As everyone already knows, we have a Mercury issue that needs some discussing, but I’m not going to do that just yet.  There are some articles I’ve been reading and some research I’m doing (there’s a Saturn/Neptune dealie going on right now too).  I’ve decided to talk about it tomorrow.  (Yes, very Scarlett O’Hara of me, but that’s the way it feels like going, so I’m not fighting it.)

           Instead we are going to talk about a few other things.  Like how I stopped into my favorite grocery store this afternoon and found out it’s Cedrick’s birthday.  I’ll remember this forever now, what with his being the day after Emma’s.  (At least I hope so, I can’t seem to remember Ally’s, but whatever, I can try.) 

            I’ve mentioned this market before.  It is the closest one to my house, and they know me there.  When I forget my coupons I can go back later and redeem them.  Sure, maybe all stores do this, but mine is special.  So are the folks who take care of me there.  Like Cedrick.  Happy Happy to you, hope your day was festive!  I’ll be in again soon, with my tattered recycled bags for you to tease me about.

           In foreign license plate news, I have several scribbled-on scraps of paper here next to me with the following:  Alaska (which could have been a repeat), British Columbia (times 2, cheers!), New Mexico, Missouri, and TWO Hawaii cars, neither of which were all that great, just sayin’ -sort of odd to pay money for shipping a crappy old truck and a beat up POS.

           The other day I startled an old guy, but it wasn’t bad.  He was not Cranky Santa, but he may as well have been.  He was very grouchy looking, and as he walked across the street in front of my Wee Walnut, he just glared at me.  So I smiled, hugely.  Then I waved.  I thought he was going to fall down in the street.  It was like no one had ever done that to him before.  I laughed at his response, choosing not to consider that he had a sad life, instead, believing that I had cheered him up.  See?  I’m practicing my positives all over the damn place these days.

            When Empress and I were sitting at our table yesterday, awaiting the To Go food I had ordered for Daniel, and her free meal, I saw this.  And, well…. it had to be photographed, then shared.

           If you guys have a Denny’s near by (and seriously, who doesn’t?), and you are a carnivore, or an omnivore, please make a point of stopping in.  The Bacon Pyramid!  Come on, that’s fabulous, in so many ways!  (I got Dan the bacon meatloaf dinner, he said it was very nicely done.  But no, I could not face the sundae thing that had bacon in it, I do have my limits, hard as that may be to believe.)

          (Now that I think about it, you could even be a vegetarian, or pescetarian like Em and Han.  They DO have choices that don’t include bacon!  And if you get a good server like we did [Matteo!], he’ll keep the meat options away from your other food, so you can conveniently take them home, for the boyfriend or dog.)

             And speaking of this restaurant, it’s a family joke, but in a very kind and joyful way.  We have one close by, just over the hill.  Obviously near the freeway, they all are.  And it’s run by a pretty cool guy, we’ve been in there enough to recognize him now.  Here’s the reason we’ve been in there enough, we eat at odd hours, and they are open all the time.  They are on a short list of available options.  Them and Shari’s.  After that, it’s nothing but 7-11.

           During the growing up years for our witchlings, when we couldn’t afford to really GO anywhere for vacations or days off (basically the same as now), we’d take the kids there.  And we sometimes would pretend we were from out of town.  It was one of our Fake-vaction destinations.  That only worked briefly though.  Not too long ago we all piled in one night and our server was a girl the kids had gone to school with.  It was sort of a shock.  Oh well, we still had fun.

           Our Denny’s is next to a hotel (again, I think they probably all are) and when we take our little after dinner walks we get to see lots of foreign cars.  The requisite post dining constitutional around the parking lot can also be entertaining  when cops come in for their all-hours-of-the-night-and-day meals too.  But we also sometimes need to alternate, if Dan has been in there (while on duty) for a break recently, it’s not as much fun to drag the family there in that case.  We make it work.  Mostly because we have to, but also because we’re like that.  Fun is everywhere, if you want it to be.  Find a 24 hour, off the freeway place, in your area, and pretend you are just passing through.  It can be a delightful experience.  (Potentially with bacon!)

            Our card today is from my working deck and it’s one that I have always liked.  I call it “Reap What You Sow.”

7 of Pentacles

Because it’s the suit of Stuff, this is all about what we have produced.  In working hard, and doing the tasks necessary, we are now ready to harvest the fruits of our labours.  This is a card dealing with monetary aspects, or items of matter, what we have made, created, done, or fashioned from our toils.

The illustration shows a guy, wearing working gloves and leaning on a shovel, rake, or some other gardening style tool.  He has been tending his crops, doing the hard work of producing something that matters.  This is us right now, even if some of us aren’t that outdoors-y, we are still doing the work, making something that matters, producing something OF matter.

Some of the common words associated with this card are: cleverness, growth, usefulness, ingenuity.

Seven is a very spiritual number, like nine, in the higher echelons of numerology.  Reaching for that spiritual perfection, being very thoughtful and conscious.  Like the saying “be here now” or striving for a more thoughtful way to be spiritual.  The number seven deals with Magickal forces.  Sevens are esoteric, they symbolize the scholarly aspects of Magick. 

