Today is the FiftyFirst wedding anniversary of my lovely parents.  No, I don’t have a picture to show you.  I mean, I could go digging around and try to come up with an old one, but it’s been a long day for me here in The Burrow, and I’m getting kind of a late start, so that’s just not gonna happen.  What IS happening is that we have drawn from our Special Occasion deck in celebration.  (At their house, she made him a Special Breakfast, about as festive as they get these days.)

             (I was more than slightly creeped out when I first turned this one over, you know how I am about small furry creatures… but the number was 2 and that seemed message-y.  You guys also know that I don’t edit our draws or question the Universe, so this was what we were supposed to see, whether it caused me discomfort or not.)

                                    Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

“Mouse  ~  Scrutiny.

There is a fable that tells of a Mouse that once freed a Lion securely fastened by rope bindings. The Lion had initially scoffed at the Mouse’s timid offer of assistance, suggesting that if a mighty and brave Lion could not break the ropes then what chance did a Mouse have of doing better?  The Mouse insisted and, little by little, chewed through the knots to eventually set the Lion free.

Mouse reminds us that if we look at life from varying vantage points, remain vigilant and take one step at a time, checking our progress regularly, we will never be hindered by trouble.

The Mouse is small and wily enough to go through life without being detected.  Although he lives a life of cunning and deceit, his wisdom is offered today in the form of awareness.  He teaches us to be ever alert to the tell tale signs that things are not as they should be.  Mouse is mindful of never ignoring the small, seemingly insignificant details that threaten to haunt him later.  He is aware that he may some day feel the searing pain of Owl’s talons in his back should he become complacent and let his guard down.

Mouse uses his keen sense of smell to constantly test the air for danger.  He allows his whiskers to touch everything in his path as a way of checking that all is as it should be.

If Mouse has appeared in your cards now, you are being encouraged to touch everything with your symbolic whiskers, particularly when signing agreements or contracts, or when considering new projects, proposals or ventures involving other parties.  Mouse reminds us to remain vigilant to the smaller aspects first, and to check for pitfalls or hidden opportunities before rushing into anything.

Mouse promises that scrutiny will ensure we  never overlook the obvious.  He demonstrates that even those who have very little influence in the way of the world can reach places of prominence if they hold great expectations.

Mouse reveals quite effectively that sometimes strength of mind prevails over strength of body.  Answers to difficult situations often lie in how the problems are perceived.”

             May I point out that this is the second (or possibly third) time we’ve been told to stay “vigilant” by our cards?  Just making sure that everyone is noticing these patterns.  Also, speaking of noticing, you may have seen that I updated one of my wee Info Boxes over <—- there, to give you the latest on what Mercury is doing. 

              Our Mouse message had good reminders about looking carefully, and getting these types of situations (that could be adversely influenced by backwards planets) in order before the retrograde gets here completely.  (Remember, the Shadow Phase happens about a week before and a week after the actual time/date.)

              Psst, hey JulieLanders, don’t anyone tell Robin, but I didn’t take a day off this week.  I went out into the neighborhood and walked, but shhh, keep it quiet ‘kay?  If she does somehow find out, tell her that I was slow and careful, nothing sporty about me, nuh uh, no way.  Once again, I was SO damn casual that I got passed by tons of other folks.  Like that woman in the next photo, who was dressed in a similar fashion as I was this evening, but who was WAY freaking speedier.

           She had such an incredibly quick pace that I couldn’t actually take a decent picture of her, she’s just a violet-hooded blur.

             Not far past where this shot was taken I spotted an extremely cool side gate on someone’s house, but it was starting to really get dark fast, which caused my flash to misbehave.

            Hopefully you can see some of it, right there in the middle, with the rays coming up so artistically.  They also have a cute little round (hexagonally?) shaped window trimmed with matching wood.  One other thing happened while I was out, but it’s going to take an entire post to explain, so I’ll save it for tomorrow.  (Don’t let me forget though.)

             Be sure you guys check out Han’s latest post (featuring my new grand-dog).  She will be busing it down here next week for some family food time, but the guys won’t be joining her.     

              It’s no secret that I am a blog hopper, and have several of my “favorites” that I go around checking in with regularly.  Well, (three times!) it was brought to my attention that I was missing someone.  Recently I’ve begun to correct this oversight.  But it’s a process, because I have to do it all in order, and she’s as prolific as I am.  Going back for years! I’m up to January 2009 now in the historic archives of The Bloggess, and here is a quote from one post that had me literally Laughing Out Loud:

I’m like the fucking Charlie Brown of blogging.

              I think what I, and obviously so many other folks, can relate to in Jenny’s blogs is her honesty, her flawed life, and how she flings it all out there for us to share.  We are all so damn messed up sometimes we just HAVE to laugh!  Otherwise …. well, let’s not even contemplate the other options.    She has like three different places she writes, which means that my catching up is going to take some time.  I’ll let you know how it’s going.


