I’m not sure if it’s global warming, the movement of the earth due to quakes and volcanos, La Nina, or just simply how shit is supposed to go for us right now, but it appears as though we won’t be getting a spring at all  here.  All hope is not lost for the impending summer, we could still get some of that.  Maybe.  For now, it just feels more like November than the second before June arrives.

           Whatever, this is Oregon, I wasn’t expecting much different.  It IS getting to Daniel though.  He keeps making comments to me like, “oh hey, listen… I think it’s… FUCKING RAINING… AGAIN!!!”  Yeah, he’d prefer a few more minutes in a row that were dry-ish.  Fortunately he’s a glass-half-full sort of guy, and he gets over his disappointment with the weather fairly quickly.  We are both nicely distractible that way.

             As I’ve said before, we make our own fun.  Today was groceries, so we chatted with Cedrick and got lost twice (well, I wandered away and he had to go in search of me).  Then we farted around on our way home.  There are several possible travel options that we can use, from this intersection to The Burrow.  One is the most direct, and busiest way.  There is also the “back route” -the one our kids call The Way Of Champions.  They coined this phrase when they were in school, and we go this direction periodically, when the traffic is thick or we aren’t in a hurry.

             Now that it’s just me and him, being absurd and ridiculous, we’ve taken to driving this route more often.  There are things we “check on” in the neighborhood.  Because, as much as I wanted to grow up and be Samantha Stevens, I ended up becoming Gladys Kravitz instead.

            We refer to this one as the No Forward Momentum house.  They have not done much of anything for months now.  (Keep in mind we know NONE of these people, we just drive by and judge them unmercifully.)

            Now these guys, they seem to be doing better than the last one, that window has taken quite a while to get done, but at least we can see the progress.  The houses are just down the road from each other, so they may be the same people.  Or not.  We haven’t a clue.

           A couple of blocks further on, and around the corner, is this little endeavour.  At first we were puzzled by where they were going with this project, but then it started to take shape nicely.  (That retaining wall continues for the full length of the lot along the left side, on about three levels.)  I bet they aren’t any happier about all this rain than Dan is.  But they do seem to be making some headway.

            As are these people.  This is a duplex, and it had a fire in it sometime around December or January.  There is a really nice dumpster parked right in the driveway, for easy access.   And see, this costs us nothing, we are entertained and we’ve got a Wee Walnut full of food.  Fun!  (I know, we’re pathetic, but it’s all we’ve got.  Polished turds.)

            In business news today, I have made an executive decision.  While my Hurricane was here she helped me with a few updates and showed me some new features that WordPress had thrown my way while I wasn’t looking.  I tried it Han, but I don’t love it.  So, no more auto-tweeting for me.  The problem is, she’s gone back up the damn freeway, and I don’t know how to turn it off.

           For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I am now making a blanket, one time only, apology for the double tweeties that will continue to happen.  Until I can either figure out how to turn it off, or she has time to get in from the dashboard and do it for me.  And if you are not a tweeter, disregard, this will mean nothing to you, and I should have said two paragraphs ago to skip this part.

             On our altar this afternoon, we are back to my working deck, and this is absolutely one of my favorite cards of all time.

Ace of Pentacles

We have been over Pentacles tons at this point, so I am going to hope you know what they mean by now… matter, things that can be bought and sold, stuff we make with our own wee hands.  Items of value.

Aces are something new.  Something promising, something that is a beginning and starting point.  They take what the suit means and run with it, madly and with much enthusiasm.  Like with Tens, they are cyclically symbolic.  Like a first step or fresh start.

 I love this illustration, it just screams out the culmination of what we are after, monetarily or physically speaking.  Look at that little path, so inviting, practically ASKING us to walk up there.  As we do, we hold the Pentacle in our mind, we envision it in our hands in front of us.

As we approach the pedestal, what we hold transforms into the very thing we need or want.  The item we desire so very much.  It could be a basket full of money, or fist full of coins, doesn’t matter how you picture it, but it IS of matter, it IS of value.  Walk up the path, set your Pentacle on the flat surface in front of you and watch while it becomes reality.  Smell those lilies blooming, feel that cooling shade, hear the sounds of the trees and flowers around you.

