Here’s the warning, before we get going tonight: at the end of this post there will be a picture of a (recently fed) large snake.  You’ve been alerted.  And are now free to skip that part as you scroll down the post.

              I rode the bike this afternoon in VERY wet weather.  It did not kill me.  Now that we know my “route” is around three and a half miles I can kind of gauge how far I go each week.  Not like it matters, but ya know, information and wisdom and all that shit. 

              If you happen to have some extra healing vibes hanging around that you aren’t using, and maybe feel like tossing a few my way, I’d really appreciate not spending close to four miles in pain tomorrow.  Just a thought.   Thank you in advance.

              Earlier today I sent Kate and her girls a small sized quilted bag, and picked up a zipper so I can make another one, also purple, for someone else who generously e-mailed me with a request.  Sorry Robin, I could not find where in this heaving mass of a gazillion freaking words I had previously talked about my tote bag obsession.  So I took some new pictures and will just update the info now.

               Here are all that I currently have left.  One large, two medium, and two smalls.  They are machine pieced and quilted, all 100% cotton.  They can be just thrown in the washer and dryer.  I assembled them my own wee self elf, because I love totes and bags and purses and carry-alls and satchels of every flavor and style.  I simply cannot keep all that I make.  (You may recall the sweatshirt purse idea.)

            Each one is completely individual and different and they all have plenty of pockets.  In the above view you can see the large and medium bags turned partially inside out, the better to gaze at and appreciate the handy pocketage.

             Here’s a shot of what the littlest ones look like from the back, with my phone as perspective.  Sure, I could have given you their sizes in numbers, but that would have taken some forethought, and ya know, a measuring device.  When I sold others like these to a guy at the mall, he paid me 15, 25, and 30 dollars, for the different sizes.  No idea what he charged his customers later, but they sold out in days. 

            On our card altar this afternoon we are back to Gay’s deck of Saints & Angels.  It’s very nice, and it is definitely the type of positive message we like to see around here.  (No, Dan and I have not done anything about the table or the new deck yet, he had some training at the office or some damn thing, so we will get to the drilling and incorporating in another day or so.)

“Sweetness  ~  Guardian Angel  ~

Your guardian angel is asking you to notice and enjoy the nectar of life.  ‘You are sweet,’ your guardian angel says to you, ‘and I can help you feel that happiness and joy.’  If you have felt toughened by life experiences, your angel can help you lower your defenses … and still be safe, protected, and respected.

This is also a message for you to treat yourself with tender sweetness.  Give yourself rewards and be kind to yourself.  Are you pushing too hard with an ‘all work and no play’ approach to life?  Be a sweetheart to yourself, and take some leisure time to play and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your guardian angel will also help you bring sweetness into your relationships in ways such as speaking with love, acting out of kindness, being generous, giving sincere compliments, and being thoughtful.  As you show this extra consideration for others, it is sure to be returned to you plentifully.  It is now time to fall back in love with life and enjoy its rich sweetness.”

            Sometimes this is just the type of message we need as a reminder.  Our lives are truly gifts, and when we are blessed enough to share our time with loved ones, that should be acknowledged with gratitude.

              Even though it’s just me and Daniel here in The Burrow, we are usually all current on what’s up with our witchlings, and in the case of our girls, what’s up with their pets too.  Empress recently went to buy some food for Coco.  While she was in the shop, she saw this, and shared it as a phone photo. 

           This beauty had just eaten a rabbit, for the first time.  One of the things I love about reptiles is how easy they are to feed.  As long as you have no problem dealing with dead rodents, of course. 

             Growing pythons and boa constrictors advance along the food chain, beginning with tiny new born mice and rats, then moving up to youths and eventually adults.  If they are a large breed the progression keeps going, to guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits.  All of these prey items are humanely released from their lives, so that other creatures may continue on as pets, bringing joy to their people.

LateNight Update:  Carol posted our fun meet-up from last week over at her place today.  (With more ridiculous pictures of me.  She looks lovely, I appear to be Special, again.)

36 thoughts on “Quilted Kindly.

  1. But you are special! (with a small s) I love the open-mouth pic, like you just opened that book and discovered a cat picture inside.

    The snake photo made me think of my dog-that-looks-like-a-cat, tonight. I’d just made vegetarian cutlets and took them from the oven, when the phone rang and I talked to my dad and Gramma for half an hour. When I returned to the kitchen 1 cutlet was missing. And my little d.t.l.l.a.c. evil genius, excellent huntress, and master thief was dead asleep up on her shelf. And stayed that way for hours, as she slowly digested a piece of food that’s half the size of her torso.

