No, that title has NOTHING to do with weight.  We do not discuss weight issues here in JulieLand.  (Mostly because I am wearing my fat pants right now, but ignore that I mentioned it.)  My post tonight is going to be a weak and watered down version of my usual verboseness (that’s a word, now).  Getting home from the mall at many minutes after ten makes me a very tired witch.  So I am only going to offer a few photos and some more observations.  Although, technically, these are things I overheard.

       Emmy was being artistic with my camera, so you can see one side of our kiosk, some of our glass crap wonderful merchandise.             Look how much she loves working in the mall this season. 

                        Very important manager hard at work.

        When Em and J.D. and I were at the food and gift sale thingie we heard a woman say this to her son:  …or you won’t get yer treats from WalMart!

         Today as I was walking past Lady Foot Locker I heard a man say to his wife: wait, look at these.  Her reply: they’s got good ones at Costco.

        There is a booth down the way from us selling Jose Eber hair appliances, aggressively selling them too.  One guy was standing next to the chair they entice prospective buyers to sit in, waving his curler or straightener or whatever he had in his hand at a young woman who made the mistake of not averting her eyes as she passed.  This is what he said to her: do you wear make up?  Because I wear make up.   (Did I mention they sell HAIR products here, and NOT make up?!)

          Being in the mall is just so fascinating to me.  I hardly ever go there the rest of the year.  When I am forced to spend excessive hours around shoppers, consumers, and sales people, it is endlessly entertaining.

         Our card today was from my working deck and it sort of slanted off the stack as I was turning it over, so I am going to read it with all its aspects.  (They do this sometimes, we just go with it.)  You may also notice that the Powers That Be are still giving us messages having to do with words and language, not a huge shock, but there ARE other suits in this deck.  

    Four of Swords

Fours are a foundation, they have to do with balance and a firm grounding, like four legs on a stable chair.  Although in this image we see one below and three above, so we need to consider (especially with this card throwing itself at us in a slightly contrary manner) that we are looking at a transition.  Either out of, or into, a more stable and secure situation.

When this particular card is drawn direct, with no question of contrariness, it means a very restful and calm time.  Meditative in fact.  But as I said, it wasn’t that precise when it showed up.  So I tend to think of the message here as moving away from or towards that aspect. 

If you have experienced a tumultuous time recently then a more serene period is coming up.  On the other hand, if your life has been sort of slow presently, and you are feeling a bit like the person on the slab, I would say it is time to get up and move.  You have all the words (Swords) and paperwork you need to work with now, so put them to use.

My first thought as I saw this card being all side-ways was that we are all such different types of people, going through different life lessons right now,  and we are all constantly cycling, this one wanted to make sure everybody got the right message.  

Bottom line right now is: wise administration as we move into the next phase of our Swords related situation.  Think clearly and precisely.  Rest if you are feeling overwhelmed, with prayer, meditation, or affirmations to help you heal.  Get up and make a difference if you have had a nice rest recently, using your Sword as the direct and sharp tool you need to cut through the crap in front (or hanging over) you. 

           Late update.  Look who was here when I got home tonight.                This is Coco, the ball python.  He lives with Empress, but she is trying to move into a better living situation, so he will be staying over for a bit.  It’s nice to have a snake in the house again.

25 thoughts on “A Wee Bit on the Thin Side.

    1. I didn’t ask him, but it felt fairly warm in there when I re-adjusted his timer for the night. Will check on him! I haven’t lost a snake yet. Oh wait, we did, but that was SO not my fault, the poor dear came to us in such bad shape. She had a very good last few months.

  1. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve *ever* seen that card before. I *really* like the illustration though. Which leads me to believe that it’s prolly time for us kids to draw new “us” cards….

    Interestingly, I just had a conversation with Fictional Friend Whitney tonight about taking time for prayer and how it can help to center oneself when one feels overwhelmed. Clearly, I was not the one to bring this subject up…

    P.S. I *love* holiday-kiosk season, because it means I can come down to the mall and be obnoxious when people I know are trying to work in your ridiculous awesome booth.

    1. LOL!
      Ohmyfreakingawd I love my children.
      I was JUST telling one of the Unloading Dudes about you moving the Nativity Scene around! He said, “do these have a certain order they need to be in?” And I said, “well if you are my son they should be arranged like chess pieces, sheep included.” To which he replied, “how old is your son?”
      You are coming by to see us, even if we are not near Victoria’s Secret or the candy store? Oh right, Cleo’s working, now I get it.
      Also, very nice conversation with No Longer Fictional Friend Whitney…the Universe speaks to us, even if aren’t aware that It is.
      You have NEVER seen this card? Seriously? It is obviously WAY past time for you to have a reading. Oh yeah, Graham wanted one too. We should get on this.