26 thoughts on “50 + One.

  1. Creeped out by a mouse? Such a cute mousie? With such a working message? Ya gotsta figure out why. Think nibbling away. Isn’t that what you’re doing, out there on the Path?

    1. True it is, but when you’ve gone back through the archives a bit you’ll understand about me and small furry animals…. for now let’s just say, I never had any problem feeding the snakes. 😉

  2. Mouse has a good message, just really not my style, which probably means I need to listen a bit more. Congrats to Mom and Grandsir on their anniversary. And to you on your travels. We took a short walk yesterday along the Amazon Canal at our end of town and were treated to ducks, sea gulls and some really interesting graffiti.

    And best of all, it sounds like Thanksgiving will be a real family treat this year.

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

    Not a fan of the small furry either, unless they’re cartoons…pixie & dixie, jerry (tom, too) 😆

    Vigilance again, must pay close attention. Mercury, headdesk!

  4. Happy 51st to your folks! I’m sure if you had a picture, it would have been cute. I don’t mind the small furry (or the long scaly, when it comes down to it), what I do mind is rodent incontinence. Blech.

    Cute grand dog.

    1. I’ll see if I can borrow an old wedding photo when we are there on Thursday, and scan it. They are freaking adorable in those.

      Um, yeah, what the rodents leave behind, way icky.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents! If you don’t have a cute old picture, like the one of you and Daniel, we’ll accept a new pic. I’ll wait.

    We’ve had rodents, lizards, frogs, toads, fish, and the dogs. But no snakes. I don’t dislike them, I just think it’s mean to keep them in a tank. I wonder why I don’t feel badly about the gerbils?

    I like the fence next to the gate!

    1. Lol, funny about the cage. Of all animals I think snakes probably mind their enclosures the least.

      Me too, those creative hand-made types of fences and gates are all over the place now, and I love them.

  6. Mouse . . . lion . . . Reepicheep!!! For being a rodent, Reepicheep was pretty cool. I know, my mind just sees these little side paths and off it goes, skipping through the woods. Paying attention now, really. Except I’m not seeing it, whatever it is.

  7. Uh huh. I saw that. Don’t make me come out there and hurt you.

    I know you don’t lilke rodents, but they are much loved around here. As Pets. The ones who get in my attic and basement, however, get sent to rodent heaven. Having my house burn down because of chewed wires is not on my ‘to do’ list.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents! Wow! 51 years!

    And how, I will being paying attention. Tomorrow I’m off to get my daughter. I’ll be sharing the road with all the truckers making a run for the New York docks before Thanksgiving. Woo hoo! Nothing but good times ahead!

  8. Firstly – Happy anniversary to your parents.

    Secondly – “Mouse reminds us to remain vigilant to the smaller aspects first, and to check for pitfalls or hidden opportunities before rushing into anything.” I really appreciate that it reminds us of hidden opportunities.

    1. I like the reminders as well, and how he addressed this too:
      The Mouse is small and wily enough to go through life without being detected. Although he lives a life of cunning and deceit, his wisdom is offered today in the form of awareness.

  9. Happy 51st Anniversary!!
    I like the mouse message and I love that story of the mouse and the lion, it’s a great lesson…one I had to remind a guy at work about recently.

  10. Happy 51st to your parents.
    Saw lots of plates yesterday while I was being vigilant – Alaska, Conneticut, Kansas, Oregon (x2), Maryland, no CA and lots of WA as I was in Bellingham yesterday. Shopping for our gran-baby girl. Cannot find newborn stuff here, which is just stupid, obviously they the manufacturers or store owners are not being vigilant to customer needs. Well that was verbose. 😉 Hope it warmer there. Bloody cold here.

  11. 51 years! That’s fabulous. Hey I love the bloggess. She is so funny. I can’t wait for her book to come out. I died laughing at the recent blogpost about her trip to NY to the publishers.
    Please don’t let me start seeing mice. I get it, okay. Be aware. Apparently the dimes haven’t finished speaking cause now I’m dropping them or they’re falling out of vending machines at my feet.
    I’m trying to listen to myself. Really I am. I almost cried at work today. I want to get out of there but I don’t know where to go, yet, dammit.
    It seems to me like people used to take a leisurely stroll everyday. That’s what you’re doing, a leisurely stroll, right ;)?

    1. Wait until you see the picture I just posted for tonight.

      If your messages are changing then you are doing the right thing, sorry it’s taking so long and making you upset though.

      Yes, it’s similar to a leisurely stroll. Those never went out of favor with us though, we’ve been doing it for decades, call it our Post-Meal Constitutional when we’re out.

    1. ACK! Set up some traps NOW! Those are the kind of mice that need to be dead, they are NOT the type of mice that bring us messages. Didn’t you read about The Fokker’s wire fire? The one Robin was alluding to above? Get them gone!

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