The number seven is representative of intellectual activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings.  Sevens deal with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness.  Ruled by Saturn, seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of the number seven, we can learn to utilize its Magickal vibration in a beneficial way.  (Side note, I just did a reading recently where this number came up, and the “impractical dreaming” was something we discussed.)

As we reap our rewards we must also remember to be thankful.  We need to keep a graciousness in mind.  Yes we worked hard and now we are able to enjoy our crops, but we should never take these blessings for granted.  We must be conscious of the effort and actively aware of the rewards.  Thank You hard work, and Thank You benefits of that labour.

37 thoughts on “Delaying Tactics and Finding Fun.

  1. I’m sure you made that old man’s day much better and I love the idea of a fake-cation, sounds like fun.
    I would try the bacon sundae, I imagine it could be surprisingly delicious.

    1. Here is (yet another) odd fact about me… in several areas I am SO freaking conservative it’s frightening! Sundaes and quilting, they both must be old fashioned, no risk, super traditional all the way.

      When you get here, stop at the first Denny’s you can find! Any hour of the night or day, they will welcome you like a long lost cousin and just fall all over themselves the minute you start to speak. 😀

      1. I’m not adventurous for certain foods. I don’t like bacon chocolate, but I do like chocolate with salt or with chili pepper. I don’t want weird stuff in my sundae or my milk shake.

        As for quilting, machine is okay with me, but hand is way cooler.

        1. Chocolate needs to be chocolate, and as dense as possible. It can sometimes have orange or lime or raspberry, but not much else.

          I do as many quilted by hand as I can, it’s the same for me as other work with a hoop or frame, and I really like it. Also, I’m very bad about wrestling all that fabric around on my machine, easier to just do it by hand.

          1. Your chocolate may also contain coconut as an acceptable ingredient.

            (This is him again, and he’s right. I had forgotten that one. J)

          2. Ever have white chocolate with coconut? Mmmm. There is a bar of that in some stores. It’s one of the large bars with the “specialty” chocolates, near the Lindt (it may actually be Lindt). Yummy. Oh God yummy.

  2. On the very amusing (I think Canadian) show Corner Gas, character Brent Butt coined the term ‘staycation’ for a vacation when you didn’t go anywhere. Most of my vacations are staycations. However, I’ve lived lots of places so I’m not complaining. Especially since I’m basically a homebody.
    And you speak the truth when you say you can make fun anywhere. I had fun with my gkids today just hanging out.

    1. Yes, that’s very much like our Fake-cations! We just went places right here in town, and pretended we were from somewhere else. 😉

      And yep, making our own fun is super simple. Yay for hanging out with the grandkids!

  3. I love Denny’s – any place that offers carbs and coffee 24/7 is just a good place. 🙂

    I have always wondered if there was a word for someone who is basically a vegetarian but also eats fish – and now I learned that it is pescetarian. Wonder if there is a diet that excludes mammals and includes fish and fowl? Beef I can live without – chicken is too yummy to give up. 🙂

    1. So now you have to show up at a local Denny’s, take that guy who lives in your house with you, and say that the two of you are on a Fake-vaction. Pretend you’re from Oregon!

      Yipee, it was a word learning day too! But now we need someone to tell us what that other thing is, no mammals but includes fish and fowl…. anybody? Skye or Delia will know this I bet. 😉

  4. We’ve done a bunch of stay-cations over the last few years, mainly due to the economy, and conflicting schedules. Who can afford to fly seven people anywhere?!
    As you can imagine, seven is my most favorite number. Followed by five. I didn’t know it was so important! I love your cards-I find out something illuminating every day. I got a little depressed at the end, when it talked about impractical dreaming. But, I chose to ignore the negative connotation, and focus on the hard work. I feel like lately, I’m putting in some good work on my new project (Megan:Writer), so I’m going with it.
    Thanks, Julie!

  5. I always thought that the Mediterranean diet was like that; I’ve not heard of it having beef. Maybe pork, tho’.

    Other than that, I dunno. 🙂

    This is a good card for me right now, as I am actually doing some work. Yay me! And I need to do it mucho pronto. (Someday I will take actual Spanish, rather than use pseudo-Spanish.) I love having work to do (both paid and volunteer right now) and having to do it quickly. Back to topic, I do love sevens. As for impractical dreaming, I am the Queen when it comes to that. 🙂 So, yes, it’s a good card.

    I admit to not having gone to a Denny’s in years because Mom and Grandma always went there, or to the place in LC that was basically a Denny’s of a different name. I got so sick of it. I could probably go to a Denny’s again. And a thought just came in: it was at Denny’s that I learned that my cat had a tumor that we were not able to remove. That could contribute to my dislike.

    One of the simplicity books I read (I love those books) suggested going around your home town as if you are a tourist, going to those places you might not normally go because you live there. Look at everything as if it were brand new to you.

    1. I would say you get a pass on Denny’s, so feel free to substitute with the 24 hour joint of your choice. 😉

      Tell me more about these simplicity books!!!

      1. I’ll gather some of the titles and authors. And when you help me with my storage unit, we may find some of them! Just think, you might be able to liberate some of my captive books!

