Nothing, NO THING, in my life is easy.  (Okay, maybe card reading, and cross stitch, and some writing, but otherwise, NOTHING else.)   We went to pick up the Wee Walnut earlier (which, as it turned out, did just need a new battery, not something more complicated and expensive like a starter motor or other extensive problem).  Yes, it was a thing that Daniel could totally have taken care of.  If we’d had the time, place, and situation to deal with it all, but this company is lovely and we have credit there, also he still isn’t feeling terrific.

            Even though this was an easy fix (or replacement) there’s always more to my damn car than just a quick repair.  When I got in, after having left it, everything was just so WRONG feeling.  And it continued to get worse.  I threw a huge fit, and we have to go back tomorrow.  Not even sure if it’s put-back-able.  (Long story, has to do with the way my after-market radio is hooked-up, hopefully I won’t ALSO have to schlep my angry wee self elf down to the stereo place as well.)

              The reason I’m telling you this is because of how I (mentally) dealt with the situation.  First, as I mentioned, I fell apart (in the grocery store parking lot), and Dan had to talk me off the ledge.  (What he really said was, “oh no.  Let’s not melt down again, here.”)   Instead, as we have now figured out, we can reframe those initial negative responses, and NOT end up in a puddle.

           See, it’s still such a work-in-progress for me though.  I keep wanting things to be “normal” or at the very least, less chaotic and not so constantly broken.  Then, of course, I remember: This is how my life is, and this is how I have to learn.  Which can just be exhausting.

             The not-cold/non-cold continues to make us both miserable, although it doesn’t seem to be as bad for me (so far, fingers crossed).  We are staying away from as many people as possible, the better to not infect anyone else.  Unfortunately, sometimes we must interact with others.

            My father.  Protected against any and all illness or disease.   Either that, or he was on his way to rob a stage-coach (because you KNOW he was armed.)

          One more item of business and then we’ll move on to our card.  Yes Robin, you WILL find the explanation of what a “Doreen disclaimer” is, once you’ve been through my voluminous archives.  But, I’ll give you the quick(and incomplete) version right now.  (Don’t stop reading the History Quilt though!)

           We have several decks from Doreen Virtue, because I had some around and because some were given to me.  They are well done sets of oracle cards and we like a bit of variety.  I try never to exclude anyone here in JulieLand, but we do have many different belief systems represented in our readers.  Some folks don’t feel entirely comfortable with some words that are printed in the guidebooks, so I like to remind everyone that they are more than welcome to exchange a word or phrase that might not fit their spirituality, with something that is more all-encompassing, something that is less inclusive, or with something that just feels like a better fit for them.

            Not every person who comes here identifies with the one White Guy God, and I don’t personally use that terminology in my own writing, or life.  To me, saying “the Universe” is more comfortable, and seems to be as non-offensive as I can get.  Because we do need to face the facts, a large portion of what we discuss here IS spirit-based.

              This afternoon we’ve come back around to the newest animal deck.  Our daily draw is from the category she calls:

Water Denizens  ~ 

Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Ray, Seal, Octopus, Crocodile, and Frog.

These creatures make the waters their primary home, drawing strength from this primeval element and flourishing thanks to its bounty.  The greatest of these, Whale, lives on plankton, the tiniest of organisms, while the most ancient, Crocodile, seeks flesh and blood.  They counsel that you too may be nourished in myriad ways – that the seemingly insignificant can be the seed of the mightiest creation, as can the most obvious and celebrated.”

           Even though we didn’t get a repeat card of another Seal, I like to think that because we did get a Water Denizen we are still going with that healing theme, flowing along with our oceans and seas and all things liquid on the planet.

“Crocodile  ~

the alchemy of energy teaches that death will always yield new life.

Silently slipping through her riverine world, guardian of the margins between land and water, of the mud from which life springs, Crocodile is keeper of all knowledge.  Her wisdom speaks both of the enduring nature of life and its utter fragility, of gentleness and ferocity of how death yields life and the constant transformation of all energy.  If Crocodile has swum to you now, the time has come to examine the primordial mysteries of life and prepare yourself for rebirth and the wonders it will bring.”

