We have already discussed here how practically all of us are fabulous blends of many cultures.  And how I come from a very entertaining combination of Mexican’s, Irish immigrants, and Native American’s.  As I said back in March, we don’t really celebrate anything in any sort of traditional way.  But we do believe in honoring our ancestors.  For years, when the kids were all at home, we’d have a corned beef and cabbage meal, often in May.   Because, ta da!  It’s Cinco de Mayo!  (Which meant that in March we’d do tamales.)  Hope you all enjoyed something special and a bit unusual out of respect for those who went before you and paved this road that we are blessed to travel now.  If not today, then on a day that is meaningful to you.

            (No, we didn’t do anything as a family this year, but Empress did mow her lawn.  Dan and his son had to work, and my Hurricane is preparing for an out of state adventure, so we’ll put something together later.   Probably with festive food and much hilarity.)

           In Blog Housekeeping news, I would like to apologize to a few folks.  I have been remiss in keeping up with my sidebars.  I like to read the people who read me, but I don’t always get the chance.  When Daniel goes back to work for his week, I spend gobs of time catching up.  I have taken down a couple of links that were no longer serving a purpose (by that I mean, I had stopped following them, not because they were not any good, but just because really, I only have so many hours in my night).  If they were ones you checked on regularly, I apologize.  But we have new ones up now.

          (Sorry Hanna, I know I promised to de-clutter, but …. uh, do you even check here anymore?  What with being an EDITOR IN CHIEF and all, you probably don’t have that kind of time either.)

          Sierra is a regular JulieLand visiter, and we adore her.  Why it took me so damn long to notice I didn’t have her over  <——- there is a mystery.  All fixed now though, we have easy access to her place as of this evening.  Her most recent post was just beautiful, as is she.  But she wanted us to know that she is not a regular blog writer (she has a life and everything).   No worries, we understand.  And will be more than glad to patiently wait.  (Believe me guys, she is worth it.)

           London Mabel has recently joined us, and we are most pleased.  Her insight has been very welcome, and often, extremely funny.  She has several blogs and lots of cool things to check out, so go there and poke around.  Both of these are links under Important Women, as well as, obviously their names in this post.  Sorry it took me so long ladies, but we have remedied that now.

          (If I have overlooked anyone else, please let me know!)

          From the Flowers of Renewal post Martha shared a link with us in the comments.  She thought it would be one that we would like, so I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.  I’ll check it out more thoroughly tonight and get back to you.  But feel free to see what it’s all about.  (Let me know if you’d like it added here someplace as well.)

          Karen mentioned her concern over my referencing a fuel leak in the Wee Walnut, but with all of her “I am still not dead” news, I forgot to reply.  It’s not so much a leak as it is a small, infrequent odor issue.  See, like the worn out seals in all the windows, there is a nonfunctioning Something in the line and system where gas goes.  When I fill the tank and then soon after make a left hand turn, some smelly stuff can get a little splashy. 

            I am hugely intolerant of aromas I don’t like, so it annoys me.  It is not necessarily dangerous, or really very toxic, it just pisses me off and then I get all crabby.  Dan hasn’t fixed it yet because we just recently figured out what the hell the exact problem is.  In the mean time, I keep sticks of lovely scented incense inside with me, and roll down the windows.  (I also make faces and pinch my nose closed, something he finds alternately hysterical and enormously irritating.)

          To mark this date of my heritage, we are going with our Special Occasion deck today.  Turned out to be really perfect too, as some of you know, my father’s family has a long (and colorful) equine history.  (And The Derby is this weekend!)

“Horse  ~  Personal Power.

When first introduced, Horse strengthened and deepened the people’s view of the world.  It afforded them greater understanding of the land because it allowed them to explore the horizon on a level never known before.  With obvious links to movement and travel, Horse sanctioned the exploration and conquering of the physical setting, the breaking of boundaries and the expansion of territory.

In similar fashion, Horse Dreaming embraces the essence of Personal Power and what it means to spiritually journey within in search of inherent wisdom.

Personal Power represents the wealth of knowledge we may accumulate over a lifetime of experience which, when honoured, shifts us from the mundane and familiar into a world of unlimited potential.

According to tradition, a Horse stands symbolically at each of the four cardinal points on the great Wheel of Life, with the yellow Palomino protecting East, the red Chestnut standing in the North, the black Horse guarding the West, and the White or Dapple Grey representing the energies of the South.  Each of the four directions offers a sacred gift of Power and a wealth of corresponding energetic wisdom.