Then look at what is right there for you to take home.  Put it in your pocket, feel it with your fingers.  Treasure it now, because it is yours.  This is a new beginning, a fresh start for you, with the very thing you want the most.

Health update:  still itchy on my face, not much red left and not nearly as swollen, but definitely not entirely gone either.  We may never know what the hell caused this.  But it does seem to be going away on its own.  New development though, I cut my finger when I was trying to put away dog toys today.  Long story, but you can damn well believe that I immediately reached for the magical blue stuff.

39 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s still raining.

  1. I know how you guys feel, we had no summer this year, it’s just been rain, rain, rain. I’m really looking forward to getting some sunshine on my trip, i’ll try to push some in your direction.
    Oooh that’s a nice card to get.

  2. When you are in WordPress it is like Typepad in the “compose” section, where the post is typed has a link to twitter note and a check box. Uncheck the box. At least, that’s what works for typepad.

    Love the card, like the fresh start. Hope it means that the thing that needed to end had ended already. Change is the last thing I want.

  3. I meant change as in destruction. I don’t mind growth, just not on the basis of something being destroyed first. Am too tired for that.

    1. That is pretty much what Hanny told me too, I’ll be on the look out for that un-check option tonight when I sit down to post. Thanks!

      Yeah, no need for destruction… just growth and goodness. 🙂

  4. My mother takes the same kinds of tours around her neighborhood so this isn’t strange to me at ALL. And she comes up with these kinds of names too! A nice therapeutic activity after yesterday’s emotional rainfall.

  5. Ok, Julie…these cards you are drawing are getting scary good; must mean I need to figure out the exact thing I need to make the leap or stay the course. Now I just need to find the time to think everything through.

    1. Do it in small bits, like set aside three minutes (someplace in your day). Ask for it as a message, but not so much like a yes or no question, more like: please show me one very clear sign of the direction I need to go, for the highest good of all. And then go back to the rest of the things you are doing.

  6. I love your stories of what you & Dan do together. You can turn mundane tasks into adventures, and I appreciate that quality in people. 🙂

    The cards are bugging me, mostly because they keep telling me change is coming. I’m tired of being patient, I want the change now! I feel like there’ s no forward motion in my life, and I’m pulling a Groundhog Day – life is just repeating. It’s frustrating, and I’m bored. Sheesh, listen to me. I need to change this stuff. Points for me for recognizing that right? *sigh* Sorry, I’m grumpy. Hopefully I will feel better later on today.

    1. Glad you like our daily adventures. But yes, you KNOW what’s coming… and that’s why it’s bugging you. You totally get the bonus points. 😉

  7. You guys need a motorcycle. Motorcycling is all about the back roads. The theme is “It is the journey, not the destination.” This did irriatat Mrs. Denial on one Girlyride where we rode for 8 hours and ended up 45 minutes direct from where we’d started.

    My Mom and I used to run about, and we’d do fun things like “let’s go from Medford to Grants Pass without traveling on the freeway” and things of that nature. That was also one of the fun things about working main office grave yard. Hmm, never been on THAT road…wonder where it goes. Sounds like you guys do that too. Fun.

    I would add that our next door neighbor (a contractor) has built an addition to his house that is 1) still wrapped with Tyvex 3 years later and 2) partially painted with what was our first color choice when we painted the house but didn’t want to copy…

    I have always liked the Aces of decks…mostly because as a kid, I thought all aces were mine because of the A. I like the beginnings correlation with the card.

    I, too am ready for not rain. I have heard that the combination of La Nina, a possible Pacific decadal shift and the volcanos in Iceland is to blame for this never ending rain. I have ridden my motorcycle once this spring. I have gotten soaked any number of times at work or in the yard. As I was driving home yesterday (in a driving rain, no pun intended) my glass half full thought was “wow, it is sure making things green”

  8. Rain, rain go away. It just never stops up here either. I waaaaant some heat, a little sunshine for the weekend. I have 4 yards of soil under a tarp because it has rained for the month of May. The neighbours must be tired of looking at the lovely blue tarp too. Please…a sunshiney weekend to get the soil off the driveway. Torrential rain last night on my way to a BBQ. I feel your pain. I do. I do. On the other hand, everything is very green, so green it almost hurts your eyes. Cheers for your happy card.

