I know, that title sucks, badly.  But stick with me, I have a reason for it.  First you need to walk with me while I explain how I start my day, another wee peek into how my frighteningly odd little head works.

   As I wander upstairs, the first thing I grab is my handful of vitamins and supplements, washing them down with the large glass of sweetened tea I have set out the night before (so that it is perfectly room temperature, I don’t like liquids that are really hot or really cold, Daniel says my desired temperature is tepid).  Then I check the phones for messages, texts, direct tweets, anything that could have come in while I was sleeping, because you can be certain, NONE of them would have woken me up.  Next I glance at my on-the-kitchen-table calendar and my what-we-are-doing-today list (which I also set out the night before).  Finally I sit down, with my tepid tea, and glance over the local daily paper.  I skim past things that are distasteful or otherwise negative.  After I have started to feel more awake, and before I, ya know, get dressed and actually DO anything, I grab my camera and head into the room where our card altar is set up. 

   Here is where you come in, this last part has only been added in the past few months (or however damn long we’ve been doing the Card O’ The Day).  My brain has to begin the search for a blog topic, if something is not glaringly obvious, or on my Daily Erranding List.  Today I clipped an article from the paper, not sure where it would lead, but I knew it would be valuable.  The reason I knew this was because it struck me as something that should be addressed.  Kevin McDonough  is not someone I care for, or rather, I hardly ever agree with what he writes.  But today his topic got me thinking, so that’s usually good.

  He talks about a guy who’s general theory was that “since we banished the freak show tent from the circus and the state fair midway, the entire culture had become a side-show.”  His examples were TV programs like Dancing With The Stars, Jersey Shore, and few others, none of which I watch.  I am an extremely selective, and super picky, television viewer (and not simply due to the fact that I can’t run our equipment).

   This made me think about entertainment in general, and how in my own family and Dan’s, the most time spent in front of screens deals with sports.  We both come from big-time baseball and football fan folks.  (Even some hockey and, on my Dad’s side, golf and horse racing too.)  This then led my mind to wonder about where these interests originate.  Why do I love a good horse race but can’t stand to see heavy-on-the-marketing cars drive around in a circle?  Why do some families follow college football but not basketball?  (That last one is kind of an easy answer, no one anywhere near related to us is over six feet tall, nor do we come from any people who run a lot.  Or at all, if it can be helped.)

  Is it that we grew up with siblings or parents attending these schools or is that we were young and impressionable when we lived in those towns?  I know that the horse connection comes down the lineage to my kids through me, from my father, and his father, and directly from ancestors before that.  But we were never a circus or freak show type of group, and I married into one that wasn’t either, hence my children are not. 

    This is what happens when I am left to my own devices as I begin a new day with very little on my schedule to distract me.  As I flipped the card and got ready to take the picture for this evening’s post, and saw that it was the opposite of confrontation, which is often times what we now have around us in the form of entertainment, I was a little surprised at how sometimes shit just falls into place without me even trying.

   Peace ~ Archangel Chamuel: Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.

Look past the surface and see the underlying truth around you, that everyone is a child of the gods filled with love.  By focusing upon this Universal Truth, you elicit loving behaviour and solutions.

Even though appearances may seem otherwise, trust that a higher wisdom is in charge.  Love is the only power that exists, and its light shines away any seeming darkness.  Hold the intention to look for examples of this light within yourself and others, and you will have more light in your mind, heart, thoughts, and life.  This knowledge is the foundation of  Peace.

When you wish to feel more centered, calm, and peaceful, call upon this Archangel.  He is the guardian of personal and global peace.  Chamuel will evoke feelings of kindness, generosity, and a pleasant excitement when he works with you.

4 thoughts on “Conflict/Entertainment vs Peace/Observation.

  1. The freak show tent’s in my yard. Feel free to drop by.

    I can’t tell you where the tastes start. I can say that no others in my family (certainly not my parents), shared my tv watching habits. My viewing pretty much consists of professional (American) football, Project Runway, and Top Chef. I enjoy football, though no one in my family ever played and we didn’t watch it growing up. My dad watched golf and bowling. Seriously. I like Project Runway and Top Chef because I also like to cook and sew and watching masters do it with all those time constraints astounds me. (Hey, check out the run-on sentence!) Other than that, I’m a movie girl. And a book girl. And, much to Magnum’s annoyance, a compare and contrast the book and the movie girl.

    Gah, I’m babbling. I’ll just shut up now and hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Feel free to blab, only you and Kris made comments, so today I’ll take anything I can get!
      And, we’ll be right over to see your freaks, I was already on my way, it’s my turn to fold the laundry.
      I make Daniel watch Project Runway with me… he has to, I don’t know how to make the TV go. We are constantly in awe of those people who can create garments out of nothing but ideas (and a shopping bag from Mood)! Also I love Tim Gunn.
      I understand you watching bowling, I watch golf.

    1. Thanks, but it’s not so much organized as OCD and not good with change. Also, it takes me a long time (after I have become vertical) to be awake enough to leave the house.

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