Today I had thought about going with one of the request posts, and then when I flipped our card, I got a big ole GO signal from the Universe.  So that was pretty cool, and extremely clear.  Also, Anna said in the comments yesterday, that me and my cards are kinda scary.  True, if you look at it that way.  I don’t though, I am more of the mind-set that we get our messages exactly the way we are supposed to, or the way they will make the most sense to us.   In that regard, being accurate is the basic goal.

           (Here’s my usual disclaimer, I am going to pretend that you all understand this is my viewpoint.  If you disagree with what I believe, you are completely free to do so here.  JulieLand is a Hate Free Zone, we accept all forms of belief and expression, as long as it comes from an honest and loving place.  This is just me, you are you.)

           I am not the one chosing these cards, or making all the decisions around here.  One of the psychics I follow uses a great analogy.  Think of me as the radio.  You are the person twiddling the knobs, you are the ones bringing these things in to focus, or tuning in the desired stations.   The Universe (or what you call God/Goddess/Great Spirit) are the folks in the control booth, the ones sending out the songs, commercials, the weather and traffic reports.  It’s a good system.  Many times we can be our own radios, getting our own messages, but often it’s easier if we just run the tuners, simply push a button and listen to what They have to tell us.   I like the radio concept because sometimes I feel as though my batteries are low, other times I feel that  I have just had a fabulously efficient re-charge.  Also, radios are kind of old-fashioned now, and so am I.  We both still function perfectly fine, we’re just a bit out-dated.

     The card we landed on is from Sylvia’s wee deck of inspiration.  

“Grief can be a lonely island where we feel abandoned, but through our pain, we come to know that we will someday go to the Other Side and all meet again with God and our loved ones.”

            The topic I was pondering was portals.  This card reminded me of the many levels there are in regards to death and passages to another place.  But before I head there, let me return quickly to the whole “scary” aspect of this subject (and me).  Sylvia specifically, and others, in general, all say that their “gifts” come from (what they call) God.  It is in no way related to that fictional guy in the red suit, or anything else on a negative plane.  I believe this as well, partly because I have seen the good this work can do (and does) and partly because I know that I am compelled to do this stuff from a position of generosity and love.  Sure, finding out things we didn’t know previously could be misconstrued as frightening.  But then so can crap we don’t understand (like magnets!) or haven’t learned about yet.

           The word “scry” means, literally, to look and see.  It does NOT mean to open one’s self up to dark forces and become the girl from The Exorcist movie.  The art of scrying first started with folks looking at the reflection of Mother Moon in still bodies of water, like, for example, a pond.  They later figured out they could hold the water in a bowl, and look there for signs, and answers.  This evolved into crystal balls and mirrors.  Same concept, different tools.  Looking, and seeing.

            When we think on the level of what is beyond what we are able to see, it’s the same with portals.  We can look past the physical barriers (by visualization, hypnosis, meditation, prayer, focused intent) and see farther down the road.  The cards act like tiny portals in a way, for us to see a bit of the messages the Universe is telling us to work on for that day, or to recognize some issue that we might otherwise have overlooked.

            I googled around a smidge before I sat down here tonight because I wanted to share some other people’s findings on this.  One group from a newscientist blog talks about how “wormholes could provide portals to otherworlds/other universes.”  That’s a pretty cool concept I thought.  It’s on a different level than what I usually deal with, but it’s fascinating to think about.

             Another bunch of seekers are very excited about the portals that are in, and around, Sedona.   This region was sacred to the native peoples of that land, new residents can feel the energy there, and know this ancient wisdom is truth.  There are more locations like this on our globe than can be counted accurately where this is the case.  Stonehenge, those mounds in the midwest, that vortex spot here in Oregon.  Gobs of them.  The original tribes followed their instincts, went where they were guided, and enjoyed the benefits of these blessed places.

             A more medium-sized version of portals are gateways to the Other Side in buildings, or through doorways and windows.  We just watched a show recently about a man who helps kids with psychic abilities (some of these children are amazingly gifted).  I don’t know much about him (yet), but he’s part of the reason the program is even around.  This guy Chip Coffey is my new hero. 

           The episode we saw featured one girl’s house, and the reason their attic entrance was a portal was because the building had previously been a care facility, many residents had died there.  Now, let me be clear, I sort of misstated that last one, it’s not so much that the “reason” for this being a portal was “created” by, or for, these dead folks, it was already a thin spot, so they utilized it.  Chip and the kids helped to clear the energy there, and blessed the whole house.  (They used white sage and positive intent, in case you were wondering, and I know some of you were.)

            You have probably heard the phrase “beyond the veil” or something similar.  “The veil” is basically the filmy, invisible barrier between our physical world, and the one(s) beyond.  Portals are nothing more than areas where the veil is way thin, in some places completely gone.  They are similar to worn-out patches in fabric, or actual holes.   (Yes, I have heard the term Black Holes, but I don’t know much about them, they are kind of too science-y for me, so I don’t know how they apply in this context.  Don’t tell me if you do know though.  Some shit I don’t need to understand.)

           Shamans, witches, mystical healers, and holy folks of all kinds,  know how to open these holes wider, or find the pre-existing thin spots.  They also know how to “make” a portal with scrying tools and divination items of all types.  Nothing scary or evil about it, they are there, we simply put them to a positive purpose in order to learn more and help others.

             And speaking of tools for witches, look what finally arrived at The Burrow today.   

           About freaking time too!  I selected one this year that I hadn’t seen before, waterfalls.  I am seriously drawn to falling water.  The kids and Daniel even bought me a book a few summers back about waterfall hikes around our state.  (Haven’t “hiked” any yet, but it could still happen.)  One of my other choices was a repeat of a wall model I had ordered before, out-houses (I adore wee buildings, and ya know, detest toilets).                              Okay, NOW I’m ready to start the new year.

