Keeping Time, and Keeping True.

             We’ve talked quite a bit here about body clocks and how each of us has a personal rhythm.  But for some reason (one I just don’t even bother to question because there would be no point) the Universe is telling us to address it again.  Or some damn issue similarly based.  For the third day in a row I have woken up with the idea of “time” in my head.

           My alarm clock is set every day to the same time: one-two-three (1:23), unless I am forced to get up early (and it better be a freaking life or death situation) then it’s set for one-two-three-four (12:34).  If I do not set an alarm, or someone doesn’t come in and ATTEMPT to wake me, I just keep sleeping.  Like I’m in a coma.  Or simply dead.

          Since my bedtime is generally between 4 and 5 this equals out to around 8 hours of snoozing.  It’s how much everyone should get.  When Daniel wakes up too early, I have been known to reach out and grab him, forcefully implying that he is not, in fact, DONE sleeping.  Most often though he’s gone and I don’t even realize it.  Sometimes he goes upstairs and naps in the guest room bed, or on one of the living room couches.  Other days he reads the paper and starts his day too soon, then needs a nap around evening time (if it’s not a work day/night).

           He is adjustable, I am not.  This has been my pattern for many years.  When the witchlings were in school I’d have to sleep in two parts, unless Dan got home from work and could get them all off to school.   On those days I’d get up when they were getting home.  It’s just how my inner time keeper is set.  My niece (who you saw in the restaurant picture recently) Nikki is the same way.  Her father is not.

            I have no clue why some people are morning folks and some are better at night.  Today I have no answers, just statements of fact.  But it all makes me think of yesterday’s card that talked about being our true selves.  About being authentic to who we are and what we believe in or what works best for us.  Telling our truths to the world by being who we genuinely are seems like an important and worthwhile ideal to strive for.  And apparently that’s part of the message I am supposed to type out right now.

           Our daily draw is Ally’s totem animal, and it has such good things to say in general that I was very pleased to see it when I flipped the card over earlier.

“Bear  (Art pronounced as Arsht)  ~  Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuition married with Instinct.

The card shows a bear standing by a cave entrance with a mace at its feet.  Such a mace was found by archeologists near Stonehenge.  It is midwinter – the time of Alban Arthuan, the ‘Light of Arthur,’ at the winter solstice.  A crown lies in the foreground, and we see the Polar Star shining brightly amongst the constellation of the Plow, also known as the Great Bear or Arthur’s Plow.

Art connects you with the very deepest of your ancestral roots.  Here, at this level, you are in touch with the Primal Mother – the Bear goddess Artio, who will defend you fiercely from all danger.  You are connected also with the Bear god Artaois, the mighty warrior Arthur, the guiding Pole Star of the Great Bear.  Your intuition will never fail you, if you will listen to it in the still darkness of the night.  Working with Bear gives you the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior – like Arthur.  You can find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength with your intuition.  Integrating your primal power with your intuition means uniting your star-power with your animal-power, both are symbolized by Art, the Bear.”

           The strength in this totem is unmistakable, and because I know xenatuba in real life, I can tell you honestly that the similarity of character here is amazing.  Yeah, when you know who walks beside you, well…. that is a power unto itself.

          In stitching news I have a completion to report.  Yep, the Second To Last, Formerly Last Freaking Kit With Cats, is done.  I’ll take it in tomorrow and collect my pennies.  I’ve already started on the (really) Last One, or We Must Replace This Kit Because It Was Stolen project.

            Can you see why in MY head it kept looking like a sunset?!  Not very moon-like at all.  Plus, ya know, cats.

            Now that Delia has used her google-fu type skills to inform us what the license plate for Indiana looks like I keep seeing them all over the place.  I spotted one yesterday and another one in the pool parking lot today.  And a Florida as I was coming home.

26 thoughts on “Keeping Time, and Keeping True.

  1. It is my nature to be a night person. I am happiest when I can stay up until the early hours of morning and sleep until noon or later. I am surrounded by people who say they believe that and act like they don’t. What they actually believe is that there’s no such thing as a personal rhythm. That I’ve latched on to that so I can sleep odd hours.
    The truth is that during the daytime there is too much stimulation and I feel unable to function. My thinking only really clears up around midnight when things start to slow and most people are in bed. The energy stops moving around at breakneck speed.
    That moon does look like a sunset. Unlike you, I like the cats, though.
    For some time now I’m living constantly with the strangest sensation. I’m waiting for something. I don’t know what. I just feel a biding-my-time feeling. Hope it’s good, whatever it is.

  2. It definitely looks like a sunset. At least, that’s what I thought it was til I clicked on it and realized it’s in fact a pumpkin.

    I can be both a night & a morning person. It depends on the schedule I’m in. Right now I’m on a night routine (rehearsals 6-10, don’t get home until 10:30, or tonight I got home at 2), but in the fall I’ll jump to mornings. It’ll be a fun (not!) transition.

    I like bears. I always have. Although I’m more of a polar bear girl, but I still appreciate grizzlies, and brown and black bears. 🙂

  3. I am a morning person…I wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. and am ready to go. Kinda of makes me a night AND morning person. I have it all 😉

    I wouild have thought sunset too, not a big, glowy, orange, moon pumpkin thing.

  4. I didn’t think it was a sunset, I thought there was a bonfire. Definitely not moonish though…

    Husband would happily stay up till 3 or 4 and sleep at least till midafternoon. I’m usually a 10-6 girl but since pregnant I’m a why-the-hell-can’t-i-sleep girl with bouts of stop-yanking-the-blankets-off-me-you-snore-machine.

