How do you guys like the new hovel picture I put up?  (Other than Lizzie, who already cast her vote for this to be a creepy story prompt.)  I actually took that photo myself (or maybe J.D. did, it was one of us anyway).  Two years ago he took me on a historic homes tour downtown for Mother’s Day (last year he took me to the tattoo convention).  This particular house really struck me, I cropped out the blue dumpster on the left but some of the chain link fence is still in the shot.  Where it sits, once upon a time, was a lovely little neighborhood.  Now this house is smack dab in the middle of a very sprawling industrial mess of ugly concrete and parking lots.  I believe people still live in it, not sure though.

     Historic buildings are near and dear to my heart.  I can’t stand the thought of that beautiful architecture being lost.  Of course, when I say beautiful architecture I mean things I think are attractive.  This house still has some of its original charm, not that you can really see that from this photograph, but it’s there.  In the soul of the house, in the heart of whoever built it, and lived in it, and loved it from the beginning.

     I am always trying to make myself better, learn more, be more, grow as much as I can.  We all do this (or we all attempt to do this).  When we changed and updated this blog it was difficult, we had all grown so used to the look and feel of the old one.  Lucy and Alastair changed theirs just days after I did.  Sometimes I go to one of them and I am still startled, same thing happens here, and I KNEW it was changing, hell I MADE the changes.  But, a new look can be jarring, when we are used to the way things were.

    Plan on watching that header.  It will not stay the same for long.  Now that I can “do” shit myself, I am running with it.  (Kind of like all the crap I keep adding on the sides, and how they are updated non-regularly as well.)  I bitch about change, have done so here, but it’s good for us.  It’s enriching and it helps us, even if we don’t think so.  (I am saying this outloud, and in print, to better learn it my own wee self elf.)

   What I can’t change is the problem I’ve been having with my comments on other blogs.  Alastair was kind enough to reply yesterday with helpful tips on what might have caused this issue.  He and others have also stepped up and saved me from their SPAM folders.  I just walked in from the mall, so my mind is less than clear.  I only skimmed the earlier comments, but from what I read, it doesn’t look good.  (Betties, I don’t say THAT much do I?!)

     We had some family drama today, but all is well now, or will be soon enough.   (I hope.  Do you know much about Virgo/Gemini interactions?  Let’s just say, they can be very emotional and very verbal.)  Before I left though I grabbed our card, turned it over, with my camera at the ready, then I just laughed.

    “Honoring Your True Feelings  ~

By drawing this card, you are urged to listen to, and follow, your true feelings.  Do not betray yourself, or rationalize that it is acceptable to deny your inner voice of truth.

   You have an inner counselor, who is very wise.  This source of wisdom speaks to you in both physical and emotional ways.  Perhaps you have gut feelings that are speaking loudly to you, or physical reactions to situations.  Your heart may be drawing you toward a particular aspect, or you may feel compelled to change a living situation.

  The fairies know the importance of heeding their own feelings, and they ask you to do the same.  They say ‘please don’t discount what you know to be true in your heart.  Follow your emotions, as they are your inner compass that will steer you home and keep you safe, supported, and joyous.’  If you are unclear about which emotions or feelings you are experiencing, write down your thoughts to gain clarity and understanding.

Affirmation:  I listen to, honour, and follow my true feelings and emotions, knowing that they are the answers to my prayers.”

18 thoughts on “Embracing Change.

  1. What a lovely header image. It’s even more special because it gives us the opportunity to see things through your eyes. Finding a friend open enough to share their unique perspective on the world in such a way that you actually “get it” is a blessing in itself.

    Yay on getting your internet issues worked out. I know this is a difficult time of year for you, but you’re persevering! 🙂


    1. I was trying to download a stock, copyright-free photo from the wilds of the interwebs, with Han standing over my shoulder, when she spotted a file marked “historic homes.” So my daughter says to me, “why the hell don’t you just use one of those?!” And I went….hmm. So this is what I have come up with for my first foray into personal views. I am learning so much!

