When we first started doing cards here in JulieLand, many months ago, I searched The Burrow for all the decks I could find.  It’s a big house, and we’ve lived here for over 15 years (16 now?), so there’s a bunch of stuff on two levels.  Since I don’t ever get rid of anything (besides actual garbage, you won’t be seeing me on Hoarders any time soon) it was fairly likely I’d miss a few in my half-assed search.  I did.  I missed an entire deck, with a guidebook.  In a box.

            I sat down with it today, trying to figure out where it had come from and why it was stashed on a shelf.  Right away it was apparent to me that I didn’t like it.  Nothing I could put my finger on, it just didn’t feel right.  There was a receipt in the book (from a craft store) with the date stamp of June 1999.  I don’t know whether I bought it, or someone gave it to me, or if it just appeared.  But I do remember the last time I went through it.  I didn’t like it then either.

            It’s called The Sacred Circle Tarot -which certainly sounds like something I’d enjoy!  No.  It is not.  Here is another picture, of some cards I pulled while I was touching everything and trying to recall what the hell was wrong with it.

            Each minor arcana card has a title at the top.  Okay, that part isn’t bad.  Many of the cards have, what looks like, actual people’s pictures as representation.  Still, not terrible.  But … the over all feel is just off somehow.  (The pages are boys, that’s slightly bothersome, and not even youthful boys either.)  I always look at The High Priestess to see what her sense gives me.  That one isn’t too bad.  It’s still just not quite good either though.

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with this set.  It’s just not for me.  If anyone wants it, I’ll gladly hand it over.  Just toss me a couple of bucks for shipping, and it’s yours.  Let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail.  It has obviously been waiting around here for way too long.  If this one grabs you, if the colors or impressions seem perfectly right for you, simply say the word.  (If more than one person is interested I’ll hold a drawing.)

            There has been another “drop the ball moment” here.  Two more missed birthdays … Cat yesterday and Stormy on the 24th.  My apologies ladies, slacker virgo qualities seem abundant right now.  Hope your day (or in Cat’s case, week, go read her excellent post from last night) was blissfully joyous and filled with love. 

           We have a Testimonials update as well this evening.  Thank you so much Anna for your kind words and exuberant praise.  I put it up, just as you sent it (this time with no glitches).  That tab is looking so fabulous these days.  And it just makes me all kinds of smiley to read it, thinking of those people who freely offered their kind words in my direction.  Thanks, all of you, for sending (or typing) those in.

            I was checking in on Dan Savage yesterday, as I do daily, when I noticed something I need to share.  It is a very cool, and far too late in the coming, on-line feature that gives folks the opportunity to speak out about Pro Choice.  Now, this is a topic I stand behind, in a massive and militant way.  It will be added to our Important Places blog roll.  And I’ve included a link here as well.  Worth checking in on, it updates as Elizabeth gets new submissions.  Ours To Tell

             Our home phone had messages the past couple of days on it, from the library.  Yay!  That meant some books I had requested were in.  I’ve already started one and it’s great.  I highly recommend any and every thing by Barbara O’Neal.  Unless you are hungry or dieting, then maybe read something else until that passes.  While I was out picking up my treasures, I had to stop in and say hello.  To you know who….   at the dog wash.   Yes, it’s one of my grand-dogs Max.  (Good buddy of Chacho, formerly in the bucket.)  He and Empress walked to work today, which caused our Maximum Dog to get slightly dampish.  There were no other dogs being washed while I was there, so his mother put him in a tub.  He’s fresh as a biscuit now!

            One more wee item and then on to our card du jour.  Some of you are familiar with the Lucy March website, and if you are not, see the details    <——      over there in the side bars.  One of our own Betties has a new blog.  I am happy to include her and offer you a link, to future greatness.  Novel Truths   Can’t wait to see where this one takes us.  I know that already, I like the look of it very much.

           We are back to Colette’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms on our card altar.  As always, this illustration is just so rich and deep and over the top exquisite to look at.  The message is outrageously timely as we stare down that approaching retrograde.  (Tomorrow!  Deep breaths, we can laugh this off kids, I just know we can.)   And it has that all-encompassing theme that I so adore: positivity in all things.

“The Word Lord  ~  communication, praise, honesty.