      1. And this whole exchange is exactly why I love this family. And why I had to post a day late because somehow I missed reading yesterday. You all had me in stitches.
        Your craptastic kiosk is sparkly-ingly lovely. Cough cough. wow, it’s blinding. And you look so happy to be there!
        Ok, I’m just going to pretend the snake isn’t there. There IS no snake in the room!

  2. Agree. Actually, I figure I prolly should have had a *true* reading some time ago.

    And, no I won’t just be stopping by to see Cleo… although I *also* had a conversation with her tonight about stopping by tomorrow sometime to harass her. BTW, she wants more concrete hours in her schedule… apparently, she would like both start *and* stop times….

    1. that pic really doesnt ring any bells for me either, even though ive looked through that deck hundreds of times. friend whitney is still fictional to me, jd and cleo hang out WAY more than jd and i AND cleo and i combined … so ya. also i’m down for some card reading…

  3. Wow, python? Awesome!

    Wise administration? Ok, that’s sounds about right. I need to engage in that kinda activity.

    Can we start calling Fictional friend Whitney something else? Like Positive Pal Whitney, positive as in real and pal to keep the alliteration going. Just saying – we got a photo, she ain’t fictional no more.

    Julie – am probably not gonna manage to email you. Am dozy, with emphasis on zzzzzz.

    1. Oh no, I understand. I was going to bed just now and thought, “no better check in one more time.” I am beyond tired as well. E-mail me tomorrow… I’ll be here.
      And yes, I loved that “wise administration” when it popped out onto the keyboard. Again, it happens that way sometimes. Nothing to be done about it but absorb.
      Yes, Coco is our first python. Before he came into our lives we only had lived with boa constrictors, or pseudo-constrictors, like a Florida Corn snake. He was so tame that even with his constricting he wasn’t very tough. (All are fed pre-dead mice, never live for domesticated reptiles. Never.)

  4. Sarah, as it happens Fictional Friend Whitney finds it amusing that “we” (by which I mean my mother) were convinced that she was fictional for so long. When I told her of this, she laughed and said something similar to, “Yes, I am like a unicorn!” She was very amused.

    Also, BEHOLD! I have mastered the skill of the Gravatar!

    1. I KNOW! You and your grandmother both have reminded me that I am tragically behind in my “family” readings.
      I will see Cleo tomorrow. The schedules are be-deviling me right now okay?!
      Also, nice Gravatar you have there Son. (???) (You are SO going to need to explain that to people.)
      So Sarah suggested we maybe imploy another name, but now that you reminded me of the unicorn remark, I think we should call her Unicorn Friend Whitney. No Longer Fictional is a wee bit …. much. She needs to vote on this. Tell her to come by and voice her opinion. Besides we miss her.
      Now, go to bed! All of you! (That was in my stern Mom voice. Could you tell?)

  5. When I first went back to my course I was soo tired I actually slept! Hope you manage to get a good night’s rest. Loved the photo of you being the hard working manager.
    Got mixed feelings about snakes, haven’t had one as a pet so won’t say more 😉
    Looking forward to things getting a bit more stable it’s been mayhem around here for a while.

  6. Okay, I believe in to each their own – but snakes weird me out. I think it’s because I almost got eaten by a rattler when I was little. Except I was good with snakes when I was younger.

    I don’t know. Must say something about me.

  7. The mall is a cool place for people watching, almost as good as Wal-Mart…I just have to have my heebiejeebie imunizations before I go so I don’t get the heebiejeebies.

    Daywalker, I too flopped around with Gravitar…finally got some xenatuba pictures on here. Dunno what to say about a real reading. I guarentee you’re in a transition time right now, and will be for about a year or so as you settle in. Might not be a bad idea to have some guidance. Or not. (How Yoda like is that?!)

    I am thinking of boycotting shopping this year. Except for more Christmas lights…

  8. I love me some malls. How else do you inconspicuously listen in on private conversation for dialogue lessons? It really is the only way to fly.

    Also, Coco is cute. And even my skinny pants are fat pants, so…

  9. Okay, sorry. I tend to forget that not everyone adores snakes the way we do. Ya know, like I forget that some people find cats lovely. Pot-aye-to Pot-tah-to.
    Lizzie, hope things do level out for you. Don’t you get a break soon too? Holidays and all?
    Kate, fixed it. No worries, with my OCD-ness I can’t let those little things just BE there for all the world to see.
    Ally, I love that new photo. Says SO much! And yes, aren’t you the Wise One right now.
    Kelly, so glad to hear from you. Not brave, simply doing what is not all that difficult for me. Not like I’m back in school or anything really challenging. 😉
    Got a new “overheard” for you in tonight’s post Delia!
    (I said we don’t discuss weight here!)

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