             Have any of you ever seen, on a nature show, or in real life, what baby crocs and gators look like when they hatch out of their leathery little shells?  Or ever heard the adorable peeping noises they make?  That’s what I think of when I see this card.  That shatteringly cuteness, and innocence of new life.  (But then, we also know that I’m slightly partial to any and all things reptilian.)


24 thoughts on “Yielding Cycles.

  1. So sorry about the car ‘wrongness’ – I too do not handle change well; especially when it was perfectly fine the way it was!! Sometimes I can just go with the flow, sometimes It just isn’t going to happen. As I remind my DH if he only knew how many times I manage not to freak out he would be in awe of my restraint!! 😉
    Not a huge lover of crocodiles but all small creatures are cute. Do like the idea of the cycle of life -just don’t fancy being eaten.
    Need to stop as that wield glitch turned up again and I can’t see what I’m posting.

  2. Hmm. Page is backwords, and I keep getting thrown off here by my keyboard. Third time to post a response here…I used to be an “allygator” so I like Croc and her message.

    1. If you guys aren’t as dyslexic as I am here’s a wonderful way to experience it, without actually having to climb into my head with me… backwards and mixed up is just a ton of damn work to get past some days. 😕

  3. The Captain’s car has been at the Subaru dealer for almost two weeks. Six weeks ago it went in for 30,000 service and when i drove it off the lot, it stank, like someone had spilled brake fluid or something. We just thought it would burn off. But when it still smelled three weeks later, I brought it back. They didn’t find anything. So, when it still smelled a week later, the Captain threatened to drive it through the showroom window, and they took it back. Okay, he only threatened that via text, through me, but they got the point. They’ve had it for two weeks now. It’s still not fixed. Don’t you hate it when it’s completely out of your control? It’s just maddening. On the upside, we really like the loaner car. The kids keep asking if we get to keep it, and if they don’t fix the Captain’s, I just might!

    1. One – smells are SO bad when they are inside the car with you. And B) yipee for the two of you standing your ground and making sure the problem is fixed, correctly.
      Last: rental and loaner cars are SO damn much fun! 🙂

  4. Ok. So have I mentioned recently how much I don’t like change? Especially on the computer. I want the old page back (meep).

    “This is how my life is, and this is how I have to learn.” This is one of those life things that annoys the hell out of me. I want things fixed NOW! And of course, fighting with life can sometimes cause more issues. The trick is knowing when to fight and when to go with the flow. Maybe someday I’ll get there. (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep slowly marching through the archives. I’m impressed with how you kept plugging away at this despite a lack of ‘input’? from everyone. I want to know how you finally got to this point.

    And I really do like this new deck.

    1. I want the old page back too. Don’t give up hope, I haven’t.

      That’s exactly it, figuring out when to fight and when to accept…. what a pain in the ass.

      My original fan club, Dan plus those three people I gave birth to, are what got me out of bed each day and what still mean more to me than my own life. THEY were, and still are, my best encouragement.

      I love this new deck too, so much. 😀

  5. Missed a few days and now this “something happened” look. Does that mean we all have an aversion to change?
    The dealer has standing orders NEVER to do anything without calling the Big Guy first and give back all old parts (excluding filters, too messy) just because. You know how mild mannered he is. When it comes to repairs he becomes Do It Right Avenging Superman. I stand back in awe. it’s good to have an avenging superman when they do not listen to me. They tremble in fear now. No, not really. It’s called respect. Missed y’all.

  6. This page is like going back to Australia to visit and having to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road. : ) Am I steering right?
    Love the card. Hate, hate, hate, car troubles.

  7. I’m actually quite glad that more than one person commented on the page changes, or else I would have spend many, many minutes trying to figure it was just me, my browser, or an odd moment in time. 🙂

    1. I’m glad too, because my default setting is: is it just me or….?

      Also, this particular issue, or something similar, has popped up a few times for various readers, I just never saw it happen. Now it appears to (temporarily) be stuck that way. We can get past it though. 😉

  8. So that was your dad who robbed my stagecoach?! I hope your stereo is fixed soon. I’m physically unable to drive without music playing,

    1. Allegedly! He admits to nothing, and that strongbox buried out back’s been there for ages. 😯

      (Fixed. Sang along loudly on my way home this afternoon.)

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