Here’s a question for you guys.  Before I pester the nice people at WordPress I’m going to bother my readers (kinda like how Crusie exploits hers, lol).  When we “subscribe” to a blog or website we are agreeing to receive notifications via e-mail every time that place updates.  Great idea, incredibly convenient, I am a fan.  But what happens when the letters you open are blank?

             Is this happening to anyone besides me?  Every update I’ve received in the past two days has been nothing but an empty page.  I THINK all of them are WordPress blogs, but I haven’t paid that much attention to it.  My e-mail folks are ComCast (or as I like to call them: CrapTastic) so it could be that, they are notoriously shitty.  Let me know if this is happening to anyone else okay?  Because so often, it’s just me.

(Edited to add:  now it seems that I cannot comment on Blogger Brand blogs.  Hmmm, maybe it really IS just me.)

             And now, for something completely fun.  How about some nut facts?  I know, I’m excited too.

“Hazelnuts and Filberts are the same nut.  Technically, the Hazelnut is raised in Oregon and Washington on a bush that produces the nuts in late October.  Hazelnuts are also grown as a crop in British Columbia, Canada, along the Fraser River.  No where else on earth is a commercial Hazelnut crop grown. “

             Fascinating huh?!  There is so much more information here, but I just had to share this part with you.  I’m kind of more confused and less certain about what the hell to call these now than I was before Delia sent me the link.  We’ll need to research it more I think.  (And I really doubt I will stop calling them filberts, and really really doubt I will stop correcting people who call them hazelnuts.)  Either way, I liked how informative this place was and am so happy she thought of us and shared.  Thank you Google Fu master!

             On our card altar today we have an iconic message, and one I really feel close to. 

“Cow  ~  Bo  (pronounced as Bo – with an accent over the “o”)  ~  Nourishment, Motherhood, The Goddess.

The card shows a highland cow placidly standing beside the peaceful waters of a Scottish loch.  In the foreground we see cow-berry (cranberry) and cowslip, and to the right, milk-wort (field gentian).

Bo opens us to an awareness of the Goddess.  Her generosity, healing and nourishing power is present all around you – in your friends and children, in your food and drink, in your dreams, and particularly in the natural world that you are blessed to live in.  She brings protection from all harmful influences, and by attuning to her presence you can gain the inestimable benefit of deep and peaceful sleep. 

By opening yourself to Bo and to her sacred quality as a manifestation of the Goddess on earth, you will be connecting to the perpetual stream of nourishing energy that flows from the Goddess to each one of us.  To experience this, there is nothing you need to do.”

            Doesn’t that just have the most soothing feel to it?  Nice and gentle.  Nothing confrontational or harsh.  Nothing we actually need to accomplish nor even strive towards.  We needed this.  Well, I know I did.

            As you probably saw in the comments recently, our rain has returned.  I took that neighborhood wander with Empress & Co yesterday, but we were between cloud bursts at the time.  Today Daniel and I only went out once, to one place, late in the afternoon, but we were in the car not on foot, so the sprinkles didn’t really bother us.  Tomorrow when he heads back to Mayberry, and I head out for my healthful trudge, I may have to break out a jacket.  Maybe even look for an umbrella.

            He and I talked a lot last night about what I’m going to do when it becomes very wet on a regular basis and gets dark practically by 3 o’clock every afternoon.  I am hoping that once the pool re-opens I can keep up with my wandering, but not quite as many in a week.  I’m not enjoying the way this activity feels on my spherical form.  My legs aren’t liking it and my soul seriously misses that salty water. 

            Sadly, from what I’ve been able to gather though, it doesn’t look good for my class.  On Sunday they are having a function, so I’ll be down there scoping shit out and quizzing everyone about the fall schedule.  As soon as I know something, I’ll post it, I promise.

LateNight Belated: we missed Nan’s birthday!  Happy Happy to you.  And how fab is it that you and Carol share a day?!

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  1. To answer your question: No, I haven’t had this problem with wordpress but i’m having trouble commenting on blogger blogs.
    That nut fact IS interesting, I would have thought there would be more commercial crops!

  2. The true “filbert,” if I remember correctly, is a single type of hazelnut, and actually isn’t the one that we Oregonians grow commercially. I’m pretty sure we grow a standard hazelnut. But we insist on calling it a “filbert,” because, you know, that’s what we do. We are the only region that does this, and I’ve heard that the Oregon hazelnut industry has been pushing for this to change, since it’s apparently very confusing for the rest of the nation.

  3. The Son is correct. The European variety of bush is the filbert, the US variety is the less-oblong, more-round hazelnut. They taste pretty much the same. I don’t think it matters. A nut by any other name and all that…

    I wasn’t aware that there was a possibility of your pool reopening. A worthy FGBVs cause if ever there was one. 🙂

    1. You are pretty damn nerdy, but it’s one of the things we love about you. Seriously, I cannot even describe how thrilled I was when I saw that you’d shared this link.