    1. At least you make me feel a little better for all the days in winter when I wish I lived in your neck of the woods. It was hot and sunny here today at last. But they’re predicting a warm summer across Canada, which will mean pleasant for you, and killer for me (in Mtl.) And then I’ll be whining again.

  9. I love the Ace of Pentacles! It always means such good things! I hope this means lots of good things for all your readers :0) I am glad your face is getting better. I think maybe you are allergic to leprechaun spit, and one of the little buggers snuck in at night and licked your cheek. See? Mystery solved.

  10. Sorry about the rain – I think you might have got ours. We have had two short storms and one day of drizzle since about February. It is so dry – all the farmers are freaking out ( as if poisonous cucumbers weren’t enough). Can’t say I mind I love the sunshine, but I’m very sorry if we stole yours!
    Great photos – I ‘ve been out snapping photos of houses today too. Great minds. We are having 36 hours in le Touquet – it’s wild! It’s like someone took all the architecture in the world shook it about and plonked it down by the sea.

    1. Well, THAT’S where it went! No worries, you needed those sunshiney rays too. Just send some back, I’m sure we can share…

      Ha, it was “house” day and we didn’t even realize it. 🙂

  11. It’s raining here, too. It rained all night. I actually like it when it rains at night, the sound is nice. but now I’m ready for it to clear off, and darn it, the weather is just not cooperating.

    I also have a back way home from the grocery store– it’s a gorgeous drive, mountains in the background behind big agricultural fields. But it takes about 15 minutes longer, so I don’t do it all that often.

    1. Ours adds maybe three minutes on to a four minute journey, so yeah, yours MIGHT possibly be a wee bit more scenic than ours. But then you ARE out there with all that Big Sky and all. 😉

  12. I think it’s raining everywhere but here. Hasn’t rained here in months (safe a couple of weeks ago, when we gathered drops measuring less than 1/10th of an inch). Tomorrow, we’ll hit 101* – that’s the temperature, not the heat index. I’ll take any rain you guys can send down this way. 🙂

  13. Today, as of right now, (whispers)…no rain.
    It’s ‘supposed to even be warm.
    Cold front comes through tonight, but that is supposed to be good for the snow melt from the mountains. The rivers are major full.

    Loved the card and the imagry. I need a new beginning.

    1. As The Fokker said, Aces are always good news, so I’m glad you could utilize this as well. And THIS Ace is truly my favorite.

  14. Just caught up on the posts for the last 4 or 5 days, and have a few days. I don’t know if anyone posted this (don’t have time to go through all the comments, sorry!!), or if they even watch the show, but last week was the first I ever heard of a bacon maple doughnut, or whatever the exact name was. Well on the show The Killing on Sunday night, which is set (but not filmed, much to Kristin’s and my consternation!) in Seattle, someone ate a bacon maple doughnut! lol I nearly fell off the sofa. It must be a north west thing. I facebooked Kristen, and then realized she hasn’t been on the blog for awhile.

    I think you should have Dan guest blog for those times you have blogger’s block. Not that you didn’t do a fantastic job, but I think it would be fun, I know he would do a great job.

    I also do drives like that, pretty much every drive is like that. Thinking about it now, I’d have to call them Judgment Drives. There’s a house on the street I have to drive to get to my development that has been under remodeling for more than a year. No lie. They started, guns blazing, then I guess they ran out of money, because they stopped for ages. All spring the grass wasn’t mowed, and with the 4 million inches of rain we got, it got about 3 feet high. I don’t know if the borough finally fined them, but a couple weeks ago it was finally mowed, and they started working on the place again. They’re not adding on, just putting in new windows, doors, and I guess work inside. Hopefully they won’t abandon it again. lolol

    1. SO good to see you! I did peek at his FB page and saw your donut comment to Kristin- LOL! It was a sign!!!

      I am going to call these Judgement Drives from now on, that is too perfect!

