “scheduled” movement, for whatever life reason, that’s fine.  But I’m going to just keep to the loose plan of MWF as walking and TTS as riding, with Sunday’s just going as they go.

            In Personal Health News, it’s not great, but it’s not worse either.  During the past week and a half the majority of the edema has lessened, but I’ve not lost any weight and I don’t feel any different otherwise.  I’ve ordered another volume (gift card!) written by the EasyWay guy, Allen CarrJudy suggested I look in to it and I’m waiting for that to show up.  I have complete faith that if this man can get so many people to quit smoking (freaking effortlessly!) there’s no reason why he can’t apply the same principles to healthy eating as well.

            For our daily draw today I’m going to do something I hardly ever do.  I’m going to NOT give you the full definition, I just can’t.   I looked at the guidebook right before I sat down here, and there are simply too damn many words and phrases that I don’t believe are accurate, or even helpful.  Instead I’ll be using MOST of  her words, but changing the ones that need to removed or altered.

“Marriage  ~  St Catherine of Alexandria”

            This is a message about a present or future relationship.  We have a spiritual destiny with an individual.  There is a higher purpose for us to be together, and we are supposed to help one another grow and prosper.  We recognize this person by having a feeling that we’ve known each other forever.  Synchronistic events bring us together, and there is a sense of destiny and fate in that relationship.

            The card means that a significant other is currently in our lives, or will be soon appearing.  If we want to manifest it into a lifetime commitment, ask St Catherine to help attract and discern an appropriate partner.  She can also help us with self-honesty, which will allow us to determine whether a relationship is truly healthy and if we are compatible with this person.

            (I just went back to see if we’ve pulled this card before, couldn’t figure it out.  I have no concept of time, as you well know, I also, as many of you know, don’t retain any of the readings I do, so since these daily draws are like mini-readings, not much of this sticks once we’ve gone on to the next one.  We’ve discussed St Catherine before [Delia and I have, anyway] but I just don’t know if we’ve talked about this EXACT message or not, or even if there are more than one St Catherines.)

            We’ll leave that one as it is, I don’t have much more to add.  Other than, my own idea about relationships is that they need to be open and fair.  If one person is not happy or seems to be doing all the giving, then it needs to be fixed or ended.  Our lives here are about learning and growing, we cannot flourish or advance if we are spending all of our valuable time doing someone else’s work, in addition to our own.

            Last night as I was making my rounds in the blog-o-sphere I stopped in at Matt’s place (as I usually do).  This post has some wonderfully positive ideas, and in the comments section one of his regular readers (wave wave, hi CaptLex) shared a really cool suggestion:

“…I’m not going to spend any five dollar bills. Yup, I’m going to pretend they’re unspendable and just hold on to all the fives that come my way, and maybe by the end of the year I will have saved some money…”

            Fun huh?  I’m totally going to try it, and encourage Daniel as well.  It could end being super profitable, or end with not much more than ten bucks in our pockets this time next year.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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  1. I like the exceptional life guidelines, especially the first few. And cool idea about the five dollar bills! I might try that, too.

    And I agree that this particular card of Doreen’s is a pretty uninteresting look at marriage. If you fixed it up, it must have been *really* uninspired before. I look at marriage as a crucible– if life is supposed to present you with exactly the lessons you need to grow, then marriage is that times ten. All the lessons you need, all the time. ha. when you’d much rather bury your head in the sand and not grow up, thank you very much. it’s late (for me, I know not for you!), and I’m rambling on when I should go to bed. Happy New Year, Julie and the JulieLanders!

  2. Love the Exceptional Life tidbits! Will print those out & put on my fridge. Thanks 🙂

    OMG, the draw… woo, ok, I get it! lol! And I feel it 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Love the guidelines, but as I went through the list carefully and saw all my personal challenges laid out 😉 decided I was going to stick with the the two Ss – for the moment. Simplicity and Service. Far too easy for me to take on too much, get overwhelmed and stop or to disappear up my own * and abandon everyone. Baby steps.
    Marriage – I can’t better what you wrote!

