Everyone reading this is pretty much already aware of the fact that I am NOT a person who jumps on the proverbial Band Wagon, nor do I follow along well.  (And if you weren’t aware before, you are now.)  I’m not much of a joiner.  I even practice my spiritual beliefs as an individual.  Today’s observance of Martin Luther King Day will be the exception to my general rules.   The reasoning is obvious, but on a more personal level I try very hard to be my own Hate Free Zone, just like JulieLand (the destination).  Although, honestly, I do judge.  Sometimes.  But only when people are stupid

             I want to throw some word definitions out this evening, then move on to our usual mixed bag of ridiculousness and banality. 

Freedom: the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

Right: legal, social, or moral freedom.

Privilege: special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit.

            We have the freedom, in this country, to be who we are.  We have the right to live a free life and not be harassed (for any reason).   If we behave nicely and follow the rules, we have the privilege to drive.  Other than that, do we ask for much around here?  Not really.

             What we do NOT have, is the right or freedom to legally marry, on a federal level, the person we chose.  This is wrong.  There should be no restrictions on who we can love.  Just as there are no longer restrictions based on the color of our skin, our freedoms should be complete.  This is the very premise our country was founded upon.  There have been great strides made in the past five decades with regards to freedom, rights, and privileges, that’s the reason we honor this day.  But there is much work to be done. 

             (That’s my soap box speech du jour, but it felt necessary, so I went with it.  It also felt like this should be marked by our Special Occasion Deck, so I went with that too.)

            Ten years ago today my son bought me my Wee Walnut, and I handed over ownership of the family vehicle to him.  It was a worthy trade.  We have both been quite satisfied with the deal.  Today Daniel replaced all blown fuses and figured out how he could get in to replace the dashboard fan.  Much progress, and now I have both headlights working, on low and high beams.  Soon I will also have a functioning (and non-screaming) defrosting system (and hopefully a hell of a lot less moisture INSIDE my damn car).  On a sad note though, yesterday Max dislodged the dashboard penguin and today the purple Teletubby took a tumble.  In the corner of my windshield it is starting to look like a wee character graveyard.  I’ll need to re-affix everyone soon.  Hope we have some glue around here.

            As of today (the 17th) we are out from under Mercury’s thumb Shadow Effect.  But as I went through my new calendars, I saw where the retrograde phases would fall on us in 2011.  I chose to look away, and deal with that when we get there.  I stay happier that way, I’ve found.

              My new Witches’ Datebook has some cool lunar essays, and gives a little bit of back ground on various holidays and traditions.  They call the upcoming event of The Cancer Full Moon the Moon of the Secret Pearl, and talk about it representing the hidden or sequestered, like the tiny grain of sand inside an oyster and how that becomes a pearl.  If you feel like you might want to do some moon work, this is a good time to focus on what you want to create, growing something small and treasured into something larger and valuable.

             It was NOT raining today!  Dan went outside and swept around the place, tidying the fallen leaves and I think he even scooped out some gutters (either that or he just felt like walking around on the roof).     Here’s how our View looked.   

             And here’s what he and Empress found when they stopped to get some dinner, after picking up a dead mouse for Coco.   (Not in the same place, the reptile store just happened to be down the block from the market/restaurant.)                 We are up to over a hundred cranes now, combined, that the three of us have made.  I will finish up with the paper I have tonight, and get back to cross stitching subversively, then we’ll send these off to Glynis.  With all the well wishes we can pack in to the box.  (Unless I buy some more paper later, in which case I will continue to fold and maybe send off a second box, hard to say, I don’t know yet.)

           As with cats and snakes, there are some totems that just don’t ring true with every person.  I am not huge fan of insects, but I do understand their purpose (I just don’t want them in my house).  The stories and history of all native peoples focus on what they found around them, and ancient tales utilized all of nature.  So when we draw one that may not speak to us personally, it is worth seeing what the message is, and perhaps (like with the dated illustrations of fairies) it is best to overlook the image, going directly to the meaning.

