It is a high holy day for Pagans around the world.  But I won’t be going on about the history or the ceremony or the religious-osity of Samhain (pronounced So-Wayne, or Sow- Win, depending on which side of the Mississippi you are on).  You are all capable of running your own googles.  (And besides, I am sure I have done that before, somewhere here.  Try out the new Search feature and tell me what you find.)  I have participated in many rituals and circles, all were worthwhile.  I have honored this important day in a solitary fashion.  And I have caused nearly unendurable stress to my children over costumes during the youngster years. 

     I am not a good participator, I don’t love big gatherings.  I adore seeing those I love, but on a limited basis.  I am really very content when I am alone.  So now, I acknowledge this Witches New Year in my own way.  And when it starts to get dark I help Daniel set out his beautiful creations, while wearing my blinking deely-bobber head band, waiting near the front door with a bowl of candy. 

        When the bell rings I push the activate button so the lights start their dance above my head and I receive my Trick or Treaters joyously.  I exclaim over clever, simple, scary, and entertaining costumes alike.  I am overly generous with my goodies and I give my husband credit for the glowing carved pumpkins. 

   It is simple and it is kind.  And I love to celebrate it just this way.

    Another little thing I do around this time of year is to give my adult babies a token Treat.  We buy them early so I can peruse the best selection.  I wait until we are close to Halloween before I hand them out.  This year J.D. got his first, a matter of logistics (and busy schedules).  Hanna got hers next, I had to Fed Ex it, we forgot while she was here.  Emmy got hers yesterday.  She was a work and I had to run downtown, so I dropped it off quickly.  Later I got this text message from her: I don’t think I sufficiently thanked you for the delivery today.  You are an extremely thoughtful and wonderful woman, not to mention if not the best mother imaginable.  I don’t think you hear that enough, and when you do I know you don’t believe it.   

    Yes, it nearly brought me to tears.  So please, from me and my witchlings and my Beloved, have a safe, fun, and extremely loving holiday.  Mine has already been wonderful so far.

    We are going to use our Special Occasion cards today, because this is, after all, a very special occasion.   From the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards we have a bird I had to look up.  (Found in the crane family, not the egret family.)

Brolga  ~  Dance

“Spontaneous movement, inspired by a steady rhythmic sound and a receptive atmosphere, is an ancient yet simple way of opening oneself up to the productive cycles of Mother Earth and the nurturing energies of the Universe.

The Brolga, as a solar influenced creature, was traditionally viewed as a symbol of power and righteousness, and the bringer of sacred dance.  It could be assumed that Brolgas incorporate movement and dance into their mating rituals in the belief that if they dedicate themselves to Spirit and express who they are through dance, their mate will not only see their physical form, but also their heart of hearts, and their worthiness as a mate and life partner.

You are being shown now that dance can be your bridge into other worlds.  You are being reminded that sacred dance holds the potential to reconnect you to the Source and the sacredness being nurtured within your conscious.  Through dance, and movement, you can experience the very unity of the Universe.

Allow Brolga to show you how to tap into the loving power of All and let it shift you from the mundane to the extraordinary within your own life now.”

12 thoughts on “Festive and Blessed New Year.

  1. When I first saw your headband thingy I thought it was a big bow or something and then I realised it was a bat.
    Love the pumpkins. Brolgas are cool birds, their mating dance is amazing.

    1. It lights up! Sadly, it was made for a child to wear, so it can be kind of headache inducing if I keep it on for too long.
      I googled the birds, and they are really lovely.

  2. Bird medicine is another one that I don’t quite resonate with. Must come from all that heavy bear energy. (Karyn’s totems are fox and raven, an interesting combo, known to make life intersting.)

    I love the pumpkins that Dan carves. For a long time, we haven’t really celebrated anything around Samhain (a very good friend was ritually abused, and October overall is a very hard month for her, especially the full moon around Samhain) so we haven’t had punkin’s carved for a while. We were busy yesterday, unexpectedly buying a car, so we really didn’t do anything exept barricade our stairs and go to bed at 8…

    1. I’m so sorry about your friend, it is a difficult time of year for so many of us, what with all the dying and all. You are totally welcome to enjoy Daniel’s creations from afar. Also, didn’t miss much, it rolls around every year.

  3. Awww, that’s so sweet! My kids will probably send me text messages that start with stuff like, “And another thing…!” There may be swearing involved.

    Anywho, love your headband, want to steal that giant bowl of candy, and am glad you had a wonderful holiday.

    1. I posted it, one: because it was so beautiful, and B: because this is the kids who regularly does NOT reply to 85% of my messages.
      Every year I think this will be the last one for that twinkly headband, and every year it lights up again.

  4. I love you “blinking deely-bobber head band”. Is that a she-bat on the headband?
    Please commend Dan on the pumpkins. I’m extremely impressed! Very cool!

    1. Thanks so much, I’m going to put up a couple more pictures tonight. Couldn’t get my camera to do what I wanted, so I waited for him to come home. We have been thinking about you tons lately, Han bought a new super-fancy Lumex (?) from The Shutter Bug while she was in town. Quite the learning curve, but she’s on it.

  5. Did you guys get a lot of trick-or-treaters? I hung out at my parents house and we probably only got about 10-15, but I think the dynamic of the neighborhood is changing and it’s starting to be older people with grown kids (like my parents). Still, though, it was fun.

    My dad brought be back a small box of See’s from San Diego a few weeks ago…we love them in our family, too!

    A very blessed Samhain!

    1. Thanks much Third Daughter. Hope yours was wonderful too.
      We got about the same as last year, but more bigger kids (fine by me, rather they ring my doorbell than light trash cans on fire or rip out street signs).
      Yay See’s Candy Treats!!! Way to go Dr Dave.

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