We got a late start tonight, because Daniel and I had to spend most of this afternoon arguing over several totally stupid and pointless non-issues.  Also, the Wee Walnut had to go in for a new battery.  We tried to recall when we got one for it last… it had to be before the backseat fire/iced tea incident, which was at least eight (?) years ago.

             I made some notes while I passenged after we dropped it off, but now I can’t find them, unlike the milk list, that was a completely different situation.  Suffice it to say, we were just being our truly ridiculous selves and eventually worked it out.  The entire day was simply on the tardy side.  So now I have to rush in order to make my (self-imposed) deadline to get this post up.

              We got a free treat (thank you Empress for making me sign up for that) and I scored us a magically close parking place, so we wandered around on campus for a bit, enjoying our afternoon and our dessert-before-dinner.  My tendonitis is totally on the mend, it continues to get better every day.  This sight-seeing tour and the later neighborhood trudge proved that we’ve gone on to experiencing less pain than more in a 24 hour period.  So that’s very encouraging.

              He told me, as we neared the yard where those huge leaves fell onto the sidewalk and mixed with their tiny brethren, that my last picture did not convey their vastness, so we tried again.  I said that maybe because it was so damn dark it might not work, but ya know, he countered with the fact that my camera does have a freaking flash.  (See?  That’s the kind of crap we bickered over.)

            Seriously, we shouldn’t even be allowed out on some days.  Or even stay in, for that matter.  We did get this shot for Robin though.

              She wanted to know what that purple thing was behind the old backpack I showed you.   It’s this quilt.   (Which I’m fairly certain I’ve shared before, but what the hell, I made Dan come upstairs to do this, so we better run with it.)  It’s the first one I ever made (correctly), in a class, held in a store that no longer exists.  It’s considered “crib size” or something, and it’s shit.   The batiks are too close for a good contrast.  Sue, what’s the pattern?  Irish chain maybe?  I made it about the time my sister was dying, so I’ve blocked most of those memories completely out.  Also, it’s shit.  So, there’s that.

            We toss it over a chair at our kitchen table and I use it as the background for most of my small-item photography needs, because it’s kind of on the neutral side.   Also, like I just said, it’s over that chair, so it’s always handy.  And I’m inherently lazy.   This is the one I mentioned (a month or five back) I wanted to replace with the not-even-close-to-being-done (but cut out) quilting project that I have pinned to the sewing room curtains.  Yeah, should get right on that.  Hey, I know what… let’s just do the damn card and move along.

Vision  ~  Guardian Angel.

This is a message about  honoring your vision.  It asks you to trust the mental images that you have been receiving, as they are answers to your prayers.  Your prophetic visions will bring blessings to you and your loved ones.  You know that they are Heaven-inspired because of their loving nature.  Only follow the messages that ask you to act on behalf of God’s love.

Your guardian angel is helping you clearly see the truth within your present situation.  This involves a dual perspective.  First, hold the intention to see the Divine light within everyone and everything.  This helps the highest possible outcome to occur.  Have faith. 

Second, allow yourself to see the earthly and human truth in this situation.  Is someone or something out of balance with integrity?  Admit this to yourself, and clearly witness the perspectives and motivations of everyone involved.

This can also be a message from your angels to have your physical vision checked or corrected.  Prayer can help by healing your sight and also by leading you to the best eye care professional for your needs.

Your angels surround your physical and spiritual vision with light.  Look through their eyes and you will see the best within yourself and life itself.”

            Standard Doreen disclaimers apply.  Although I think we can all agree that maintaining faith, and keeping our hope alive,  is a worthwhile reminder, no matter what words are used to get the message across.  One last thing, I adore this  illustration.  A.  Lot.

REALLY last thing: and super difficult for me to say, but well, if you’ve had a card reading from me in the past month or three, or purchased a purse/quilted bag, and I have not e-mailed you about receiving your payment, umm, that means I haven’t received the payment.  Sorry to do this uncomfortable business here, but for some reason, it seems I have to.  Thank you, for indulging me, and for allowing me the opportunity to help you.


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  1. Second, allow yourself to see the earthly and human truth in this situation. Is someone or something out of balance with integrity? Admit this to yourself, and clearly witness the perspectives and motivations of everyone involved

    Have you been getting my email by “radio” tonight?? I’m going to forward you an email; you will not believe the latest….if I wasn’t a non-smoker, I’d be firing up one or twelve about now!!!!!

    1. Damn good thing we’re both non-smokers because I’d be joining you, sparkin’ up a freaking carton! (Watch for a reply tomorrow night, I’m not really here now, you can’t see me…..)

      Oh yeah, Single Irish Chain is exactly what it was for that class. (Thanks.) The teacher was wonderful, just wish she had told me how wrong I was about the fabric selection. Sure, sorta pretty, but I’m still going with it being “shit.” 😛

  2. Love those giant leaves – I know you probably have tiny hands , but still!
    Stuck on the clearing out stuff at the moment; tackled my linens cupboard with great verve. But nervous of what this means I really need to be addressing? I think I’m looking at the physical level for now and hoping some blinding clarity will emerge on the spiritual level.
    So glad the tendonitis is getting better.

    1. (That is Daniel’s hand, in front of, and holding up, the leaf, and ya know, no one should ever say that a man has small hands. 😉 )

      Go with the thought that your message is about seeing the physical right now, because holy shit, if you’re cleaning out cupboards …. well you just have all my sympathy.

