I know that my children believe I am more insane now than ever before.  But, I don’t care.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  To me, it feels as though I am learning more than ever before, and connecting more than I ever dreamed possible.  London, Georgia, BC, Australia, New Hampshire, Texas, Calgary, NYC, the list seems endless now.  Yesterday Kris put up a new Cake Day post, which means I had to fly right over there and see it.  What I also saw was a comment from a beautiful young mother in Italy.  She recently started a food blog, in English.  We are now linked to her because I reached across the vast miles via the interwebs and asked her if I could share the joy, and food.  She agreed. 

       For a really long time I bought quilting magazines, hoping it would help me to be a better quilter.  They really didn’t make much difference in my skills, but I enjoyed them.  I do this with food too.  I read recipes and practically drool over the impossibly glamorous photos, but my cooking is no better than before (in fact, now that Daniel and I inhabit our empty nest, it has gotten much worse).   My intentions are good though!

      In Human Rights news, Dan Savage wrote yesterday about a new project that I think JulieLanders can totally get on board with.  It’s called Write Your Principal and it was started by a woman named Jacquie Shine, who lives in San Francisco, with her “wife, our dog, a lesbian-riffic number of cats, 3 bicycles, and a million books.”  Sounds like our kinda people doesn’t she?!

         My good friend Cherie told me about a sort of holiday bazaar thingie that was being held at the fairgrounds this weekend.  I corralled Empress and Jade to join me.  Message to my First Born Child:  thank you, more than you know, for your generosity and patience.  Emmy, thanks to you as well, but ya know, maybe a teensy bit less.  Because you haven’t given me back my belt!         Don’t they look happy and excited?!   And see all the treasures we found?  Thank you both so much for today!   Really!                   

              And Han, I am still curious about this new eye doctor of yours?  Kurt Russel?  Seriously?    

     In our travels around the card altar, we have landed back amidst Doreen’s Archangels.     “Take Back Your Power!

Archangel Raziel:  Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life.

You are a luminary, a sage, a wise one, a high priestess/high priest, a wizard, and a supreme manifestor.  Now is the time to summon up your spiritual strength and power and put your authority into action.  Lovingly and firmly transform your intentions into reality.  Say prayers/meditate about your intentions, and ask for guidance and signs to shape your manifestations to the highest possible level, and for the highest possible good.”

18 thoughts on “Reading and Doing, plus Power Retrieval.

  1. How fabulous are Serena’s recipes? I am making the pizza tomorrow 🙂 also, I noticed that her main commentor so far is called ‘spabettie’ and she lives in Oregon! How crazy is that?!
    The bazaaar sounds like fun and I like this card.

    1. I saw the Bettie part but didn’t know about the Oregon bit. Too wonderful! And yes, we shall be dining on much Serena inspired food around here. We made the salmon/garbanzo bean salad tonight.

  2. Ah, don’t you just love the connections. I love all things Italian and added Serena to my “all things blogs.” Maybe I will try some authentic Italian recipes. Really, I can cook, when I want to.

    A card I can relate to. I like this one. I had been thinking about taking back my authority and now I will.

    1. Yes you can! With Archangel’s blessings (wow, makes it sound so strong).
      Isn’t Serena a great find?! I’m looking forward to us making that “original” pizza soon.

  3. Wow Serena’s blog looks amazing her English is so beautiful and her recipes look yummy.
    Did you have fun or what at that bazar! Loads of bags is an essential. Not so sure your son quite felt the same? Past a certain age you can’t lie on the floor howling that you want to go home!!

    1. I was so excited to find her, and she is super sweet too. I am awestruck by her being able to translate recipes as she does.

      A grand time at the “event” was truly had by all, at differing times of course.

      LOL! I love the idea of him throwing himself down and pitching a fit. But no, this was never the kid for that behaviour. In this particular shot he was just letting me know how he felt about having, yet another, photo of him taken for the blog. Passive Aggressive is our native language. He tolerates me, very well, as does his father. Tomorrow there will be pictures of the treats he bought!

  4. Hi, and thanks for all that compliments! Hey, I’m a shy one! 😀 I’m really happy that there are people all over the world enjoying my recipes and my love for the Buona Tavola! I love this aspect of internet connections, I do love connections! Have a good time! 😀

    1. Welcome Serena!!! See? I told you we adore you here already!
      Thanks so much for sharing your love of food with us. And turning it in to English so we can enjoy it as well.

  5. All right, not nice steering me to another food blog (my favorite is Thursday Night Smackdown). I can’t take much more. Seriously. My ass might start breaking through the windows. Anywho…

    Are you sure you’re tall enough to carry all that stuff? ;p

    1. So sorry. In my excitement over the whole Italy thing, and the possibility that I might even be able to make some of these myself elf, I forgot that I was being an enabler again. It’s beyond my control, you know that. Don’t worry about the size of your ass, I had to drag out all of my fat pants yesterday…. very discouraging. Very.
      And no, I really could NOT carry all of our shit into the house alone, especially after Emmy and I made a grocery store stop to get the things we needed for our salmon/garbanzo bean salad. I had help. 😉

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