We have much to cover this evening JulieLanders.  A very busy day for Daniel and me.  There were recipes to try, dinner to make, and errands to run.  We were our usual ridiculous selves, all over town.

            First, an update on the Bat Tree.  There are now three to choose from.  And he’s got another almost done.  This is turning in to such a fun project.  I just need to make the tree more presentable, right now it’s still twigs resting horizontally across the mantle.  Not as aesthetically pleasing as I would like.  

           Right, I know you can only see two here.  But trust me, there are really three.  I just can’t get them all in a decorative arrangement with the sticks being so Willie Nelson and un-tree-like.

          We saw some foreign license plates while we were erranding:  Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.  Not the best round-up but certainly not the worst lately.  We also observed some very festively dressed folks too.  As I said, we make our own fun, but the residents here in River City help us out just by being themselves.

          We watched another new episode of Alton Brown this weekend, but we were not thrilled with what he did to lasagna.  So we created a baked dish that was more to our liking.  Very cheesey, with noodles and some Italian sausage we had in the freezer.  Turned out great.  Sadly, we cannot say the same for the other task I demanded of my kitchen slave requested nicely of my husband.

           These are the lemon yogurt muffins that Kris shared recently.  Ours didn’t quite, uh … muff all that well.  Thank you, to our adopted daughter from Oz, for converting all of the measurements.  Unfortunately Daniel didn’t notice that the oven setting was still in Celsius, so he sort of started out the baking on way-too-low.  Once he figured it out, he adjusted.  But by then all the lift had gone away.   Did not make them any less delicious, just a wee bit more dense.  (Which equals better, as far as I’m concerned, all those light fluffy foods are just too airy for my tastes.)

                    This is the April page on my out houses calendar.   

             Pretty cute huh?  I am so enjoying these this year.  The waterfalls one hasn’t been as entertaining, but then, we still have eight more months, so I’m hopeful.

            Yesterday I saw that Dan Savage gave an update on how the new book version for the It Gets Better Project had hit the New York Times bestseller list.  I was SO happy!  The link is still current   <—— over there.  The new plan they are working on is to get a copy in every school library across the country (and internationally as well).  I think this whole thing is just fantastic.  Support it if you can, and make sure you’ve signed their on-line statement.  The more noise we create around this topic the more kids we can help.

            Our card today is from that unusual deck called The Celtic Shaman’s Pack, and we’ve drawn one from The Totem Beasts category.  The message is a very welcome one.  (Now, I have to go upstairs and clean up the aftermath of my Beloved’s kitchen enterprises.)

“The Cow  ~  Plenty.

The head of a white cow with great upsweeping horns looks out from the card.

The cow was a symbol of richness and plenty among the Celts and wealth was judged by the number of cattle one possessed.  There is also evidence of the healing properties of cow’s milk, making this totem an important source of well-being.

There are more than a hundred words relating to the cow in Gaelic – an indication of the importance of these animals in the Celtic world.  Wealth was judged in cows and many well-known stories are concerned with the theft of famous cattle, which invariably gave rise to the fighting for possession of the animals.

Both cows and bulls represented plenty to the Celts and it is not surprising to find accounts of the sacred origin of such beasts.  In Ireland three wonderous cows arose from the sea.  A whole collection of lore concerns the Crodh Shith, or faery cows.  These were believed to live beneath the oceans.  Like horses  and dogs of the Otherworld they were often white or speckled, with red ears and frequently seem to have been hornless.

The cow was also inextricably linked with the Goddess Bride or Brighid (later St Bridget).  In many depictions she is shown in the task of milking.  This may well have something to do with the Goddess’s connection with healing.  Cow’s milk, especially that of the white cows, was said to possess healing properties.  In one ancient story about a battle between the Britons and the Irish, in which the latter were losing many men from the effect of poisoned arrows, a famous Pictish druid named Trosdane told the Irish to fill a pool with the milk of 150 white cows.  The wounded men then bathed in the milk and were cured.

Journey:  Travel to a cow byre where stands a great white Cow of wondrous proportions.  Take up the silver pail, in which there is milk from this sacred animal.  Drink the foaming draught, having first poured an offering to Brighid.  Feeling tired after your travel and drink, lie down in the straw and sleep beside the Cow.  Dream an augury* of Brighid and on waking promise to build a fire to her in your own hearth (or garden, or quiet mental place) and to keep her flame bright in your heart.”

*Augury: an omen or precognitive vision of what is to come. 

Late night update:  the team that lost yesterday won today, so things are better (than they were last night at this time) in DanLand.

Even later:  I tweeted about this, but I’d like to toss out the additional reminder that there is a poll up, here.  Go now and give your opinion (open-minded, kind-hearted, and generous individuals only please, which of course means all who reside in or visit JulieLand), also Fokker has totally been on a biscuit since she got back from the Hinterlands of Outer Where-ever the hell she went.  Be sure you are checking in with her daily.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries.

  1. Very cute bats. You and Dan sound like us, we make our own fun. His goal is to make me laugh every day. He hasn’t given me the sun, the moon, and the stars but close. The muffins look very yummy.