  3. I like the Doreen disclaimed card. What strikes me is that being able to identify this kind of mental input in the first place is the first, huge step. And you know how hard it can be when it is strong and you don’t know what it is.

    I remember having a sensitive friend ask me if I saw dead people. Immediately, my response was “sight is the wrong sense for me” and that is really true. I suspect most of my “intuition” or “input” is via senses other than sight or hearing, and I know that input comes to me…

  4. Hey, no one died. Right?
    The quilt is beautiful. I love it, so don’t insult my taste by calling it shit, okay? 😉
    If I had any time to sit quietly and listen maybe I’d get a message. Right now any messages coming to me need to accompanied by a 2×4 upside the head to get me to notice.
    and . . .
    I’m sure Dan has (ahem!) big hands. So that must be a freaking huge leaf! *running and ducking*

  5. I have to agree with the majority. My first thought was ‘what a beautiful quilt!’

    Why do we always see the flaws in our own creations?

  6. Another chiming in on the side of the pretty quilt. Not everything needs to be high contrast. It may be different than you wanted, but I wouldn’t call it shit. It’s pretty. Anywho… That’s a huge leaf.

    1. This is why I can no longer even consider going out of the house unless I have my camera with me, so much easier to just show everyone crap like this! 😀

  7. Once upon a time I knew what that tree was. I had one in my back yard and so looked it up. A storm layed that monster down years ago and sitting here I cannot remember what the heck that tree is called. I want to say it was a type of maple. So tonight when I end my day, I’ll try to remember to dig out my tree book and look it up.

    You think that quilt is shit? If I weren’t clear across the country, you’d be getting smacked upside your head about now. Sheesh. That quilt is beautiful. It is a kaleidoscope of warm, soothing. welcoming colors. That’s a ‘live with me, love me’ kinda quilt. The best kind.

    Is it just me, or do we seem to be getting alot of ‘follow your inner light’ kinda sorta cards? Hmmmm… Also, if and only if, you have time – what is a ‘Doreen disclaimer’? I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually in the archives.

  8. I’m from Appalachia. We are BIG into our guardian angels. Thus, I likes me the card.

    I also think the quilt is pretty. Are you sure you are talking about the same quilt?

  9. Love me some angels. ; )
    BTW I had to report in on my lottery experience. (Remember the story of the found dime, the found penny and 11/1/11?) well, I bought a ticket at my favorite gas station on 11/11/11 and felt very lucky. I could feel the positive energy. Guess what, some lucky couple right here in the Coachella Valley one the full $20 million. They bought the ticket at the gas station down the road. : )

  10. Julie – the quilt is lovely. I am partial to purple but anything crafted by hand is awesome. Speaking of hands the expression goes more like “the bigger the feet, the bigger the…”. I have rather small executive hands(as the Lone Woman calls them) but my feet however are on the large side. Dan need not worry about the size of his hands. That is one huge leaf! I love your blog.
    The Captain

    1. ::: swoons :::

      Ahem, well. Thank you, The Captain ….I was taking a quick peek, just because I had a moment, and HOLY CRAP there you were in moderation! I really appreciate you staying current with us all, and REALLY appreciate how you kept our favorite Lone Woman updated during the October Bad Times recently, so thanks again. I read Dan (Megan’s west coast spouse) your comment (he was across the room) and he completely agreed, neither of you has a thing to worry about. 😉

  11. I think the quilt is beautiful. You are not allowed to diminish your gifts and what you create any more than you would allow us to. What? You think we have that bad of taste in people and things? ::taps foot while hands on hips:: I hope that’s not what you mean!

    As far as looking and listening and visions and messages, I swear I am trying, but you do not want to know what my visions are showing me and what the messages are telling me. Either I’m being told some bad things, or my receiver is engaged in opposite year. Whatever it is, I’m so not living in Happy Town, or even its ghetto.

    1. Only follow the messages that ask you to act on behalf of God’s love” (Doreen-ism disclaimer included). When you are forced to spend time outside of Happy Town, pull out those post cards you got last time you were there. Move your mind AWAY from the negative images, and only allow those messages that are positive and light-filled to come in. Before you know it, you’ll be back to the outskirts at least, and well on your way to being much happier. (It takes some practice though, so ya might want to get started.) 🙂

  12. I’m jumping on the “beautiful quilt” bandwagon. I haven’t seen it in person, of course, but on camera it looks magical– as a backdrop to your backpack yesterday made it look like the backpack was floating in sparkly blue space. Very cool. and I’m glad your tendonitis is so much better!!

      1. Doing it here too, and from my dashboard as well. I’ve sent a note to WordPress, and Robin, keep scrolling, everything’s here it’s just all vertical right now. 😦

  13. Julie, it’s all here again…vertically, weird

    Don’t forget about the post I wrote for the Bettyverse before the ‘Verse went back to wordpress…it was titled “I am a Great…

    We all need to stop dissing ourselves, our work, our talents

    1. My Hurricane came in and flipped the orientation so we could at least have our content back. When we hear from WordPress, you’ll all know about it!

      Lol, oh yes I do remember! Thanks. 🙂

  14. I was a little disoriented when I pulled up the blog, but I think I might like having the post part on the left. Because we read left to right, I think it places the most important part of the blog (you and the reading) in greatest prominence. Less distracting?

    We occasionally have giant leaves blow in, but I’ve not seen one that size before. And by “Executive Hands” I meant soft, but of course, huge, and conveying great importance!

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