We will begin tonight’s festivities with a grand greeting of joy.  It’s Adam‘s birthday, he’s now 25.  (Right?  25?)  As you may know by now, I send/hand out/drop off/have delivered wee treasures to my witchlings for some seasonal events.  The Witchs’s New Year is one that I like to mark.  Since Hanny has been living away from home, I generally ship hers.  (With the help of Dorothy, Charles, and Bryan.)

              This year was no different.  Except that I was slightly less organized.  I had made the purchases on time, and I knew I’d left enough days for the box to arrive.  I just forgot to bring her new address along when I left the damn house.  And I got my tasks backwards.  (Dyslexics do that.)  It turned out fine though.  In the new place Fed Ex goes right to their door.  A blissfully welcome change from the days when I was forced to panic and she was forced to chase down a sweaty man who only showed up in the business/maintainance office once every seventh Tuesday on the Full Moon or some other stupid and mysterious combinations of peculiar timing.

             In this year’s Seattle-bound Package O’ Samhain Goodness were also two small tokens for Mr J.Adam’s special day.  It turns out, my psychability is even more tuned in than I thought.  The presents were not only welcome, but items he actually NEEDED!  Happy Happy to our Carolina boy.  Glad you liked the gifts and we’ll see you all in just a few days. 

              As everyone probably also knows, I have become a serious blog hopper, and make my rounds nearly every night.  Checking in hither and yon, to get the news and see who’s doing what.  Well I’ve recently been introduced to this woman, and she is absolutely pee your pants funny.  She, like so many very humorous individuals, has her own demons and issues that bedevil her.  (Don’t we all?!)  She is also quite prolific, with like four different sites and tons of archival posts.  I’ll get caught up.  Eventually.

               One thing I found out last night was that she is also a miniaturist.  I know!  Cool.  Her last post mentioned a decade long project that I had to share, ( here is her picture page ) but I wasn’t alone.  Melissa did the same this morning.  The blog-o-sphere is an odd land, with its own rules and “coincidental” factorings built in to it.  Melle and I recently discovered that we were in the same place at the same time, over 30 years ago.  On an island.  In the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

             Not kidding!  When she was about 5 or so, and I was a barely teen, we were both in Hawaii.   She was closer to the military bases (being a military family and all), while I was in a small town called Kailua (where Barack was too, at the same time, just sayin’).  Every summer I had a job, many of them involved childcare for small blonde girls from military families.  No, I wasn’t her babysitter, but it was a damn close call.  And beyond bizarre, even for me.  And her.


            The Halloween decorations at Mom’s tonight were vast.  Even though she said that she just hadn’t felt like getting all of them out.  She grew pumpkins this year in her garden.  The above photo shows two.

            And of course she dressed the doll, bears, and lamb.  As well as most of the tables, including flat surfaces that aren’t technically tables at all.

              Hard to see in this shot, but those flowers are orange too.  And from her yard.  (As were the tomatoes and potatoes we had with dinner.)

             Come on, who else has hand knitted holiday sweaters on their stuffed buddies?!  In an antique wagon?!

            With counted cross stitched napkins in autumnal colors?!  Maybe only my mother.  Or Martha Stewart. 

             She said that after tomorrow she’ll replace some with more fall-like arrangements and toys, so as to not be too event-specific.  Yeah, it was fun.  She made Daniel a belated pie and a huge cakepan of frosted brownies (which Dad kept wanting to cut into early and have with his coffee).  Empress and Max came by.  It was only about half of us, but it was loud.

             When I flipped over our crystal card this afternoon, knowing where we were going and having already texted Adam my regards, this really made me smile.  The significant words that go along with this one couldn’t have been more perfect.  (Even if the picture is crappy.)

Ruby  ~  passion, love, precious memories.

Your passion for someone you love is being rekindled and you will soon find yourself glowing with a new found sense of joy and wonder for life.  As you find yourself reflecting on all the blessings and precious memories derived from this beautiful relationship, you realise that bad times are easily forgotten, yet precious memories of love live forever.

Love is an ocean which forever ebbs and flows.  At times a raging sea – at times tranquil and calm.”

           Next time I see a ruby I am definitely going to look at it differently.

(Edited to add.)  Late Night Update: go look at this!  From Judie!


27 thoughts on “Layers of Love.

  1. Loving the Samhain/Hallowe’en decorations – very cute! I think we are riding the same Universal path right now, it’s not so much coincidence as that being attuned to the same sorts of things and having similar themes cropping up here and there throughout our lives, we were bound eventually to hop on the same track and coast a bit. ;op

    1. When you get a chance go back and look at her Ostara/spring decor… same tiny cuties but with seasonally appropriate garb.

      Since I don’t believe in concidence (at all, as a word or concept), your theory is eloquent and perfect. 😀

  2. I so dig your mom’s halloween decor. I always look forwrd to seeing what she’s put in the wagon!
    My lone nod to the holiday was buying dh a bag of minisnickers and saying Trick or Treat when I handed them to him. I may dress sweet pea in one of her many halloween onesies or sleepers later…seriously how many wardrobe changes does she need today? Lots of people seemed unable to resist zee holiday garb as gifts for the Pea so i feel obligated to change her like she’s on project runway today. pics may follow!

  3. Happy New Year to all who are celebrating! And Happy Birthday to Adam!

    Your mother’s little knitted sweaters on bears is too cute.

    And I second Carrie on the dollhouse. Amazing. That is alot of work and serious creativity.

    1. Thanks, when I texted him during the day it was going “dandy” so that boded quite well. 😉

      Let us know if you ever need something very small knitted, crocheted, or cross stitched, we pretty much have the teensy handicrafts covered here.

  4. HelloooOOOOOooooo, on my favorite day. Besides liking the colors, costumes, witches, BATS and candy, everyone is so happy. Most other holidays instill stress and deadlines. Loved the new blog and hey, that is some dollhouse. Amazing workmanship. I would have loved that growing up, to play vampires instead of barbie or little people. We are quite decorated; witchling fairy lites (orange, dk purple and dk blue) with tombstones Nick made when he was 8. Got a werwolves door knocker and the traditional skeleton. Am enjoying your neighborhood running commentary. I too look forward to the dumpster filling up. Have a good evening. Happy Birthday to Hanna and J. Adam and Happy New Year to all of you.

  5. Oh Julie dear, this card is just TOO perfect for me today. Firstly, B and I went car shopping last night and I came home with a fun little Kia Rio5, in bright red. We tried coming up with a good name for her before bedtime, but were stumped. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was “RUBY! Duh!” But the card’s message really rang true. B and I have had some very rough times in the past few years, but just recently I’ve been realizing that being comfortable is GOOD, and that we make an excellent team, and those two things are the most important elements of love and I shouldn’t gloss over them. 🙂

  6. Who else would have hand knitted theme sweaters on teddy bears? my Mom of course! She has dolls and bears and quilts and puzzles and hand made decorations of every kind, on every wall and surface in her house, for every holiday/season. And how far did the apple fall from the tree? Pretty damn far….guess how much holiday decorating I do??

  7. When my grandma was alive, she decorated for every holiday. Good thing she wasn’t jewish, because they have a lot of holidays! She had tablecloths and dishtowels and candles and stuffed animals and pillows and things to attach to her curtains and tabletop decorations and mugs and sweatshirts and who knows what all else for each holiday. Plus normal ones for in between. Walking into her home could be quite overwhelming! But it was never boring.

    I used to decorate for Halloween (and xmas). I haven’t decorated for either in ages. And I don’t celebrate either anymore.

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