    So maybe she’s actually a snake-that-looks-like-a-cat.

    1. Damn, you totally get bonus points for relating that clever creature to both dogs and snakes! Axel stole two burger patties like that once, and he was huge so it was VERY difficult to be so stealthy.

      I’ll be checking my IN box shortly, we were supposed to be onto crafting time by now but laptop issues arose and delayed us. I forgot to say that prices here are never set in stone, all are merely suggestions.

  2. I like the card. Just be nice, sometimes, and it works. Cool picture of the snake. I remember going to a call in Mapleton one night, and finding this really small studio apartment with about 10 cages of mice/rats, etc. Could not figure out why until we saw the 2 boas….

    1. Nice. It is most sensible to breed them yourself. I just am not fond of the rodent-y smell. And ya know, they aren’t dead.

      So glad you guys don’t have to be at that crappy training, in like three hours. Gah! How else can both your days be more screwed up than “scheduling” shit like that?! 😕

  3. I want one of those bags. I may even want two. One big and one little. Email of address on way. Real live letter and check in mail.

    The picture of you with your mouth open is wonderful. You have obviously just been given and wonderful thing and you are clearly in the “OMG, this is just too fantabulous to be believed!” stage of surprise. It made me smile a warm and happy smile.

    Sweetness? Would that go with the chocolate croissant I got yesterday and am about to have with my coffee? Why yes it would!

    Healing vibes to the legs! Try icing after exercising. I can almost never do it because it’s just so dang cold, but it is supposed to really help.

    1. Yes, that morning croissant was the perfect embodiment of Sweetness. Great way to begin your day (which you were doing as I was heading off to bed.)

        1. The very idea that so many of you are just beginning your days as I am ending mine, and yet we are all thinking of each other (and waving!) is so fabulous to me. 😛

      1. This is grandbaby #5 and girl #3. My 1st son and his wife. No photos yet 😦
        but he’s been at the hospital with them all day. Long labor (1st) and I expect to see her this weekend, so photos then!!

        1. Kiss that girl for us, or if not, at least hug Dad and flash those pictures around proudly.
          One of Han’s good friends growing up was named Caitlin (spelled this exact way I think) and she was one of the sweetest and most responsible kids I’ve ever met.

  4. Sending you healing vibes! Sparkly Sparkly Healing Vibes! Hope you enjoy the trip.

    I am amazed AGAIN! If you’ll kindly pop over to my comment to your comment on my blog you’ll see why I am In Love with the Universe and it’s gentle sense of humor. It concerns today’s card. Have fun cycling!

    1. Damn, I missed TWO new posts.
      (Note to self: even if Dan IS home, be more diligent about staying current with bloggy friends, AKA FROGS [per londonmabel FRiends made On bloGS].)

  5. You’re silly-you look great! My mother-in-law is a bag collector. I think I will send you an email…

    I admire your healthy dedication, but maybe you should listen to your wee body sometimes, and take a day of rest? Of course, I hate exercising, so you should consider the source!

    1. Not so sure it’s health or dedication so much as OCD enhanced stubborness that’s keeping me going. But yes, paying attention to aches + pains has always been something I monitor closely.

  6. The bags are awesome!!

    Your blog has lost everything but the blog. It is all spread out across the page and missing all the mess. Oh wow, I just found the rest of your stuff, all nice and neatly stacked on top of each other below this.

    This is the kind of day it has been for me.
    Sure hope it gets better!!

    1. This same thing happened to Skye a few months ago. It eventually self-corrected. I love that it was a personal message just for you this time! 🙂

  7. I love you dearly Julie, but on the snake feeding bit I think we may have to agree to be different.
    Down in the wood we have adders and I admire them greatly but am very happy to let them travel their own addery path and get their own tea; even though I suspect they may be snacking on the beloved dormice!
    I think the photos of you on Carol’s page are so great, you look so happy together.
    Have to agree with Megan, I’m totally up for the fitness but you’re poor wee body sounds like it’s finding things a bit tough:( Hope the pain is better soon.

