Isn’t that title a great alternative to “random?”  It just popped into my head.  I love it when that happens.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite so inspired, J.D. and Emma are at the shooting range right now, and we are heading out to dinner as soon as they get back.  Yeah, I probably had gun words in my subconscious anyway.  Hey, whatever works.  You guys know I don’t argue with the Universe.

              Here is the link that Ally, so generously, shared with us in the comments section the other day (after we pestered her).  I will also be adding Waddling Woman to the Important Women blog roll tonight too.  Then, of course, I’ll read everything she’s written, in order.

         And here is the new header picture (because I have realized that once I change it, and we all talk about it, if someone were to read this particular post later, it wouldn’t be there). 

              Thanks again Carol.  I have certainly enjoyed swapping  photos with you.  Because of the way I had to crop this one, I am going to be moving the view around, from the middle of the door, which I have now, to some other ends of it.  Kinda fun, now that I CAN.  

           I just found another house shot that I didn’t know I had.  It was in my phone, and while I was on hold (for 95 minutes today) with the UI folks on the house line, I was deleting crap from the wee cellular device and came across this one.                Does this look like I photographed a page of a magazine to you?  It does to me too.  I wonder where I was, and what that periodical could have been.  It looks great, I just can’t remember doing it.           

             Our card for today is from The Druid Animal Oracle.  It seems to be sticking with the “contemplative” theme we’ve been rolling with lately.  But it has a lovely new aspect to it.  The definition mentions “Imbolc” which is the next Pagan holiday on The Wheel of the Year, I’ll talk a bit more about that as we get closer, and will be adding it to the info box in the side bar as well.

“Fox  ~  Sionnach (pronounced Shoonach)  ~  Diplomacy, Cunning, Wildness

  The card shows a fox starting to walk across a frozen lake.  In Scotland there is a folk saying: ‘when the Feast of Brighid (Imbolc) is past, the fox won’t trust his tail to the ice.’  As far away as Thrace, country folk would only cross ice if a fox had done so first.  In the foreground we see Ngetal, the reed, and Tinne, holly, two of the sacred plants of the Ogham alphabet.  Under the snow lie foxglove and fox-weed.

  Sionnach is a fine, graceful creature who typifies the beauty and harmony of the natural world.  Working with the power of the fox, you will know when it is time to come out into the open and be counted, but you will also know when it is time to remain silent, to keep your own counsel, contemplating your next move.  With others you will be able to be diplomatic, and one of the attributes of the fox is being ‘strong in council.’  One of the hardest things, if you are a person working with ‘fox power,’ is to ensure that your skill and diplomacy do not become dishonesty or slyness.  Remaining silent, or becoming invisible so as to watch the unfolding drama, is an asset that can bring with it its own special culpability, if it is not tempered with wisdom.”

11 thoughts on “Scattershot.

  1. It’s interesting how much crap we accumulate on our wee cellular devices.
    Nice door pics.

    I think the diplomacy of fox will come in handy as people return to work from the Christmas break. You have to find tactful ways to deal with annoyances, which will include not wanting to look at the 400 digital photos from someone’s vacation/weekend with family.

    1. Oh good point about the diplomacy! LOL, but those vacation/family photos are sometimes hysterical. Okay, mostly not, but we can pretend. 😉

  2. Karyn’s animal is the fox. That card suits her so well. Hiding in plain sight is one of her strong points. But more contemplation…sheesh.

  3. I love the screen door on the picture. Perhaps that is what made you love the photo. You picked out the purple shells for the header too. Do you like purple? I think so.

    Off to clean up mama’s storage locker, no thinking or contemplating, just working and remembering mama’s life as I go through the stuff.

    1. Hope your day was not too stressful Sweetie, that kind of thing can be really draining.
      Ya know, I never thought I did like purple, but there seems to be evidence to the contrary here. I think I like it in muted tones, very dusty periTwinkle seems to be what I am drawn to.

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