The Word Lord rules communication of all kinds and lets you know that positive interactions can be expected when he arrives as your Ally.  He only speaks with positive words and praises all he sees.  He reminds you of the laws of Abundance and Praise.  When you bless the world, it blesses you back.  When you say affirming, supportive words, they carry an energy that returns to you in physical form.  Remember that each one has power and will resonate into the Universe, seeking its refection in manifest form.

Your body responds to praise, as does everything in the world around you.  Praise it for its inherent health and beauty.  Applaud yourself for everything you do, as even the tiniest accomplishments are important.  Praise your bills; give thanks for the services you enjoy, and watch the ability to pay them increase as you align with Spirit’s increasing power.

This is also a time to remember the powerful practice of affirmations.  Write them down and speak them aloud as a spiritual exercise.  Say it is so – and it will be.  It is a very auspicious sign when the Word Lord chooses to be your Ally.”

26 thoughts on “Virtual Housekeeping, some more.

  1. Yay for Max photo!
    You know, I was only wondering a couple of days ago whether I should read the Barbara O’Neal books, then Judy mentioned her on her first blog post and now you’ve mentioned her as well. I think I should read the books.
    I loved that card before I even read the description .

    1. We did one of Barbara’s books on the Betty forum book club thingie, but I didn’t know she was a Betty at the time. Really well done, her characters are wonderful. This one is the second she’s written (yes I am reading them in order), and it has already grabbed me! But the food!!! Deargawd the woman has such fabulous food in them! 😕

      I adore these oracle cards. The illustrations are just amazing. And I really like Colette’s take on the definitions too. She is a very funny woman to see in person (in case anyone gets that opportunity).

  2. You never throw anything out except for garbage? I have to throw stuff out, I CANNOT STAND the building accumulation. It builds for a while, then, annoys the whack out of me, out it all goes, I feel much lighter, about to have another recycling and charity day. I hide things in “safe” places, then I forget where the safe place is. I’m still looking for the zoom lens, maybe I’ll find it this weekend. I just found my friend’s diamond ring, that was a scary day when I thought I had lost it. Oh, this brain is a sieve some days.

    1. No, I have way too much stuff. I have things that are really long past usefulness, but I can NOT get rid of ANYTHING! I know it is such a life lesson of mine, but I just can’t.

      Hey, say the St Anthony prayer for your lost lens! And maybe he’ll bring back my story folder and J.D.’s essay book at the same time. 😉

      1. I forgot to affirm you last night. You are wonderful, full of life and very funny.

        See, I was focused on my mounting piles of stuff, not on the rest of the blog. Enjoy your day, is it gray? It is gray here.

        1. Aw, thanks so much! How very validating, and super sweet of you.
          It was actually a wee bit overcast but never rained, so yep, slightly gray.

  3. The Sacred Circle Tarot has been on my wish list for a while, but I’ve not put it ahead of other decks in purchase line – not sure why either.

    LOVE the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Deck! Think I might need to get one.

    THANK YOU for the line to Ours To Tell – VIP to me as well. I’ll see if I can get coherent enough to submit.

    All hail and bow to The Word Lord.

    1. You know of this deck? And need one? You are first on the list M’Dear. If someone else speaks up we’ll toss names into a hat (or one of Dan’s big mixing bowls like we did before).

      I know, this oracle deck is fast becoming my favorite, well hell, it already was, the minute it landed in my hands last year.

      Last night when I read those stories I was just so proud and just so angry all at the same time. This choice issue needs to be screamed from the roof tops. Glad to share!

      Lol, yes we need to say our Thank You’s to The Word Lord for showing up right now. It was cerainly time!

  4. If that card can ward off Mercury retrograde communication madness, then wow. And it’s pretty, too.
    Thanks for mentioning my new blog.
    Oh, and Barbara O’Neal is wonderful. The second book is the one with the 100 Breakfast’s Cafe. Right? I made the muffins and they were yummy.
    BTW as you are a fellow pro-choice person I’m going to share my current irritating fixation. Around here there are endless people with ‘choose life’ license plates. I checked, there is no corresponding pro-choice one. It seems that a decision to make one is made on a federal level. Then a number of signatures are required on a state level before those license plates that support something are made available. It bugs me that people can disrespect a Supreme Court ruling via government issued license plates, but I can’t support it.

    1. I am working on a new method for not fighting the retrograde this time, merely in the planning stages right now, but I am hopeful. And I like having this guy on my side!