    1. No worries about the snake and differing opinions. Totally understand, you know how I am about cats, and yet, there seem to be SO many JulieLanders who actually LIKE the damn things. 😉

  8. Shut my eyes and scrolled over Le Snake. *shudder* Bad memories from childhood. ; )
    Anyway, liked the card. Agree that honey attracts more flies than vinegar, but then again who wants flies?
    I’ve lost the Betty blog links, except yours, : ) so am madly trying to find links from here. I was so lazy, I’d just go to the Bettyverse and click on the Bettyblogs from there. Now the feed is broken. So don’t think I’m being all uppity and such by not commenting, I’m still trying to find you guys. : (

    1. Glad the warning was there then. I’ll try to remember every time.

      Oh no, so sorry you are having lost issues today. But hey, isn’t it nice that I’ve got gobs of goodies here for you, right when you need the links?! With as many Betties as I have on the blogrolls, you should be able to connect with nearly everyone.

  9. Wow, so much to comment on.

    Shins: ice. Do you do shin stretches? Do them after you’ve walked, and do them even on days when you don’t walk.

    Pics from Carol: I LOVE the one of you looking at the book! It’s so you! I can almost here you enthusing with joy and excitement afterward! What a great gift from Carol.

    Snakes: I like snakes a lot, but don’t want one because I’d have difficulties feeding it, especially as it got past rats. Are there snakes that stay small?

    Bags: I have a Julie bag, too!

    Card: I’m already sweet enough! I’m so sweet, I’d melt in the rain! LOL!

    1. Yes, there are small constrictors. There are also small snakes that eat just fish (like guppies) and others that eat insects (like garter snakes). Just google around. There is alot to choose from!

    2. Found some new exercises/stretches last night that I am already working with, so the trudge today should be improved, just based on the fact that I’m saying: YES THIS WILL HELP DAMMIT!

      Robin, yep. Exactly right.

  10. I really enjoy coming here to visit. I truly do. But it is amazing how many times things from ‘your’ place ‘hit’ -here- at mine. And at times it is damned annoying. I’m a Taurus. I’m stubborn and like to push my way through things. Now.

    Why am I telling you this? I liked the bags. I don’t ‘need’ one. But they are awful nice and I wanted more information. Pockets? How long are the straps? How much? You know, details. But I couldn’t find info and you couldn’t find info and I had to, you know, wait. Waiting is over!! My power steering on our ancient 200,000+ mile van is leaking! So no guilty pleasures for me. And no, this isn’t a sob story for pity. I just thought I’d let you know there was a reason for the lack of info. Sigh.

    I’ll second the ice. I know, you don’t like it. Try putting a warm damp towel on first, topped with ice pack. You’ll slowly get cold. Maybe that will help.

    The card applies today too. I certainly haven’t been ‘enjoying’ things lately.

    My daughter and I love snakes. Well, pretty much all animals. But daughter wants a snake pretty badly. However, my husband is petrified. As in, he once jumped off a riding lawn mower and ran in the house to get me cause he saw one in the grass. So we just admire other peoples’ snakes.

    I hope you’re feeling better and I’m sending lots of FGBV’s your way

    1. Makes absolutely perfect sense to me, thank you for the explanation. You are right, the sign was: wait. So we did, and we searched instead, but that sign said: keep waiting. Now, the sign is all about how you need to switch the focus to your vehicle moving forward and the bags will go live in other, just as loving, homes. Perhaps another time I’ll quilt you something, but for now, take care of that car. (You must be able to steer smoothly.)

      Thank you for the suggestion on how to get that ice going. I was blatantly NOT paying attention to the cold recommendations, but yours wedged itself in with the warm beginning.

  11. I don’t like or dislike snakes. I don’t like coming upon them unexpectedly, but otherwise I’m ok with them.

    Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment, so I can’t really focus on the card tonight. Maybe that’s an answer in and of itself? *sigh* Answering my own questions seems to be beyond my skills today. Not a pity request, just being grumpy because I can, I guess.

    Sorry you’re sore, I hope you have/had a much smoother day today!! Hot baths tend to help sore muscles, especially if you ice them afterwards. 🙂

    1. As much as I adore the ocean and pools, you’d think I would also like baths… seriously, could I BE more bizarre?!

      Take care of you. Nothing good comes from being overwhelmed. Simple some shit down, then rest and look at it all from another angle, like a resting position. 😉

  12. I have a healthy respect for snakes and their role in the grand scheme of things. I happily flew by the pic with my head pointed away from the pic, though. Thanks for the warning.
    The bags are lovely. I, too, am crazy about bags. I have so many that I have one peg thingy full & I need to put up another. I like to find unusual things to use as purses, also.
    I will send you healing vibes for certain. Take care of yourself during your pursuit of fitness. I pulled the big muscle on the inside of my thigh and am now babying myself constantly. Especially getting in and out of the car.
    I’m on a mission to find the sweetness and the fun in life lately. Nice to have card confirmation that I’m on the right track.

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