Lunar Labor Day.

           This will surprise no one, so don’t even pretend to be shocked.  I am flawed to a degree that one of my many issues jumped out at us today in such a blatant manner that I ended up creating my own discomfort.   We took our neighborhood trudge this evening, and I was in charge of the route (well, I shoved my way into that responsibility, again, totally my fault here).  Guess what?  It was off, the timing totally sucked, we were a mess.  

           Okay, we weren’t really a mess.  But our timing was very much off.  When we got to our half-way-time mark Daniel asked me which direction, I pointed and suggested, so we went that way.  Except…. we came up short, or too long, or however you want to look at it.  Either way, it is obvious to one and all that I should just never be in charge of time-related anythings.  Once more, this is NOT news.

             What ended up happening was that I (ridiculously) made the decision to keep going, and not cut the walk short (which was our other option).  It was a mistake.  That was not one of my better ideas.  Now I feel as if I’ve been hit by a bus, and then the bus backed up and ran over me again.  As soon as I get this post typed and saved I’m going in search of the Trifecta of Pain Relief.

            We may never go that particular direction again, but if we do I am SO keeping an eye on this house.  And adding it to my list of no-progress home improvement projects that I’m keeping track of.

             This little flower is what we refer to around here as a “volunteer.”  Something/someone/someplant who just shows up because they want to.  As Dan was working on the side and back fence recently he came across several like this.  (One adventuring vine even has a few strawberries on it.)  When we saw this one, a single lone bloom, in a block-long expanse of nothing but fence boards and empty sidewalk, I absolutely had to share it. 

             Our daily draw picture came out much lighter than the actual card, and I have no idea why.  Here next to me it looks much more lapis lazuli-like, but in the photograph it appears almost neon bright.

 “Azurite  ~  self-confidence, creativity, expanding awareness.

Believe in yourself, for you have the ability to materialize your dreams!

Throughout the coming months you will begin to expand your horizons and explore new possibilities for your life.  You will realise that all you need, in order to manifest your dreams, is self confidence.  Believe in yourself and do not let anything stand in your way.  Even if you are rejected, do not give up, for even rejection can serve to strengthen your resolve and character, provided you are ready for it.  Expect it and see it as something you can learn from.   Success is guaranteed provided you remain focused and confident.

See every experience as a learning experience.”

          Right, so I like this one very much.  Although the “rejected” part was slightly concerning.  I will be as prepared for rejection as I can be, while still maintaining that self-confidence he recommends.  But now, I need to go elevate my hooves.  And eat my birthday crabs that Karen’s Beloved sent over yesterday.

LateNight Travel Update:  the Seattle contingent arrived safely back at their new apartment.  (Maybe it was a good thing that Dan and I wandered the neighborhood for longer than usual, it probably kept me from crying as I wandered the house instead.)

Even Later LateNight News:  Daniel just showed me a Google tribute to Freddie Mercury that was adorable.  And ha, his birthday is one day after mine!

18 thoughts on “Lunar Labor Day.

  1. Sorry to hear that the walk didn’t go as planned and that you’re tootsies are sore, hope they feel better after their elevation.
    I love that lone ‘volunteer’ flower, a nice splash of joyful yellow among all the grey and brown, and that card is great.

    • Thanks for the happy feet wishes, I’ve been getting some crabbiness from the fam about my salt intake vs the swelling. 😦 Whatever.

      Wasn’t that volunteer awesome?! So glad you liked it too.

  2. I don’t think salt has much to do with it. You might could try some lymphatic massage, since it sounds like your legs don’t do the return route very well. Simple thing would be to lightly rub your belly, outside to inside on both sides (flat hand, between bottom of your ribs and the top of your pelvis) then up from pelvis to ribs…5-7 time each. Then do the same thing up the insides and outsides of your legs, from knee to groin. Then (and if you can get Dan to do it while you’re reclined would be great, and if not, just yourself) with your legs up, go from ankles to above the knees both inside and outside, then the feet up above the ankles. Do some calming breathing while you do that, and imagine that your lymph system is a smoothly flowing, undammed river, with all the fluid going where it is supposed to go. I do this for my right arm regularly, thanking it for creating new ways for the lymph fluid to flow. Seems to work for me.

    And I believe the walk went exactly how it was supposed to go. The universe knows what it is doing.