    • Oh yeah, bonfire, good call.

      Having a second place for Daniel to sleep has helped us both greatly… I’d like to go and leave him in peace, but he hates our bed and I ADORE it, so he’s the wandering napper around here.

  5. Dude. The moon is flaming. Someone put out the moon!

    Ahem. I’m a night person, too, as you know. My best schedule is to go to bed sometime around one-ish and get up around nine in the morning. I’m pretty good if I can do that. But then the kids have school or I have a good book in my hand, and the schedule goes right out the window. I will say, if my sleep time needs to be shortened, I’m much better at going to bed late than getting up early. Up till 4 a.m., awake by 9? Okay. Up till midnight, awake by 6:30, not so much. However, no matter early I got up or how little sleep I had, come 9 p.m., I am always wide awake. It’s a curse.

  6. Delia, I have almost exactly the same internal clock as you. When I can set my own hours–which is practically never–I go to bed 12:30 to 1:30, and sleep until 8:30-ish. But dh leaves the house by 7:15 at the latest, so I have to get up and get the kids (well, just one kid now) off to school. And this next semester, I’m taking a class that starts at 9:40, which would be just fine except that a two+ hour drive is required to get there. Fortunately it’s only two days per week.

    Have been thinking a lot about personal integrity this week. Not the honesty kind of integrity, the kind of integrity that means having a whole self, which takes both protecting yourself and acting from your Self. I’m often not very good at either. Both yesterday’s and today’s posts have been helpful, thanks, Julie!

    • You and Delia have my original body clock schedule, from when I had kids at home too. Watch out though, once you are both in an empy nest, it only gets worse (or “better” depending on your interpretation). 😉

      SO glad this was worthwhile Barb! Yay for messages from the Universe.

  7. Interesting thoughts on internal clocks. I function pretty well in any time frame (so to speak) as long as I get enough “eyes closed” hours before the “eyes open” hours. Working graveyards…no problem. The dayshift that I am on (although not today, note the post time) I normally wake at 4:00 a.m. and have no problems with that. I do, almost always, awaken ready to go, with little “transition time” needed. I suspect that my natural inclination is for about a 10p to 7a sleep, but until I pull the pin, that ain’t gonna happen.

    Nice to see Bear again. And thanks!

    • You and Dan are really sometimes just the same damn person. All the kids are pretty adaptable as well, but if Em and Jade were allowed to go by their natural sleep cycles they would be closer to mine than his.

      You were on my mind all day because of that Bear. 🙂

  8. Sadly, I am in NONE of the cars with the Indiana license plates!

    My internal clock demands I sleep from 2:00 -11:00 AM. This does not work with the girls’ schedules, so sometimes I drug myself with benedryl so I can go to sleep before midnight. Even with 8 hours, I am still a little groggy before noon, tho!

    • I know, and it makes me sad. None of those cars were full of beautiful wee Fokkerettes.

      I don’t personally believe that anything significant happens before noon that I can’t see or experience after dark.

  9. My internal clock for most of my years was 9 – 10 pm to 6 – 7 am. Sleeping in on a weekend was like 8am. Nine if I had been out with friends. Starting a few years ago, I began staying up late; I think I didn’t want to face another morning. (Unhappy with my life much?) It got a little better last year, but when I moved back to Oregon it got kind of wonky again. Now I stay up til all hours, get up late, feel the day is shot, and don’t do anything. I’d rather return to my old sleep schedule because I feel lousy on this one.

    • Focusing on what you are going to do/enjoy/experience in that promising new day might be the key to this issue. Just a thought. 😉

  10. PBS had a program a few years back about some scientists experimenting with the human body clock. One woman volunteered to live in a cave for some period of time. No natural light and no clocks at all; she decided when to get up, go to sleep, turn on or off the lights, all without any reference to external forces.
    After a while, the researchers noticed that the woman was falling into a routine where she was basically on a 25-hour a day cycle: each day she was a little later getting up, going to bed, etc. I wish I could remember more about the program; it was interesting to see how someone would react without any external signals.

    • I always wanted to volunteer my wee self elf for one of those, or a sleep study of some kind. Because apparently I somewhat anomalous. 😛

  11. I got nothing today, too busy with work, only TX, WA, and I think Indiana not sure will have to check the plates and a few other provinces. Time – I never have enough or I do not utilize my time well. Hmm… off to bed soon, mine eyes hurt. Mama knew me today. So that was a very, very good and that time I took to be with her was, time well spend. Still breaks my heart even when she knows me. And some witless person had the radio on the sports station. I have signs everywhere – MUSIC. Please keep the MUSIC on.

    • Those good days are blessings, as well as trials. I can only imagine. Put on the Scarlett O’Hara hat and look forward to tomorrow. It always shows up.
      Who let that asshat run the radio? I hope you straightened THAT out! Gawd, some days people just need to be told that they are taking up valuable space, and to get the hell out of our way.

    • We both keep forgetting, you must have more than one (which is fairly common). Hopefully we’ll remember now. Ya know, two brains and all. 😉

        • Not sure, but it’s fairly common to have more than one. I was just talking to Skye about this last night in regards to Guides. Our Team (and we all have one) is made up of a Primary Guide and Primary Totem, along with personal angels. Then we usually a few more in the group.

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