    1. Look at your beautiful new picture!

      Lol, I completely understand the overwhelming aspect to ALL of the list. The two Ss are a great idea.

  4. More and more, I get really stuck on “marriage” as it does not get to pertain to me…the current one sticking in my craw is that I cannot buy the PERS insurance for Mrs. Denial, although she is now given almost the same status as a spouse when it comes to selecting a retirement plan (one that assures her money should I break my word and die first) whereas before, our only option was to take money in a lump sum.

    I, too, am going to focus on the “S’s” at first. Great idea to steal!

    1. If we were considering getting married right now (instead of a million years ago), I’d do what a bunch of other folks are: NOT.
      Until you, and everyone else in this broken country, were able to as well.

  5. Bleh on the card. First of all, because not everyone who wants to get married can get married. Second, not everyone does find their “soul mate.” Third, people change and partners don’t always change as well and then the relationship has to either change or end. Fourth, not everyone is made to be in a relationship. Some people are happier alone.

    I’m going back to your Exceptional Life list instead. All at once is overwhelming, but little bits at a time will add up.

  6. Sheesh, that’s a lot to take in at once. I like the guidelines. I think Action and Faith are the two that speak to me most at the moment, so I’ll try to focus on those.

    As for the card, well, I can’t decide where I fall. I think I’ll just keep it in mind for now….

    1. PS: I realized I’ve been getting the Action message from several different places recently, so I’m thinking it’s something I should pay attention to…

  7. I second Karen on the card. Bleh. (Don’t you keep a notebook on which cards are drawn from each deck and when? Or is my OCD worse than yours?)

    Love the Exceptional Life list. I’m starting my Simple Abundance book again(an old friend and sanity saver), but I keep seeing this book pop up. We’ll see if I get any gift cert. at Christmas #2 on Sunday.

    1. A notebook?! Dammit Robin! You couldn’t have said this years ago?! Shit, now I have to go back and write them all down. In a new notebook.


        1. Ha! Great point. And we are going to our favorite (family owned) stationary store (Pen O’ The Month time again!) tomorrow, for sale calendars. And now, a new notebook!

  8. It’s a good list. Marriage – takes a lot of work and a lot of love and sometimes it should stop. We’re good. Just celebrated 37 years and “they” said it would never last. HA, we say, HA. We are starting on the simplicity or simplifying our lives this year. Cleaning and giving away and throwing out. Have a great day.

    1. I don’t know how old you guys were when you got married, but there’s also the line about being “too young” for it to work. That’s the one Dan and I give the big HA to.

      (Your tulip picture is back. Beautiful. But not a door.)

      1. Yay, I’m thinking about going back to the open door again. All cliche-y about the start of the new year and the open door to new adventures. All undecided about my gravatar. Lani, Jenny, Lizzie have all changed their photos. Looking for something new.

      1. I thought I heard my name, so I peeked in. Nice little place you have here – I must come back again . . . more often if you serve piña coladas. 😉

        1. Coconut and pineapple are two of my absolute favorite flavours, and if it comes out of a blender, even better. You can have the rum though. But we can share the paper umbrellas. 😛

  9. Wow, all the concepts on the list are great, making it hard to focus. But focus is an issue right now, so I’m picking Simplicity and Action to start with.

    The Marriage card is interesting. I’d say it can apply to a relationship in general, not a romantic kind. Friendship, partnership in a project or a job, etc. There are different kinds of marriages. Of course, I’d ALSO like it to refer to a “romance” type of LTR for me, as you well know. I’ll do my affirmation and ask St. Cat what she thinks. (This St. Cat, not our “St.” Cat who lives on the East Coast. Lol.)

  10. I had to read the card interpretation repeatedly.

    I looked up marriage and St Catherine. Turns out, the firework is named after her. Still reading that card. I agree with Skye that it can apply to relationships, not just marriage.

    I’m still re-reading. I’m going to go pretend it’s not for me. Just for a while.

    I’ll apply the guidelines to other things. It’ll work for me.

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