Not much to report today, and not a ton in my wee smooth brain either.  It was a brief erranding and grocery day, so obviously we started by dropping in at the dog wash.

              And you can tell by my lack of long sleeves that it’s continuing to be nice weather here.  It’s gonna rain tonight, but the temperatures have gone up past 50-something, so it’s mostly doing what it should.

           Truthfully, we had one place to drive by before we got to see this adorable grand-dog though.  Sometimes I read a book that I feel compelled to discuss with Daniel, and in many cases he just needs to read the whole thing before we can talk about it.  I can’t always just TELL him what’s in it.  But because he has, like a JOB, and shit, he can’t get through his assigned reading as fast as I can (also, I do read slightly faster than he does, probably because he actually understands all of it and doesn’t skim as much as I do).  When it’s library books, the current releases that can’t be renewed, he’s under a bit of a time crunch.

            Today he had to finish a book while I drove us to the return spot, and as we were heading that direction there were several license plates that got past me.  (I didn’t want to point them out, he was READING!)  So we only have this one, that counts as foreign.

             Sadly, even though it was Pennsylvania, it was NOT my friend Tracy.  Oh well, maybe next time.

            Another reason I need to be brief (not just because my mind seems to be in one of its scattered modes currently) is because I have MUCH cross stitching to get done.  MUCH!  I am way behind on my latest commission work and need to leave the time suck of the fascinating interwebs tonight to work on something that will actually bring us a peso or six.

              In medical news today, the pistachio inflicted cut on my thumb seems to be merely a flesh wound and healing up rather quickly.  And the nut snacks are gone, I ate them all last night, so hopefully I’ll be safe for another few days.  Ya know, until some other ridiculously dangerous household item or treat reaches out and bites me in the ass.  Or hand.

           The card this afternoon, from Colette’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck, seems  a smidge negative, but in the long run it’s an over all positive message since it talks about a mind-set that we can overcome.  Even if we tend to slip back into this type of thinking pattern occasionally, we’ve proven here that these types of things CAN be changed.  That must be the reminder we needed.

“The Prison Waif  ~  self-sabotage, poverty consciousness.

When the Prison Waif arrives in his realm as your Ally, he comes to remind you of the Law of Paradoxical Intent.  Your own self-sabotaging thoughts and hidden beliefs are, in fact, preventing you from your highest good.  You might believe that you are doing all you can to manifest your reality, but perhaps you are giving in to thoughts such as the following:

I can’t do this.

I am unworthy.

I will fail, so why try?

I don’t deserve this.

I am unloveable.

In fact, you are locked in a prison of your own making.  That’s the good news, because it means you have the key to let yourself out.  This is a sign that you need to spend some time with yourself addressing those beliefs that counter your hard work to get ahead.  You can change them if you want to.  You don’t want to stay in prison, do you?

Take inventory of your thoughts, let yourself out of jail, and spend a few minutes outdoors in gratitude.  It is time to let the sunshine in.”

              Oops, almost forgot to mention, we did notice something else while we were out.  It appeared to be Odd And Peculiar Dude Day.  Every place we went, and some places we simply drove past, there was a strange guy, or a FEW strange guys.  We have a LOT of unusual folks here in town, me and Dan included.  But this was above and beyond the norm.  Tons of them, all just that teeny tiniest bit off.  Entertaining as hell, but kinda creepy too.

16 thoughts on “We Do What We Have To.

  1. I *love* that Dan follows your reading list. I so do that with Michael but he reads about half the speed I do ( I do about 90 p. an hour) and also works long hours and would rather tv or compute most times…but we do read together so a lot of times i forcefeed him something i want to discuss.

    Other times I’ve talked about a book so much that we start reading it together and he can suddenly spout every major upcoming plot point as well as minor details and gets to quit reading it lol.

    1. Don’t you think this helps when you NEED to discuss something with him later? (If only they read faster and didn’t have those pesky jobs…but ya know, still got paid.)

  2. I like this card – it’s a nudge in the better direction. Glad the sunshine is making it over your way – if only for a bit.
    My old man and I love reading but our tastes don’t coincide much – he is currently reading Mathematics – From the birth of numbers, which he seems to be enjoying (but I’ll just take his word for it) ! I ‘ve just finished the new Nalini Singh, which I enjoyed but he’s not too bothered about. It’s a good thing we both like scifi .

    1. Ha! I know what you mean too Lizzie, the kids gave Dan a Carl Sagan book last year, and he really enjoyed re-reading it…. I was lost just looking at the cover.

  3. I do like this deck. Interesting in so many ways. And once more very true for me. I’ve been talking about my self-sabotage since Friday and just today as I was driving was thinking aobut poverty conciousness. It’s harder to get out of it while I’m in the middle, I must reflect on this more. Or maybe take action instead. That is, just do something to get unstuck and create some forward momentum.

    So cool that you and Dan share reading. Always fun to discuss with someone.

    1. The illustrations of this deck are just so damn rich and lovely, and as always, it seems like the message we all need to hear. Seriously, I love how that works. 😉

  4. Awesome that you and Dan read together. My second husband and I used to read to each other. That was fun.
    Speaking of creepy dudes – part of my really exhausting day Sunday involved a creepy dude. I volunteered to go to the store and pick up a couple of essentials. My employer asked if I could drive his truck to do it. I said yes, puzzled. Then he said he wanted me to take his buddy S (creepy dude) with me and stop at another store to pick up other supplies. Roughly an hour and a half driving a strange truck (creepy 40+yo dude doesn’t have a license) around with a strange man. And at one point he manufactured an excuse to put his cell number in my phone & vice versa. So far he hasn’t used it – yay.
    Anyone want my life now?

    1. ah… can you block / delete the said creepy guy’s number? Hmm could this cause difficulties with your employer? Gonna worry about you, Clever Betty.

  5. the grand-dog… I am missing our grand-puppy/dog now that he is a part of the family, we do not get to see him as much as I would like. Think I will hire my son to do some house painting this summer while he off from teaching and then I get to see Marlowe. He can run around our back yard while the son paints. You would love, love, love him Julie.

    Going across the line today for a bit, maybe I will spot some licenses from out-of-state/province.

    1. Oh yes, hire Son so Grand-dog can come and play at Nana’s house all summer! And please, report back with anything foreign. It appears as though people across the country have noticed we’re barely having a summer and are staying away in droves. 😛

  6. Magnum doesn’t read much. I know, I’m suspicious of him, too. Anyway, I keep trying to push stuff on him, but no go. I have to discuss books with myself.

    Also, does that prison have WiFi? Because I wouldn’t mind being imprisoned there. Especially if I somehow became waifish.

    1. Well, he has other redeeming qualities, so I guess you should keep him anyway. Hey, ya know, I hear there is a new forum around where you could discuss some of what you are reading with a few or two hundred other like-minded souls. In your spare time perhaps? 😛

      No, sadly, the damn prison doesn’t allow scissors or needles either, or I’d be your cell mate and we could strive for waif-like together.

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