We are going to begin with the Accomplishment Du Jour news tonight.  (And I have to type fast, then edit and correct even faster, I’ve been delayed and am horribly behind already.)  I finished that last kit!  (Again.)  Took it in today and she didn’t have any more for me.  (She is chronically unorganized, and said there were some others “around here someplace” that she wanted me to do, but she couldn’t find them.  No wonder crap gets stolen.)

           After I left her shop I stopped in to another one next door.  This has been a vacant spot for months, and the business just moving in used to be on the other side of the building (it’s an odd mall-type arrangement, difficult to explain, just play along).  There were some adorably cute purses in one of the windows, so I stepped in.  It was immediately apparent that I  had to put on my “You Are So Unbelievably Ignorant And Must Be Taught Some Shit” hat.

            This idiot could not have BEEN more rude and judgemental.  I, however, was fabulously gracious and kind.  (No really, I was.)  Here’s our conversation, and I am SO not kidding:

Me  ~  Hi, your new place looks great.

Asshat ~  Uh.  (Staring at me, I was in shorts and a tank top, all ink visible.)  Your tattoos.  I bet you think you have too many. 

Me  ~  (Thinking, REALLY?!  You SERIOUSLY just said this to someone?!  Out loud?!)  Nope, actually I think I never have enough.  You have some beautiful things here.

Asshat  ~  But I’m sure you’re going to be sorry you have all of those. 

Me  ~  Still no.  It’s taken me decades to get here.  These bags you have here are really nice.

Asshat  ~  What are you going to do when you want to get rid of them?

Me  ~  Not likely to happen since I always seem to want more.  How do you like your new location?

Asshat  ~  Uh.  Well.  It’s okay.

Me  ~  Your displays are lovely.  I stitch the displays next door, so I’m here quite a bit.  (Big smile, right in his fucking face, the ignorant shit heel.)

Asshat  ~  Umm, when I get all of my shelving up, I guess it’s going to be okay.

Me  ~  Great.  Well good for you.  Hope you do really well here.  See you soon!  Have a wonderful day!

          And I left.  While he stood there in all of his former ignorance just staring at me with his stupid slack-jawed mouth hanging open.  This is not the first time I’ve had an encounter like this, but it HAS been quite a while (and not nearly as incessant).  I am going to make it a point of stopping in there every freaking time I am even in the area.  Just to mess with him.  And NEVER to buy one gawdamn thing.  (No, he was not just an employee, he was the store owner, about my age, and really, he simply should have known better.)

          My evening wander around the neighborhood was much more about temperatures than it was about smells this time.  There were some really obvious warm and cold sections I walked through.  Which seemed odd, being all out of doors and all.  But fascinating too.

          This is a golf ball.  On a hill.  Why it wasn’t rolling I cannot imagine.  After I took its picture, I kind of pushed it with my foot.  But it didn’t move as far as I thought it should.  No, I did not pick it up.  I have no pockets in my yoga pants, and I’m already carrying the mermaid water bottle and my camera.

          This small family was RIGHT in front of me before I even realized it.  I had just seen some turkeys, and as I got closer they slowly moved farther away.  But these guys didn’t seem to care about me in the least.  So obviously I had to photograph them.

           Then I snapped this one.  Can you see how much they do NOT care whether I have “too many” tattoos or not?  Sometimes animals are so much more sensible than people.

         We have a new card deck now!  The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins have (finally) joined our rotation.  (I think this is the post where I introduced them.)  I am so excited they’ve finally come up.

“Dream Big  ~  Let go of small thoughts about yourself!  See yourself succeeding!

In the past, you may have seen yourself as insignificant.  This card asks you to release any thoughts or feelings of inferiority.  Truly believe that you are utterly qualified for any endeavor you can dream about!

Write down a list of your fears about moving forward, and then ‘drown’ those fears by putting the paper into a bucket or large bowl of water.  Then, take a cleansing shower, bath, or swim.  The water seals your new way of seeing yourself … as you are in truth: an equal to all other children of God.”

           Okay, well that was at once very Pagan-y and very Doreen-like.  Interesting!  I think this is going to be a fun deck to explore.  (Just wish she hadn’t mentioned swimming though, that was simply cruel.)  But, the over all message is perfectly valid.  Yay mermaids and dolphins!

27 thoughts on “Teaching, finishing, dreaming, and walking.

  1. Glad you’re kit free for a while.
    Unless that guy is really attractive I don’t see him selling a lot of purses to women.
    Nice card. I think I need to let go of some inferiority. I need a source of income for now & then I need to come up with a long term plan that has lots of fun in it.
    You sound like you’re making the best of your walks. Love the deer.
    I’m feeling better but still not 100%. Not sure what’s going on cause I have flu-like muscle aching but no other symptoms except the occasional headache – which is weird because I never get headaches.

    1. It’s a luggage store, but with lots of other things in it. He is NOT good looking, in the least, neither inside nor out.

      Fun in a plan is always a good idea. Not sure about your achey-ness though. Have you read Barb’s new post tonight? She’s talking about alternative healing and where physical ailments come from.

      As I walked today I did think about how I’m not to the point of “enjoying” having to trudge, all outside and everything, but I am sort of kinda looking forward to what I see out there. Or smell. Or feel.