  2. Wow. That house looks like a place that Sam and Dean would encounter a bad guy in! But then I only watched S1 of Supernatural. What do I know.

    I think it would look quaint if there was more sunlight. Light mights things look purty.

    I just wondered for a sec whether I gagged my inner counselor. I hope not! That’s not a nice thing to do 😉

    1. Never gag your personal counselor! (I would have put LOL right there, but ya know, I’m not really supposed to do that so much anymore, pretend it is implied.)

  3. Many stories could be told if the walls could talk. It is sad when a house is left to die without care, much like people. If I do not listen to my inner counselor I get antsy, until I make the correct decision.

    PS~ I left a second comment on yesterdays blog. A little update to your comment back to me. Ha. Julie, you are gem.

    1. I see all the comments first in e-mail and also from my Dashboard. I laughed when I read that about you guys and your favorite new saying! Had to share it with Dan immediately, he is thrilled to share this phrase.

      My hope for this particular house (and we will be driving by soon to confirm) is that they will either physically pick it up and move it (which is fairly commone around here) or update it the way they (who ever they are) have done to the ones near by.

  4. Love the new picture. There is certainly a story there. To be honest, the other header was a bit, okay, a lot, cold and foreboding. Interesting but not at all welcoming. There, I feel better. You could use the header area for pictorial expose’. Just gives us another view of the world thru your eyes as Stormy mentioned. Holiday done, Nick home, lots of movies and walks. And food, altho this was a weird food Thanksgiving, kinda ‘Dinner Impossible’ like. I was snowed in at Port Townsend house from Sunday to Wed. late afternoon, with no phone or cable. Had to direct the shopping in Seattle by iphone. Hahaha how they interpreted it for me to cook when I got back was funny. Hope everybody had a nice meal and gathering on the day of choice.

    Hey, there is a wee little tiny smiley face on the bottom of your blog, left hand side. Sooo cute.

    1. I knew you didn’t like that other one! 🙂 Really glad you feel better now that you have gotten that off your chest. And wow, so glad you survived the lock down.

      I JUST saw a notation (when I was flying all over the WordPress pages in search of an answer to my vanishing comment problem) about that little smiley face. It is used to track someting or other (I didn’t understand, nor care, at the time). Now I am all curious and want to find out what it means. I noticed it a few weeks back, but now I know it has a purpose (which I will eventually figure out).

  5. I love the picture.

    The card made me chuckle too. I like to say a lot of things, before I think and oops get my foot in my mouth.

    1. Hi Chris! Good to see you again! Glad you like the photo too. I want to find a few more and see how they look up there in the header spot.
      Glad the card was a good one for you, I totally believe we should say what we mean, true feelings are the honest way to go. Not to hurt anyone of course, but to simply honour our emotions.

    1. Yay Cousin Dave! I will tell Mom and Dad you stopped in. Or rather, I can SHOW them. Your Uncle Gary was just saying tonight he needed another sit-down with the computer… he has some left-handed products he wants to google around for. Give everyone there our love! And stop by often, I really like knowing that family is keeping up by reading this.

    1. Okay, you start! Or maybe we can toss it over to Delia to help her out as well. This house really must have its own story. With magic of course.
      So far it looks like, when everyone dug me out of the bin, I have been able to comment again. If I start vanishing tonight when I go a-visiting I’ll scream (or tweet) loudly. 🙂

  6. Ha. You *could* have drawn a more appropriate card for me, maybe, but I can’t think what it would be. Thanks.

    Funny, I never notice the background– I notice the pictures in your blog entries, but I don’t think I ever saw the old one at the top, or at least I don’t remember it. Not very visual here. I just like to read your posts. 🙂

    1. I love it when a card just hits its mark! And with so many decks (not to mention so many different types of people here) in our rotation it really makes me giddy with joy how well this little “project” of mine is working out.
      Well, it was a very severe sort of scene, cropped, but still with the over-all feel of a graveyard. It was leaf-less trees and an old gate/archway. I’ll never find it again, so enjoy the new one(s). And thank you so much for saying you pay attention to the words! Just makes my day.

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