“Spider  ~  Weaver of Dreams.

   Spider, as the Weaver of Dreams, reminds us that we are the creators of our own lives and that we alone choose the directions we take.

Every night the Spider weaves her web and every morning she pulls it apart, fully prepared to reweave it later that night.  Her web is symbolic of life.  We are all essential strands in the Web of Life.  Each of us is imbued with strength and wisdom to make a vital contribution to the planet.

Spider encourages us to explore life and to investigate the strands that lead out from the centre of her web.  Some will offer reward and others won’t.  As we journey the positive strands, life seems abundant.  A wrong turn though, will present a strand that offers nothing.  Life becomes difficult with all attempts to free ourselves proving futile.  The Web of Life is riddled with pitfalls, but it also promises greatness to those prepared to take risks and work hard.

As the Weaver of Dreams, Spider urges us to explore life and to reweave our web when our path becomes barren.  She helps us reclaim our power and bring our dreams to fruition.  She warns, however, that in order to open new doors we must first close old ones by facing our fears and making choices that promise new beginnings.

If Spider has woven her way into your cards today, you are being reminded of your role as a vital strand in the Web of Life.  We all yearn to take control of our lives and to make a difference to the world.  We all yearn to believe in ourselves, to have faith in our ability to heal and to realise our true potential.  Well, you are being reminded that Spider nurtures the wisdom in you to make your healing possible and your life more abundant and fulfilling.  Now is the time to acknowledge your vulnerabilities, face your fears, and strive to achieve your dreams.  So, embrace you Purpose and your Personal Power.

Spider is calling to you to reconnect with Spirit and to remember that you are not apart from the world in which you live, but rather a vital thread in the Universal tapestry.  Without your input, the tapestry will fray and eventually fall apart.”

13 thoughts on “Freedom, Rights, and Privileges.

  1. Yay for the end of retrograde! Now I can tell you, my second choice for my subversive crosstich was an emphatic Fuck Mercury!

  2. Technically, Spider is an arachnid, not an insect, unlike Ant, which is. For some reason, both of those totems make more sense to me with their messages than do most of the birds. Go figure.

    I listened to KWAX yesterday, most of the patrol time. They had some very interesting info on early black classical singers. I would love to hear more of Marion Jackson–what a voice!

    1. I knew that, about the bug thing. Just forgot it. Thanks!
      Don’t you love that music history stuff? We will now all need to go find out more about Marion Jackson.

  3. Again with the card hitting right on the head. I have a snow day today, so I will be working on getting some of those new doors open.

    And yay for the end of retrograde for everyone else! I don’t know why, but it didn’t seem to affect me quite as much this time as it has previously.

    1. I need to find out more about other planets spinning themselves backward. Mercury doesn’t usually have much effect on the hot planet family members around here either. Glad you weren’t roughed up this time! 🙂

  4. Gah! Spider! No spiders for me, thanks. In any form. I’ll take my cat. She’s really very cute, you know.

    Yet another reason New England rocks. In half of it (Massachusetts, Vermont, and my own New Hampshire), gay marriage is perfectly legal. Also, the newly elected Republican majority in our state legislature recently announced that they had no intention of challenging that legality. You all need to move here. Just not today, it’s snowing.

    And good on you for not borrowing trouble from future retrograde. It’s a waste of time.

    1. I have been following some of that New England info recently. Yay for actual thinking politicians! (Oxymoron much?)
      Dan does NOT do well with spiders, comes from nearly being killed by them, twice. But I do like the mythology and history behind their messages. The real live versions I can do without. (I am sure your cat is just dandy. At your house.)
      I look ahead to see what’s coming, then I look away until I really need to deal with it. So true, time wasters if we dwell on it.

  5. Good news about your headlights, makes driving at night a lot easier.
    The spider message seems to tie in quite well with your own message…

    1. Exactly! It was boardering on dangerous, what with all the weather + dark.
      Yeah, I noticed that too. These things do have a way of all falling into place for us don’t they? 😉

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