It is up to us to go out and spiritually seek this knowledge and, once found, integrate it into our life.  Metaphorically journeying to the East, for example, brings with it the gifts of illumination and introspection, while heading to the North inspires a healthy blend of innocence and passion.  In the West we learn to understand the art of introspection and meditation, and in the South we are offered maturity and judgement.

When Horse gallops into your life, you are being primed for a journey of great Power

We all subconsciously know where our Personal Power lies, and as long as we instigate the search, we will ultimately find it – resulting in great rewards on all levels.

Remember: all journeys start with a single step forward, with any forward movement nurturing growth, and growth leading to development and enrichment.

Promoting a sense of complete freedom, the appearance of Horse suggests travel of all kinds, both inner and outward; emotional, physical, and spiritual.”

22 thoughts on “We are a festive people.

  1. I think you may have got your March and May around the wrong way, cabbage should be March and Tamales May right?
    I’m glad to hear the fumes aren’t endangering your life and I’m guessing you don’t burn the incense in the car…we certainly wouldn’t want the Wee Walnut to be set on fire, again.
    Now THIS card I am liking 😀

  2. your links work so well that I use yours now instead of the ones on my blog. 🙂 So mine are now out of date, too. I love the julielanders.

    Love your mixed-up holidays. I was so busy writing a paper yesterday that I didn’t even notice the date until dh said something about it about 10 p.m. last night. We will have enchiladas and Coronas this weekend sometime, I guess!

  3. You know, if you used a salsa verde, they’d be Irish tamales. 😉

    I’m happy to hear that your fuel leak is not really a huge fuel leak. I’m with you on the smells, though. No amount of incense in the world would be enough. Blech. If I win the lottery, I’m buying you a new car. Without mushrooms.

    1. Delia: yup, me too.

      Julie: do you want another Beetle? A nice shiny new one? We’ll even paint it whatever color you want. 😀

      1. Thanks both of you. I think I’d rather have this one fixed, like on one of those restoration shows, all put back to original, but ya know, with new seals and no smells. (Or fungus.)

          1. Ohmygawd, how funny that you said that! We have actually discussed this as a choice!!! But after watching the first two seasons or so we decided that they would put something stupid like a huge fish tank in it to replace the backseat. So we crossed them off the list.

  4. There are things my family drives me crazy about. Big surprise, right? One of them is the fact that I had to do some major digging to figure out that I’m almost entirely celtic in origin. I found one German ancestor (the one who gave me my maiden name) and the rest are all Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English. To me this is major. No one else in my family cares.
    The other thing is holidays. Because we are unfortunately matriarchal and my mother has very little imagination – all my efforts to bring something different into holidays gets trampled. We have those extremely boring holiday meals, ham or turkey, etc. They are always here at the house. It’s very frustrating.
    I’m going to stop whining about nothing important now, y’all.
    The sun is shining for once. Let me rejoice!

    1. One advantage to having belonged to a weird church for several years is that all traditional holidays went out the window. So even when the church unweirded, my family and I had a clean slate in deciding what we wanted to celebrate after and how–there was no emotion or expectation tied to anything, from Easter, Valentine’s, Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween NOTHING. I love that freedom. …If I sent you a picture of some black flowers this Mother’s Day, would it help?

  5. I feel very Honored to be welcomed to the ladies auxiliary. Thank-you for having me. I shall endeavor to please. 🙂

  6. Oh, and a note to Barb…. handy having everything here for your clicking convenience isn’t it? Glad I’m not the only who likes this as a feature. Thanks! 😀

  7. Have to add this story – One Easter when my daughters were little I was determined they were’nt going to get a basket of sugar crap. I tried to be very creative and got them a basket of alternatives with a couple of pieces of candy. Easter eve we were in Chicago and I met up with this really gorgeous guy that I hadn’t seen in months, leaving my kids in the care of mom & my aunts. When I came back 3 or 4 hours later, mom & the aunts were in the kitchen with the huge dining room table covered an inch thick with candy. They were making additional baskets for all the kids, including mine.
    That’s my family. The rocks I beat myself on to make myself stronger.

  8. I like the horses. I see them a lot when I drive to work from my current location. And today there was a new baby!! Which was cool and kind of made my morning. 🙂

    CB, I’m sorry your family drives you crazy. FGBV and like Julie says, Hate Free Zone. Wish we could help more!

    1. That new baby was your message today! She and the Mama were saying “Anna, newness is just around the corner… look how cute we are and how hopeful we have made your morning.”

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