With the exception of our card, tonight’s post is going to mostly just be a series of updates.  As you noticed, we had some “technical difficulties” here last night.  Obviously they are still not quite repaired.  WordPress and I have been conferring.   Hanny got everything back up, not exactly where it used to be, but at least it’s all visible again.   Thanks Babe, for saving us once more.  

            It was horribly disconcerting at first, and threw many of us off of our game (me included, I had to just shut everything down, and still have not caught up on my blog hopping).  I don’t want to think it’s a sign that we need to change shit up around here, I’m very fond of how it all looks and works (well, when it works), and seriously don’t feel like doing anything different at this time.  I’ll keep you posted.

              After our weekend up to Seattle on the train, and our many neighborhood walks, wanders, dog outings, and hilly trudges, we became extremely interested (as we do) in what was happening around Han and Adam and Indiana‘s new home.  One of the places we were all dying of curiosity about was The Alfaretta.  Today my Hurricane published an article about it here.   Go there and see how we all helped to educate a major city with our nosiness.  (Also, be sure to notice the photo credits, wink wink.)

             On the health front, my peroneal tendonitis continues to mend nicely.  We were pressed for time today so I had to abbreviate my daily movement.  I shortened The Route but I marched it quickly, in a very sporty manner.  And in the rain.

            Also, as you can see, nearly in the dark as well.  That’s the view up our street as I was heading out.  I’m thrilled with how efficiently my body heals itself.  I knew the swelling was still there, but it wasn’t painful.  I was able to go at a fairly quick pace, continuing to be conscious of how everything was feeling.  I’m happy to report that it went well.  Although it was only about half as far as I’ve been going lately.

            I cut out the far end and went up by the cottages.  Passing this truck on the way.   The wet weather didn’t bother me too much, it did remind me that I need a better jacket though.  I wore a white coat (for reflective purposes) and I thought that the zippered pockets would help to keep my camera and wee music player dry.  This was only partially true.  It now appears that I need a better system.

            What I do NOT need is a new car radio!  My friendly local boys at the service center took care of that battery/stereo issue this afternoon.  I was SO happy!  It was especially welcome news after how concerned I had been over the not-cold keeping Dan from sleeping last night (today, whatever).  It seemed like he was constantly getting up and couldn’t stop coughing.  He was awake when I got home, and visiting with Max.

             It was laundry day for Empress so they came over to use Daniel’s really nice wok while the clothes got clean.  Turns out that he DID sleep fine, just in two or three parts.  He does this when he needs to adjust his schedule, it’s never ideal, but it’s manageable.  I was greatly relieved, about both the car and his resting news.

           On our card altar today we have a message that is similar to The Hermit.  Again, it came up definitely as an Ally, but I feel compelled to include the Challenger definition from Colette’s guidebook as well.  Apparently someone needs to read that.

   “The Shadow Queen  ~  acquiring knowledge, insecurity, manipulation.

Ally: the Shadow Queen tells you that too many of the details hidden behind your circumstances prevent you from moving forward quickly at this time.  She has come with a lantern to help shed light on what is concealed within you or your situation.  This is the time to wait for more to be revealed.

Perhaps you lack clarity and the knowledge of how to proceed with the subject of your inquiry.  It is time to educate yourself a little more about your intention and then put that information to work for you.  The Shadow Queen asks that you dig deep to gain strength and that you have the courage to ask someone ‘in the know’ to shed light on your circumstances.  She promises to send that person to you.  Beware of moving too quickly in the dark, as you will likely trip and fall and have to start again.

Challenger:  the Shadow Queen gently asks you to address your innermost character flaws with compassion, for now it is time to bring your wounded self and hidden agendas into the light.  You are seeing the tangible results of those aspects of your nature that have evolved in response to the difficulties in your life: they have been a means to help you survive.

Perhaps you are falling prey to insecurity masked as elitism and arrogance, believing that you know best; to comparing yourself with others; or to being fearful and self-sabotaging.  You may have been taught that manipulating others rather than being direct is the way to get your needs met.  The Shadow Queen reminds you that manipulation in any form isn’t the best method of getting what you want.  Another meaning that can also apply is the possibility that you are being affected by someone else’s wounded self.  Perhaps you are the one being manipulated.

Whatever the cause, it is time to take a fearless personal inventory and observe what part you play in the dramas and potential disasters in your life.  When you come to the place of humility, forgiveness, and grace, then you may proceed again and walk into the Light.  There is great value and strength in facing your own shadow in the realm of the Shadow Queen.”

           And lastly, in fudge news, we have also made improvements.  That first batch, as I mentioned in the comments, was disappointing.  The newer version (with walnuts and coconut) is fabulous (and will no doubt be gone very soon). 


33 thoughts on “Knowledge as Power.

  1. “Perhaps you are falling prey to insecurity masked as elitism and arrogance, to comparing yourself with others; or to being fearful and self-sabotaging.” – what, do I have to choose just one of these? Ulp. Thanks a lot, Shadow Queen, for reminding me of my deepest issues… ! “Another meaning that can also apply is the possibility that you are being affected by someone else’s wounded self.” Yep, that too. Which actually helps, because I think my behavior/attitude is so deeply influenced by that of the other(s) in this situation – I tend to be fine until I get caught in other people’s energy crossfires, then, especially when I’m tired, whoomp! I start wondering what’s wrong with me. I’m exhausted right now and have spent the week scrabbling emotionally to get through, wondering why I’m not good enough, why this, why that…bollocks, of course. Thank you for the reality check – I needed that now more than anything! lol

    1. I am always so glad when this is helpful!
      Call bullshit on that “I’m not good enough” crap right now. (Which is what you did, so yay you. 🙂 )

      The deck was introduced a year or so back.
      (Folks who are going through the archives right now, two years maybe?)
      It’s called Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid.