      True, that boy of mine is kinda always right.

    1. Thank you, that was Hanna’s original recommendation for me as well. “Significantly less shitty” is exactly what I am striving for currently. 😛

  4. I have comcast and subscribe to a couple wordpress blogs. No problems here. Surprise, it may be unique to you! lolol
    Not that I ever talk about them, but I call them hazelnuts, and did not know they were the same as filberts. Such a funny word. hee

    1. Damn, you were one of my hopeful options… okay, probably just me again then.

      If you think filbert is funny, well prepare yourself, this is what my parents have called them, like nearly all my life:

      1. I’m laughing so dammed hard at your parents word I can’t believe you can’t hear me all the way from PA to OR! BAH HAHAH Love it! ANd just makes me wish harder for the day I make it out there to meet the whole clan.
        But back to your problem, I’m kind of stumped. Emails from wordpress saying there are new blog entries, but the emails are blank, is that right? Maybe your spam filter is wiping the body of the message clean, thinking it’s spam or viral. Have you brought it up with Han?

        1. Emails from wordpress saying there are new blog entries, but the emails are blank…” yes, plus updates of comments, that’s exactly right. No, I haven’t asked her yet but I did write to the support folks today.

          Yes well, we’re all waiting for you to get over here too. (In the meantime, have a pubert.) 😉

  5. My favoritest nut is the hazelnut. I did know that filbert was another name for them, but then my dad was a nut lover and called them by all kinds of names… some that I can’t repeat. 😉

    I’m alergic to a lot of nuts, the hazelnut has yet to cause me grief. **she says crossing her fingers and washing the statement out of the air so as to not tempt the gods**

    I put it to the universe about the retreat from yesterday’s blog. Yesterday’s? Anywway… Last night my sweetie suggested that we go up to the mountains this weekend and enjoy the colors. I said that it sounded awesome and promised to not wail, “Winter’s Coming!!” Thank you universe, it will be a nice retreat.

    I don’t use wordpress so I can’t help you there. Hope it gets all worked out soon.

  6. I like this. I am experiencing high anxiety (okay, not exactly new, but this has a focus of this new project) and like the idea of receiving all this awesome without having to do anything.

    I don’t subscribe to any blogs, so I cannot help you. I had problems commenting on blogpress blogs, even my own, until I instituted that dreadful popup comments window. If you are having problems with those blog comment areas, then it’s probably blogspot. They’ve probably done something new and broken it.

    I hope your pool opens. I have to start walking, but I always think of it in the middle of the day when it’s too damned hot to take a walk. I have to start either getting up way early or thinking about it in the late, late afternoon.

  7. My old neighbor is adamant that what I have are Filbert trees, and that the nuts they produce are called Hazelnuts. He seemed quite irritated at the thought of calling them Hazelnut trees. The trees don’t seem to care one way or another.
    Sorry that blogger is being persnickety. I don’t know what to do to fix the problem other than slapping Blogger upside the head.

    1. I did see that some other folks were having trouble at your place with eaten comments. So in this case I think Skye is probably correct, Blogger/BlogSpot is just messing with us again. Whew, so NOT me this time.

  8. Can’t help. I don’t subscribe to any blogs. Personally, with all my love for Comcast I would just blame them on principle.

    Also, no retreat in my future. I’m putting out metaphorical fires around here right now. I am -taking- this time tonight on the computer for my sanity.

    Loved the nut info. The hazelnut is one of my daughter’s favorite nuts. So I will pass that along. And I am so into ‘Bo’. Welcome, welcome!

    Crossed fingers and FGBV’s to you for the pool reopening.

    1. Ya know what, I think we should blame CrapTastic too. 😕

      If you can’t “take” any time any where else, this will have to do, and we’ll call it an Emergency (On-line) Retreat. Sometimes, that’s just all we get at the moment. (But say the affirmation anyway, and add some Goddess energy in there, that way you can get the gift of it later.)

  9. hello mother!! thought i would drop in and say hello 🙂 I have not too long finished my show and debriefed with tina (assistant, producer of the show). what is wandering and the pool all about? i hope all is well too, when i read your words i hear your voice. i truely miss you and the siblings. we will have to make time and chat it up on the phone sometime..i love you mom!! (((hugs)))

      1. Oh yeah, i’m pretty bad about things but i do try mother. I’m tired all the time with working the full time and then working with people in the evenings when i have appointments or my radio show. So, have you been listening to my show and if so..what are your thoughts? I can tell you are trying to stay fit but you look good the last time I saw ya though. The quit smoking thing will be tough and I know first hand about that since I did the same thing over seven years ago. 🙂

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