    1. Maybe that should be our answer when people ask about why/how we’ve been married so long. We make our own fun and make each other laugh!

  2. I’ve always wanted a kitchen slave chef of my own. OK, I like the slave part, too; I’m just that way. 😉

    I do remember reading about the sacred white cows. This is an interesting card.

    I love the bats. Is one of them wearing sunglasses? You and Dan ROCK!

    1. Next task: find Skye her own kitchen slave. (Jotting this down.)

      Yes, one is wearing sunglasses. It was an over-priced button that we both felt needed to be on a bat. Tonight’s post has an update, and a bat with red button eyes. Very silly. (But sort of zombie-ish too. 😉 )

  3. Bats. Are. Awesome.

    My Dad had an outhouse inside our house. Seriously, he paneled the whole thing in raw pine and put a board with a hole over the toilet. My Dad is a very odd. I take after him.

    Yay for St. Brigit! I have one of her crosses over my door. Also, we are big into dairy up in here. Lot’s of butter on the biscuit 😉

    1. I want an inside out house like that!!!! 😆

      Dairy, extremely important food group. Really, I don’t care what the food charts look like these days, I need butter and cheese and ice cream and chocolate and …..

  4. I’m so sorry your muffins didn’t muff (snort). They look more like cake, don’t they? Not that this is a bad thing, mind you.

    Love those bats. If I ever come to your house, I’m going to pretend to be a kid so I can choose one. 🙂

    1. I totally thought of you and Dan when I typed that, and knew you both would appreciate un-muff-ed muffins. 😉

      Here’s the thing with our Bat Tree, I don’t think there is an age cap on “kids” -since ya know, I’m a child my own wee self elf. You will be able to select the bat of your choice, no worries.

  5. Must agree with Fokker on the bats. Serious bat lover here. I would love to build some bat houses because they do an awesome job of keeping the mosquito population down. My mom just can’t overcome her bat phobia though. AND those bats of yours are darn cute.
    Judy, Judy, Judy

    1. We have been bat fans since Empress got a book called Stella Luna. (How old were you Emmy? Four?) Before that we really didn’t know a lot about them. I mean we KNEW they ate bugs, but not much else. This made us into huge fanatics, and we learned about all types after that.

  6. Bats are very cool and…I get to go to some bat caves on my trip over there! Exciting!
    I’m sorry your muffins didn’t muff, I think they make up for it in tastiness though and they smell divine.

    1. You get to visit a bat cave?! How cool. And yes, very exciting!

      The muffins are great. Slightly dense, but totally good. I especially liked the syrup stuff that went with. Really a fabulous recipe, thank you so much for sharing this one!

  7. Julie, since you are helping the universe send me the love of my life, would it be too much to ask to have Dan train him as a kitchen slave before we meet? A nice man who cooks = the ultimate of fantasies. 🙂

    Now I have to go research the underwater mystical cows.

    1. My theory is that, if there is one of him, there must be more. And from reading around the blog-o-sphere, I seem to be correct. (More than five Betty Mr’s spring to mind immediately.) Now that we know your guy (and his daughter) are on their way to you we can open up a direct line of communication between him and Dan the second we see the whites of his beautiful eyes. 😉

      I know! Mystical faery cows! Living under the ocean!

      1. I have to ask, darlin’: how many of these matches have you actually facilitated? The scientist in me wants evidence.

        Mind you, I have been using my form of “glamour” to keep the cops from pulling me over for having vastly out of date tabs. (They are very obvious here, large and on the windshield. I keep misplacing the damned form!

        1. Damn, I have no evidence for you on this one…. simply none that I can drag out…damn. 😕

          Oooh, I am so happy to hear that you are using your Glamour though. Tsk, and you said you weren’t Magickal.

          1. I’m assuming it’s working, rather than that I haven’t run into any cops. But maybe that’s part of the glamour. You are rubbing off on me.

  8. Dear mother, and mother’s internet friends:

    Please stop saying “muff.” It is creepy and weird and should not be used by you where I might hear.

    That is all.

    PS: I think Em was younger than four when she got Stella Luna. Like maybe two.

    1. LOL!!! 😆
      ‘kay, sorry Babe, we shall try to refrain from any further usage of the above offending word. (Lol, still gonna make me laugh though.)

      You are probably correct, closer to two than four. Thanks!

      1. Me too!!! After he wrote this comment, and I continued to laugh hysterically over it, his father and I discussed the …. well, the … crap how do I say this here without offending someone I have given birth to? Lol, I just can’t. Suffice it to say, I am still laughing (loudly), walking around the house repeating, “Mother, and Mother’s internet friends…”

  9. Awww I love Stella Luna. She’s a fruit bat, though. Wouldn’t eat mosquitos. So cute when mama comes back to the nest to find Stella has taught all her non bats to hang upside down.

    1. True, fruit bat, but I think that book did more wonderful things for bats in general than folks realize. Yes, that is one of my favorite parts too. 😉

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