      You are most welcome, it’s a great start, and we can’t wait to see where your blog takes us. Very promising!
      Oh yes, this is the book with that cafe, but so far I have been trying to skim over the recipes.

      Oh wow, I had not heard of this license plate thing. Ick and blech. This SO needs to be changed. I wonder if the facilitator of the new site knows about this. Thank you for the info!!!

  5. Very cool card. I like it. And especially important for tomorrow, which I will share details about tomorrow night/Friday, because I don’t want to jinx myself.

    I almost liked that O’Neal book better than the one we read for the book club. I’m still waiting on her most recent one, though. Apparently there are a number of people are ahead of me on the request list at the library.

    And you may add my location (NY) to my testimonial. 🙂

    1. Good call, no jinxing here. 😉

      I didn’t get a chance to read further today in my book, but I plan on doing so tonight… now you have me very excited about it!

      Gotcha, will update our latest Testimonial right after I write the post. Thanks!

  6. I’m militantly Pro Choice, too. Could I have one myself? I think it would be very difficult and my circumstances would have to be pretty dire to contemplate that. But do I think that my Opinion, based on emotion, should trump that of another woman and her health care provider? Hell to the No. And some of the crap that the right-wing, anti-abortion, Teabaggers have been coming out with lately flat-out terrifies me. Lock up women if they can’t PROVE that they did nothing to bring on their miscarriage? (H.B. 1, State Representative Bobby Franklin, Georgia) Allow hospitals to refuse emergency abortions when the mother’s life is at risk? (H.R. 358 “Protect Life Act”, Congressman Joe Pitts, currently in committee) The Honorable (and I use that term loosely) Mr. Pitts was also a co-sponsor of H.R. 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act”, the bill that would provide federal funding for abortion only in the case of “forcible rape”, that caused such furor earlier this year. I’m so glad to know that my only value to these people is as a uterus, and what may be inhabiting it at any given time.

    In related news, if I ever get pregnant I won’t be doing it in Kansas. Someone there introduced a bill that would make paternity testing mandatory. How incredibly insulting all around. And a significant violation of privacy.

    1. This is SUCH an important issue to follow, thanks for the new info… and yes it’s way serious, but I have to say I LOLed when I read “…I won’t be doing it in Kansas.” Thank you Becky, for keeping it light, but reminding us to stay aware! 😀

  7. Yay for you *publicly* remembering my birthday! Of course, I got a lovely personal email from you on the day. =)

    As for the cards…you’re right, there’s something *odd* about them. Well, to me anyhow. But then Lora doesn’t like MY deck either. (chuckles)

    1. Most welcome! And yeah it’s very interesting to me how some decks really click and some just don’t. I want this one to have a loving home. 😉

  8. I like the card. I like the part about being grateful for the services that you pay bills for. I think it was in a book by Thich Nhat Hanh that I first encountered the idea of thinking gratitude for all the people who put labor into the things we own: the people who grow and harvest the cotton, the people people who design the shirt, the factory workers, the retail workers. It brings connection to life.

    1. See? This is a great example of these concepts being universal. It reminds us of how, no matter the belief system, no matter the time or place, being positive and living our lives in a loving way, is the MOST important lesson.

  9. Max doesn’t look too happy to be slightly dampish. 🙂

    Clearly, I need to get a hold of a Barbara O’Neal book or two. I’m so far behind on my reading. Ugh. Anyway, a funny book with good food in it sounds right up my alley.

    1. He was wearing his super cute red hooded sweatshirt when I got there, and it was no longer cozy, due to the damp. He is so very tolerant and sweet, and gets many baths. He doesn’t love them but the ridiculous run-around he does afterwards is apparently worth it to him. And then, ya know, he smells so good later.

      I’m not doing much better, and I don’t have the good excuse of writing a Damn Novel! We’ll catch up. 😉

  10. I haven’t read Barbara’s yet, but I read Kate’s new one and reviewed it. And I just finished Sofie Kelly’s book and it was great! Love the Betty writers. I have also pre-ordered Tawna’s book (August, I think).

    1. I love this too! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such talent, and yes Tawna’s does come out in August. I’m hoping she’ll come to Eugene for a signing, then I can visit with her.

    1. I was glad it came up when it did, because this is a great reminder. One I tend to keep letting slid by.

      Thank you bills, and thank you service providers! 🙂

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