16 thoughts on “Time, Dimensions, and the Other Side.

  1. I was once very fortunate to sit in a talk given by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. He said (and I paraphrase) that the concept of Karma is more than “what goes around, comes around.” It is the interaction of ALL of our different energies together. So my Karma in that auditorium is affected by everyone else’s that is seated there. As are theirs by mine.

    So it stands to reason that those same energies will affect the messages that we get.

    When (being positive here) I come to visit you, we are hiking at least one waterfall trail.

  2. Very well said Sarah, must be that wisdom you came home with after your (amazing!) experience with the Dalai Lama. Thanks. 🙂
    Oh yes indeedy, we can certainly take one of those waterfall hikes when you get here.

  3. About waterfalls: There are some great places within a two hour drive that involve next to no hiking. Salt Creek (off Hwy 58), Sweet Creek (just shy of Mapleton), Alsea (just a bit west from Monroe); these all have the bonus of a good cafe nearby for pie (or gingerbread) and coffee. Silver Falls State Park east of Salem is a bit farther away, sightly more hiking (on paved pathways, so it is really more of an amble) but there are a lot of waterfalls to be seen; great picnic destination. Smith River falls along Smith River Rd. are great in the spring, and you can combine that with a trip to Siuslaw Falls (off Siuslaw River Rd) for a lovely drive to Reedsport.

    I am glad your time pieces arrived. Always good. My nephew loves the witch’s datebook.

    I haven’t ever paid much attention to portals. I am more, these days. Saw a door on a house on University on Saturday that had a card “Hippys use side door”.

    1. Are you offering to lead us on some of these “hikes” or merely pointing out the beauty and availability of local waterfalls?
      I’ve seen the ones near Alsea, if they are the low-ish ones I’m thinking of. Way easy to get to, and very nice. Dan will have to tell you whether I have seen any of the others (I know we’ve been to a Silver Falls camping area, but I also know that I did NOT hike anyplace while we were there).
      They sell that particular sign at The Briar Shoppe in VRC. Not one of my favorite items. Kinda funny, but then… not really.

      1. She’s also been AND HIKED Salt Creek Falls – both in the snow and in the summer. I’ve been to Siuslaw Falls and remember it being deeply wooded and slightly unremarkable. As for Sweet Creek Falls – never been that far up that road. So, we have some work cut out for us – Oh, and I’ve driven the Kentucky Falls route but didn’t stop and hike.

    1. There are some parts of this book that feature winter hikes so you can see them in all their icy glory. I’ll have to go dig it out now, and take a picture of it.
      I want an out house. And no indoor toilet. But my out house would need a little space heater, and a covered walkway, and carpeting, and ….

      1. Okay, I’m in for the hiking, but the outhouse thing? Um. No. If I could figure out a way to cram more bathrooms into my house, I totally would.

  4. count me in for the waterfall hike. Interesting theories about psychic/intuitive thinking. I think that’s pretty much how I think about it too, except I’d never really put it into words. It is interesting how often the cards are relevant. You’re one of my favorite radio stations. 😉

    1. You will be on the waterfall hiking list! Ha ha , we have a group now. (And maybe a leader.)
      Thanks. My station might be sort of an acquired taste. Or possibly a special interest type.

  5. Scary = wrong word to use = Anna not thinking before she speaks (or, in this particular case, types).

    Accurate is probably a more precise term, though I did mean scary in the sense that my journey is scaring me and therefore guidance toward the unknown, from any direction, will also scare me. You, however, are one of my favorite “radio stations” and therefore I will keep tuning in to see what the messages are.

    I’m a fan of the idea waterfall hikes as well, since I’m not much for hiking. I’d rather look at pictures. 🙂

    1. NO such thing as “wrong” or “mistake” in my world. You totally helped me get that post focused. Because see, that word HAS come up before. (Remember the story of the deputy who won’t stand next to me?)
      I’m all for letting (y)our words fly freely. We get more honesty that way. And fear is a completely valid emotion in the case of new/different crap popping up in our lives. The trick is, like so much else, to see it, and then recognize it, then release it. Never letting it rule you. Or, ya know, lol, scare you!
      I am NOT a good hiker, I bitch and complain and whine like a brat on a long car trip. But I think if we put together enough of us, and we have the right attitude, we could do this! (And by “right” attitude, I mean seeing the hilarity in the entire situation and taking NONE of it too seriously.)
      Thank you so much for continuing to “tune” me in!

  6. A good explanation of how it all works…it’s all so fascinating.
    Nice calendars, I especially like the cover of your witchy one, very purdy and colourful.

    1. Thanks, I do sometimes see things clearly. Or at least I think I am seeing them clearly. Hopefully when I try to explain them, that is also fairly clear. 😉
      I don’t know the name of the illustrator for this date book, but it’s been consistantly lovely for all the (many) years I have been buying it. I was just flipping through, noting the Mercury phases and doing the math for the moon phases (it was supposed to be in PST but wasn’t) and I stuck a few Post Its on some pictures and features I thought you guys might like.

  7. p.s. have you ever read any of Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels? There are four or five of them that are about a coven of witches that I think you would really like. Pratchett has some of the same ideas discussed in this post, I think, and they’re really funny, too.

    1. I don’t think I have read any. I’ve seen the name batted around a ton (mostly over at Crusie’s) but I have never found a good “in order” list. 😉
      You know how I am about reading things, so like with a few others that have been recommended, I’ve hesitated until I can get them all by publication date.

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