Breaking (or sliding) into Life.

            In our family, I am NOT known for my mental growth, nor cerebral flexibility.  Old Stick In The Mud has been tossed out several times, in my direction (as well as Fun Sponge, but that’s a whole nother issue).  In my entire 50 years all of the advancements I’ve made have been slow and hard-won.  I’m not so much like a chick breaking out of a shell as I am a snake, slowly pulling away from that old dry, and ready to be shed, crinkly too-small skin.  (Although many snakes ALSO come out of shells, soft leathery ones….. much like alligators and crocodiles, now that I think about it.)

           Learning how to run my own blog, text with Dan and the kids, getting my wee self elf set up on the Tweeties, downloading pictures, replacing ink cartridges, all of these are huge milestones in my life.  Things I never thought I could accomplish.  Similar to marching around the neighborhood for an hour, or like tonight, nearly two.  It’s not as much fun as the pool (another thing I never thought I could do), and I don’t feel necessarily refreshed, but I do know that it’s good for me, I’m doing it dammit.  And, well I AM seeing some interesting sights along the way.

            Narrowly averting a big huge screaming fight (okay fine, he doesn’t scream or fight, usually it’s me, whatever) Daniel and I left the house this evening, and took a wander.  We went well past where I’ve been going lately, spotting this delightful seating area (above) in one front yard, then coming down the hill, we saw this project (below).  It’s one that we’ve been monitoring.

            You may or may not recall our Way Of Champions back route home from the grocery store, doesn’t matter if you do or not, this is one of the no-progress improvements we like to keep track of.  We recently saw that the guy had a small tractor out there smoothing down his dirt, so we had to capture it here, and share.

            Look what else we saw.  Here is the other Post It note I noticed originally, and what it looked like today.

from before

current view

           This pink one, the green one with the message about signs, and a yellow one, were all scattered along a near-by stretch of sidewalk.  Now they are in different places, the pink one flipped over, and the yellow one is gone completely.

            This yard confused us.  We don’t think they got Flamingobombed, but we don’t know.  We don’t think this was left-overs from a weekend yard sale.  But we don’t know.  The massively oversized vase and peculiarly tall table with matching chairs (just out of frame), why are they all on the grass? With those flamingos?  Again and still, we don’t know.  See?  Confusing.

            There were lots of foreign plates earlier, but I was in a grid-lock situation so I couldn’t stay focused on them.  Dan went back the other night (yes, in his patrol car, he was driving in that direction anyway) and got the two from our anniversary Death March earlier in the month (Illinois and Minnesota), and we walked by them again today.  But otherwise the only one that sticks in my head is BC (cheers!) and the only one I jotted down was Florida.

            For the past few afternoons I’ve had some nicely psychic moments in my card altar room as I’m starting my day (one was about all the traffic I encountered, in fact), I’ll share more about that soon, as well as the new in-progress Changing My Brain endeavour.   For right now though, our daily draw has validated these very nicely for me, going along beautifully with our Special Occasion Bat from yesterday.  It’s all been quite empowering and encouraging!

“Sisters of the Seasons  ~  cycles of growth, natural law, Divine order.

When the Sisters of the Seasons meet you on your path, they remind you that everything has a natural rhythm that obeys a higher law.  Just as the seasons magically pass, be reminded that the nature of birth, growth, harvest, and decay cannot be altered.  So if you keep on your path with determination and discernment, allowing for the natural course of events to unfold, success is assured.

Divine appropriate timing is guiding your desires into perfect manifest form.  This is a very good period to start new things, as you have moved out of winter into the beginning of spring.  Continue with patience, and be aware of the rhythms of your opportunities.  There will be periods when things slow down and being anew, move into fruition, and then show down again in a never-ending natural flow.

Be mindful of which Sister greets you, for she points directly at the next.  Every moment counts now.”

           Even though we are actually on the cusp of fall, this is so good to hear*.  Rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation, all of these are rewards.  In order for us to reap these benefits, we need only to follow our paths, and simply go with the natural cycles of Mother Earth.  It feels like a nice stamp of approval for all of us.

*Unless you are like Kris, and live Down Under, then of course, you ARE on the cusp of spring.

LateNight Update (added later): go here and read Matt’s wonderful interview with Chaz, then go vote for him!  (I don’t actually know how the DWTS voting works, so maybe you guys could just figure that out on your own.)