    1. Kate, you are totally right. We don’t do that nearly often enough.

      Julie: you rock. You are fun, delightful, interesting, and entertaining. So glad I know you!

  6. Yeah, sorry, there is no specific word for that. You simply don’t like red meat. (Which, holy moly, I loves me a good steak. And prime rib. With a nice jus and some horseradish cream? And a fully loaded baked potato? Heaven.) *ahem*

    The whole Denny’s thing would never work for me. I cannot remember a single instance where I went into a restaurant and conversed at length with the wait staff. Certainly never enough for them to have asked where I’m from. Not even when I’ve eaten at restaurants in hotels I’ve stayed in. I’m one of those pleasant, low maintenance restaurant customers. I smile, I order quickly and succinctly, and I tip well. I also pick up anything that may have fallen on the floor before I leave. We may never talk about it, but wait people love me. 😉

    1. Okay wow… we are the ones who pick up nicely and stack plates, so in that regard they do remember us, but also, uh we’re chatty.

      Prime rib? With all those things you described….Gawd yes.

  7. Why, You ask? Because it somehow found its way onto my playlist. I’m not disappointed.
    5= Johnny Bench’s number. Wore it until high school. After that wore #7 for the rest of my career. Them’s my lucky numbers.

    (This, in case you hadn’t figured it out, is my Beloved. J)

    1. 7 was mine, too. Karyn’s for that matter. I have gotten attached to 540 over the past 25 years, however.

  8. Have your girls ever craved a good juicy hamburger with all the fix-ins’ after they became pescetarians? Once a month or so, have to “have” a juicy, cheesy, bacon, mushroom burger. Hmm. Same with a med rare steak, like Delia! Hmm x2. Okay, enough about food. Stay-cations or fake-cations are often the best holidays. Every summer we stayed with my cousin for a week, it was the best, she cooked, I cleaned. Worked for us, I can cook, it is just not the fave thing to do. Numbers: for me, 5 means grace, having grace for others, grace extended to me and 7 means complete or a perfect number, in case you were wondering. And, back to food – we have thought about doing the vegetarian with fish, chicken, no pork or beef. Somehow, I don’t think that would last. Our DIL worked as a meat inspector (pork), she does not eat any pork now.

    And 3 Oregeon! A Manitoba, lots of WA and CA.

    1. I don’t eat much meat either. That Prime Rib? Yeah, once a year or once every two years is plenty. I don’t eat hardly any chicken, and not much pork, except for bacon and a ham sammiche once in a while, I often go days and days with no meat of any kind. Both girls are nearing a decade with no meat now (if not past at this point) but I can safely say that I don’t think they ever craved it. Now their brother… whole ‘nother story there.

      Great license plate spotting! And nice family time.

  9. I’m not much a bacon person, myself. I am big fan of eyelashes – so piggies and moos with their long curly lashes are rarely on the menu for me.
    That being said, when we went wine tasting during our 2nd Saturday ArtWalk last month, they served us a sliver of BACON BRITTLE. I generally like brittles even less than i like bacon. The combination, however, yumminess!

    1. Oh man, that right there is a gateway food!

      (Can I just say, when I read your comments, I can hear your voice so clearly. Then I miss you! JulieLanders…. this is my gorgeous cousin!)

  10. I’m not a big meat eater. I don’t make meat at home because I hate to handle raw meat or chicken. I’m fine with fish. Not like I cook much, but when I have cooked, it’s been either vegetarian or fish.

    But I do love me some BBQ pork ribs!

    1. We have talked about our mutual aversion to touching things like this. If it were only me I’d just drive thru a majority of my meals. Taco Bell, Taco Time, Burrito Amigos, and Wendy’s still has salads right?

  11. Julie ~ I just saw an orange Oregon plate, pretty. It has CU and then a number. It looked special. Just thought I would fill you in. It was pretty, I had to speed up a little touch and then traffic sorted it self out before I could see where it was from. (It’s okay Dan, I wasn’t speeding, going with the flow.)

    1. They are a special issue, called Cultural Trust and people pay some extra bit of dollars to get them, then that money goes to … something to do with art or culture. There are also the ones cops call “Salmon” plates, and that money goes to, well, something about salmon saving. The same with the Crater Lake plates. Oh, and there’s new bike ones too, no idea what they are for. More bike paths probably. I know, it’s a wonder our poor officers aren’t all blind and crazy. Hmm, no I won’t go there.

      So cool that you got to see one, they are kinda coral and pink tie-dyed, if you had been able to get REALLY close. All of these are available for everyone in the state. Glad you stayed safe, and law abiding. 😉

      1. Yes, it was pretty. It was kind of coral/pink swirly tie-dyed looking. I saw it up close and personal when she changed lanes. She was also reading a text on her cell phone when she moved into the slow lane. Now, that is against the law. I see this all the time. And the one which amazes me is people walking and texting while they are crossing the street, not looking where they are going!! ! Stupid, very stupid. (I play it safe, law abiding, try not to speed, pull over when I get a phone call, don’t want to die on the road or cause someone to die on the road.)

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