About an hour ago (as I write this) was the full moon, 6:37 p.m. (my time).  Just letting you know, in case things get wild, there could be good reasons for it.  The mythology around this phenomenon is actually not.  Not myth, so much of what we are told really has basis in fact.  Ask anyone who has ever worked in a hospital emergency department, anyone who wears a badge on his/her shirt, anyone who has ever sold food in an all night venue, it gets weird out.  We are all made up of so much water that we truly do cycle as the ocean tides do.  And what causes the tides?  The phases of the moon of course.  Unless you are expending that energy, in ritual or conscious channelling, it’s got to go somewhere.  This is a Universal Truth, and we all need to be aware of it.

    The Hurricane blew into town last night, just before midnight.  She and Adam and Indiana Sunshine drove down from Seattle and arrived safely.  Then her sister showed up, with Max and Graham in tow.  They had cereal and cookies and some string cheese.  Tomorrow all three kids will be in attendance for The Event.  Having everyone home is wonderful.  

Here’s a picture of some of the stuff Daniel has been making for me.    Remember last year when I dragged him to the miniature club meeting and he made me that lamp?  And those are the books I covered, in his wee book shelf.      He sizes down real furniture plans and then makes them small.  These are all one twelfth gauge.  

Graham and I did the styling.  Ain’t we clever?  (Shut up, we know we have no class, but we try okay.  We try.)   Sorry I forgot to put the dime in there to give you perspective.  That afghan and fern are someplace else here, with the coin.  (Hit miniatures in that tag thingie we call Threads, you’ll see them.)

    The reason I showed you those is because we set them out on the mantel that Karen cleaned, thank you Karen, for all the party guests to enjoy.  Since you can’t all be here, I thought I’d share some of our fabulous progress.  Like a super clean bathroom with a new curtain I made in about two seconds.  (I didn’t hem it at all, just turned one end over and made a sleeve for the rod.  Why yes, half-assed is perfectly good enough.)

   Our card for today made me laugh when I saw it this afternoon.       ” Family Harmony  ~  Your relationships with family members, by any special bond, are healing now.  As you hold loving thoughts and feelings about the souls involved (including yourself), you experience genuine harmony within.

  Every person in your life is affected by your beliefs and expectations, including family members.  By drawing this card, you are counseled to hold positive and loving thoughts about anyone who seems to have irritated or hurt you.  The more loving energy you send each person, the more love will be directed back to you.

  Have patience, you are beginning to feel great healing occurring in your relationships.  The fairies ask you to think of three reasons why you are grateful for each member of your family or extended family or family of friends.  If one person seems to particularly frustrate you, think of five reasons why that person is worthy of love.  Send blessings and prayers, your relationships will show immediate signs of improvement.

   Spend time surrounded by those you love now.  Share in that bond of caring and honesty.  Allow healing in, and send healing thoughts to those around you.

Affirmation:  I see the goodness within each member of my family.  My family life is harmonious and filled with love and joy. 

Tomorrow I will need to sneak away from the party to get my post up, so if I’m slightly tardy, blame the guests.

Personal message to Ally: ohmygawd, bring whatever you feel comfortable with, all of it sounds fantastic.

7 thoughts on “Full Moon, Full House, Full Heart

  1. Hope you have a fabulous party. You have all your chicks home so that is a wonderful start.
    Loved the pictures – you’re a talented lot. But more than that the love and care to make your home such a welcoming place – gold.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s T-minus 18 or so hours to go until guests start to arrive, and I’ve been walking around making lists of shit that hasn’t gotten done yet. My hope is that these people love Daniel so much (and are so happy to see all three kids in one place), they won’t notice the remaining messiness.

  2. Wow, those little furniture things are great! You’re a very talented bunch.
    I’m sure the party is going to be fabulous and that everyone will be so happy to be there and so busy having a good time that they won’t notice anything that you have missed. It’s the people that matter, not how clean the house is 🙂
    Stop stressing and enjoy yourself!

  3. Full moon. Ah, that explains yesterday.

    I think you’re very full – full of talent (even half-assing is a talent, when it comes across so wonderfully), full of family and love and joy and caring! The party’s going to be wonderful! I agree with Kris – stop stressing. You’ve got tons of FGBVs and sparkly things being streamed your way – that’s got to outweigh any pull the full moon has.

    If things start going wonky, just stuff your guests with doughnuts – it’ll soak up some of that water and reduce the pull of the moon. 😉

  4. I love the little furniture. That’s love. Have a wonderful time with your kiddies, your dear husband, friends and relatives celebrating Daniel.

  5. Thanks so much everyone. Guests are beginning to arrive now. I will put up a couple of pictures, our card, and then I’ll be joining the party.

  6. Have a wonderful time tonight. Everything seems perfect. Thank you soooo much for the miniature pictures. And a place of honor. They just crack me up. Take a deep breath, feel the love, and enjoy the evening!

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