  2. Clearly, you were in the right place at the right time. That man had absolutely no graciousness; he needed to meet someone who had more than enough and could share.
    That said… geez!

    1. I have no patience with people like him. Or ignorant asshats in general. Someone recently refered to their cat as looking like a “dirty hippie with smelly dredlocks“…. I just about lost my mind over that. Because, like this guy, she seems like an intelligent and educated person. And yet, the stupidity of their comments obviously prove otherwise. It’s hurtful ya know? And SO unnecessary.

  3. Wow, that guy really was rude! I think you handled it beautifully, and with a lot of class. Sometimes people floor me with their inability to just peacefully coexist with others who don’t share their exact viewpoint on how to live. (Have you ever noticed that in many instances, they are actually just existing and not really living, themselves?) On the other hand, I’m really glad I stumbled across your blog this morning, because I am in love with the mermaid card you have posted – especially since it represents exactly what I wrote about in my blog just about an hour ago! ( http://caridwen.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/good-timing-universe/) Proof that like energies attract, yet again.

    1. Welcome to JulieLand Caridwen! So glad you found us. I just clicked over to your place and I SO want to read more!
      (How did you find us?)

      Really glad you were here for our first mermaid card, and please come back. 🙂

      1. hehehe – it was a fabulous circle led me to your blog – I follow Deborah Blake, and she links to you, and somehow (RIGHT. SOMEhow. Like I don’t know…) I just got the itch to click your link this morning – and there was the mermaid card, corresponding to my post. YOU know how the Universe works… this was the “official” response to my post, I imagine. Good response! ;op

  4. I am reminded of Ben Franklin’s (I think) saying about ignorance…”It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”. Some folks are just like that. Guess there are some businesses that just don’t need our money…

    I like the new deck so far (huge statistical sample so far, I know).

    The change in temperatures as you walk is also a phenomenon that I notice riding a motorcycle. Just lovely pockets of cool air, waiting for you to enjoy them.

    1. Ah Ben. Perfect, thank you.

      No, Latham’s at 5th Street Public Market won’t be gettin’ any Witch dollars. Ever. Ever.

      Oh I hadn’t thought about that, but I can totally see how that would happen on the bikes too! Fun isn’t it? 😉

  5. Oh doesn’t that make you wish you had a sign to hold up that says “I cannot believe you are so rude! Do you realize you said that OUT LOUD?” (I often wish for such a sign when someone approaches me in say the dollar store, looks me up and down and says “Wow you’re HUGE” like, um, I haven’t noticed.)

    That makes me crazy. Grrrr. I may kinda sorta wish that Rude Person’s shelves don’t stay up well and have to be rehung often as recompense for his/her utter superficiality and judginess.

    1. Yep. Asshats of the highest order. I SAID I hope he does well in the new location, but I really don’t think I meant it. Unless, ya know, I go back there a ton and he improves. In that case, okay, his business can thrive.

  6. If it helps, you have just the right amount of tattoos. If you get more, you will then still have just the right amount of tattoos. They clearly serve to attract deer and alert you to the presence of asshats. They probably glow blue in the presence of orcs. They are elvish tattoos!

  7. O.M.G. I don’t think I would have had your patience. If the guy said that to me, he might as well have ended it with, “Engage,” because that’s what I would have done. Also, I don’t think “former ignorance” is quite accurate. I’d be willing to bet he’s hanging on to his ignorance with both fists.


  8. I think you should alert everyone you know who has lots of visible tattoos to visit his shop. In droves. Look around. Engage the guy in polite conversation. And don’t buy anything. Oooh, look! Instant Karma!

    I like the card, but if I had to list out all my fears about moving forward, it would be a book and much better for burning than for drowning. Even if I threw it in the ocean, it would just come back to shore, and then someone else would read it.

    Must be that I’m feeling unwell today. Overtired. Haven’t been to the beach in a couple of days. Makes me melancholy. Sigh.

    1. We’ve already got Em and Ally lined up it looks like. He is going to get a crash course in Judgement. Just wish I could do this to everyone that makes these ignorant kind of remarks. 😛

  9. I have had quite a different week. So glad that you handled that guy with grace. I’ve been acting in very bad grace recently so I liked having an idea of “this is what it looks like.”

    I showed the picture of the deer to my class on my cellphone. Thank you for posting. Maybe it didn’t get through to them but even if 2 out of the 39 paid attention, I can call it a start.

    I have much to process so going to go do so now. That card is opportune. But I have to say – soaking paper? Er… ew! But I like this “Truly believe that you are utterly qualified for any endeavor you can dream about!”

    1. Oh how fun that you could share the picture! I love knowing that your students got to see something I had ANYthing to do with. Cool, thanks.

      Yeah, Doreen is definitely trying with this one, I give her credit for the attempt, even if the follow through was a teensy bit off.

  10. “let go of small thoughts about yourself” — I might need to hang that over my computer or something. Love that.

    I *loved* the mental image of you nudging that golf ball with your toe and trying to get it to roll down the hill. I’d have been right there with you, we are so easily entertained.

      1. Maybe it was a trick golf ball & some people were sitting somewhere watching a video of you trying to move the golf ball. Next time do something really off the wall crazy just in case.

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