19 thoughts on “Breaking (or sliding) into Life.

  1. I like the post it notes you’re finding on the walks, and the odd construction projects. Our neighbor (I know I have mentioned this before) is a contractor who built (slowly) the house next door, then did an addition (choosing the paint scheme that was our first choice, causing us to settle for our second choice) that isn’t quite done. Yet. Three years and counting. Although the Tyvek wrap blowing in the breeze is sometimes a nice touch.

    I like the “sisters of the seasons”. Reminds me that change is natural, and not always contrived by someone who thinks they have a better idea….

    • Similar to our neighbor the Rocket Scientist and his four year plan on that deck/staircase re-build. (Although, it may now be heading in to the 5th year if he has to stop when the rain starts here soon.)

      Oh I love the way you phrased this one! Thank you.

  2. A quick Google search shows a Joan Oaks working in the library at OSU. Perhaps you can go ask her about the note? 😉 (It does have a literary feel to it, does it not? Darcy, Hoffman, etc.)

    Once again, I am glad you are not walking my neighborhood and putting photos of our lack of construction progress on the interwebz. (Kids + Overtime + Bad Weather = Three years with Tyvec as siding.)

    • Since Oregon State is over an hour away, up the freeway, I am very much interested in this new information! How? And why here, so far from THAT campus (and yet less than a mile from THIS campus)? The one everyone in town destests? (Big rivalry between OSU and UO.) Fascinating!

      Lol, I also put OUR lack of progress projects and overgrown jungle yard up here too. Only fair. 🙂

    • Definitely the right track – Google Joan Oakes & Buster and you get Joan & William Oakes who live in Eugene and own an AKC registered Golden Retriever named Buster! Tah Dah. We’ll say she works out of the OSU library because that’s a complete story.

      (He spent FAR too much time on this. And could not understand why I no longer cared… I told him he should perhaps call Delia, she would certainly share his joy and excitment. J)

  3. I like your walks. Did you and Dan make-up? 😉 This is a good card. While I have yet to receive validation that I’m on the right path, I’m pretending it is, so I’ll just take this card as meaningful.

    So you are watching DWTS this season. I thought you’d given it up. It’s because Chaz is on, isn’t it! Admit it! 🙂

    • Consider the cards we use here as part of your validation process, you are reading this blog, you know me, this is now in your life…. ta da! You have yourself yet another sign. See? Easy to find once you accept that they are there. Like that song on the radio, and a few other examples, now you can no longer say you’ve never gotten them.

      I did not WANT to watch that damn show again. But now I’m forced to. Still won’t watch the “results” episodes the next day, can’t take that, but I’ll be supportive for as long as I can stand it. Or as long as Chaz hangs in there.

  4. So awesome for you that you achieved your technological milestones!!! (“What happened?” “Mom touched it.” = me and technology) I understand how much work that was. Good for you!

    LOL! I second Delia. Glad I’m not on your walk path either!

    • Yep, “Mom touched it” is also a valid explanation around here too. Once I master some new trick I’m pretty damn pleased with my wee self elf. If I can repeat it, well then …. that often warrants cake. 😛

  5. The flamingo photo is a bit like flamingo’s “the morning after.” A couple of green one, one in the tree with saying “I’m not going to drink ever again, especially at this Tiki bar.”

    • So Buster came by to say hi! How cool when that happens.
      Dan has taken up where Dee left off, the google fu continues… we think that Joan and Buster (her Buster this time) went for a physical therapy appointment (perhaps seeing Darcy for treatment) in an office that is quite near where we spotted the notes (and messages). This place caters to pets and their people in the same facility. But then, we are merely speculating (something we do really well).

  6. Yep, Mum is enjoying spring in that great land down under. We, on the other hand, have gone back into triple digits after what promised to be the start of fall. Damn. I think the cooler weather lasted for four days. I knew enough not to put away the shorts and flip flops.
    So what should we be experiencing, not renewal, maybe shedding? Letting go of old stuff? Storing up good stuff for the winter?

    • Triple digits!? You and your desert are killing me. All the way from here.
      Yes, right on the money! Any time we cycle and move along to a new season it’s best to tidy a bit, letting go of the old so there is more room for all that newness this type of movement naturally brings with it. I think you are exactly right about the shedding, or as was mentioned before, trimming a bit. 😉

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