      1. You did get my email, right? But you were on the Mister’s facebook page and you didn’t say hi??? hrmpf And I know, the bacon maple donut mention was hilarious, would have been more so if she had been reading here regularly. lolol She and I compare notes and theories about the show every week.
        Glad you like the name. It occurred to me as I was reading your post. I do it, even with the full knowledge that if I owned the places, I wouldn’t have the money to fix them up either.
        I forgot to ask, why is it The Way Of Champions? And that and the rest of the post is just a reminder why I want to be part of your family. 🙂

        1. Yes M’Dear, I have your letter right here next to me. The past few nights have been hectic, so my responses to everyone was delayed (Han was home and I am very behind on my commission pieces right now). Watch for me in next day or two. 😉

          We were actually talking about WHY it is called The Way of Chanpions as I had him manning the camera for me. The girls came up with it, so we need to see if one of them will comment and give us the reasoning behind it. He and I have long since forgotten.

  15. I sympathize with Dan. It finally just now stopped raining here. It went from cold and wet to unbearably hot and humid literally over night. The farmers are finally planting. 2 months now we will be begging for rain.

    Love the card. I’m open for changes.

    I’m happy for you that you have someone you can drive around and snark with. (Snark as a verb – I like it.) Some people are just so judgy you have to censure what you say around them. Glad you & Dan aren’t that way.

    1. We figured out within about the first nine seconds of being together that we could pretty much say anything, with no harshness/no judging implied. Probably why we’ve been married so long. 😉

  16. Oh Mike is right with Dan on this rain thing. He complains about it constantly. And now I just have to practically shout back at him- WTF! You just got back from 2 weeks in baja mexico! Fishing, getting sun, being hot, wearing shorts, no shirt, flip flops. You can’t complain until you have been back home atleast a month I think. Doesn’t that sound like a good rule?
    I love the term Judgement Drives! So true.
    Didnt’ we use to all do this though, way back when, as little kids, with no seatbelts, when gas was cheap, family piled in the car for a sunday drive? A cheap way to get the hell out of the house, until us kids started fighting in the back seat. At least that was what happened in our family 🙂

    1. Michael must abide by the two weeks rule, I agree.

      Yes, we DID do that as kids too. And we even did this with our own kids. Cheap fun! Come on, everyone in the car, let’s drive around and judge people! Lol, still entertaining.

  17. Ack! Where’d my comment go? I could’ve sworn I’d left one. (I may be wrong about that, though. It’s been a weird day.) Anyway, I have to tell you, it made me laugh to see Dan complaining about the rain. You live in the PNW, for crying out loud. That’s like people here complaining about snow in February. Which, they do quite frequently, now that I think about it. Never mind. 😀 I like your judgment drives, too. I’m just glad you don’t live near me. We’ve had Tyvek up for years. It’s sad.

    1. You sent me a tweetie, maybe that was it?

      One -so true, we live in the rain forest, no one should complain about the weather here, it’s not like we don’t KNOW it’s going to freaking rain!

      And B) Have I ever told the story about us moving into this neighborhood? It’s kinda higher end (although our house most certainly is NOT), and when we were unloading box after box of shite (from several POS vehicles) my brother took me aside and asked, “did you get permission to move in here?” The implication being, we were a newer version of the Beverly Hillbillies. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine what our neighbors must think of us, and all of my yard ornamentation, not to mention my car. I bet it ain’t exactly good though. 😛

      1. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Maui once when DH was on the board of a local organization and they funded the trip. We got there a night early so we had to find our own hotel for one night, which of course was a complete dive because it was all we could afford. Then we spent the next day at the beach. So when we pulled up at the Ritz, we were still in our bathing suits, the kids covered with sand, beach paraphernalia stuffed into the car, etc. completely not realizing that at the RITZ, there is a uniformed doorman that comes out, opens the car door, helps you out, welcomes you to the Ritz, etc. He took one look at us, and said, “Are you sure you’re staying here?” as if we’d made some kind of mistake. We nodded, went in and it just kept getting worse– women in sarongs coming up to put leis of fresh flowers around our necks, people greeting us– and we looked like the Clampetts coming back from the watering hole. One of our finer moments.

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