    • Okay thank you! I have always thought that since all of my other systems reacted so slowly this was the main reason as well. We will try some of this, even though it’s awfully close to massage….. but no one seems to carry the topical homeopathic remedy Carol suggested so I guess this is our only option.
      Mom has one arm that swells now too…. yeah that surgery is life saving, it just messes with so much. Again, thanks though.

  3. Volunteer, eh? Around here we just call them black-eyed susans. 😀

    Sorry you’re so sore. Again. Glad the Seattle contingent made it back safe and sound.

    • Actual conversation:
      Me ~ Camera please. (holding out my hand and standing completely still in the middle of a barren sidewalk)
      Him ~ (handing over camera and gazing around trying to figure out why I have halted our forward momentum) That yellow flower all by itself.
      Me ~ Yep. Doesn’t it look cool?
      Him ~ It does, nice volunteer.
      Me ~ (taking picture, and handing him the camera back, because he has pockets)
      Him ~ Do you know what it is?
      Me ~ (after some brain searching, as we begin to walk away from this fence) Black eyed susan?
      Him ~ I have no idea. We’ll ask Delia, she’ll know. Or she’ll look it up, then we’ll all know.
      Me ~ It’s a black eyed susan. I’m pretty sure.
      Him ~ Unless Dee tells us it’s not.

  4. I think our bodies like to remind us of our age, even if our minds don’t agree. Well, at least my un-conditioned body. I’ve had all sorts of odd aches and pains lately.

    If your black-eyed Susan survives (and most critters won’t eat it) then you will have many volunteers next year! They spread. The deer around these parts don’t eat them, but my ground-hogs do. They are the latest bane of my garden.

    Here’s hoping you have a less sore day!

    • As I got up today, I was thinking about this death march I led us on yesterday, and how, when Dan goes back to work tomorrow, I will probably return to my Number 2 route, a portion of which is where that flower and its fence are located. If I keep doing this after my pool re-opens (or, gawd forbid, the pool does NOT re-open and I am sentenced to trudge as the seasons change) I can check on whether this wee volunteer multiplies. I will report back.
      Lots of deer in that part of the neighborhood, so they must not eat them here either.

  5. Volunteer. That’s awesome. We’ve had pansy’s, tomatos and corn volunteer to be a part of our yard in the past. Wow, next year if it brings friends along it will be very beautiful with so much color along the fence.

    Sorry the hooves ares sore.

    • My mother has tons of pansy volunteers too! They are absolutely everywhere, lining her driveway and moving off into the grass even. We’ve had melon and potato volunteers, and several trees as well. It’s fun to see what will pop up. 😉

    • Thank you, me too. I have no clue whether this year is worse, better, or the same, as summers past. Probably just about average for me. The temperature goes up and my feet/ankles puff up to keep it keep company I guess.

  6. Ooooo I love volunteers!!! I feed the birds as often as I can afford to (with occassional homemade bread treats) and have a regular contingent. This means bird poop in my garden and plant pots. I have snow-in-summer, two different types of phlox, and the most beautiful blue columbine that were all bird gifts. Hopefully, that black eyed susan will survive. If it doesn’t have an owner and you have room, you should grab it.

    I thought about you the other day. A flock of grackles came to my yard. Some adults, but mostly all their kids. I guestimated 70-ish of them. The kids were in their fall molt and all looked moth eaten. Feathers sticking straight up and sideways and straight down. Everyone was pecking and pulling and fluffing and shaking. There were feathers -every where-. You would have had some fun trying to count them all.

    I think you needed that long walk to keep your mind off the empty house. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried ice on your lower legs, but it helps on the rare occasions my calves swell up. Good luck with your poor feet.

    • Okay, 1)
      great idea… I should totally bring that lone susan home. And how cool that you have so many volunteers!

      And B- LOL!!! I love this image of the angsty teen-aged birds with their ratty look. Thank you for that, I totally Laughed Out Loud just now.

      Last, it has been suggested before, that I try cold packs or wraps, but even on the hottest days I don’t do so well with anything touching me, especially frozen somethings. I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the fridge though, and cotton-ball that on different parts of my wee self elf sometimes. (You and Ally are right, the Universe totally kept me out of the house on purpose.)

  7. wow – you and Freddie Mercury – me and Johnny Depp. JD was born in the same hospital as me during the same month as me. Different years and days, of course, but it still counts, dammit!

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