  2. I’d like to think the card (upright) is for me, since I haven’t been here (or on any blogs!) in awhile but… I’m afraid I’d use it as an excuse for procrastinating from the things I need to do. >:-( 😉

    1. Good to see you! And hey, funny that Melissa is asking about this deck right before you showed up tonight. You have this set too.

      No excuses here! We get to the stuff we need to when we are supposed to get there. 😛

    2. Oh yes, I should add my plug: LOVE THIS DECK!! I got her previous one too, but I like this one better. And now I’m tempted by her new one. 😉 I’ve read a couple entries on her blog too, and I think she’s pretty smart.

    3. Hi Mabel! I was thinking about you yesterday! I don’t know why,I was just running around like a loon as usual, and I thought “Hmmm, I haven’t heard from London Mabel lately, I wonder what she’s up to? Is she still working with that artist who does the installations? I should check up on her blog.” And here you are! I also feel like I’ve been away, not so much procrastinating, but so busy with real life that I can’t get my other stuff done. It’s been frusterating, as Five used to say.

    4. Megan hallos! No, the work petered out with the artist. So it’s onto the job hunting again. Depressing, which is perhaps why I haven’t been around. Time to get back to my Betty reading… it always helps. (Helps against the frusterations.) Thanks for thinking of moi!

  3. I don’t know if Dan has discovered or uses coconut oil in cooking. At room temp, it is a solid, but melts quickly and is a great oil to use when stir frying, especially if you’re using teriaki; it imparts a coconut flavor but no sweetness, per se. Really healthy, too.

    I like the contrary message of looking at flaws with compassion, and realizing how many times, those flaws are personal coping mechanisms.

  4. Ugh. Being held back by my flaws? At least she is shining light — my life is dark right now so any light is a help.

    Tired. Working, then a professional meeting, then looking at the physical manifestation of my inner life on my home? Maybe if I got more than 6 hrs of sleep a night I could manage better. Got any cards of sleep? Maybe a Koala ….

  5. ummm we have fudge right now, too. It’s not the super best fudge that requires a soft ball stage and all that, it’s the marshmallow cream kind, but it’s still good.
    The card basically told me to keep doing what I’m doing. Funny I didn’t even recognize my sense of waiting until I read this line, “She promises to send that person to you.”
    I’m glad your injury, your car and you and Dan are on the mend. Sounds like lots of healing going on around your house. If I could think of a good essential oil for general healing purposes I’d send it but sadly I’ve been too long away from that world to retain the knowledge I once had.

    1. No worries about not remembering the oils, I’m partial to patchouli anyway, it rhymes. 😉

      And besides, you recommended the last animal deck as well as the bio-freeze. I’d call that more than enough.

  6. Patience is one character defect around here. In trouble a lot, sarcastic mouth. Then must apologize. On the other hand, the grand-baby is a darling. She snuggled contentedly in my arms last night. She smells divine. They should bottle that aroma.

    Is it there yet? Is it? Is it?

  7. NO, NO, NO!!!!! (here’s me brandishing my 2×4 in your direction) You do NOT do ‘quick’ and ‘sporty’ as long as there is any pain or swelling! You need to HEAL first!! (thumping head on table) Remember, slow is fast!

    Slow glad to see the site is up and running ‘normally’ (ha ha). And I’d like to just go smack that card.

    1. Oops. Wait, how the hell would I have known?
      I am fat ~ must run. THAT <— is ALL the knowledge I possess on this topic.
      Gotcha now though: heal, then run.

  8. Fudge…mmmm…. we had a mint chocolate chip brownie yesterday. It was like Girl Scout Cookies on crack. A brownie with chocolate chips, a green mint layer and then a chocolate icing.

    Glad to hear Dan is on the mend. My not-cold was bad but Dan’s sounds worse. Sending get better faster vibes!! I swear by lots of hot tea, I think it is the inhaling of the steam really, but tea is delicious too. I found a Chocolate Mint tea that’s nummy.

    I’m sensing a common theme in my life… chocolate and mint. At least the tea does not contribute to the muffin top… mmmm muffins. 😉

    1. Lol, nice Judie. And if I were interpreting this symbolically, I’d say you were enjoying a refreshing life at the moment.

      (Chocolate = life.
      Mint = freshenss.

      And ya know, muffins are just plain lovely.)

  9. I didn’t think I was hungry until I read the comments here. Thanks a lot guys!

    Wait for the person in the know to show up. Oookay. Set that particular issue aside and when said person shows up, we can start moving again. Patience, grasshopper, patience. I know I talk to myself, no one else here listening!

    Julie – did you get a package from me today? Tell me I didn’t spend that postage in vain.

    1. I’d reply to you but you seem to be answering yourself perfectly well, and also, I’m very busy … with something AWESOME that arrived on my porch today! (Check your e-mail.) 😀

  10. Hmm. So the Shadow Queen sheds light. Hmm. Anyway, goes with Mercury in retrograde from Thanksgiving through mid-December. I’m not doing anything until December 14th, and then spectators will see a *blur* of activity.

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